The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 The Unpredictable

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Dongfang Tianfengs pupils were magnified, and she seemed dumbstruck. Su Yu and others looked over, and they were also deeply shocked by what they saw.

They were looking at a cage made of dark scales. The area behind the scales was full of divine energy, in a similar way to the horn remnant!

If their speculation was correct, Saint Qilin had probably used his own scales to build the prison cell.

However, there was now a huge gap on the side of the cage which had been caused by the blast. The cage was empty, and there was not a single figure to be seen.

How how is it possible? Why is the prison broken? Where did the Glittering Jewel Demon God go? Dongfang Tianfengs face gradually filled with fear.

She had believed that the Glittering Jewel Demon God was extremely weak and was on the verge of death. Actually, the demon had escaped from the cell. Could it be that she was hiding somewhere in the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland?

It seems that you were all tricked by her! Su Yu sighed sternly. I am afraid that a hundred years ago, the movement of the trace of the source of a god that your Dongfang family detected was, in fact, the main body of the Glittering Jewel Demon God escaping! Youre a hundred years too late!


The horn remnant in Dongfang Tianfengs hand fell to the ground as her strength fell away. Her whole body turned soft. She sank to the ground, her eyes stunned. She kept repeating, Its over! She will definitely seek revenge on our Dongfang family! Everyone is doomed

No, we still have a chance!. A voice penetrated the Dongfang Tianfengs soul and awoke her.

Looking at the silver mask, Dongfang Tianfengs eyes were filled with gloom and bitterness. The Glittering Jewel Demon God had already escaped. Who would be able to stop her?

She managed to escape 100 years ago, so why did she not take action against Jiuzhou immediately? She was trapped in Jiuzhou for a long time. Does she not resent it enough to seek revenge? There is only one answer: she does not currently have the ability to destroy the Jiuzhou continent! Or rather, most of her abilities are still trapped in the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland! Su Yus eyes sparkled as he shared his own thoughts.

The look in everyones eyes became bright. Indeed, anyone who had been trapped for ten thousand years would not leave without a fight. She had not taken any action for a hundred years, not because she did not want to retaliate, but because she did not have the ability to do so!

This was probably linked to her means of escape. Perhaps she had used a considerable part of her ability to break out of the cage, and that was why even though she managed to escape, she had not dared to cause any trouble.

The Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland relies on the power of vitality of the Glittering Jewel Demon God to maintain its existence! Its been working for the last hundred years! This means that the Glittering Jewel Demon God has yet to completely escape. At least some of her powers are still sealed!

This time, her main body must have arrived in the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland in order to retrieve the rest of the body that was still sealed!



Everyone at the scene retreated at the same time. They were very wary of one another.

The main body of the Glittering Jewel Demon God was amongst them! She was one of the outstanding elite challengers!

There was only one person who did not move, leading to him being questioned by the others.

Su Yuxian, is it you? Dongfang Tianfeng stared at Su Yu. He had all sorts of tricks up his sleeve, and he fitted the identity of the Glittering Jewel Demon God.

Su Yu defended himself. The Glittering Jewel Demon God is a god who is very noble. No matter how she disguised herself, she wouldnt choose to turn herself into a man, would she?


Everyones eyes now looked in the direction of Han Fei.

The most dazzling supreme talents in the world now were the four starry prodigies. Among them were two females, and Dongfang Tianfeng could be ruled out. That only left one: Han Fei! She was the genius of the demonic path, a member of the superb elite, and she was the best candidate to be the hidden identity of the Glittering Jewel Demon God!

Its not me, Han Fei said indifferently, neglecting to explain herself.

Dongfang Tianfeng narrowed her eyes at her. Just claiming that youre not doesnt make you innocent! Now that you are sealed by the yard master, you will not be able to display the powers of the demonic god. Traces of killing intent were overflowing from her eyes.

The others were also ready to take action. They felt a huge amount of suspicion toward Han Fei! There seemed to be no other possible person it could be.

Its not her, Su Yu said softly, with no intention of taking action.

Hm? Dongfang Tianfengs face expressed doubts. You seem to know who it is.

Su Yus mouth revealed a hint of self-mockery. Youre stupid if you still dont know who it is. Am I right Bing Wuxin?

Everyone elses eyes moved towards the martial tower.

Hm? Who else had yet to appear?

Suddenly, a piercingly cold aura, accompanied by brutality and ferocity, came crashing toward them.

Youre indeed the man that I fancy. In contrast to the aura, a heavenly voice so soft and sweet that it felt like a breath of fresh air was heard.

In the sky, two figures descended through the Void.

One of them was dressed in black clothing, had dark skin and an imprint of a blood moon in between his eyebrows. The corners of his mouth were turned upwards, like an evil grin. His whole body was giving off an unsettling brutal aura. As the wind blew, a bloody-colored fog was released from within his body, drifting towards Su Yu and the others. The fog smelled of blood!

And standing right next to him was none other than the person who they had not heard from since entering the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland: Bing Wuqing!

Demon Devouring Emperor! Han Fei and Dongfang Tianfeng managed to recognize him immediately. Their facial expressions began to change as if they were facing a great enemy.

The Demon Devouring Emperor was an extraordinary talent who was ranked second among the four elites of the Starry Sky.

As a newcomer on the martial path, he was the most violent and bloodiest of them all, and people would feel jittery at the mere mention of his name.

However, the person that they were really concerned with was the woman named Bing Wuqing!

The formidable Demon Devouring Emperor was following a stranger who looked astonishingly similar to Bing Wuxin, who always seemed to be near Su Yu.

The Demon Devouring Emperor that they knew of was an outlaw who had no parents and no friends. It was odd of him to stay so close to Bing Wuqing. It seemed as if he was being led by her.

