The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter

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Pieces of steel needles coated with the Poison of Fallen Fairies embedded themselves into the area between Su Yus eyebrows. They were shaped into layers of pitched black ripples, which were sent to the deepest parts of the skull. They reached straight to his soul.

Starting from the spot where the needles were embedded, Su Yus entire body began to turn as black as coal. It was an extremely horrific sight, and the sight of it made the challengers flesh crawl.

This was the effect of the Strange Poison of the Fallen Fairies. Once affected by it, it was impossible for someone to survive. It was used along with the mysterious semi-manufactured fairy artifact that could pass through the Void. As it teleported through the Void, there was no time for its intended target to dodge the needles before they embedded themselves in their enemys body.

It was an ultimate weapon and was completely merciless.

Humph! Do you know who this ultimate magical treasure was intended for when the area master handed it to me? Now that Qian Feng had successfully managed to seek his revenge, he was in high spirits. This was meant for Zhan Wushuang! The Heavenly Knife Region gathered all its resources to create this lethal killer weapon at great cost. The Heavenly Knife Region used up a countless amount of manpower and a great deal of their material resources and financial power. Even if the Red Blood Palace was to dissipate their fortune, they would still be unable to gather enough!

You should feel honored to die as a result of this weapon! After all, this was meant to be used on Zhan Wushuang, so you have died a worthy death

As he continued to gloat, the sound of a gentle sigh reached Qian Fengs ears.

So this is extremely precious! It would be disrespectful of me to reject it, so I shall humbly accept.

All eyes turned to Su Yus blackened body. Suddenly, a faint beam of light appeared from within him, slowly spreading from the inside out. The darkness of his skin seemed to vanish in the way that dark clouds are broken up by the brightness of the moon. Soon, there was just a small black ripple left in between his brows.

The wide-eyed, tongue-tied crowd watched as Su Yu used his right index and middle fingers to gently pull out the dark steel needle with ease. He placed the needle in his palm and examined it with great interest.

If he was behaving in such a way, how could he have possibly been poisoned?

Qian Feng froze for a moment, and the color on his face changed dramatically. Are you in possession of an extremely high-grade Soul Defence magical treasure? Qian Fengs speculation was pretty close to the truth. It was impressive.

Su Yu had successfully mastered the Heavens Son Gazing at Air technique, which granted him the blessing for his cultivation techniques and allowed him to obtain the Cloak of Royalty. It would be tough for soul attacks below the level of the Mortal Fairies to harm Su Yu in even the slightest.

The Strange Poison of the Fallen Fairies was indeed terrifying. Su Yu could not deny that if it were not for the Cloak of Royalty, he would have been killed. The poison was so powerful that Su Yu would have died as his soul perished before the Milky Way Star Sand could be activated.

Qian Feng was in a state of shock and immediately sensed trouble. He pointed two fingers in the air and commanded in panic, Withdraw!

At this moment, the black needle in Su Yus palm began to vibrate gently. It immediately pierced through the Void, obviously being summoned by its master. It was ready to return to the palm of its owner.

Thinking of leaving so easily now that youve attacked me? Su Yu asked coldly. He saw a layer of faint light slowly spread across his right palm, followed by a drop of blood essence being forcibly extracted from the black steel needle. Blood essence was tenacious, and it clung onto the black needle, extremely reluctant to remove itself from it. However, under the power of the Milky Way Star Sand, the blood essence was successfully removed.

It burst into flames as it lay there in Su Yus palm. Squelch! The blood essence turned to ash. The steel needle stopped vibrating and lay quietly in Su Yus palm.

Qian Fengs face suddenly turned pale before immediately turning red. He began to vomit blood that he was unable to suppress. His blood sprayed everywhere, creating a red mist.

You you forcefully removed the imprint of the semi-manufactured fairy artifact! Qian Fengs eyes were opened wide in disbelief. It was as if he had just heard the most atrocious news.

