The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 From Human To Beast

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When he had finished speaking, Su Yu drew the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword with a flip of his hand and slashed at the nearest person. His victim was a man who had been delivering a vehement speech.

As crimson blood splattered everywhere, the entire scene fell silent. No one had expected Su Yu to lash out like a bolt from the blue, so ruthlessly and brutally that he had no second thoughts before killing a fellow challenger!

As they watched the corpse collapse onto the ground with a face full of stupefaction and reluctance, the other wandering martial artists who had also been ranting against Su Yu turned pale with fright.

Su Yuxian, you you actually killed one of our own! The robust, bearded man who was the greatest expert of his region with the strongest capacity was utterly flabbergasted and enraged.

With the bloodstained silver sword in his hand, Su Yus face was nonchalant. What about killing him? I have zero tolerance for people with ulterior motives who try to destabilize our unity. They have to be gotten rid of! Theres no exemption!

Su Yus overweening, callous attitude roused the displeasure of many. Even challengers who werent wandering martial artists couldnt stand the sight of him anymore.

Su Yuxian, do you really think were slaves whom you can kill at will now? Qian Feng pointed at the pool of fresh blood on the ground, extremely unsatisfied.

Many challengers had the same looks of dissatisfaction on their faces. Does he think hes in control of life and death just because he has the Book of the Hearts Oaths in hand?

Su Yu cast a dispassionate look at him. He didnt even feel like explaining.

Youd better watch your attitude! If we really get into a fight, I might not be frightened of you! Qian Feng took a step forward, his face beaming with self-confidence.

As the second greatest expert of the Heavenly Knife Region, Qian Feng had his own hidden trump card. He was confident that he wouldnt lose to Su Yu.

Stop it now, Bi Lingtian said serenely, shaking his sleeves. You cant compete with him, and youve mistaken his attitude for arrogance. With a gentle wave of his arm, the deceased challenger that was sprawled on the ground turned into a black puff of smoke, effusing a scent similar to that of the black dog.

It had all been an illusion!!

Qian Feng stood speechless in stupefaction.

Brother Su, I admire you for your acuity to the finest details, Bi Lingtian said with a smile, cupping his hands.

As his glance swept across the few wandering martial artists who had been hooting, his eyes were narrowed slowly. In the world of the martial disaster, how is it possible for a third-grade Almighty to pass before a sixth-grade Almighty?

It was also the case that this third-grade Almighty had defeated the large groups of eighth-grade and ninth-grade Almighty one by one! The uneven distribution of the cultivations of these wandering martial artists itself was a problem!

The weaker individuals among them must possess world-shaking powers like Su Yu did, defeating the strong with their limited cultivations and achieving 20,000 consecutive wins without failing even once! One of these things could well happen, but was it really possible for more than one to be the case? The only explanation was that they hadnt come out from the illusionary realm of the martial disaster at all, but had followed the rest by feigning their awakening and blended into the crowd to disseminate lies and slanders.

With the deluge of beasts fast approaching, just one rumor could spark off civil unrest!


With a gleam of iciness, Bi Lingtian lashed out. In the blink of an eye, the few wandering martial artists who had been speaking just now were killed at the same time.

Among the six of them, four turned into black whiffs of demonic energy, but the corpses of two others lay flat on the ground, with remnants of their unwillingness and resentment still evident. They had been wrongly killed!

Su Yu lifted his gaze to meet Bi Lingtians. One who seemed as gentle as him on the surface was, in fact, the most vicious and heartless of all!

Indeed, the black dog had laid its illusory technique among the wandering martial artists, however, there were some who joined the rowdy jeering as a result of having been influenced by the rest. Bi Lingtian made no discrimination as he killed them, revealing his cruel, brutal nature.

Followers are even more detestable than those who tempter them. The coldness around Bi Lingtian subsided as he flashed an amiable smile. The tempters are only a mere spark of flame. Its the foolish followers that truly burn and inflict damage. There is no dishonor in killing such people.

Wearing a serene smile, Bi Lingtian looked at the deluge of beasts outside the tower. Placidly, he said, The deluge of beasts is right on our doorstep. As Brother Su has suggested, we will resist it until all the others awake.

