The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Battle Of Holy Kings

"Infernal Demon Pupils!" Su Yu coldly said.

His eyes projected a ray of black light that rushed into Li Konghui's mind!


Li Konghui hugged his head and let out a shriek as he fell to the ground, rolling about in immense pain.

Li Konghui had launched a surprise, frontal attack on Su Yu at a close distance. He had no idea what he was messing with.

Having complete mastery over Infernal Demon Pupils, a single thought was sufficient to easily inflict great damage to a person's soul.

Master Li walked over gloomily. He raised his leg and kicked Li Konghui in his abdomen. Letting out a shriek, Li Konghui rolled a distance away on the floor, fainting on the spot.

Facing Su Yu, Master Li cupped his fists and bowed, his face revealing immense shame, "I did not teach my brethren well, he is a disgrace to my family!"

Even if they were from the same family clan, the various juniors who looked up to Li Konghui were also extremely ashamed. Their faces burned red with shame.

Li Konghui's actions had indeed brought disgrace upon the entire family clan!

Su Yu had won the battle!

However, just as Su Yu was about to challenge Liu Guang, who had higher points than him, Xi Ruolan announced, "Su Yu won, and obtains one-third of Li Konghui's points, five points, adding up to a total of one hundred and twenty points.

"Next up, the person one rank higher than Li Konghui will continue to challenge."

Su Yu did not have the right to challenge yet, as the match would carry on as per usual, with the lowest ranked person challenging someone with higher points.

Liu glanced at Su Yu with a cynical smile, "Do you seek death so badly?"

Calm and collected, Su Yu was indifferent, "I've told you before, those who have wanted me dead, are all dead now. Only I am still alive." During the battle in the Forbidden Land, Liu Guang was extremely arrogant. Yet, it had ended with his defeat. In the past, Su Yu had told Liu Guang those same words.

At that moment, an extremely similar scene played out once again.

"Su Yu! Do you think I'm the same person as I was before? You cannot possibly hope to understand my current strength, with my High Grade Yellow Class constitution and my breakthrough into the Holy King realm!"

Smiling faintly, Su Yu refused to comment as he continued to observe the ongoing matches quietly.

"Hmph! Forcibly pretending to be calm! When Princess Yun Yan challenges you, that will be the day that you reveal your true colors! A Worthless Spirit like you actually dare think of competing with my level of constitution!" Liu Guang coldly snorted.

The battle between the Half Holy Kings became increasingly exciting.

Having a Half Holy King cultivation base implied that the body absorbed minimal vital energy. Although the base was weak, there was still some vital energy present. Should one infuse it with their martial arts training, their powers would increase significantly!

Su Yu could not help but secretly feel envious. If the Half Holy Kings were already like that, what about the true Holy Kings?


Princess Yun Yan, who was standing beside him, descended into the battlefield.

With her excellent figure and aura of nobility and elegance, she quietly faced her challenger, the strongest Half Holy King.

"Princess Yun Yan, please!" The Half Holy King displayed deep respect in his eyes.

Princess Yun Yan remained calm and collected as she lightly pointed her jade-like finger. A gust of vital energy came bursting out from her finger.


The vital energy, which contained terrifying power, pierced through the skies and flew towards the Half Holy King.

"Mountain River Tiger Roar!" The Half Holy King's expression suddenly became stern.

Opening his mouth to take a deep breath, he stuttered suddenly!

The sound waves reverberated far and wide, destroying mountains and rivers, opening the ears of the deaf and the eyes of the blind!

As the sound waves traveled, they swept the gravel along and caused a dust storm.

Countless rocks, unable to withstand the force of the sound waves, were instantly destroyed!

Containing a sliver of vital energy, the formless waves swept away all obstacles in their way as it collided with the vital energy heading in their direction.


Such an immensely powerful sound wave was insignificant against Princess Yun Yan.

That mere sliver of vital energy, in terms of quality, was far beneath Princess Yun Yan. As such, it instantly dissipated upon collision.

Princess Yun Yan had intentionally slanted the angle at which she fired her vital energy. As such, it brushed right past the Half Holy King.


Even though it was a miss, the residual waves from the vital energy were enough to completely destroy the Half Holy King's clothes. He felt like he had been struck by lightning, spewing blood as he flew backward!

Had that been a direct attack, would it have massacred the Half Holy King?