When a magical treasure was being upgraded into a semi-manufactured fairy artifact, it would leave a refining imprint, creating a strong bond with the spiritual essence of the artifact. If the imprint was forcefully removed, it would destroy the spiritual essence, eventually damaging the artifact and making its grade fall.

Besides the elusive king of the nine great provinces, it was unheard of for any martial artist below the level of a Mortal Fairy to be capable of removing an imprint without hurting the spiritual essence of the artifact! Yet this scene had just happened right in front of his eyes!

The challengers were dumbfounded as well. They had seen and experienced many bizarre incidents, but it was their first time witnessing a monster like Su Yu, who was unaffected by the Strange Poison of the Fallen Fairies, turning the tide by taking over a semi-manufactured fairy artifact.

An inexplicable feeling of awe and fear began to develop in their hearts. They finally understood why Han Feining would rather take something from Dongfang Tianfeng than make a move on Su Yu. It was because the power of this anonymous Su Yuxian was unfathomable.

Many of those who had been harboring intentions of making a move on Su Yu began to shake off the idea.

Su Yu ignored the presence of the others and offered his blood essence by infusing it into the steel needle. He performed a simple refinement. It did not take long for a blurred strand of bond connected to his mind to appear. Information about this artifact showed up in his mind instantly.

This artifact was called the Soul-piercing, Spirit-capturing Needle. It was meant to restrain all types of soul body, and it could kill the spirit with a single blow. When attacking an enemy, it could either take the form of an illusion or take on a physical form. A weapon that was so mysterious and unpredictable was almost impossible to guard against. Using it together with the deadly Strange Poison of Fallen Fairies, its impact became incredibly potent. This definitely was not a low-grade fairy artifact!

After understanding the information, Su Yu raised his head and stared at Qian Feng coldly. I never had the intention to kill you before, even though you almost violated someone you shouldnt. Yet you have courted your own death countless times, and I no longer have any reason to show mercy to you. With a snap of his fingers, the black steel needle turned into a ray of light and pierced through the Void.

An utterly traumatized Qian Feng turned to escape while activating several powerful defensive spells. He screamed hoarsely in horror while fleeing. Senior Bi, hurry and save me urgh Before he could finish his words, a steel needle pierced his throat. The leftover traces of the Strange Poison of the Fallen Fairies began to spread through him quickly, turning its victim black as coal.

Most of the poison on the Soul-piercing, Spirit-capturing Needle was used in the first attack; however, Qian Feng was still unable to fight against the leftover traces. In a blink of an eye, his entire body turned black, with his vitality weakening rapidly.

You only kept in mind that Bi Lingtian warned you not to touch me and join hands to face the foreign enemies together, but you forgot the second thing that he wanted to tell you, Su Yu sighed as he caught the returning Soul-piercing, Spirit-capturing Needle. The second thing was the main point of his warning youre no match for me.

Forgetting the first thing would only result in being punished by Bi Lingtian. Forgetting the second thing would lead to death.

As he turned to dust, Qian Fengs eyes revealed his unwillingness to resign himself to his fate. The black dust scattered everywhere, painting the ground black whilst all the spiritual trees in the vicinity began to wither and eventually died. Even the air carried an uncomfortable aura.

None of the challengers who were watching dared to stay any longer. Everyone began to flee. Even the challengers who were in the mausoleum in an attempt to capture the mausoleum master fled as well.


A light sound in the air came from behind Su Yu.

Su Yu turned around, a face of mixed emotions reflected in his eyes. Oh, you managed to capture the mausoleum master so soon?

Bi Lingtian had his arms behind his back and appeared untouched. Not a trace of exhaustion was visible. It was hard to imagine that he just left the mausoleum that was full of remnant souls of the Mortal Fairies.

How can you be certain that I was the one who captured the newly appointed yard master? Bi Lingtian replied with a question.

Su Yu held the steel needle nonchalantly and threw a quick glance at him before shaking his head. I would not be surprised even if you captured that black dog.

That black dog was undoubtedly the toughest character to deal with.

After a long silence, Bi Lingtian sighed gently. You should have killed him, yet he still acted on his own. He deserves his death!

