The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036 : Group Battle With The Black Dog

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All their attacks were instantly nullified. This was the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter, the purpose of the replica emperor-based saint artifact. Who would be willing to fight a hand-to-hand battle against such a weapon?

Brats, its my turn now! The black dog smirked slyly and used its mouth to plant the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter into the ground. At that moment, Su Yu felt himself being covered by some kind of invisible force.

Su Yu calmly created a small fireball, but halfway through, the spell stopped immediately. A few further attempts gave the same result.

We cant cast spells anymore! Signs of distress could be seen on Han Feis face. Her expression was ice-cold. She fled without hesitation, leaving the vicinity of the mausoleum. However, standing within the area of the martial yard, she was still unable to escape the purification effect of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter.

Haha, its useless! The purification effect of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter affects the entire Glittering Jewel Wonderland! Unless youre like the Imperial Hegemon and can directly tear the Void apart to leave the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, you cant escape its effect! Now, youre just a group of mere mortals with magical treasures and cultivation base!

The black dog flashed his ferocious fangs as rays of emerald green light shone from its eyes. His pitch-black body split into five clones which ran in five different directions in an attempt to kill the five challengers. All five clones carried the same aura and ability as the original body and were completely indistinguishable from the original.

Su Yu and the rest were now only left with their physical bodies, with most of their abilities being sealed. How would they possibly have the courage to fight the black dog head-on?

A painful cry could be heard as the black dogs paw landed on Dongfang Tianfengs chest. Its razor-sharp claws left a huge scratch mark. If it were not for the defensive treasure that Dongfang Tianfeng had on her which reduced the impact of the attack by ninety percent, this attack would have taken her life.

Godd*mn dog! Dongfang Tianfengs garment was soaked with blood. In a state of shock and anger, she analyzed the balance of power in an instant. Standing on her tiptoes, her body flew backward. She had made the unexpected choice to escape.

While escaping, she began to pull out several talismans containing great powers and threw them out. However, to her desperation, the talismans were all nullified by the purification effect, and the power within the talismans vanished.

An instant later, a pitch-black dog claw tore through the talismans ruthlessly, aiming for Dongfang Tianfengs neck. The color on Dongfang Tianfengs face changed dramatically, and she pulled out the defensive treasures she had on her. Immediately, she used the hardness to just about block ninety percent of the blow from the claw.

Despite that, her shoulder was still clawed open, and fresh blood flowed out of the wound. The pain caused Dongfang Tianfeng to react even more quickly. She immediately opened up the space ring, ready to retrieve medicine to heal her injuries and recover. However, Dongfang Tianfengs face turned pale when she realized that the space ring had opened halfway and had then failed!

Since Dongfang Tianfeng was in possession of a body constitution of a ninth-grade Almighty, she enjoyed good self-recovery abilities. Yet right now, she had lost even the most basic ability to stop herself from bleeding, not to mention the fact that she was unable to heal her injuries.

Have you noticed? Do you despair? Over here, youre merely a group of ants with a stronger body constitution than ordinary people. Die! the black dog sneered as it raised its claws and tore through the air.

Dongfang Tianfeng blocked the attack with both arms, revealing a pair of naked silky wrists. The dogs claws landed on her silky wrists, but she managed to block eighty percent of the attack. The remaining twenty percent went through the defense and entered Dongfang Tianfengs body.

With a stifled groan, Dongfang Tianfeng was sent flying several hundred feet away. She was close to falling into the center of the mausoleum that was full of remnant souls of the Mortal Fairy.

The elite of the starry sky had ended up in such an unusual miserable state. The state that the others were in was no better.

Only Su Yu was doing well. He was coping with the situation with ease, and not a single scratch was visible on him.

Young lad, shall we not play with needles? The corners of the black dogs mouth twitched as it lingered around Su Yu like a wolf, not yet daring to launch any attacks. The dogs eyes were locked onto the black steel needle in Su Yus palm.