Su Yu's eyes became stern. Speaking in the strictest sense, that was his first time witnessing a Holy King in action at such a close distance.

Li Guang and Xu Rong both had not used their moves seriously before. Xi Ruolan's realm was too high, and thus could not be used to accurately judge the disparity in strength between a Holy King and a martial artist.

Seeing Princess Yun Yan's casual point of a finger, Su Yu understood in his heart; the amount of vital energy a Holy King had was so terrifying, it was beyond Su Yu's expectations!

"Princess Yun Yan won, and she will obtain one-third of the opponent's points, possessing a total of one hundred and fifty points. Please challenge the next person."

Liu Guang's face revealed slight playfulness as she giggled, "Su Yu, I look forward to your performance, hehehe..."

"Liu Guang! Step forward!" Princess Yun Yan demanded elegantly and gracefully, as she pointed with her fingers.

As his expression slightly stiffened, Liu Guang pointed at Su Yu. In terms of ranking, Princess Yun Yan should have challenged him first.

"I don't like to bully the weak. It will be fairer if you and I battle." Princess Yun Yan shook her head indifferently.

Recovering from his moment of shock, Liu Guang stiffly nodded his head disappointedly, "Alright, I will battle you."

As he walked towards the stage, he snorted at Su Yu, "Count yourself lucky!"

"Princess Yun Yan, please be careful!" Liu Guang's expression turned stern.

"Claw of the Divine Eagle!"

His five fingers were surrounded by a faint light as if they were the claws of the Ninth Heaven Eagleas if they had the ability to tear apart the mountains, rivers, and the whole Earth.

A gust of vital energy surrounded his claws, exuding an extremely oppressive energy!

Su Yu's expression stiffened. The amount of and strength of the vital energy was indeed terrifying!

The claws displayed by a Holy King were definitely not something a martial artist could possibly hope to match. The disparity in power was overwhelming.


Liu Guang's figure was as swift as light as he charged forward.

With a swipe of his claws, five streaks appeared as if they had descended from heaven!

Fast as lightning, those streaks shook the air!

The combined sound of five explosions produced a sound wave which pierced the ears. This sound wave could match the full force of the Half Holy King's sound wave cultivation technique!

Countless juniors who were observing the battle felt their hearts constrict under the immense pressure.

That was the strength and might of the Holy King's realm!

Although Princess Yun Yan's eyes were serious, her attitude and actions remained elegant as usual.

"Brewing of Storm!" Princess Yun Yan, in her white dress, flew elegantly across the ground as if she was dancing.

She placed her white jade-like palm in front of her chest.


A clear wind appeared out of nowhere and surrounded her entire body.

Shockingly, what she specialized in was actually wind attribute cultivation techniques; she had the ability to control the winds of heaven and earth.

As she flipped her jade-like hands, the wind gradually became stronger.

Countless water bubbles solidified around her, forming a thin layer of mist. She could change them into rain or mist at will!


Elegantly pointing with her jade-like hands, a strong wind engulfed the water bubbles as they took on a knife-like shape. After being infused with vital energy, her attack was akin to a celestial soldierthere was nothing it could not slash through!

The knife of Storm stabbed through the air, clashing with the Claw of the Divine Eagle!


The immensely strong Claw of the Divine Eagle had actually appeared to be on the verge of dissipating!

As his body slightly trembled, Liu Guang continued to launch a direct attack!

Alternatively, Princess Yun Yan elegantly received his attack with much ease.

Their figures blurred as they continued to exchange attacks.

Both of their abilities were equally matched, and the winner could not be determined for a while.

The magnificent battle of the Holy Kings was an eye opener for many of the juniors.

Spiritual energy was the deciding factor between a martial artist and a Holy King. Only with the passing of time did the mild differences between the two finally show.

Princess Yun Yan's stamina was slowly unable to keep up.

Alternatively, Liu Guang was still energetic; his offense and defense were both precise, revealing his wealth of battle experience.

Finally, Princess Yun Yan fell into an unfavorable positionher defeat was merely a matter of time.

"A hundred moves have passed. According to the rules, the person in a more favorable position, Liu Guang, wins! Obtaining one-third of Princess Yun Yan's points, he has a total of one hundred and seventy points! Now, he will challenge the last person, Wu Pangyun!" Xi Ruolan announced.

