The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 Born To Rule

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There was, Dongfang Tianfeng said assertively. In the first thousand years of its existence, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland cultivated a large batch of matchless and superb Heaven Rulers.

Throughout those thousand years, three individuals rose as unrivaled imperial rulers. They were the ones who united the Jiuzhou. Nonetheless, all three of them are deceased.

Su Yu seemed to have grasped something, as his eyes shone. How did they die?

The first Jiuzhou Emperor died because he succumbed to his inner demons!

The second Jiuzhou Emperor died at the hands of the demon race!

The third Jiuzhou Emperor died of the meteor.

When it came to the last one, Dongfang Tianfeng obviously paused for a moment.

Everyone fell silent when she had finished. All of them, as well as Shen Yichen, had died of unnatural causes! Imperceptibly, they could almost see a giant hand of darkness obstructing the union of Jiuzhou.

Su Yu noticed a connection between their deaths. Succumbing to inner demons, the demon race, the meteor: these three things that seemed completely unrelated made Su Yu think of an object. The Floating Life Door!

The Floating Life Door was born from breaking open the aerolite that had fallen from the heavens, and the demon race had come into existence after the Floating Life Door was opened! It was the inherent ability of the demon race to make living creatures succumb to their inner demons! And werent meteors the symbol of being possessed by demons, and the arrival of the Floating Life Door? Besides, the second Jiuzhou Emperor had died directly at the hands of the demon race! As he realized the truth, Su Yu felt his back covered in cold sweat. Was the demon race actually the manipulator of all of it?!

As he thought of the black dog which had intense demonic energy surging all over it, Su Yu became surer of his discovery. The demon race was the originator of all evil!

Based on the estimation of the Great Oriental Family, there are traces of the demon race behind it, Dongfang Tianfeng remarked in a solemn voice.

Han Fei raised her brows. The demon race!!

The most terrifying race of all eternity?

Records about the demon race were scanty and implicit in the ancient writings.

One thing was for certain. During the most recent advent of the demon race of the eternity, the human race of Jiuzhou was nearly wiped out. It was the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy who came forth and protected the humans, so that they could reproduce and thrive, thereby recovering humanitys vitality from the brink of extinction.

What seemed rather strange to Dongfang Tianfeng was that Su Yu was the only one who looked totally unruffled, as if he wasnt surprised at all. Even Han Fei looked solemn.

If Im not mistaken, the black dog which my family calls the Black Spirit must belong to the demon race! It is the main culprit who has been murdering the prodigies of Jiuzhou for an eternity and caused the gradual deterioration of the Jiuzhou continent! Dongfang Tianfeng stated coldly.

Han Fei nodded lightly. This is an unquestionable fact. The black dog does indeed carry demonic energy. As she spoke, she shot a look at Su Yu. The same kind of energy was present around both of them.

To be frank, the main reason for my participation in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland isnt for the resources of the Wonderland, but to destroy the Black Spirit! Dongfang Tianfeng glanced around at them, her expression staunch and unwavering.

Dispassionately, Han Fei asked, This is the reason that the Great Oriental Family came to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland?

The Great Oriental Family understood the past and the present with great familiarity, and they had noticed that the continent was on the verge of devastation. What were they planning to do? Slaughter the Black Spirit and rescue all the creatures in the world?

You certainly wont believe me if I say that I intend to rectify matters and seek justice by pulling back the wild tide and saving the Jiuzhou continent, Dongfang Tianfeng taunted herself.

Let me put it this way. The Great Oriental Family has kept an eye on the Black Spirit for many years, and killing it will bring about numerous benefits to the Great Oriental Family. As for what the benefits are, its a secret of the family which I cant reveal to you.

Too bad it never showed up all this while. This time around, an extremely precious opportunity has made its appearance, and I must get rid of it! Therefore, I have to go to the mausoleum!

Han Fei nodded. As long as youre aiming for a benefit.

Perhaps, individuals with unfaltering devotion and total selflessness who had a strong desire to contribute to the world really existed. Nonetheless, organizations that aimed for no benefits at all were non-existent. Any organization was a combination of benefits and profits, and the same applied to great families. If there werent any benefits involved, and the Great Oriental Family was only protecting the continent from harm, Han Fei wouldnt trust Dongfang Tianfeng at all.