Who are you? Dongfang Tianfeng chided. The appearance of Bing Wuqing was unexpected.

A very unpleasant idea entered Dongfang Tianfengs heart!

Bing Wuqing looked over with a graceful smile. Me? Arent I the ancestor that your descendants have been trying to kill for thousands of years?

Hearing those words caused Dongfang Tianfengs eyes to widen as her body trembled. She was so shocked that her voice broke. Ah! You, youre the Glittering Jewel Demon God!

Indifferently, Bing Wuqing replied, Very disappointing, isnt it?

After experiencing fear and shock, Dongfang Tianfeng gradually calmed down. You didnt capture any of the yard masters. Was that because you had already seen through the intentions of the Dongfang family?

Did you think that the Glittering Jewel Demon Gods main body wouldnt know about the fact that the yard masters are the core seal? Bing Wuqing asked in return.

Dongfang Tianfengs bit her lip as her face turned pale. If one step was miscalculated step, every other step taken would be a mistake!

If it was the living soul born from the source of god, it would definitely not know the true purpose of the yard masters. But this demon was the main body that had been sealed since the ages, so how could she not know?

So, I guess all my efforts have been wasted? Dongfang Tianfeng suddenly felt gloomy and full of despair.

Bing Wuqing shook her head gently. How can that be? Although the plan was superficial, it still managed to help your ancestor in some ways.

Thanks to everyone who helped me find the carriers of the yard masters. Otherwise, it would be a real challenge for me to get them to carry the yard masters voluntarily, Bing Wuqing chuckled.

Dongfang Tianfengs face began to change and her body trembled as if she came to a realization, You youre using us!

There was only one way for Bing Wuqing to break open the seal of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland: she needed to destroy all five yard masters at the same time!

The layout created by Saint Qilin in the time of ages meant that whenever a yard master died, a new owner would be born immediately to avoid the accidental death of any yard masters. That could lead to the collapse of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland, the cage of the Glittering Jewel Demon God.

Unless the five yard masters are killed at the same time, the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland would never be broken, and the Glittering Jewel Demon God would never be able to escape.

However, the Dongfang Familys erroneous plan had brought the five yard masters together! This was the equivalent of giving Bing Wuqing the chance to destroy the seal.

Realizing that she had not only failed to destroy the Glittering Jewel Demon God, but had indirectly given the Glittering Jewel Demon God a chance to escape completely, Dongfang Tianfeng couldnt help but throw back her head and laugh. There was a depressing sorrowful sound in her laughter. Hahaha, were really the worlds most foolish clan. We released our biggest enemy with our own hands

With a bitter smile, Dongfang Tianfeng wiped away her tears, her eyes resolute as she held up the horn remnant of Qilin. She took a step towards Bing Wuqing, ready for a fight to the death.

The horn remnant of Qilin had divine powers as it came from a god that had prepared it to kill the Glittering Jewel Demon God. It was the only weapon in the world that could kill her.

Dongfang Tianfeng had no choice but to give it a try!

However, at that moment a silhouette flashed across, carrying an aura of a violent massacre. Then they all saw Dongfang Tianfeng falling backward as she bled heavily, and the horn remnant of Qilin fell from her loose grip and was caught by a bloody red hand.

Hehe, not even your death is a high enough price to pay for laying your hands on my master! The Demon Devouring Emperor licked the blood that was on his palm, as he revealed a bloody sneer.

When he finished speaking, he held up the horn remnant of Qilin in both palms.

Bing Wuqing raised her hand slightly and the horn remnant of Qilin flew into her hands.

The moment it reached her hand, the horn remnant of Qilin turned red like burning iron, heating up the demonic powers on Bing Wuqings palm.

Still unwilling to rest in peace after dying such a long time ago? Bing Wuqing smiled. With a tight grip, the only weapon that could kill her was turned into the glory of an elite, sprinkling her surroundings.

As she fell backward Dongfang Tianfeng mournfully called out, My family Everyone, Im sorry

The wound in her abdomen had almost penetrated her body. Even if Bing Wuqing did not take any further action, she would still die in the Glittering Jewel Fairy Wonderland.

Hmph, I really cant accept thisWith her last breath, Dongfang Tianfeng closed her eyes.

The pain that she should have been feeling from the impact of her body hitting the ground was unexpectedly reduced as she felt a strong arm catching her softly. At the same time, an aura full of vitality was rushing into her nose.

She reluctantly opened her eyes, only to find a silver mask coming into view, and a drop of elite liquid fell on her lips.

She subconsciously opened her mouth and allowed the liquid into her mouth. Immediately she felt the liquid turned into warm energy, moisturizing the wound. The ghastly injury in her abdomen quickly recovered.

The Fountain of Life Realizing that her life was saved, Dongfang Tianfeng gave a strained smile and sighed. This is good stuff.

Su Yu released her and said, Miss Dongfang, were not done yet! Why did you give up your own life?

The Dongfang family was very powerful. How could she not be in possession of healing medicine similar to the Fountain of Life? She did not use it because she felt that there was no longer a need to use it.

Thank you. Dongfang Tianfengs eyes closed. Her face was pale, like a puppet who had lost its soul. Going through such a dramatic reversal of fortune must be very hard to bear.

Oh Junior Su, youre still as sympathetic and kind to women as ever. I cant help but feel envious, Bing Wuqing laughed charmingly, her face beautiful as a painting.

Su Yu looked at Bing Wuqing and sighed, his feelings mixed. I didnt expect Senior Bing to be the first mortal fairy of the ages, and all the more did not expect that you would be from the demon clan. Everything is really unpredictable.