The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026 The Truth About The Martial Disaster

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Bing Wuxin looked at Su Yu, nonplussed. What did you notice? Why do you look so bothered?

Nodding gently, Su Yu got up slowly. I think I already have an idea of what the martial disaster is.

As he uttered those words, the challengers nearby gathered around him. All of them were eager to know what the bewildering martial disaster actually meant.

A disaster is a tragic misfortune. The disaster of flowers centers upon flowers and those who are afflicted will be petrified! The disaster of books centers upon books and the defeated ones will end up being turned into Books of Life! As for the martial disaster, it has already arrived. As a matter of fact. It is in our surroundings, Su Yu said with a placid look on his face, his five fingers flicking gently in his sleeve.

Bing Wuxin leaned into him. I still dont get it! What in the world is the martial disaster?

The martial disaster is Su Yus words trailed off. With a quiver of his sleeves, his tone suddenly became stern and harsh, The martial disaster is all martial artists! In a certain compound, all martial artists are disastrous! The only way to resolve the martial disaster is to obliterate all martial artists in the surroundings!

Several silver-colored round pearls jumped out from his sleeves and suddenly surrounded Bing Wuxin.

Bing Wuxin was flabbergasted. Youve gone mad!

Stay away from Su Yuxian! Hes even going to kill his fiancee to resolve the martial disaster!

Swish! Swish!

Some people moved away from Su Yu, but others lashed out at him.

Hes the ultimate hazard! Dont be afraid! Kill him! someone yelled.

The people around him hesitated for a moment before finally joining the siege.

He has gone mad, and now hes the greatest obstacle to our unity! He cant stick around!

I am grateful for all that he has done for us before, but hes killing anyone for his own personal gains now! Haiz

Su Yu glanced around with eyes filled with iciness. The martial disaster is indeed extraordinary, and the imitation is so realistic. If ones willpower isnt strong enough, they wont be able to pull through the martial disaster!

Long before the vibrations of the martial disaster were spread, I landed in the world created by the martial disaster in the instant in which time was frozen. In my opinion, it is in fact, a moment of retention that occurred as a result of traveling between two worlds. Just as when a stone plummets into water from the air, a brief moment of buffering will occur to the stone as it is influenced by the buoyancy of the water.

However, the world imitated by the martial disaster is way too vivid and realistic. It makes me think that I am still in the outer world with my companions, when in fact, I am all alone, and all of you are virtual figures created by the martial disaster!

Bing Wuxin was so enraged that she was shuddering all over. Nonsense!!

While listening to his nonsensical ravings, all the challengers were angered beyond words.

God da*n it, Su Yuxian really has gone mad! Everyone, show him no mercy, let us all strike at once, and tear him apart!

Nonsense? Su Yu smiled without saying a word as he pressed down forcefully with five fingers.

Despite the blood of the Heavenly Sword coursing through her veins, Bing Wuxin was shattered into powder by Su Yus Meteor Light Stream Great Formation before she could even perform any technique. The shattered Bing Wuxin left not a single stain of blood behind, but a mass of gray smog.

Disperse! Su Yu waved his wide hand, and the eight round pearls went scattering in all directions, shooting out like bullets. In a fleeting moment, all of the eight challengers besieging him were killed. Once they died, all of them turned into puffs of gray smoke.

There were a few people who had been injured rather than killed, and gray smoke, rather than human blood, gushed out from their wounds.

Even more bizarrely, the martial tower that was bustling with calls for killing moments ago had fallen into dead silence. All the challengers stopped moving and fixed their stares on Su Yu. Gradually, their eyes turned into wisps of lingering smoke, as spine-chilling as the ghostly fire.

Su Yu was right. This place wasnt the martial tower at all, but a world created by the martial disaster.

Bold and daring! An erratic voice drifted in the air above.

I am the consciousness of the martial disaster. Can you tell me, how did you ascertain that you were stuck in the martial disaster? What made you kill your fiancee so decisively and callously, without the slightest bit of hesitation?

Su Yu stood tall and upright. Very simple, because one person was missing among the 20,000 challengers! Han Fei! If this had been the real world, her sudden disappearance would be incomprehensible. The fact that she was missing proved that he was in a virtual world.

After a long moment of silence, the consciousness sighed softly. I see. It didnt explain why Han Fei wasnt in the virtual world, but Su Yu had come up with his own theory.

What happens if the challengers never realize that they are in the virtual world of the martial disaster? Su Yu asked.

The voice said, They will be trapped in the world of the martial disaster forever until their physical bodies in the outer world perish and decay.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu finally understood how the martial disaster could wipe off more than half of the people. They had been lied to. It wasnt because the martial disaster itself was powerful, but because its psychedelic nature was too overpowering. Most people wouldnt even realize that they were in it, while still thinking that they were in the outer world. And the more caught up in the world of the martial disaster they were, the more difficult it was to think things through. In the end, they would be so hopelessly entangled that they wouldnt be able to break free anymore.

Alright, I understand now. Su Yu nodded and glanced at all the people at the scene with coldness in his eyes. To be set free from the world of the martial disaster, the only way is to destroy every single person here, as all martial artists are disastrous!

The consciousness of the martial disaster nodded dispassionately. Indeed. However, you can only save yourself but not others. You cant escape the fate that the master of the martial yard has arranged for you.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu scoffed. That godda*n dog? That creature can do me no harm. Merely leaving behind a martial disaster? I can free the rest of them with ease!

When he finished his words, the consciousness of the martial disaster fell silent for a long moment, as if quietly mocking Su Yu.

