The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028 Civil Unrest

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Half a day later, a hole was formed on Dongfang Tianfeng’s forehead with a dull thud. Blood gushed out from the wound. With a dazzled, bizarre look in her eyes, she turned into a puff of smoke and dissipated.

Su Yu was the only one left in the spacious, huge martial tower apart from a petite, adorable little girl.

“Young Lord, your combat power is truly one of a kind! No one in the world can rival you! The 20,000 challengers combined couldn’t beat you even when you were all by yourself.” Shengge was beaming with jubilance.

“When did you learn to flatter?” Su Yu dusted off his palms and picked up the silver pearls which had been scattered on the ground, as well as the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword.

Dongfang Tianfeng was the last one alive. By the time she was killed, all other challengers had perished.

The process wasn’t as easy and effortless as Shengge had imagined. Despite the fact that the combat experience and on-the-spot response of the virtual figures were almost non-existent, some were nevertheless difficult to deal with. Bing Wuxin, for instance, possessed the phenomenal Imperishable Sword Body, so Su Yu had no choice but to pour his heart and soul into the fight against her.

And then there was Bi Lingtian! This person was rather peculiar. In terms of both his cultivation and the treasures he used, he was a rather ordinary, sporadic fighter. There wasn’t exactly anything outstanding about him. However, he was equipped with a broad diversity of skills and had mastered at least a hundred different martial techniques. Su Yu felt repeatedly hindered while fighting him, and it took Su Yu a long while to finish him off! From where has Bi Lingtian acquired all those skills?! Su Yu couldn’t help but feel surprised.

Even with Su Yu’s Power of Time as an advantage which enabled him to practice martial techniques far more effortlessly than the rest, the acquisition of a hundred techniques, which were all legendary techniques, was an awe-inspiring accomplishment. Su Yu had only ever known one person who had mastered nearly a hundred techniques and that was Xia Jingyu! However, Xia Jingyu came from the mystical race of divine women, whose congenital tendency to enlightenment was ethereal. So how could Bi Lingtian’s ability be explained?

Bi Lingtian really is mysterious. Besides, it was obvious that he didn’t display his true aces while I was fighting his virtual figure just now. Having gained experience from the duel, Su Yu took a mental note to be more cautious with him.

And finally, there was Dongfang Tianfeng, the rather unfathomable woman.

At first, Su Yu didn’t understand the implications of her name. But as he came into closer contact with challengers from other regions and got influenced by them, he came to know the origin of the surname Dongfang. She was a member of the greatest family in the world, the Great Oriental Family, Dongfang. It was the most ancient family of the continent, an enigmatic family with a history that had existed for a longer period than the continent.

No one knew how long the Great Oriental Family had stood, and how many centuries they had gone through. The only thing they knew was that the Great Oriental Family had Mortal Fairy Revered Lords holding the fort every generation. And this time around, they had two Revered Lords. This was a fact which had stunned the entire continent.

The Eastern Continent had completely become the private property of the Great Oriental Family. How could Su Yu now not know such an influence with tremendous prestige?

Su Yu had been prepared for anything while fighting against Dongfang Tianfeng, but the outcome was rather unexpected. He had gained an effortless victory with the help of illusory techniques, Shengge’s raid, and the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. Dongfang Tianfeng was far less capable than he had imagined her to be, and had even been far inferior to Bing Wuxin!

This woman keeps an unusually low profile.

From the tactics and strategies displayed by the virtual figures, only magical powers and treasures that had been used before would be imitated in the world of the martial disaster. Having been armed with the rigorous experience of the hundred-story martial tower, most of the martial artists had pulled out their trump cards. Dongfang Tianfeng was the exception. Basically, she hadn’t really performed any powerful, mighty tactics, hence the mimicked virtual figure was rather feeble. Ha, the girl next door She’s one with profound schemes up her sleeve. Su Yu laughed softly.

Glancing around, Su Yu remarked dispassionately, “All virtual figures have been destroyed, and the martial disaster is now over. It’s time to leave the virtual world. There’s an even more troublesome one out there: the disaster of beasts!”

In the outside world, all the challengers had maintained the poses and gestures they had been making before the vibrations of the martial disaster struck. They were still and unmoving.

