The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 The Truth Of The Ages

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Whom were you referring to? The black dog stood on two legs, with its front legs wrapped around its chest as it flexed its hind leg muscles.

My physique is unbeatable! A single strand of my hair can break thousands of weapons, a single drop of my blood can end the lives of ordinary people, and a single look from me can decapitate gods. Kid, you can insult my character, but if you look down on my physique, youll be met with calamity


Suddenly, a round pearl was thrown towards the black dog. The dog had no chance to avoid it and ended up being crushed as it fell backward. Its four legs were facing toward the sky, and its mouth was covered in white foam.

Ah, take take it away The black dog winced in pain as it foamed at the mouth with its four legs trembling uncontrollably.

Han Fei and the others looked at each other in blank dismay.

Brother Su, youre so powerful! You managed to restrain the original body of the black dog so easily! Dongfang Tianfeng was awestruck.

Han Fei and the others thought about what they had just seen. Based on the black dogs performance thus far, it could not possibly be this weak even if its clones had been destroyed.

I did not expect its original body to be so weak, but what if most of its power were used to activate the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter? Su Yu asked calmly as he looked at the scepter. If the black dog had used the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter earlier, making all challengers lose their powers and magical treasures, could that have driven it into a corner like this? This clearly showed that activating the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter came at a high cost. The black dog would only use it at the very last moment.

The five clones were not just simple clones of the black dog. They were created with what remained of its power, but the dog had not expected that Su Yu would have been able to destroy all five of them.

Thus, the black dog was weakened greatly, and this had allowed Su Yu to restrain it easily.

Since the black dog was being restrained, the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter had stopped working because it had lost its power source. The invisible force disappeared and everyones powers returned.

The most difficult martial yard master was finally confined, and the tense expressions on everyones faces began to change.

Next would be the distribution of benefits!

Putting aside the martial yard master and the ticket to enter the sixth yard of the final land of inheritance, the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter, a replica emperor-based saint artifact, was the most top-notch and powerful treasure of the Jiuzhou continent! It was the one and only! Who would still be able to threaten the person who held it?

However, nobody dared to take it upon him or herself to make a play for it. This is because there was one particular person who had yet to take action. It was Su Yu!

The eyes of Han Fei and all the others were carefully watching Su Yu.

After several engagements, all of them became somewhat wary of Su Yu. He was a challenger whose abilities were unknown to them, yet he always seemed to have something up his sleeve. It wasnt just his ability that kept them on their toes: his careful thinking made them even warier.

Right now, Su Yu had both arms crossed and was standing completely still. It was as though he had no intention of fighting for the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter. This made them feel very uneasy. Could it be that there was a hidden agenda within the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter that only Su Yu was aware of?

The fact that the black dog had been controlling the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter earlier made everyone extremely cautious of it.

Eh? Does nobody want this? Then I shall not stand on ceremony, a chuckle suddenly escaped from Su Yus lips.

The look in the eyes of the other challengers changed but they still did not dare to make a move. All eyes were locked onto Su Yu as they prepared to react as soon as he took action.

However, they had all overlooked the fact that there was another person on the scene.

This doesnt seem at all bad, so I shall accept it on your behalf. Bing Wuxins beautiful figure appeared near the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter in a flash. Her hand reached out and picked up the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter with ease, and she waved it in the direction of Su Yu, implying that the mission was accomplished.

It was a trap! By the time Han Fei and the rest understood the situation, it was too late.

Su Yuxian, dont you think that youre going too far by tricking us in this way? Han Fei asked calmly. Her facial expression made it look like she wasnt sure if she should laugh or cry.

Dongfang Tianfeng, Gu Taixu, and Bi Lingtian all glared furiously at Bing Wuxin.

Now that their powers had returned, snatching the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter from the hands of Bing Wuxin would not be a problem.

Just as they were planning their next move, crack lines suddenly appeared on the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter that was now in Bing Wuxins hands. The cracks enveloped the entire scepter. The Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter is shattering! Bing Wuxin was taken by surprise. She immediately used her vital energy to encase the scepter and used both of her hands to hold it carefully.

I knew we wouldnt have it easy! Su Yu sighed.

The black dog was still lying on its back with all of its feet pointing up at the sky. It burst out laughing and said with glee, With my wits, would I not think about every conceivable possibility? Ive long predicted an outcome where I would be restrained. How could I leave this supreme treasure to you?

This Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter is fake? Bing Wuxins eyebrows furrowed.

The black dog laughed coldly. Do you think that a fake Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter would have such great powers? Of course, its real. Its just that I broke it years ago.

You? Those who were listening had doubts. Was it possible that a replica emperor-based saint artifact, known as the number one weapon of the Jiuzhou, could have been shattered by man?

D*mn dog, youre already facing imminent death, so dont you think its time for you to tell us your true identity? Su Yu asked as he walked over.

The black spirit that appeared nine thousand years ago, the mysterious black dog that changed the fate of the central prefecture in a single swoop, who was it, what was it doing in the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland, and why was it able to change the layout created by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy?