Even though there was no Strange Poison of the Fallen Fairies on the needle anymore, and the needle had lost its mysterious ability to teleport through the void, the needle still had the ability to cause damage to the soul if one was pierced by it.

The black dog attempted to pounce on Su Yu several times, only to be pricked on its paw by the needle , causing it to cry in pain. After multiple attempts, it became more cautious and dared not make another careless move.

You think that I should stop playing with the needle and be abused by you? Su Yu scoffed.

The black dog felt like it was biting a hedgehog. It agonized over what to do next and was clueless about how to attack its victim. The black dog suddenly looked up. Ah! Look quickly, theres a meat bun in the sky!

Su Yu raised his head towards the sky but still did not stop pointing his needle forward.


Woof! Woof woof! Woof woof woof!

The others heard the painful cries of the dog and could see it covering its mouth that had been pierced by the needle. It was in so much pain that it was rolling on the ground and barking non-stop.

Su Yus eyes shone, and he moved his body to reveal a half-yellow and half-blue ball that was about the size of a finger from his sleeve. He flung it abruptly towards the black dog.

Despite being in pain, the black dog still kept tabs on Su Yus movements. It jumped up immediately without thinking and began to mock Su Yu. The spells of all magical treasures are useless! As it finished speaking, the black dog threw its paw forward.

However, the moment its paw touched the ball, the black dogs face stiffened. It gasped immediately and let out a tragic dogs cry. The ball restrained the black dog. It was pinned to the ground with its four legs twitching, unable to move at all.

White foam was frothing at the dogs mouth, while it slurred, Im still too young to really think that its a spell-based magical treasure

Then, poof! The black dog turned into a cloud of smoke.

Su Yu kept hold of the Underworld Pearl, his face emotionless. He had previously faced a few situations where he had been unable to activate the space ring, so he had begun to always carry a few lightweight magical treasures on him. This habit had now finally come to be of great use.

The steel needles ability to subdue the soul and the weight of Underworld Pearl were both basic attributes of the magical treasure. They were unaffected by the purification effect of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter. It was similar to a sharp knife: it would be impossible to purify it into a steel plate.

Perhaps participating in the Glittering Jewel Fairyland is itself a mistake, Su Yu sighed softly, as he turned his gaze on the others.

The one in the most miserable state was Dongfang Tianfeng. It was hard to understand why the black dog had been so ruthless toward her. It was as if the black dog held a grudge towards Dongfang Tianfeng.

Brother Su, please give us a hand! Bi Lingtians face lit up when he caught a glimpse of Su Yus success in defeating everyone.

Su Yu turned a deaf ear to his words, shrugged his shoulders, and took a few steps toward Dongfang Tianfeng. Before he could pull out the steel needle, the black dog trembled and retreated into the distance with a grimace.

The steel needle had given him an unforgettable memory. Despite being a clone, they share the same memories.

Brat, dont interfere with my business! The black dog barked fiercely several times.

Su Yu did not intend to save Dongfang Tianfeng. He was merely unwilling to let the black dog have everything his way.

Han Fei and Gu Taixu witnessed the situation and thought for a moment before they started moving towards Su Yu. All the time, they were defending themselves against the black dogs maniac attacks.

Currently, Su Yu was the only one able to restrain the black dog.

As expected, when they were thirty feet away from Su Yu, the remaining four black dogs stopped in their tracks at the same time and started lingering around the area with extreme caution. Suddenly, the four black dogs launched their attacks together from four different directions, at four different individuals.

Su Yu casually pulled out the steel needle, the Underworld Pearl, and some silk from both sleeves, using each item to protect Han Fei, Bi Lingtian and Dongfang Tianfeng.

Three of the black dogs stopped their attacks abruptly and reluctantly retreated.

Only Gu Taixu groaned in pain as his arm was attacked by the black dog. It was bleeding nonstop.

Seeing that everyone was under the protection of Su Yu, with only himself now exposed to the attacks, Gu Taixu could not help but snort. Obviously, Su Yus actions were deliberate, and he probably wanted him dead.

