The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Honey Of Hundred Flowers

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A battered slab of green stone floated in front of Su Yus chest. It was the stone slab that contained the Heavens Son Gazing at Air technique!

Previously, Su Yu had failed to make any improvement despite the long duration of his meditation. He would not miss out on the golden opportunity, now that he was in such a phenomenal state of mind. That was not his only gain. Su Yu even retrieved the techniques of the Divine Solar Palm.

The Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art, the Heavens Son Gazing at Air techniques, the Divine Solar Palm Su Yu was actually planning on practicing all three sets of cultivation techniques at once! He didnt have an insatiable hunger for instant advancements, but the opportunity was so rare and precious that he just couldnt let it slip past!

After clearing his mind of distracting thoughts, Su Yu operated the Power of Time, speeding up the time and space around him by 500 times. Then, he entered into a meditative state of mind.

He began with the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art. The difficulty of this particular set of techniques lay not in the comprehension of it, but in the harboring and instillation of demonic energy. Now that he had sufficient demonic energy, his training was smooth-sailing.

The practice of the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art was followed by the Divine Solar Palm. The crucial focus of this palm technique was the comprehension of it. Previously, his training was exceptionally difficult, with many parts being recondite and barely comprehensible. But with his current proneness to enlightenment, it was like a breeze to him!

Finally. Su Yu practiced the Heavens Son Gazing at Air techniques. The Illusionary Soul Realm of the third level was equivalent to cultivation techniques of the celestial level. It was far more difficult to comprehend than the Divine Solar Palm. Yun Yazi had left his comprehension of that level for Su Yu so he could use it as a source of reference. Combined with his current comprehending power which was ten times stronger, the difficulty level was marginally reduced.

Before long, various anomalies occurred on the surface of Su Yus body. The first thing to be affected was his surroundings. Numerous faintly visible, intangible demonic dragons flickered incessantly. Shortly after, some blurry, indistinct objects seemed to emerge from his cranial vault. Eventually, glaring white light began to flicker non-stop on Su Yus palms. Three beams of light of different colors kept flashing and vanishing around Su Yu, taking endless turns.

An hour had passed, then two, and three. All of a sudden, the three beams of light burst into resplendence, and a humongous black circle nearly a thousand feet in width formed on the ground beneath Su Yus feet.

Within the circle, demonic energy was roiling and undulating turbulently. With a deafening loudness, the rumbling of thunder penetrated the dense layers of clouds. A gargantuan demonic energy a thousand feet in width seemingly flew out of the demonic dimension and barged into the space.

In stark contrast to Su Yus previous demonic dragons, this one was incredulously huge, eight times wider than all others! Even more astonishingly, the demonic dragon had eight skulls!

An eight-headed demonic dragon! This was the state accomplished when the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art was trained to the eighth stage!

The establisher of this cultivation technique was a demonic Buddha who started off on the demonic path. He had possessed astounding talents and had left behind this divine set of techniques.

The training conditions of such a technique were stringent. One had to have the blood of the dragon surging through their veins to be able to conjure the demonic dragons. Su Yu possessed the Real Dragon Spirit Veins in his body, and that was how he got the chance to practice the technique.

According to the techniques recorded by the demonic Buddha, one could defeat all late-stage Almighty effortlessly once they accomplished the conjuring of the eighth demonic dragon.

However, right here and now, Su Yu could not help but feel flabbergasted as he felt the enormous oppression from the thousand-feet-wide demonic dragon. It gave him the feeling of facing a Stage One All Creations Old Monster! It was even vaguely more powerful than that!

Moreover, the uncanny emergence of the eight-headed demonic dragon during the eighth stage of training wasnt even mentioned in the records.

Was there some kind of error with my training method, or the nature of my body while training? Su Yu muttered in bafflement.

Right at the moment, a wisp of hair fell from the top of his head, landed on the ground, and transformed into a person. It was Yun Yazi.

You have indeed deviated from the original track of the cultivation technique, but it has nothing to do with your training method or body nature. Yun Yazi was wearing a smile.

When did you wake, Master? Su Yu was surprised. Yun Yazi had gone into isolation to forge the Void-navigating flying wooden bird for Su Yu and wasnt supposed to show up for three more days.