Yes, Ill go first, Dongfang Tianfeng volunteered gallantly. She raised her hand and the two dead bodies flew to her. At the same time, she retrieved an exquisite crystal-like vial from her colorful sleeve. There were numerous crystalline seeds in it. She poured a small number of seeds on the wounds of the dead bodies, and large patches of crystals grew on them from the inside out. In the blink of an eye, both of them turned into crystalline bodies.

Dong! Dong!

A sound of sturdiness resonated when the crystalline bodies were knocked upon. Dongfang Tianfeng placed each of the two dead bodies in front of a door to block the entrances.

She clapped her hands and said, Great, theyre very tough and rigid. Unless the All Creations demonic beasts out there strike, they wont be able to get inside.

The Grass of Crystallization!

The faces of challengers changed slightly at the sight of it. The Grass of Crystallization, which was only inherited by members of the Great Oriental Family, was renowned across the world.

Even the famed All Creations Old Monsters were terror-stricken at the very thought of it. Once it entered the body and got into contact with blood, it would propagate in an explosive manner, converting the creature into a body of crystal from the inside out. Even Old Monsters who had just achieved the level of All Creations could barely resist the blooming of the seeds. They would eventually die of crystallization. The people on the continent were terrified by the agonized state in which the afflicted people died.

Han Fei looked as calm as usual as she withdrew her black Suns and looked over at the people. There are six more entrances. Whos going to stand guard?

Su Yu, Bi Lingtian, and several other greatest experts of their regions each took charge of one of the six entrances.

Once again, Bi Lingtian revealed his shocking martial fundamentals by performing 18 consecutive types of sealing techniques, sealing off one entrance in one breath. The ferocious deluge of beasts outside could do no harm to the layers of seal.

Upon seeing his techniques, Su Yu pondered for a moment. He was now even more curious about Bi Lingtian.

Su Yus methods to block the door were rather simple. He sealed one of the entrances with the Underworld Pearl. Regardless of how turbulently the deluge of beasts was surging out there, the entrance wouldnt budge an inch.

The other four entrances were walled up by the rest of the experts with their respective magical powers. With them holding the fort, the challengers behind them who were yet to awake had adequate time.

One day later, over 2000 people had awoken. They were among the one-tenth of the strongest individuals. With their presence, resisting the deluge of beasts would be a breeze.

Two days later, more than 4000 had awoken.

Three days later

By the seventh day, the martial disaster was completely over.

More than ten challengers showed no sign of awakening from the illusionary state even after an extended period of time. Their physical bodies kept shrinking and deteriorating until they drew their last breaths.

They are beyond all hopes of salvation. The fight in the illusionary realm has consumed their souls. The longer they stayed in there, the weaker their souls became. The fact that they havent broken free after seven days means that they were completely lost in it. Bing Wuxins sense of trepidation lingered.

Su Yu cast a mournful look at them. After all, they were the prodigies of their own territories. It was truly a pity that they had perished in this place.

We have shown our utmost benevolence. Its time to slaughter our way out of here, and give those ignorant demonic beasts a lesson!

Haha, the stench of the beasts has reeked for six to seven days. Its time to cleanse their stench with the smell of blood!

A large proportion of the 20,000 challengers was made up of Almighty strong men. In their eyes, the beasts outside the tower were measly and insignificant. Many challengers were rubbing their fists, eager to spring into action.

Hehe, I heard that the chances of obtaining sublimations after pulling through the martial disaster are almost absolutely guaranteed. Will my sublimations be amidst the deluge of beasts?

Certainly! The person in charge of the faction told me that he ran into a monster of the jungle after going through the martial disaster. After killing it, an exceptionally rare book of secrets fell from the teeth of the beast. That was how he attained the status he has today.

Ive heard something similar. An elder of the faction said that as he was walking on the road after the martial disaster, a demonic beast carrying ancient skeletal remains on its back walked up to him. The legacy of the seniors lifetime was among the remains!

All of them were expressing their thoughts at once. The ambiance was boisterous and filled to the brim with thrill and excitement. It was as if they were all confident that they would be endowed with sublimations very soon!

Even though the Glittering Jewel Wonderland was a place full of crises and perils, the sublimations were real and couldnt be fabricated.

Despite having noticed the slight impropriety, Su Yu was unable to stop them. With all 20,000 challengers awoken, they wouldnt listen to Su Yus commands anymore. He was powerless in stopping them now.