Some had their swords drawn, some were murmuring into each other’s ears, some were smiling with great confidence, while others were drenched in sweat due to nerves.

The whole scene seemed to be frozen in time, but one person stood out. She turned, and her glance swept across the challenger behind her. Han Fei’s eyes were flickering with a gleam of decisiveness.

Eight pitch-black, brilliant Suns were right in front of her, sealing off the eight doors.

Outside the doors, erratic and blood-curdling growls and roars were raging endlessly, bustling with shockingly immense demonic scents. Among them were the scents of All Creations demonic beasts!

On instinct, Han Fei even detected an exceptionally precarious demonic scent among all demonic beasts, and that scent was secretly targeting her.

This was the disaster of beasts!

Half a day after the advent of the martial disaster, the disaster of beasts began right on time, with an interval shorter than an hour in between.

The beast yard was wide open. The demonic beasts that had been breeding and nesting in it all eternity were unleashed all at once and the Wonderland was overflowing with them!

A massive pack of demonic beasts sensed the presence of the challengers inside the martial tower and had dashed straight for this place, like an enormous army closing in on them.

Two stage-one All Creations demonic beasts were leading the troop, followed by a thousand Almighty, and hundreds of thousands of fairy demonic beasts.

Such a humongous pack of demonic beasts came attacking with the force of a crashing turbulent wave. The spectacular sight was comparable to the deluge of black beasts that occurred once in a hundred years on the continent. A deluge of beasts like this was totally impossible to be contained with human might!

Han Fei had resolved the martial disaster with ease with the Heavenly Demon Black Suns upon sensing its imminent advent, and here she was, faced with the vast deluge of beasts.

Fortunately, the impregnable martial tower served as the defensive shield. Han Fei was guarding the eight entrances all by herself and was just about holding off the deluge of beasts. But this was just a plan of convenience.

The beast deluge was tireless, forming massive groups time and time again in an effort to crash through the barrier, even when all of the beasts sprinting into the black Suns had disappeared without a trace, like mud cows falling into the sea. However, supporting the Heavenly Demon Black Suns was extremely energy-consuming.

Han Fei had been supporting them for six hours and was dangerously close to her limit.

She turned back and glanced at the people, but none of them had awoken. She could not help but sigh with indifference. “I have shown you people my greatest kindness. Take care.”

Han Fei hadn’t held off the intimidating deluge of beasts because she was kind-hearted, selfless to a point where she would risk her life for others. As a matter of fact, those who treaded the demonic path were usually selfish and heartless under the perpetual influence of the demonic energy, and Han Fei was no exception.

The only reason she acted was that she was rather fearful of that disturbing black dog and didn’t want to let it get the upper hand. Therefore, she protected the 20,000 challengers and stopped them from being reduced to ashes.

However, the challengers behind her showed no sign of waking after a long time. She had no choice but to leave the place and seek shelter for herself. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly turned back. Her eyes lit up with surprise.

“I can’t believe that Dongfang Tianfeng isn’t the first to wake,” Han Fei said straightforwardly as she stared at the smiling Su Yu.

“Oh? Did that disappoint you, Miss Han?”

“No, it didn’t.” Han Fei set down the cultivation technique in her hands, and cast a detached look at him. “If you don’t know any other way to stop the disaster of beasts, I’ll leave now.”

Su Yu shot a look at the black Suns and was inwardly stunned. Luckily this woman had helped them resist the disaster for quite a while. Otherwise, every last one of them would have died without leaving their corpses behind just half a day into it.

“Miss Han, don’t you care about your fellow faction mates?” Su Yu pointed at the group of students from the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction.

Expressionlessly, Han Fei said, “The circumstances don’t allow me to bring along so many students. Oh, I remember you have a portable cavern! If you can bring them along with you, the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction will be grateful towards you.”

This woman really is heartless! She doesn’t even have the slightest bit of affection for her fellow faction mates.

Slightly shaking his head, Su Yu said, “The mere flood of beasts isn’t hard to resist. What makes you think that the flood of beasts equals the disaster of beasts?” With shrewdness glinting in his eyes, Su Yu’s gaze penetrated the deluge of beasts and landed upon the faraway depths.

