The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 Qilin Of Jiuzhou

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The world-renowned Dongfang family were actually the descendants of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy! It was no wonder that the secrets of the Dongfang family were never recorded in history!

But if Dongfang Tianfeng really was the descendant of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, now that she had unlocked the sixth yard and opened up the final prison cell, what could her motive be?

She was planning to release her ancestor, the Glittering Jewel Demon God!

In the present day where Saint Qilin had long fallen, if the Glittering Jewel Demon God were to appear again, who in Jiuzhou would be able to fend her off?

Dongfang Tianfeng! Are you intending to release the Glittering Jewel Demon God to harm the people of Jiuzhou? Han Fei asked coldly, secretly mustering her powers as she prepared to launch the Heavenly Demon Black Suns.

However, the expression on Dongfang Tianfengs face turned cold. Release her? Impossible! Since the day the Dongfang family was born, our only mission has been to destroy the Glittering Jewel Demon God! Unlocking the prison cell will allow me to annihilate it!

Everyone was stunned at the sudden turn of events.

You must have heard of the curse of the Dongfang family, Dongfang Tianfeng said quietly.

Curse? Su Yu remembered reading some relevant information in ancient books.

The Dongfang family had mastered the history of Jiuzhou and understood too many secrets. Somehow, this had caused them to violate some taboos, resulting in them being punished.

The punishment was that the Dongfang family only had women and no men. When a boy was born, he would pass away before he could turn nine years old. There was not a single male descendant in the great Dongfang family. Even the two mortal fairies from the family in the present age were both females.

If that were all, things would still be acceptable. However, what was even worse was that the lifespan of the females of the Dongfang family was only one-tenth of an average person, and they aged very quickly.

Those who do not go through martial cultivation would die at the age of ten due to old age. The lifespans of those who did go through martial cultivation would be subjected to the restriction of the curse.

Many of the females from the Dongfang family who looked like they were forty-five years old, were in fact merely eighteen years old!

Once a martial artists body condition began to decline, cultivation would be extremely difficult. In this vicious circle, unless the qualification was remarkably outstanding, dying at a young age would be unavoidable.

A descendant like Dongfang Tianfeng, who looked like a normal girl of her age, was an exception that was hard to come by in a hundred years. Most of those who were really subjected to the Dongfang family curse gave off the desolate sight of old age.

To continue the bloodline of the clan, the Dongfang family had no choice but to seek out the elites of the continent and try hard to produce offspring for the family.

If the qualification were not outstanding enough, the family clan would make the arrangements of who would have the great responsibility of producing offspring. They would sleep with strangers one after another, giving birth to the next generation and repeating this cycle until they died of old age.

Therefore, in some of the ancient books, the Dongfang family was known as the brothel family clan. Almost none of the descendants had the bloodline from the same father.

This vicious curse had haunted the Dongfang family for ten thousand years.

As a woman, the look in Han Feis eyes softened. How tragic it was to be destined to become an animal for reproduction?

Do you know what the source of the curse is? Dongfang Tianfeng asked coldly.

Everyone seemed to know the answer in his or her hearts. Could it be the Glittering Jewel Demon God?

Thats right! Its the Glittering Jewel Demon God! Dongfang Tianfengs spoke in a murderous tone, When she was on the verge of death back then, she left her bloodline behind, not to continue the goodwill of her descendants but rather, to use the lives of her descendants to continue her presence!

Even if you become a god, life would still come to an end. Whats more, the seal of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland was constantly drawing the life of the Glittering Jewel Demon God to keep it working. Under normal circumstances, at the time of the ages, according to the design of Saint Qilin, the seal should have been able to drain her life and cause her to perish.

But the bloodline that she left in Jiuzhou continent was delaying her death! Through the bloodline, she continued to absorb the vitality of her descendants, to ensure that she would never perish in this eternity! This is the reason for the short lifespan of the Dongfang family! This was not a curse by heaven and earth, but the curse from our ancestor!

The more offspring the Dongfang family produced, the more the amount of life energy being absorbed by the Glittering Jewel Demon God would increase, delaying her death.

Only the demon clan would be capable of such a method of torturing their descendants. Or maybe, she never had the intention to treat the Dongfang family, who shared the same appearance as humans, as her descendants.

Only by killing her will we remove the centuries-old curse on the Dongfang family! The murderous aura of Dongfang Tianfeng was shocking. She had a morbid expression on her face as she announced, Our Dongfang family waited bitterly for an eternity. Finally, we have an unprecedented opportunity!

What opportunity? Han Fei asked curiously.

Dongfang Tianfend replied, Maybe you did not notice because you were born in the current prosperous age, but the last two decades have been brimming with prodigies that were comparable to those before the ages! There have never been as many prodigies as there are at the moment! The Dongfang family had been monitoring Jiuzhou since the ages and noticed this unusual prosperous age!

Han Fei still was unable to understand. Even so, what can this explain?

The Glittering Jewel Demon God has been suppressing the Jiuzhou continent. It was hard to imagine that at the stage of a God, an idea can influence the proliferation and cultivation of millions of people! It was due to her suppression of the prosperous development of the Jiuzhou continent that led to the number of prodigies decreasing generation after generation.

Now that so many elites have appeared in an unprecedented way, there is only one possible reason! She was no longer able to suppress the Jiuzhou continent! What could her reason for losing the strength to suppress the Jiuzhou continent be? Dongfang Tianfeng asked coldly.

The reason was obviously that the Glittering Jewel Demon God that was sealed during the ages had been extremely weakened. Therefore, the once suppressed Jiuzhou continent began to overflow with so many elites.