Just as expected, challengers who had been guarding the entrances licked their lips, and opened up the seals, taking the lead to scurry outside. In a split second, shrill screams of pain and agony pierced through the sky, and large groups of demonic beasts were killed horribly.

The colossal deluge of beasts was heartily harvested as if it was a field of crops by the challengers that surged out like crashing tides.

Su Yu and a few others were the only ones who hadnt taken any action. They were secretly guarding themselves against the black dog and observing matters in silence.

As his glance swept across the deluge of beasts, Su Yus attention was captured by a dead demonic beast. He was taken aback.

Under Bing Wuxins stunned stare, he departed from the martial tower and landed beside the corpse of the demonic beast. He squatted down to examine it, and his face grew solemn. Shortly after, Su Yu went on to examine the rest of the corpses, and the graveness on his face intensified.

Everyone stop! Su Yu took off into the sky and bellowed as he worked with his Vital Energy, as though he had realized something shocking and of extreme urgency.

Many challengers stopped right in their tracks, but many were so passionately absorbed in the massacre that they ignored Su Yus instruction completely, their eyes bloodshot.

Whats wrong? Bing Wuxin flew to his side with a flabbergasted look on her face.

Han Fei and the rest arrived one after another, glancing at the corpses which Su Yu had examined with suspicious eyes. Their mood changed from doubtful, to stupefied, and finally to solemn very quickly.

This is the real disaster of beasts! Han Fei exhaled a mouthful of murky breath. She raised a finger and shattered a corpse with the appearance of a green deer.

The internal organs of the corpse were roiling, however, those were all human organs! Heart, gallbladder, lobes of lungs All of them belonged to a human!

Whats this? The challengers who rushed to their sides drew in a sharp, cold breath. They tried to shatter a few other corpses of demonic beasts, and the same thing happened. The corpses bore the appearance of demonic beasts, but inside they were human!!

Dont tell me, they are The people present were all top elites of the Jiuzhou continent, individuals with acumen and intelligence. How could they not have fathomed it?

It was because they had figured it out that their faces were full of shock and terror.

Some female challengers shuddered vigorously as they stared at the gore and blood on their hands and began sobbing forlornly with dread.

Bing Wuxin took in a long breath, her hands trembling as she looked at the dense, packed deluge of beasts. Icy chills shimmered in her eyes. All of you, stop it right now! Otherwise, everyone will be killed, with no exemption!


In a split second, nine blades of sword shadows materialized behind her. Three of them were concrete swords that penetrated the clouds above.

Only a small minority of challengers stopped. Most of them had been caught up in a state of delirium! They couldnt be blamed for being delirious, because after being killed, some demonic beasts really spat out treasures, cultivation techniques, and even elixirs from their mouths, just as the rumors had said.

Even though they werent as high-class as stated in the rumors, they were considered fair sublimations to many challengers. Who would let go of the benefits at hand at this point in time?

The deluge of beasts had almost receded because so many had been killed. Just them, a voice resonated in their minds.

Students of the Red Blood Palace, listen up, kill

Bing Wuxin had a strong urge to kill, but Su Yu stopped her. With a sigh, he said, Its too late.

All of a sudden, the challengers whose eyes had turned red hot with murderous delirium began convulsing terribly. Then they collapsed onto the ground as if poisoned, lying completely motionless.

The more indulged they had been in the killing, the more they suffered.

Those who had listened to Su Yu and stopped in time experiences slight discomfort, which wasnt really severe or substantial.

In an instant, more than 3,000 challengers collapsed amidst the deluge of beasts.

Then a bizarre, uncanny scene unraveled. The receding deluge of beasts distanced themselves from the challengers sprawled on the ground, showing not the least bit of desire to devour or trample on them.

The beasts subsided like tides, and 3,000 challengers still lay on the ground.

And then another petrifying scene unfolded. The challengers sprawled on the ground were encased by a mass of crimson brilliance. Shortly after, demonic beasts of diverse sizes and morphology marched out from the crimson brilliance. One after another, they followed the deluge of beasts in bewilderment and left.

When the crimson brilliance dissipated, hollowed frames of human skin were left on the ground. All cadavers had disappeared without a trace, along with the treasures.

The greatest expert of the Heavenly Brilliance Region, Wu Daocai, has hes turned into a python? Everyone inhaled a cold sharp breath.