Hahahaha, I am everyones favorite handsome and carefree dog of matchless beauty

Suddenly, the black dogs four legs began to tremble again. Urgh, be gentle, Ill talk, Ill talk!

With a command in Su Yus mind, the weight of the Underworld Pearl reduced.

Actually, I am The black dog took a deep breath, moved its mouth with great difficulty, and was about to reveal his identity.

All of a sudden, a phoenix cry echoed in the air. The black dog that had been trapped under the Underworld Pearl was now replaced by a Fire Phoenix!

Hahaha, the sixth yard is finally in my hands! A burst of impudent and arrogant laughter reached everyones ears.

Everyone turned their heads around, only to see the black dog in the hands of Dongfang Tianfeng who was laughing hysterically. There was a hint of suppressed madness in her laughter.

At first glance, everyone had a sinister feeling. This person was worlds apart from the usual girl-next-door Dongfang Tianfeng, they were worlds apart.

Hold on! You said the sixth yard. What do you mean? Gu Taixu asked with a raised brow.

Every person who held a yard master was supposed to have access to the sixth yard. Why would the capturing of the black dog mean that she had the sixth yard in her hands?

But soon enough, everyone realized that something was not right. The person who had told them that capturing a yard master would give them access rights to the sixth yard was Dongfang Tianfeng! She had tricked them!

You are a bunch of fools! Do you still not understand where the sixth yard is? Dongfang Tianfeng smiled tauntingly, as she waved the black dog in her hand.

The black dog was the sixth yard?

Where did you think the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter came from? The crystal ball that he spat out, where did it come from? Of course, its the sixth yard! The final place of legacy! Dongfang Tianfeng told them the truth. In fact, the sixth yard is right in his stomach!

To unlock the sixth yard, what was required was not the five yard masters, but the blood of the Dongfang family! Dongfang Tianfengs mouth curved into a sneer. She bit her finger and a drop of blood essence fell on the black dogs head. All of a sudden, the black dog dispersed into a cloud of smoke.

An instant later, the cloud of smoke condensed into a gigantic pitch-black door! The door seemed real but also like an illusion. It led to a pitch-black world filled with demonic energy.

Just like that, the sixth yard was opened!

You should have realized by now that the rumor about the sixth yard was spread by our Dongfang family! Otherwise, would you have believed it?

Su Yu rubbed his chin and quietly stepped backward.

However, he had only taken a few steps when the color of his face suddenly changed a little. None of them had realized that an invisible wall of demonic energy had enveloped the area within a thousand feet.

Han Fei and the others had also sensed the unusual atmosphere. Su Yu looked at them and they tried to break the wall of demonic energy but to avail.

Dont waste your energy! This is the barrier of the sixth yard, the final cage to imprison the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy! She was unable to escape, so you have no chance! Dongfang Tianfeng revealed another shocking fact.

Unnoticed by everyone, Su Yus eyes were shining.

Sure enough, this was the true nature of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland.

What cage are you talking about? What do you mean by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy being imprisoned? Han Fei kept her face impassive but couldnt hide the surprise in her eyes.

Dongfang Tianfeng smirked. Even though youre delaying me, it is interesting to educate you ignorant fools about the secrets of the world. The Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland was not a place to train, but a cage! The sixth yard is a cell in the cage! The one who was imprisoned was none other than the Jiuzhou protection god of the Jiuzhou continent, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy! The five yard masters are the keys to unlock the cell!

This groundbreaking news overturned everyones knowledge.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy died in tranquility, leaving her legacy to benefit the masses. How is it possible for her to have been imprisoned? Gu Taixu snorted.

Dongfang Tianfeng sneered and shook her head. You really are lacking when compared to Su Yuxian. Isnt that right, brother Su? You must have figured something out, surely?

Everyone threw a doubting look over at Su Yu, and he couldnt help but sigh as he shook his head. All I have is some speculation.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy guarded the continent for many years. If there were a successor, she would have picked one before she died in tranquility. Why would she go through all this trouble to layout a huge wonderland before her death and leave her teachings bit by bit to her descendants? That method of passing on her legacy is way too risky. How would she be able to ensure that the enemies would not access the wonderland after her death? She might as well choose an outstanding talent of that generation to be her successor. This method of passing on her legacy would seem more meaningful.

Therefore, I always had doubts about the idea that the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland is a place of legacy. After the experiences weve had in the different yards, I came to a conclusion! The five yard zones, or rather more like the five seals, seemed to be restraining something.

Only an extremely strong person would be restrained by a seal that required so much effort. It had to be the one who since long ago had attained countless achievements, the worlds number one, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy!

Of course, there are just mere speculations. I do not have any evidence.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Dongfang Tianfeng applauded, showing she was impressed. With such minimal hints, you were able to figure out so much. Its impressive! Our Dongfang family only managed to calculate the true colors of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland with the combination of the Jiuzhou booklet, messages from the ages, and the efforts of many generations!

Thats right, it is a cage! To keep the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy imprisoned!

Upon receiving such a shocking revelation, everyone was dumbfounded.

Theres no need to be so surprised. In fact, the King of the Nine Great Provinces, the master of Severed Fairy Cliff, and many others, were aware of the truth. They just didnt dare to disclose it to the public.