Its been a few days. The flying wooden bird is now crafted and has been placed in your storage ring.

Su Yu couldnt care less about how Yun Yazi placed the wooden bird into his space storage ring without him knowing. Now he was more curious about something else.

Master, have you seen what has been happening these past few days?

Yun Yazi nodded. I have, and I even took the chance to wander around the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

As he spoke, Yun Yazis eyes darkened a little, complicated emotions flashing past his eyes. Just as I have predicted, it has happened after all.

Su Yu was bewildered. However, he knew Yun Yazi well enough to know that if he had wanted to tell him about it, he wouldnt keep him on tenterhooks. Besides, Su Yu wished to excavate the truth on his own.

Lets not talk about that. Master, you said that my training has deviated. Will it result in any adverse consequences?

Yun Yazi suppressed his thoughts and shook his head. What adverse consequences could come from enhancing the original power of the cultivation techniques to a higher level? But if you insist on the effects, some complications may occur while conjuring the last demonic dragon.

Su Yus heart raced a little. He vaguely remembered that the demonic Buddha who established this technique had been killed and reduced to ashes while training on the ninth dragon, which called forth his ordeal of destiny. That was how Su Yu benefited from it. If Su Yu had reinforced the technique to an even more powerful state, wouldnt he attract his ordeal of destiny when he got to the ninth dragon?

The mutation of your technique is most probably related to the training material. Yun Yazi pointed at the Floating Life Door jade box in Su Yus arms. This is the authentic demonic energy of the demon race. It should be referred to as the Energy of the Real Demon on the Jiuzhou continent and is purer than any demonic energy ever known on the continent. It is no wonder it has such power.

After shooting a look at Su Yu, Yun Yazi said, Besides, the default power of this technique should be far greater than that. It is limited a great deal by your bodys nature. If that Evil God really could augment your First Dragon Body into the Nine Dragon Body, the real power of this technique will only manifest itself with perfection.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu was astounded. Yun Yazi seemed to be very concerned with this particular demonic technique. Was this really just an ordinary demonic technique?

If this technique is put into good use, youll gain tremendous benefits one day. Yun Yazi was implying something.

Now, let me take a look at your improvement on the Heavens Son Gazing at Air technique. Yun Yazi lifted a finger and pointed it between Su Yus brows.

All of a sudden, Su Yus soul went out of his body! Much to his astonishment, Su Yus out-of-body soul did not feel as cold as it used to but felt very similar to his physical body.

Even more strangely, there was a cloak on his soul.

The Cloak of Royalty has appeared for the first time. Not bad! Its a symbol of having achieved the Illusionary Soul Realm! Yun Yazis eyes were sparkling and he looked very excited. The effect of the Honey of Hundred Flowers is truly shocking!

The Cloak of Royalty? Su Yu fiddled with the cloak on his soul curiously.

The Cloak of Royalty is a bonus reward given as one attains the Illusionary Soul Realm of the Heavens Son Gazing at Air. It has a defensive function! This is the recognition of your training eligibility by the technique!

The technique can even select its owner? This was the first time Su Yu heard of that, but he was more concerned with something else.

The Cloak can only serve as a defense for the soul, I guess? How great is its defensive power exactly?

Definitely great enough for you to be satisfied with. To prevent the trainees of this technique from being deprived of their physical bodies and possessed, the Cloak of Royalty will shelter you from all attacks to the soul below the level of a Mortal Fairy!

Upon hearing that, Su Yu drew in a light cold breath. All attacks to the soul from below a Mortal Fairy? Does it mean that even the soul attacks from Stage Six All Creations Old Monsters can do me no harm?

Even with his physical body shattered, his soul could still remain intact! All across the world, no one could actually kill Su Yu, apart from the Nine Great Prefectures Kings, the Severed Fairy Cliff Master, and the unknown, enigmatic Mortal Fairy Revered Lord.

Su Yu finally realized the advantage brought about by the Heavens Son Gazing at Air technique.

Try the effects of the lower class Illusionary Soul Realm, Yun Yazi said.

Su Yu nodded. The Cloak of Royalty was an additional defensive reward, but Su Yu had yet to experience the effects of the Illusionary Soul Realm.