Theres no need to pretend to be profound or mysterious. The martial disaster is abstruse indeed, but the fatal errors within it are not to be slighted either, Su Yu sneered. If Im not mistaken, the reason Han Fei isnt in this virtual world is that she escaped with the black Sun the moment she landed here! Shes in the real world right now, so of course, she is nowhere to be seen in this virtual world!

I can use her as a reference. As long as I break free from the virtual world, my existence will be wiped out from the virtual worlds in which everyone else is in! By then, the clever ones will begin doubting the authenticity of the worlds they are in. Once the doubt arises, they are not far from realizing the truth! Dont forget, they are the greatest elites of the Jiuzhou continent, and many of them are highly intelligent!

The consciousness fell silent once again. After a long moment, it heaved a soft sigh. The younger generations are formidable! One generation surpasses the previous!

However, youve overlooked something. Realizing that theyre in the virtual world is merely the precondition. To leave, they have to destroy all virtual figures at the scene! The capacities of the virtual figures are comparable to their original selves! Are you sure that you can defeat everyone, and that the rest of them who come to the correct realization will prevail against all others around them?

With indifference, Su Yu replied, Its no big deal to me! It wont be a problem for the others either! When I leave, the next person who realizes the truth will have one less powerful opponent like me in their world! For the next person, there will be two fewer opponents to deal with! And it continues in the same pattern. The strong ones keep leaving, only a few weaker ones will be left in the end, so wont it be easy for them to leave?

Upon hearing that, the consciousness was plaintive. You have managed to discover the pattern after all. Youre an unforeseen factor in the martial disaster this time, and I cant be sure if its a blessing or a misfortune. I think I should be grateful that someone has shown up to stop that incident from happening.

After finishing its words, the consciousness dissipated, as though it had never been here.

Stop that incident from happening? Su Yu scowled at its incomprehensible lament.

The politics of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland are far more complicated than can be imagined. But thats what makes it interesting. Su Yus interest was piqued.

Just what was the Mortal Fairys legacy that had been exalted by the people of the Jiuzhou continent for ten thousand years? Of all the things in the world, what could be more exciting than revealing this secret?

Su Yu glanced at the virtual figures of the 20,000 challengers at the scene, his eyes bright with gleams of excitement.

Even though the consciousness of the martial disaster hadnt elucidated everything, Su Yu had managed to make out some hidden rules while killing Bing Wuxins shadow. Despite their powerful strength, the virtual figures wouldnt initiate the attack. Otherwise, they could have assaulted Su Yu when he first entered the virtual dimension, which would have been more efficacious.

Just as expected, the 20,000 virtual figures stood completely motionless. Su Yu sat down with crossed legs. All of them had their gray eyes pinned on Su Yu but showed no intention of charging towards him.

Dongfang Tianfeng, Bi Lingtian, Bing Wuxin, all the greatest experts of their respective regions Su Yu scanned them one by one.

These top elites were the only ones who posed substantial threats to him. As for the rest, none of them could rival Su Yu in a duel.

Su Yu had a certain degree of confidence against Bing Wuxin. He had his ways to deal with her even if she fell back on her Heavenly Sword bloodline. As for Dongfang Tianfeng and Bi Lingtian, Su Yu had way too little information about them, hence he couldnt estimate the depth of their powers.

There is only one chance to leave the world of the martial disaster. Preparation is totally the key. Su Yu retrieved the Floating Life Door and began training then and there with the help of its demonic energy. His chances of winning werent slim if he tried to destroy Dongfang Tianfeng and Bi Lingtian with some life-saving contraption. But it would be much of a waste to be used on them. It was something to be used only in times of life-threatening crises.

Holding the Floating Life Door in his left hand, Su Yu retrieved three drops of orange-colored liquid with his right. They emanated a rich fragrance. Just one sniff of it could make one feel refreshed and invigorated, with all senses heightened.

The Honey of Hundred Flowers could raise ones proclivity to enlightenment by ten times. Hehe, I cant help but feel excited. Su Yu swallowed a drop of it, and the mysterious energy dissolved into his soul. All of a sudden, Su Yu felt overwhelmed with a sanguine feeling, as if he was floating on cloud nine. He was over ten times more sensitive to the subtleties of the world!

Under the perpetual nourishment of the red liquid of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, his comprehension had slowly improved to above average of ordinary humans.Now that it was strengthened by ten times, it skyrocketed to an inhuman state. Such a sensation was no different from the mysterious divine woman Xia Jingyu. The unprecedented feeling of magnanimity made Su Yu inexplicably excited.

I finally understand Dongfang Tianfengs purpose in asking for the flower yard master! For someone whose comprehension is only slightly above average, consuming one drop could make me surpass all prodigies with the greatest comprehension, and help me achieve the level of a divine woman.

For starry sky elites like her, wont it take her to an even higher level? No obstacles in the world could ever interfere with her thinking! With the medicinal effects of the Honey of the Hundred Flowers, Su Yus mind was clear and bright, able to contemplate all causes and effects in the world thoroughly.

He had been thinking carefully about the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, and now he had a brand new, crystal clear perception about it.

Could this be the actual Glittering Jewel Wonderland? The clues he had gathered were limited, but Su Yu had a brain of absolute superiority now, and after analyzing the matter further, he came up with two possibilities.

The more it seems like that, the more interesting the Glittering Jewel Wonderland gets! Su Yus interest flourished as he fathomed a few possible natures of the Wonderland. Nonetheless, he obviously had something more important to deal with at the moment!