How about all of you? Are you staying behind to crusade against the black dog too? What is your purpose? Dongfang Tianfeng blinked her bright eyes, her gaze sweeping from Su Yu to Bing Wuxin, and then to Han Fei.

Han Fei replied with indifference, The demonic energy. She wanted to kill the black dog and to obtain pure demonic energy.

Bing Wuxin pointed at the blood left on the ground. The sword in my hand! The challengers who had died horrible deaths and been turned into beasts had enraged Bing Wuxin and evoked her killing desires.

How about you? My Brother Su Yu with the unknown background? Dongfang Tianfengs eyes gleamed with the sheen of crystal.

Su Yus lips twitched into a smile. Me? Just to confirm my speculation.

After swallowing the Honey of Hundred Flowers, Su Yu had an audacious thought regarding the nature of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland under his superior comprehending power. Now was the time to verify his speculation.

Dongfang Tianfeng chuckled softly. Fine, the benefits are more or less related. Let us go meet that black dog!

Related benefits? Su Yu wouldnt simply agree to that. He wouldnt usually trust anyone easily, let alone the one-sided allegations of a stranger whom he was only meeting for the first time.

After reaching an understanding of their motives, the three of them headed for the last yard, the mausoleum.

Before departing, Su Yu cast one last look at the martial tower. What is actually above the second story of the hundred-story martial tower?

They reached the mausoleum one day later.

Haha, the mausoleum is said to be the place where the remains of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy are buried. The worth of the remains of a Mortal Fairy, particularly the most ancient remains in the world, is beyond measure. From afar, Dongfang Tianfeng gazed at a patch of land with graves of various sizes, her eyes filled with a range of complex emotions.

Among them stood a gigantic magnificent grave, reaching all the way into the clouds. It was the grave that held the remains of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

Hold on! Werent the remains of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy eroded long ago, leaving behind only the divine crystal in the world? Su Yu frowned a little. The reality didnt seem to quite concur with the legend.

Dongfang Tianfeng shrugged. The remains of a Mortal Fairy are as great as fairy artifacts. Do you think theyd be eroded so easily? Thats merely a widespread falsehood. The only thing eroded was her spirits, which were transformed into divine crystal.

The remains were still intact? Everyone was slightly shaken.

If so, whats the matter with the other graves? Su Yu glanced around at the graves of various sizes. Under his Transparent Eye, he saw countless black figures wandering all around the graveyard, effusing extremely frightening scents. Any one of the random spirits had a level of intimidating energy that could compare to Mortal Fairies! Dread filled his eyes as he looked.

Upon hearing the question, Dongfang Tianfeng grew a lot more somber. Those are the foreign invaders who were killed by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy while she was alive.

Their corpses are all sealed in the mausoleum, and their spirits are shackled to this place, guarding the grave of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy. They will never cease to exist.

It is extremely risky to get near the grave of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy! The remnant spirits of those foreign intruders are horrendous!

Han Fei seemed to be stunned. The remnant spirits of Mortal Fairies! The remnant spirits of Mortal Fairies could pose fatal harm to even the Starry Sky Elites.

Gazing at the numerous remnant souls of Mortal Fairies, no one dared venture into it unprepared.

At the border of the mausoleum, there were many surviving challengers who had come forward, apart from Su Yu and his companions. Their faces were unfamiliar to the small group, and they were probably a portion of the 20,000 other challengers.

They were trudging hesitantly on the border too, their eyes glinting with greed as they stared at the mausoleum. They couldnt muster the courage to step inside even after a long time.

A bunch of useless scumbags! Its just the mausoleum! All of you, get out of my way!

All of a sudden, a deafening bellow erupted at the edge of the sky like thunder. A magnificent figure with a boundless air of supremacy arrived, stepping on the clouds and whizzing past the winds, shrouded in golden brilliance.

Seeing this person from afar, all the people began scattering all over the place in shock and terror, their faces horrified.

Han Fei and Dongfang Tianfeng turned abruptly at the same time. As Starry Sky Elites, the looks on both of their faces changed.

Why did this madman come? Dongfang Tianfengs pretty face fell, seemingly fearful.