So, is the fight between us about to start? Su Yu smiled faintly.

Bi Lingtian nodded, then shook his head as he changed his mind. Im sure the fight between us will definitely happen, but not now.


Two strong airwaves could be heard from the sky as two beautiful figures descended.

Han Fei had her poker face on as usual, whereas Dongfang Tianfengs face was filled resentment as she stretched out her arm. Sister Fei-er, arent you ashamed of yourself for snatching a little girls belongings? Her words fell on deaf ears as Han Feis expression remained indifferent.

It seemed that the book yard master had ended up in Han Feis hands.

The four yard masters had been captured, and there was only one left: the martial yard master!

Humph! Stupid dog! I lost my yard master, so hurry up and compensate me with yourself! Dongfang Tianfeng stomped her feet and as she pointed at the black dog with displeasure.

The black dog smiled slyly. Sure, big mistress, as long as you can capture me.

As it finished speaking, the black dog scanned the remaining challengers. The competition to capture the yard masters had ended.

Since the mausoleum master was in the hands of Bi Lingtian, nobody dared to harm the black dog.

The remaining challengers decided to leave to avoid trouble and chose to seek more favorable encounters and opportunities.

In the end, only the six of them were left: Su Yu, Bing Wuxin, Han Fei, Dongfang Tianfeng, Gu Taixu, and Bi Lingtian.

Attack together! Dongfang Tianfeng cried out softly, taking the lead in the siege.

After a moment of hesitation, Su Yu decided to attack. Dongfang Tianfengs efforts alone were no match for the black dog.

Han Fei, Bi Lingtian and Gu Taixu began to launch their attacks one after another.

Bing Wuxin raised her long sword and was preparing to attack when Su Yu stopped her. Hold on! Dont attack just yet.

Why? The black dog has harmed many of the challengers, so why are you stopping me? Bing Wuxin was confused.

Su Yu calmly shook his head. I need to verify something so dont attack yet.

After deep consideration, Bing Wuxin suppressed her murderous intention and watched the battle quietly.


When Su Yu joined in the battle, the five of them had already launched their attacks.

The most impactful attack belonged to Han Fei, who controlled tens of great pitch-black suns that cut through everything with space energy.

Dongfang Tianfeng used her secret technique, and the phoenix below her grew immensely in size. Its body was radiating incredible flames, and its power was several times stronger than before.

Bi Lingtians and Gu Taixus attacks were not as powerful, but their performance created disorder in the nimbus of the universe, showing incredible power.

In addition, Su Yu used the Meteor Light Stream Great Formation, which sent eight silver pearls falling and crushing all obstacles that were in their way.

With the five of them joining hands, even two groups of All Creation Old Monsters would avoid them completely.

In the face of unprecedented joint efforts, the black dog was full of praise. Hahaha, excellent! I never expected that the deteriorating Nine-Province continent would be able to produce so many supreme talents in this lifetime. Youre either born with supreme bloodline or blessed with rare great luck. Any one of you can be considered the elites of a century-old generation. To be able to gather so many of you at once is wonderful! I havent felt so happy for a long time!

The black dogs laughter suddenly came to a stop, and its face became stern. In a sinister tone, it said, Because, its more interesting to kill this way! You want to obtain the legacies of the Glittering Jewel Fairy to revive the Nine-Province continent? Go to hell!

The black dog sneered as the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter in its mouth suddenly burst into a beam of black light that swept through the entire vicinity.

A strange scene began to take place. The attacks that everyone had launched disappeared and never returned. Su Yus Meteor Light Stream Great Formation, despite being summoned non-stop, stopped spinning immediately. Han Feis numerous black suns vanished into thin air. The phoenix beneath Dongfang Tianfengs feet cried out in pain and disappeared in a puff of smoke. The attacks from Bi Lingtian and Gu Taixu were nullified as well.

Divine powers, powers of magical treasures are being nullified no, purified! Everyones pupils shrank as they glared at the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter, their hearts heavy.