According to the records on the green stone slab, the Illusionary Soul Realm was divided into three stages: the lower class, upper class, and the top class. All three levels would trigger off powers of different extents. Now that he had completed the lower class, Su Yu was greatly anticipating its power!

After his soul had returned to his body, Su Yu summoned Shengge. After a moment of thought, Su Yus eyes shone with a dim glimmer. Faced with those eyes of his, Shengges face changed and she quickly recoiled, looking stunned and doubtful. Gu Taixu? In Shengges eyes, Su Yu had transformed into a handsome, tall young man. She knew the person. He was her masters arch-enemy!

Doubtful and shocked, Shengge tried to probe the person before her. But at first glance, she couldnt discern between the real and the fake. Such a realistic illusion!

Su Yu nodded contentedly. After giving it some thoughts, his eyes shone with the dim light again, and the world in Shengges eyes changed drastically. She had returned to the Demonic Abyss of the Nine Underworlds of the Zhenlong continent! The vividness made her unable to tell the existence of the illusion.

With the dim light receding from Su Yus eyes, the illusion around Shengge dissipated.

Master, this illusory technique can deceive enemies of which level? Su Yu asked. After several trials, the illusory technique could be activated in an instant by just looking at him in the eye. His own self and the enemys surroundings could be altered.

Yun Yazi said, Your current state of soul is sixth-grade Almighty. Theoretically, even the souls of Stage Three All Creations Old Monster couldnt escape your illusory technique. But that is only the theory. Usually, those who have attained the level of All Creations Old Monster bring innumerable treasures along with them, and treasures that prevent illusions are very commonplace. In practice, very few Stage Three All Creations Old Monsters will be tricked.

So that is it. But Su Yu was satisfied enough.

Having witnessed the wonderful effects of illusory techniques in the martial tower, Su Yu was full of excitement and anticipation.

The power of Su Yus Heavens Son Gazing at Air technique had increased remarkably as he embarked on the Illusionary Soul Realm.

Finally, it was the second part of the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm, the Great Sun Palm. His improvement on this particular palm technique was significant as well: it had upgraded to the top class straight from the lower class! In terms of power, it was only slightly weaker than Stage Eight of the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art.

Master, do you have any advice on this set of Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm techniques? Su Yu had always been perplexed by this. This technique was known as a cultivation technique of the celestial level, but its power was far less significant than should be.

Yun Yazi took over the secret scroll, flipped through it, and tossed it back to Su Yu haphazardly. A simplified version of celestial-level techniques. Its essence has been lost. Its rather tasteless, but it will be a waste to dispose of it.

A complete top-grade legendary cultivation techniques would have been better than this! As a transitional cultivation technique, it has served its purpose. Let it stop here. Theres no need to keep wasting time on it.

A simplified version? Su Yu was dumbfounded! The technique he had been practicing for such a long period of time was actually a castrated version! When he stopped to think about it, he realized it was reasonable. This technique was practiced by the guards under the Central Prefectures King, and there were many who practiced it. Leaks about it were inevitable, so cutting down the essence in it was, in fact, an ideal protective measure.

But Su Yu thought it would be a waste to just throw it away. After all, it was still a simplified version of a set of fairy-level techniques. Besides, with its renowned reputation, he could still make a handsome profit by fooling others with it, couldnt he?

After deciding to keep the cultivation technique, Su Yu exhaled a murky breath and stood up. He looked at the virtual figures of the 20,000 challengers and flashed a smile.

If he hadnt been confident enough before that he could beat the shadows of Dongfang Tianfeng and Bi Lingtian, he was absolutely sure of himself right now! This was despite the fact that the consciousness of the martial disaster had emphasized that the power of the shadows was no different from their original selves. However, the capabilities of the shadows should be limited to their cultivations and various treasures and talismans.

Their spontaneous response and experience in fighting enemies couldnt possibly have been duplicated completely. In that case, his odds of winning were high! Looking at the numerous virtual figures, Su Yu wasnt worried but delighted. With his success in training, it happened to be the time for finding opponents and reinforce his skills. The task that might seem intimidating and onerous to others, was a valuable self-improvement exercise for Su Yu!