Han Fei was taken aback. “This is the deluge of beasts that occurs once every century. Isn’t it great enough to be considered a disaster? In the northernmost region where I live, a beast deluge of such a scale requires at least ten All Creations Old Monsters to resist. To get rid of it, our faction master needs to use the Mortal Fairy’s Strength.”

Su Yu shook his head. “Let me reiterate this; the deluge of beasts does not equal the disaster of beasts! If you really think the disaster of beasts is over and done with once the deluge of beasts is fended off, brace yourself for severe consequences!”

Han Fei contemplated. “Why do you say so?”

“Miss Han, haven’t you realized the similarity of these so-called disasters?” Su Yu stared at the packs of beasts with narrowed eyes.

Han Fei was extremely intelligent and only needed the slightest hint to understand. Her pretty, delicate brows were creased. “Did you mean that these disasters will confine us in the Wonderland?”

“Right! The disaster of flowers turned those who failed into stone statues, the disaster of books turned them into Books of Life, while the martial disaster turned them into virtual shadows. All in all, they share a common characteristic. The disasters objectify those who fail!”

Clarity flashed in Han Fei’s eyes. “However, the deluge of beasts only kills us, but not objectify us.”

“Right, that is the nature of the so-called disasters,” Su Yu said as he nodded, “Hence, the real disaster isn’t the deluge of beasts!”

“In that case, the exact disaster is still unknown?”

Su Yu nodded, and his expression grew solemn. “Yes, it is frightening because of its uncertainty.” The other disasters were simple and forthright. Only the disaster of beasts was unpredictable, which made it unable to be prevented.

“Ah, Sister Fei-er, Mister Su, what are you guys talking about? I want to listen too,” Dongfang Tianfeng’s voice sounded abruptly behind them out of nowhere. With an innocent face that could evoke both anger and delight, she leaned forward with curiosity.

So fast! Su Yu stared at her thoughtfully.

“You’re quite fast,” Han Fei said detachedly after casting a glance at her.

Dongfang Tianfeng giggled. “No matter how fast I was, I could never overtake Sister Fei-er and Mister Su, could I? When I understood what was going on, Sister Fei-er wasn’t even in the virtual realm of the martial disaster anymore.”

“As for Mister Su, tsk, I didn’t expect you to be that amazing! If you hadn’t left the virtual realm one step ahead, causing the direct disappearance of your virtual figure, I’m afraid I would have been trapped in there forever. You’re remarkable. I believe that the experts of other regions have been hindered by you as well.” Her words were genuine. In fact, she had deciphered the way to resolve the martial disaster around the same time as Su Yu did. However, she was impeded at the very end of her fight, because she kept failing to destroy his virtual shadow. She only managed to set herself free when Su Yu left.


Another person had awoken. It was Bi Lingtian!

Shortly after, Bing Wuxin also awoke. She was closely followed by several of the greatest experts of their respective regions.

With more and more people leaving the illusionary realm, the remaining ones should have understood by now that it was an illusion but not reality, no matter how imbecilic they were.

Most of the powerful individuals looked at Su Yu in a different way after emerging. Judging from the situations they had encountered during the fight, if fighting the greatest experts of the regions was of a difficult level, then fighting Bing Wuxin was of a warrior’s level. Bi Lingtian was of a king’s level because he was very challenging to deal with. However, only the people who had fought Su Yu’s virtual shadow understood one thing. In comparison to fighting Su Yu, all of the aforementioned were a piece of cake! Fighting Su Yuxian was of a level of Hell!!

Su Yu started off with the Meteor Light Stream Great Formation and then attacked with the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art. He defended himself with a sword energy that devastated everyone, beating the living daylights out of them!

Even Bi Lingtian and Bing Wuxin, who were familiar with Su Yu, had encountered a great deal of trouble.

Luckily, Su Yu had stepped out from the illusionary realm very quickly, giving them a chance to stop for breath. With the greatest hurdle cleared, they broke free from the illusionary realm one by one, like mushrooms thriving after the rain.