You still didnt answer my question. Didnt the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy die in tranquility? Why did she end up being restrained? Who was the one who restrained her? She was the first mortal fairy in the world, so who had the ability to restrain her? Gu Taixu asked.

Dongfang Tianfeng chuckled. Who told you that she died in tranquility? Did any of the ancient books indicate a clear source of this information? No, these were all speculations of the descendants after the appearance of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland! Over time, this speculation was treated as the truth!

Regarding the latter questions, you got two points wrong! When she was being restrained, she was not the first mortal fairy in the world but a god! After going through countless years of cultivation, she has become a god! Of course, the one who restrained her had to be a god too!

What? Once again everyone was stunned.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy had actually become a god! Not only that, it was another god who restrained her!

Why? Why did that god have to restrain the Glittering Jewel god? Was it because she was protecting Jiuzhou? Han Fei asked.

However, Dongfang Tianfeng, in turn, asked an unexpected question, Who told you that the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy was protecting Jiuzhou? Did you witness it with your own eyes or hear it with your ears?

Han Fei was speechless. Of course, that was only what the predecessors had passed on through word of mouth.

She could not have been the protection god of the Jiuzhou continent. That is because her true identity is the demon clan! Dongfang Tianfeng once again threw a terrifying secret at them.

The so-called protection that Jiuzhou received from her through the ages was just a false appearance! She defeated the invading demon clan, and protected Jiuzhou, becoming the protection god of Jiuzhou! What a beautiful and touching story! Dongfang Tianfeng laughed coldly. But has anyone ever wondered where she came from? Why would she protect Jiuzhou for no reason? As a powerhouse mortal fairy, her utter devotion to others without having any thoughts for herself, was it possible?

It couldnt be pure coincidence that when the human clans were in jeopardy, a powerhouse at the crossover between a mortal fairy and a god happened to pass by to save Jiuzhou and sacrificed her years just to protect Jiuzhou, dont you think?

According to the speculation from my family, based on the traces of the action of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, her way of becoming god was belief! So, how did she managed to receive faith? She gave us the answer, and that is to be worshipped by the billions of live spirits of Jiuzhou!

Having said that, it seemed like everyone began to understand the conspiracy that had happened so long ago.

A demon clan that was about to make a breakthrough in achieving a godly state, put up a heroic act of rescuing all lives of Jiuzhou, in order to win the peoples faith.

In fact, there were way too many loopholes in the story. It was just as Dongfang Tianfeng said. There were way too many coincidences, and it was all too noble and selfless.

However, the descendants were afraid of the demon clan, so despite having their doubts, they buried their heads in the sand, pretending to be ignorant.

The challengers had been in a state of shock for a while, and their mouths were beginning to feel dry.

Then, who is the one that restrained the Glittering Jewel Demon God? This was a question that everyone was greatly concerned about.

A grim color appeared on the lips of Dongfang Tianfeng. A god, the Jiuzhou God, Saint Qilin!

A god had existed in Jiuzhou?!

Jiuzhou is actually a world created by Saint Qilin. To put it simply, it is a world that exists as an abode of fairies and immortals, Dongfang Tianfeng explained.

Su Yu came to a sudden realization. World creation? It sounded like a tall story, but he had witnessed a part of this history with his own eyes. A god had sacrificed his body, transformed into thousands of life forms, and recreated a Zhenglong continent!

Could it be that there was a realm for gods?

Every god has their own abode of fairies and immortals, and the Jiuzhou continent is the abode of fairies and immortals for Saint Qilin, Dongfang Tianfeng continued in admiration. Therefore, the only one who could restrain the Glittering Jewel Demon God had to be Saint Qilin!

Upon listening to this, everyone began to feel riled.

Why did Saint Qilin not stop the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy from absorbing the faith of all beings? Why was action only taken after she became a god? And where is she?

Dongfang Tianfengs face revealed some darkness when she heard the question. Even though Saint Qilin was a god, he was still alone, whereas, for the demon race, the number of gods was too large for Saint Qilin to cope with. Therefore, he had no choice but to agree to allow the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy to absorb the power of faith. However, after the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy became a demon god, she was prepared to refine the Jiuzhou continent into a magical treasure, with the condition of sacrificing the blood of all life forms in Jiuzhou! Saint Qilin had no choice but to fight back and start a war!

The final outcome was this cage! Obviously, Saint Qilin did not manage to kill the Glittering Jewel Demon God! And Saint Qilin never showed up again, Im afraid

The war back then most likely ended with the sacrifice of Saint Qilin.

Youve unlocked the final prison cell. Are you intending to release the Glittering Jewel God Demon? Su Yus eyes were filled with shock.

If what Dongfang Tianfeng had told them was true, then what she was about to do was way too evil.

Along with the rumor from Dongfang Tianfeng that the sixth yard is the place of legacy, Su Yus heart shuddered with fear.

The Dongfang family is the bloodline of the Glittering Jewel Demon God in Jiuzhou! Dongfang Tianfeng announced as her eyelashes fluttered.