The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Princess Yun Yan

Did that not mean that, with his consent, Su Yu could marry into the Chen family as their son-in-law? Would he marry the Flower of the Hundred Vassal Clans?

Li Konghui's chest felt like it was about to explode! Ever since Su Yu had appeared, nothing had gone according to plan.

On top of that, he had taken the maiden heart of his unrequited love. He had even stolen the hearts of her parents! He had gone too far!

The Li family had treated Su Yu with such kindness, and yet he repaid their kindness with ingratitude!

"Alright! After this, I will introduce you two!" Li Konghui gritted his teeth, revealing hatred in his eyes.

Chen Xueer smiled, "Thank you, Brother Konghui, you are a nice guy."

Upon receiving Li Konghui's "unconditional help," Chen Xueer's face slightly blushed as she bit her lips, "Actually, my parents like Brother Su Yu. Say, if there is a possibility that they might betroth me to him... If that happens, you have to attend our wedding dinner."

Master Chen had the intention of roping Su Yu in by making him marry into the family.


Her words before she left had, once again, mercilessly stabbed him.

"Su Yu!" Li Konghui secretly roared in his heart. He hated Su Yu to the core!

Su Yu had no idea of what had transpired during this period.

With one hour remaining, Su Yu continued to challenge many people at once!

As there was a time limit, Su Yu wanted to avoid challenging Half Holy Kings. Alas, it was ultimately inevitable.

With the remaining time, Su Yu challenged another ten people.

Among them, there was a female Half Holy King.

After defeating ten Level Nine Peak Tier opponents, there was only one Half Holy King left.

"It's your turn! Use your moves!" Su Yu silently kept track of the time. The amount of time remaining was insufficient to defeat her.

"My name is Chen Xueer... I admit defeat!" The Half Holy King stuck out her tongue and ran off the stage with her flushed face.

Su Yu was extremely shocked; it was the first time an opponent had actually admitted defeat before fighting.

Even the Level Nine Peak Tier opponents, despite knowing that they were not a match for him, also battled till the end.

Yet the Half Holy King before him had actually admitted defeat on her own accord!

Moreover, Su Yu had not had the chance to catch a proper glimpse of her face.

Xi Ruolan flicked the copper gong with her hands and announced indifferently, "Su Yu, forty-nine consecutive wins, obtaining ninety-eight points. In addition to the six elixirs and five flower petals, you have a total of one hundred and fifteen points."

"Next person, you!" Xi Ruolan randomly pointed his finger at Li Konghui.

Li Konghui shot a death stare at Su Yu. Jumping onto the center of the battle stage, he pointed to a group of people in the distance, "I challenge all twenty of you!"

Everyone burst into an uproar!

However, with Su Yu's magnificent display before him, challenging twenty people wasn't as shocking as it usually would be.

Master Li frowned, "Influenced by his own emotions, acting on impulse!"

Su Yu's arrogance was justified. Alternatively, Li Konghui was fueled by his emotions, and wanted to challenge twenty people just to compete with Su Yu, and to vie for a maiden's heart!

The atmosphere was not as heated as he thought it would be, causing Li Konghui to be slightly disappointed. Turning his head made him burn with anger.

Chen Xueer was not even looking at the battle stage. She was standing beside her parents, staring at Su Yu's profile, entirely infatuated!

"Su Yu!"

With great fury, Li Konghui's moves were vicious and ruthless. Every move was full of openings. He attacked without any semblance of cohesiveness and order, lacking calmness and planning.

"It is merely a sparring match, yet you are so vicious and ruthless! Guys, let's all attack together!"

Li Konghui had inadvertently angered twenty Level Nine Peak Tier opponents.

Unlike Su Yu, Li Konghui did not have any cultivation techniques that could suppress the crowd. Moreover, dealing with many people simultaneously was an uphill task.

Incurring the wrath of his opponents also made it harder for him to cope, putting him in danger!


After two hours, out of the twenty people, Li Konghui only managed to defeat fifteen of them.

Nevertheless, he still won, as he fulfilled the requirements of ten consecutive wins.

He had sustained injuries in many parts of his body. His resolute face was filled with black bruises and swelling, and his clothes were mostly torn; his figure was a sorry sight.

It was apparent to the crowd that Li Konghui's battle had been too much for him.

In addition, there were no Half Holy Kings mixed within the group, or else the chances of him losing would have been extremely great.

Upon witnessing this scene, Chen Xueer stole another glance at the calm and collected Su Yu. With that, her admiration for Su Yu deepened even more.


Paying attention to Chen Xueer's expression, Li Konghui's heart spasmed.

He had originally challenged twenty people to compete with Su Yu, to prove to Chen Xueer that he too was capable of challenging many people simultaneously. This was done in hopes of changing Chen Xueer's mind.

Little did he know that he had actually helped increase Su Yu's fame. This deepened Chen Xueer's feelings of affection for Su Yu!

"Upon returning to the clan, face the wall and reflect for half a year!" Master Li chided him with a gloomy expression.