As she looked at the challengers that awoke in a fast stream and glanced at the looks in their eyes as they looked at Su Yu, Han Fei could not help but feel amazed. How many people has this fellow fought off all by himself? Nonetheless, with so many experts awaking at once, Han Fei felt her burden had been substantially relieved.

“Since we have awoken first, we definitely can’t let that godda*n dog get the upper hand!” Standing before the entrances, Su Yu turned and faced the crowd.

Han Fei nodded slightly, expressing her agreement.

“Right, that dog is way too cunning! We have to stay united.”

With the two women taking the lead to voice their agreement, the situation became rather subtle. Su Yu seemed to have risen as their leader. Many were displeased with that!

“Cheh! This man is from the savage, barren lands. Does he really think he’s assuming the role of leader?”

“Both Han Fei and Dongfang Tianfeng are people who never bow to others, yet now they’re allowing him to take the lead. Hehe, his tricks are truly brilliant, I can’t help but admire him!”

“Right, who the hell does he think he is? At most he’s just a tactician who’s skilled at playing with strategy. Does he really think he’s qualified to override the starry sky elites?”

“In fact, I think that his capacity is fair but not exceptionally great. Many challengers haven’t fully displayed their powers, thus making Su Yuxian seem powerful in the hundred-story challenge and the virtual figure of the martial disaster.”

“What would be left of him if we fully unleash our powers?”

Those present at the scene were all geniuses and elites that had renowned reputations in their own territories. How would they willingly succumb to someone else, especially this person, who had restrained them with the Book of the Heart’s Oaths, disrupting their pace and harvesting the weak ones, in his bid to elevate chances of acquiring sublimations?

They made no effort to suppress their discussions. Su Yu heard all of it clearly.

He brushed off the rumors and comments with a smile. Somberly, he said, “The disaster of beasts is right around the corner. With all our powers combined, it isn’t hard to resist it. The difficult part is to guard the entrances by taking turns before the rest of them awake.”

There were 20,000 of them, and the vast majority were Almighty strong men. Although greatly outnumbered by the deluge of beasts, their quality far surpassed that of the beasts. With 20,000 striking at once, the measly deluge of beasts could be banished easily.

The problem was that fewer than 20 people among them had awoken, which obviously made them incapable of beating the enormous deluge of beasts. They had to buy time to allow the other challengers to awake.

“By staying united, the deluge of beasts can be resisted easily.”

As Su Yu finished speaking, a challenger who appeared to be a wandering martial artist voiced his thoughts straightforwardly. “May I know what obligation I have to guard the entrance? I am on my own. I have neither family, friends nor companions of the faction, so I’m not responsible for safeguarding them at the cost of my own life!”

A few other challengers who seemed to be wandering martial artists voiced their opinions as well.

“Right, I don’t even know them. It doesn’t suit our principles to sacrifice ourselves for them for no reason!”

“Apart from that, Su Yuxian, why should we take orders from you? We’re not all trapped in the martial tower anymore.”

“With the tactics we have mastered, staying away from the beasts is a piece of cake. Why shall I listen to you? Are you trying to threaten us with the Book of the Heart’s Oaths again?”

The last question was in fact, their real thought.

Why should they take Su Yu’s commands? If it were Han Fei or Dongfang Tianfeng, they would have accepted. Those two both had presentable statuses, identities, and prestige. However, Su Yu did not even match their status, and he wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat them when it came to their final aces!

Their real intention wasn’t to absolve themselves from their obligations but to show their disapproval of Su Yu.

The disaster of beasts hadn’t even begun, and civil unrest had broken out. It wasn’t a good sign at all!

As he stared at the several speaking wandering martial artists, Su Yu noticed an interesting phenomenon. The distribution of their cultivations seemed to be rather unique. Some were powerful, with the most powerful being the greatest expert of the region, and the weakest being third-grade Almighty. There were some fair, average ones, including fifth-grade and sixth-grade Almighty. It was perfectly fine at first glance. But upon careful contemplation, some patterns could be identified.

As he noticed this detail, Su Yu came up with his own theory. His eyes gradually turned cold. “Humph, I know what happens now!So that’s it! Godda*n dog, what a well-played trick! You have even laid a scheme right here!”