If that were the case, then why not continue to wait? You would not need to take any risks, Su Yu said.

Dongfang Tianfeng shook her head. You guys may not know that we have to destroy the source of the god. Otherwise, no matter how weak the god has become, she would not perish. As long as shes still alive, the curse of the Dongfang family will never disappear.

Are you confident you can destroy the source of a god? Su Yu asked. He had encountered a dying god before. It had been an ancient candlenut tree god. Even though what he saw was a corpse standing in front of him, it was difficult to move. Destroying the so-called source of a god would be almost impossible.

Dongfang Tianfengs face beamed with confidence. You can rest assured that Im capable of that. Do you think I would come unprepared?


A piece of sharp horn remnant appeared in her palm.

The horn remnant was covered in black. At first glance, it looked ordinary, but upon closer inspection, it seemed like it had some hidden cosmos powers. Somehow, it felt like there was an unclear immense meaning behind it.

An indescribable feeling of worship was surging in their hearts.

This is a gods relic! This familiar feeling of prostrating himself in worship reminded Su Yu of the candlenut tree god.

A surprised look could be seen in Dongfang Tianfengs eyes as she nodded her head. How peculiar! You seem to know a lot! Thats right: this is a gods relic. Its the horn remnant of Saint Qilin!

Upon hearing that it was Saint Qilin, everyones expression changed drastically.

Back then, when Saint Qilin and the Glittering Jewel Demon God were at war, Saint Qilins life ended in defeat. He sealed the Glittering Jewel Demon God before his death, and Saint Qilins corpse went missing without a trace. The Dongfang family spent the time of the ages and finally found a piece of the remnant of the broken horn that he left behind from the deserted forbidden area of the living soul! It still holds the remnants of the divine power of Saint Qilin. It is the only item that could destroy the Glittering Jewel Demon God! You wont be able to find another piece in this world! So, this is the only opportunity to kill the Glittering Jewel Demon God!

Staring at the horn remnant, everyone felt waves of emotions rippling in their hearts. The Dongfang family had been preparing for this day for a long time!

After remaining silent for a while, Su Yu asked, If that is the case, why didnt you tell us earlier? Why go through such great pain?

Earlier on, if Su Yu had not come to her rescue, she would have died in the hands of the black dog.

If she had told them earlier, as the people of Jiuzhou, would they lend a hand?

She seemed to be keeping her guard up against something.

It couldnt have been so simple. Dongfang Tianfeng shook her head. First of all, if I did not use my blood to unlock the sixth yard, would any of you have believed me?

Secondly, there is also the reason why our Dongfang family kept it a secret Dongfang Tianfeng scanned the faces of Su Yu and the others closely. According to the intel from my family, there is a terrible existence amongst the challengers!

In the challenge of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland hundreds of years ago, there was a trace of the source of a god being brought out of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland! That trace of the source of a god, as expected, should be from the Glittering Jewel Demon God! Our Dongfang family detected this unusual movement, and roughly speculated the motive of the Glittering Jewel Demon God!

She was prepared to use this source of a god to give birth to an invincible heavenly ruler in the Jiuzhou continent! There was no room for doubt. The source of this god comes from the origin of god, a supreme power that can create an abode of fairies and immortals! If it were being used to create an individual, how powerful would he be? Are you able to imagine it?

Upon hearing those words, only one person came to everyones minds. The imperial hegemon, Zhan Wushuang! He was the invincible of the current age. Could it be anyone other than him?

However, Zhan Wushuang had already left the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland and did not even get involved with the final prison cell. In other words, the individual born from the source of the god of the Glittering Jewel Demon God must be someone else.

This person will be greatly powerful and have the ability to suppress all challengers, so that he will he be able to get rid of all obstacles and release the Glittering Jewel Demon God! Dongfang Tianfeng scanned Su Yu and the others once again, full of vigilance. All of you are the greatest elites of the current age! The incarnation of the Glittering Jewel Demon God born from the source of god is right amongst you!

Therefore, I couldnt reveal my intentions earlier. The corner of Dongfang Tianfengs mouth revealed a smile. But now, it doesnt matter. That is because each of you holds a yard master each.

Su Yu furrowed his brows. The yard masters can be used to seal the living soul that was born from the source of god right?

With regards to this, Dongfang Tianfeng was full of praise. Exactly! The five yard areas have five great seals, and the yard masters are the core of the seal! Carrying it with you is equivalent to being sealed! As long as the living soul born from the source of god is amongst you, then youd definitely be sealed, unable to stop me!

The challengers understood what she was saying. No words could be used to describe their feelings.

The real reason for the Dongfang family to spread the rumors about the yard masters was to trick the living soul born from the source of god to capture a yard master so as to keep it sealed. And for the sake of unlocking the sixth yard, the living soul would definitely follow the rumor.

These plans had been made since the ages. Even if they had fallen for it, Su Yu and the rest were speechless.

Even though I have no idea which one of you is the living soul born from the source of god, you guys are unable to stop me now! Dongfang Tianfeng laughed and revealed her wrist. She threw out a drop of blood that landed on the door that reeked of demonic aura.

The final prison cell, appear!


The sky and earth began to shake as the sound of chains dragging could be heard coming from the depths of the dark passage from the gigantic black door. A vague gigantic figure was slowly being dragged out.

An incredibly black cage was faintly visible. Inside the cage, the Glittering Jewel Demon God should be sealed!

Glittering Jewel Demon God, your end has arrived! Dongfang Tianfengs face became twisted from the excitement, and her body could not stop trembling.

However, when the cage was completely revealed, her face stiffened!