The reason Su Yu could accomplish with ease was that he was well-versed in various aspects and adept at applying them practically. In addition, his cultivation technique was effective at dealing with group attacks.

Alternatively, not only did Li Konghui not have exceptionally superior skills, he also was not adept at dealing with group attacks.

Rashly attempting to copy Su Yu was an absolute disgrace! He had also implicated the Li family's reputation, bringing disgrace to the Li family!

Luckily, in the eyes of outsiders, Su Yu was considered a member of the Li family. As such, there were still reservations toward the way they perceived the Li family.

Master Li sighed. The fact that their reputation actually needed an outsider like Su Yu to maintain and uphold their reputation was utterly ironic.

Xi Ruolan consecutively appointed a few strong people to assume the stage.

Wu Pangyun, Liu Guang, and an extremely elegant and beautiful eighteen-year-old maiden were all First Level Holy Kings.

As if they had been provoked by Su Yu, all three of them chose to challenge multiple people simultaneously.

The battle of Holy Kings was indeed an eye-opener!

Among which, the beautiful maiden, appeared to have achieved a breakthrough into First Level Holy King not long ago. In addition, she was not adept at dealing with group attacks. Hence, she merely defeated fifty-five people within two hours. Combined with the elixir she received, she had obtained a total of one hundred and twelve points.

Although Liu Guang also achieved a breakthrough into First Level Holy King not long ago, he had come from an arduous environmentShenyue continentwhich was extremely lacking in terms of resources. As such, with his extremely strong potential, he managed to defeat sixty people. Combined with the elixir he had gotten previously, he obtained a total of one hundred and twenty-two points.

The most astounding person was Wu Pangyun. Although he was a First Level Holy King, he was heads and shoulders above the beautiful maiden and Liu Guang. He had defeated seventy people all by himself. Combined with the elixir he had gotten previously, he had obtained a total of one hundred and forty-two points!

Wu Pangyun had dazzled everyone!

"As expected from the ranked third family of the Hundred Vassal Clans, the Wu family. An exceptional talent like Wu Pangyun is rarely seen."

"That Liu Guang who came from that barren island is not too shabby either. Coming from a place with such harsh conditions and limited resources, his abilities are rather exceptional."

"Princess Yun Yan is also worth mentioning!"

Upon mentioning Princess Yun Yan, various youngsters secretly glanced at her. Their eyes revealed traces of affection for her as well.

Princess Yun Yan was eighteen years old and in her prime. She had a graceful stature and a curvaceous body. Her moon-white dress was spotlessly clean, and her fair face was breathtakingly beautiful. Her skin was akin to white snow. Under the sunlight, it reflected a faint fluorescent light. Her pair of clear eyes was like the clear waterfalls in the wilderness, tranquil without a speck of impurity. With her scarlet lips and jade-like teeth, her face was flawless and impeccable.

At that moment, she stood demurely, as if space and time stilled for her.

Her elegance and the respectable disposition made her exceptional.

The youngsters were all lost in concentration, they found it difficult to snap out of their mesmerized state. Only after being reminded by others did they immediately retract their gazes.

Princess Yun Yan was the fiance of a prince from the local empire. That prince was a genius who had successfully entered the inner sanctum last year. His strength was terrifyingly great. If anyone were to harbor any ill intentions toward Princess Yun Yan, it wasn't hard to imagine what kind of punishment they would receive!

Hearing the various discussions, Su Yu could not help but be curious and shot a glance at Princess Yun Yan.

Demure and elegant, she had exceptionally beautiful looks.

For a second, Su Yu was under the illusion that he was gazing at Xia Jingyu.

However, after that split second, he lightly shook his head and retracted his gaze.

Although she appeared to be celestial, it was difficult for her to replace Xia Jingyu's place in his heart.

Actually, Princess Yun Yan was also observing Su Yu.

Naturally, she would pay some attention to the fourteen-year-old boy, who possessed exceptional skills and astounding talents.

Upon seeing Su Yu's clear gaze, it made Princess Yun Yan, who was used to enduring the stealthy and covetous eyes of countless man, grow fond of him.

She puckered her face into a smile, it was enough to overthrow an entire city.

"The individual challenge match has ended. Next up will be the top hundred ranking matches!

"The rules are as such. The person with the lowest points will challenge those with higher points than them. If he wins, he will receive one-third of the points of the person that he challenged. If he loses, he will have to give one-third of his own points to the person that he challenged.

"If it is a tie, the challenger will have to give the person he challenged one-quarter of his points.

"After the battles, the points will be counted. From now onward, the person with the lowest points will have to challenge someone with higher points!"

Most of the people had only one or two points. After discussing, they nominated one person to begin challenging.

From the lowest to highest, the victor would continue to challenge someone who was ranked higher than him. If he lost, then the person challenged would continue challenging people above him. This process would be repeated until the person with the highest points, Wu Pangyun, was challenged!

The entire process persisted for a while.