Han Fei squinted her gorgeous eyes, and said, with pauses between her words, It is the first among the Starry Sky Elites, Zhan Wushuang from the Central Prefecture!

Among the four great Starry Sky Elites, Han Fei was ranked in third position, while Dongfang Tianfeng was fourth.

The first, and the most powerful among them, the best young expert of the generation on the Jiuzhou continent, the real greatest being beneath the starry sky, was the eldest student of the Central Prefectures King, Zhan Wushuang!


The golden brilliance illuminated the world and overrode the vast heavens. Zhan Wushuang landed at the center of the mausoleum with a thunderous rumble. The mausoleum trembled, and countless graves were churned inside out by the tremor.

Numerous mighty remnant spirits of Mortal Fairies gave off auras of rage and vexation. With the appearance of the auras, the heavens and the earth became dull and glum suddenly and turned from day to night. Spine-chilling, gloomy winds ruffled the mausoleum.

The martial artists standing at the border of the mausoleum recoiled in dread and stupefaction. Many who retreated rather slowly were turned into powder by the dark winds and dissipated. Even their souls did not manage to get away.

Amidst the golden brilliance, Zhan Wushuang revealed his true self. Fully clad in golden armor, a majestic, domineering aura that seemed to regard nothing with importance was visible in his eyes. He stood on the spot, in a manner that belittled everything in the world.

Zhan Wushuang? Su Yus eyes were slightly squinted. Is he the student of the Central Prefectures King?

Dongfang Tianfeng stared at the majestic figure, and remarked in fear and reverence, Zhan Wushuang, one who was born to be king! He was born into a great imperial family of the mortal world.

Rumor has it that when he was born, the spirits of 3,000 emperors and kings came to pay him a visit. He had his Emperors coronation at the age of three, defeating the strong as the weaker party at the age of five, conquering the mortal empires of the Central Prefecture, and making ten thousand countries admitting their subservience!

At the age of ten, he established the faction Unrivaled, annihilating all influences in the region, subduing the 3,000 factions of the Central Prefecture! At the age of 15, he besieged the palace of the Central Prefecture, aiming his sword at the Central Prefectures King!

His strength was much appreciated by the Central Prefectures King, who kept him as his apprentice! It is said that when he was 15, he could stand one strike from the Central Prefectures King without losing, two strikes at 16, and three strikes at 17.

Now, at the age of 19, he can take five strikes from the Central Prefectures King without being defeated!

Based on the estimation of the high-level management of my family, he is the most powerful prodigy of the eternity. In terms of talent, he is far above the Jiuzhou Emperor of the past!

Our family places a high stake on him, and we believe that he could most likely be the new Jiuzhou Emperor! Throughout his life, he has been looking down at the world from the position of an imperial ruler!

When they finished listening, even those on the opposing side couldnt help but marvel in astonishment. Becoming an emperor whom all the mortal countries bowed to at the age of five! Becoming a majestic ruler of a martial faction of the Central Prefecture at the age of ten! A legendary imperial figure who fought the Central Prefectures King one on one at the age of 15! He had been an emperor his entire life!

Born to rule? Su Yu felt a sense of vague oppression out of nowhere.

How powerful exactly is he? Being one of the four great Starry Sky Elites as he is, have you ever gotten to know? Su Yu queried.

A streak of bitterness flashed past Dongfang Tianfengs lips. Precisely speaking, he is an inborn ruler, an entity whos never on the same level as we are!

During the Starry Sky Gathering back then, in the selection of the new Starry Sky Elites, do you know how he rose as the first? Dongfang Tianfeng raised a finger. One strike, he defeated the other three of us with only one strike!

Looking at the world today, not a single soul of the younger generation can stand one strike from him, no matter who they are.

Three Starry Sky Elites combined couldnt take one strike from him?

Indeed, he is a monarch who overrides the younger generation. I used to hear that the one who guided the training of the Five Golden Light Guards of the Central Prefectures King, the head of the Bright Light Guards Xue Di, and many All Creations strong individuals, isnt the Central Prefectures King himself, whos in isolation all year. Its him, Zhan Wushuang!

In some sense, they should address him as master.

Mentoring All Creations strong men, and even famed All Creations Old Monsters such as Xue Di and the Five Golden Light Guards?

Was he really from the same generation as they were?