The four black dogs eyes lit up at the realization that Gu Taixu had no protection. They gathered together and laughed grimly at Gu Taixu. Hahaha, you poor creature, have you been abandoned? If thats the case, I shall show no mercy!

Four barks rang out, and four figures pounced forward, aiming to bite Gu Taixu. Gu Taixu possessed great power, but under the restraint of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter, he was helpless.

Just as he was about to be torn into pieces by the four black dogs, a strand of silk that could not be seen by the naked eye suddenly swept passed his attackers.

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

As four continuous sounds of extermination filled the air, the four black dogs were split into two halves at the same time.

At the spot of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter, an angry voice from below the ground said, D*mn brat, you tricked me!

Clearly, Gu Taixu was actually just bait used to tempt the four black dogs, in order to allow Su Yu to kill all four of them at the same time.

To kill them one by one would be extremely difficult. With the black dogs ability to escape, the group of mortals who had lost their powers and magical treasures would never be able to catch up with it.

Su Yu and Gu Taixu held a grudge toward one other. That had been obvious from the scene in front of the martial tower, and the black dog had clearly kept that in mind. It would seem logical if Su Yu were to allow the black dog to get rid of Gu Taixu, thus the black dog fell for the trick. Deliberately exposing Han Fei or Dongfang Tianfeng or even Bi Lingtian to danger would probably have seemed suspicious to the black dog.

Even though Gu Taixu had escaped death, SuYu was not anxious to kill him. There would be plenty of opportunities back in the Jiuzhou continent.

Upon realizing that he was being used as bait by Su Yu, Gu Taixus appearance revealed a deadly aura.

At that moment, a cloud of black smoke began to rise and condensed into the shape of a black dog. It was the original black dog that had taken the chance to hide when it had cloned itself.

All five black dog clones were annihilated, yet they were never really killed. Although this was disappointing, it was to be expected. If the black dog could be killed so easily, it would not have given them such a hard time up until now.

The furious black dog glared at the six of them aggressively, as he spoke with a murderous tone. Dont think that youll all be safe with this brat around! I am immortal within the Glittering Jewel Fairyland. You can kill me a thousand times, and it would not make any difference. He may be able to protect you for now, but will he be able to protect you for life? Resign yourselves to your fate and stop struggling. Let me grant you a quick death!

The faces of the others began to change. Indeed, it would be impossible for Su Yu to protect them for a long time.

Seeing them lost in deep thoughts, the black dog turned to Su Yu. Hehe, brat, since I cant do anything to you, and youre unable to kill me, how about we make a deal? You and I form an alliance, get rid of the four of them, and I shall open up the sixth yard for you. You will be the only one who can enter and all of the legacies in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland shall belong to only you. What do you think?

Upon hearing those words, a strange color gleamed in Han Feis eyes. The worst-case scenario seemed inevitable. As she had expected, the black dog had made his move. Or rather, according to the black dogs schemes, making this move was just a matter of time. If any of the rest of them were to be in Su Yus position, they would seriously consider the black dogs proposal.

Su Yus relationship with them was that of neither friend nor foe. Protecting them would not benefit him but burden him. On the contrary, if he were to work with the black dog, he would receive immense benefits.

Everyone already knew the answer to Su Yus decision.


In an instant, the closely-knit group of five were scattered apart, and four pairs of eyes locked on to Su Yu with extreme caution. If Su Yu could kill the black dog, killing them would be a piece of cake.

That was a good idea, Su Yu chuckled, as he played with the Soul-piercing, Spirit-capturing Needle, but did you really think I would fall for your ruse?

The black dog shifted his gaze away and laughed. Are you worried that I wont keep my word? We could always sign the Ancient Book of Hearts Oaths.

However, Su Yu shook his head. The ruse I mentioned earlier wasnt referring to you breaking your promise. Your powers have been greatly depleted, yet you are still trying to trick me into removing hazards for you! Do you really think Im a fool?

Powers greatly depleted? The expressions of Han Fei and the others all froze. They focused on the black dog, but no matter how hard they looked, there were no signs of it weakening to be seen.