Finally, it had reached the level of Half Holy Kings.

Chen Xueer challenged Li Konghui, who was ranked higher than her.

Revealing a smile on her face, two dimples appeared on Chen Xueer's face as she asked, "Brother Konghui, let me win okay?"

Seeing the pitiful Chen Xueer, Li Konghui was moved. While he contemplated, he heard Chen Xueer softly mumbling.

"Later, when I admit defeat to Brother Su Yu, will he feel grateful for me? Heehee..."

Those words sent Li Konghui into a rage!

"Xueer, there are no hard feelings in sparring. Moreover, the seniors are observing. If I purposely give you a chance, I might be chided."

Chen Xueer curled her upper lip slightly and revealed a look of unhappiness on her face, "After you win against me, won't you just lose to Brother Su Yu?"

Hearing those words, Li Konghui flew into a ragehe definitely wouldn't hold back now!


After merely three moves, a moment's carelessness caused Chen Xueer to misjudge her opponent's moves, causing her to receive a fatal blow to her shoulder. With a loud shriek, she was defeated.

With traces of blood on her lips, Chen Xueer's eyes were filled with grief. Tears started to well up in her eyes, before she turned around and fled, leaving behind only three angry words, "I hate you!"

By the time Li Konghui had returned to his senses, it was already too late!

Now he had no hope of deepening ties with Chen Xueer!

"Next up, you will challenge someone with more points than you," Xi Ruolan announced calmly.

Li Konghui swept his eyes across the remaining participants. Before him, there were still many Half Holy Kings. However, his gaze passed right through them before it eventually fixated on Su Yu.

"May I challenge higher ranked people?" Li Konghui gritted his teeth.

Xi Ruolan looked in the direction his gaze was fixated on and shot a glance at Su Yu before coldly nodding her head, "You may!"

"That's good. Then, I challenge Su Yu!" Li Konghui was elated!

In terms of individual combat ability, Li Konghui was confident that he would not lose to Su Yu!

"Su Yu, step forward!" Xi Ruolan announced indifferently.


The two of them flew to the center of the venue and stood still as they looked at each other.

"Su Yu! Accept your death!" Li Konghui howled lowly and attacked Su Yu without any warning!

Su Yu's face revealed a look of bewilderment, as he did not know where Li Konghui's hatred originated from.

Feeling the strong winds of anger, Su Yu dared not belittle him and took his attack seriously.

"Long River Piercing Energy!" Li Konghui followed up seamlessly!

A top tier deity level cultivation technique!

Both palms drew a circle in midair, with a strong energy circling within!

With a biting cold aura, it sucked in the surrounding gravel and combined it into a flying turbine.


Using his palms, he pushed forward the turbine of energy. It had an unparalleled power, engulfing everything in its path. It appeared to be a long river infused with energy, its mightiness was hard to match!

Seeing that Li Konghui had actually used a lethal move, Su Yu's eyes turned cold.

"Ice and Thunder Feast!" Su Yu raised his finger and pointed. A divine, massively destructive light was volleyed toward Li Konghui.


Although the turbine of energy was strong, it was difficult to match Su Yu's Ice and Thunder Feast!


The turbine of energy which contained gravel shrapnel exploded loudly!

The gravel exploded out in all directions at an incredible speed!

As Li Konghui was at point-blank range, he had no means of defending against it. His entire body was instantly assaulted by the rain of gravel!



Li Konghui spat blood as he flew backward!

However, that was not the end of the attack!

The remaining sparks from the Ice and Thunder Feast utterly destroyed Li Konghui's chest!

With Li Konghui's prone state, even if he did not die, he would sustain heavy injuries.

Not good!

Su Yu's face slightly changed. With a slight shift in position, he raised his hands and caught multiple gravel stones which were headed toward the door. Flicking those gravel aside, Su Yu managed to extinguish the remnant sparks


With another flick of his hand, Su Yu proceeded to catch Li Konghuiwho was about to hit the ground.

The juveniles of Li family were not friendly to Su Yu at all.

However, Li Guang would not wish for Su Yu to kill his family clan's descendants.

Master Li's face was filled with relief and gratitude.

However, it was at that moment, something nobody could have foreseen happened!

Li Konghui's eyes turned cold. He actually took advantage of the moment when Su Yu caught him, attacking Su Yu's head with his palm!

That palm was swift and deadly, and it was a surprise attack. Su Yu, even Holy Kings, couldn't defend against it!

"Die!" Li Konghui lost his rationality, his head was clouded with anger!

"Vile creature!" Master Li's facial expression stiffened, his eyes revealed immense rage!

Li Konghui had actually repaid kindness with ingratitude, taking the opportunity to sneak in an attack!

Everyone gasped in astonishment. Nobody had expected Li Konghui to launch a sneak attack at such a moment!

However, they were all too far away to help Su Yu.

Yet, looking at the incoming palm, Su Yu's eyes turned completely ice cold.

"I, Su Yu, have already done everything in my capacity. Don't blame me..."