The masses were slightly shocked. Was it not supposed to be the lowest remaining ranking person, Su Yu's turn to continue challenging? Why had it gone to Liu Guang challenging Wu Pangyun?

"The final winner between these two will challenge the last person, Su Yu. This is to preserve the fairness of the match," Xi Ruolan explained.

The masses nodded their hands in agreement.


Wu Pangyun flew into the middle of the battle venue and assessed Liu Guang from head to toe. His gaze slight vicious, he praised Liu Guang, "Still passable."

Liu Guang's face revealed an unwillingness to comply, "Use your moves!"

"Do you want me to handicap a few moves for you?" Wu Pangyun taunted.

"No need! I want to see exactly how big the disparity is between a First Level Lower Tier Holy King and a First Level Upper Tier Holy King!"

Like the tiers in the martial artist's realms, Holy Kings were also split into Lower Tier, Upper Tier, and Peak Tier. Wu Pangyun was a First Level Upper Tier Holy King, a tier higher than Liu Guang.

"Difference? The difference is that, against me, you are utterly fragile!" Wu Pangyun replied with a smile.

Unable to stand being belittled, Liu Guang shouted in anger, "That may not be necessarily true!"

"Claw of the Divine Eagle!" Liu Guang channeled all his spiritual energy and infused it within his attack!

The eagle claw, capable of tearing through mountains and rivers, was immensely strong!


In the blink of an eye, Liu Guang assaulted Wu Pangyun. A terrifying attack was about to pierce through Wu Pangyun's flesh.

Countless juniors observing the match shuddered with fear, their hearts were in their throats.

However, Wu Pangyun continued to smile lightly, "The disparity between the tiers of the Holy King realm is something that far exceeds that of the martial arts' realm. A small difference in tiers is worlds apart in terms of ability!"

"Say that after you've neutralized my attacks!" Liu Guang shouted in anger!

Wu Pangyun shook his head cynically, "Against you, there is no need for me to use my skills. One finger is enough!"

Against the terrifying Claw of the Divine Eagle, Wu Pangyu only raised a finger.

However, his fingers were surrounded by spiritual energy that far exceeded Liu Guang's!

As he lightly touched the Claw of the Divine Eagle, everyone gasped in astonishment!


Liu Guang's Claw of the Divine Eagle instantly vanished as a destructive force traveled from his hands to his shoulders.

Thud, thud, thud

As he took a few steps back, traces of fresh blood could be seen at the corner of Liu Guang's mouth. His eyes were filled with shock.

The disparity between a First Level Holy King Lower Tier and an Upper Tier was great!

He didn't even have the strength to force his opponent into a counterattack!

As the crowd watched Wu Pangyun's invincible figure, their hearts shook!

Who could possibly match Wu Pangyun?!

"Wu Pangyun wins, obtaining one-third of his opponent's points. His total points are two hundred!

"Next battle, he will challenge the final opponent, Su Yu!" Xi Ruolan announced.

Wu Pangyun shifted his gaze and fixated it on Su Yu. His eyes were vicious and cold, "Rascal, it seems like your good luck has run out!"

During the snatching of the elixirs, Su Yu had singlehandedly obtained six low grade marrow cleansing elixirs. Just as Wu Pangyun was about to snatch them away from him, Su Yu had luckily evaded him with the announcement of the end of the segment.

"However, I have no interest in winning unfairly. I will handicap three moves for you, hurry up and use your moves," Wu Pangyun said in a disinterested tone, slightly impatient.

This time, he was undoubtedly the indisputable winner!

Besides being able to obtain five low grade marrow cleansing elixirs, the most valuable prize was the entry into the depository of scripturesthe chance to learn the rumored legacy level cultivation technique!

Su Yu flew into the center of the venue and laughed slightly as he stood, "Handicap three moves? Why is there a need for you to give me a handicap when I can deal with you singlehandedly?"

Against tyrannical and vicious people like Wu Pangyun, Su Yu did not attempt to hide his contempt.

His words shook everyone present; Wu Pangyun was indisputably the strongest candidate in the entire exam. Yet, Su Yu had announced that he merely needed one hand to deal with him!

Had Su Yu been a First Level Lower Tier Holy King, he might have had some credibility behind those words.

However, for a martial artist who had not even reached Half Holy King, to actually announce he only needed one hand to deal with a First Level Upper Tier Holy Kingit was astonishing!