The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 The Black Dogs True Form

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The sigh came from the bottom of his heart.

The astonishment and adoration he had felt when they first met had all turned into ashes because of the past.

They would never get to return to the senior-junior relationship they had once enjoyed back in the Red Blood Palace.

Haha, Bing Wuqing chuckled softly. If Junior Brother Su is willing to follow me, we can return to the Realm of Demons and build yet another Red Blood Palace, and we can still be brother and sister in the same faction. In fact, I admire you a lot.

The Realm of Demons? What kind of place was that?

Things remain the same, but the people have changed. What a sorrowful thing to happen. Senior sister, your kindness is much appreciated, Su Yu replied indifferently. If Palace Mistress Mo learns about your identity, I suppose shell be very sad. After all, youre her only pupil.

However, Bing Wuqing gently shook her head. She knew about it a long time ago.

What? This was a real shock to him! Mo Tianxuan had learned about Bing Wuqings true identity a long time ago!

If so, why

Why do you think I havent attacked Jiuzhou all this time, even though I have been free for a century? Its not because I dont want to, but because I cant, Bing Wuqing remarked plaintively.

She couldnt? Was it because

Thats right! She kept me as a pupil by making it seem that she was imparting knowledge to me. In actual fact, she did that to keep me under her radar. If I commited any suspicious acts, she would have had me killed, Bing Wuqing explained.

She carried on, Nowadays, most of my power is confined in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, and Im currently at my weakest. Killing me would be a piece of cake for her at this point of time.

Su Yu thought it was incredulous. If she knows that you are the Glittering Jewel Demonic God already, whats the point of keeping you under her radar? Why doesnt she just eliminate you right away?

As far as Su Yu remembered, Mo Tianxuan had always been a lone ranger. She wasnt really bothered about what the rest of the world thought of her. Safeguarding the Glittering Jewel Demonic God didnt seem like what she would do in any circumstances.

Because of someones promise, Bing Wuqing said, shooting a glance at Bing Wuxin.

A promise that could make Mo Tianxuan change her style Only one person came to mind. It was the Prefectures King of an era born from the Red Blood Palace: Jian Wusheng!! The Prefectures King of the Lifeless Sword Prefecture, Jian Wusheng!! It was her!

A hundred years ago, she had broken through all barriers and shook the entire region, and she had been crowned as the King with the sword in her hand!

Thinking about it carefully, didnt Jian Wusheng take part in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland a hundred years ago?

Have you any idea about the identities Bing Wuxin and I used to further our training in the Red Blood Palace? Bing Wuqing asked.

Su Yu fell silent for a moment. He had heard about Bing Wuxins family background ever since he had joined the Demon Mountain. She came from a powerful family, and no one dared offend her. Although no one had ever mentioned it, it wasnt really hard to guess.

Back then, when Bing Wuxin announced her engagement to Su Yu, she said that her mother would come and appraise him. It was clear that Bing Wuxins mother was the crucial key to her formidable background.

While there were numerous well-known females in the continent, there was only one who was willing to send their daughter to the Red Blood Palace, which wasnt exactly renowned for its power! It was the Prefectures King who originated from the Red Blood Palace, Jian Wusheng!!

You are Jian Wushengs daughters, arent you? Su Yu asked.

Bing Wuqing nodded but then immediately shook her head. Indeed, we came as her daughters to the Red Blood Palace for training, but in fact, I, am not her real daughter.

Of course she wasnt her real daughter. She was of the demon race, while the other woman was a Prefectures King of Jiuzhou.

However, I really was born from her womb. Bing Wuqing revealed yet another piece of surprising news.

A hundred years ago, when she was undertaking her ordeal in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, she swallowed a spiritual fruit by mistake. The fruit happened to be the lodging item of godly spirit from which I escaped.

Thanks to these unforeseen circumstances, I was brought out of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland and was released by being born from her womb. I became her daughter.

Su Yu was astounded by such a surreal-sounding story.

Scowling, Su Yu voiced his doubt, Even Mo Tianxuan was able to see your true form, so there was no reason that Jian Wusheng, who gave birth to you, couldnt see your true nature! Why didnt she kill you?!

Because of her real daughter! Bing Wuqing cast a sideways look at Bing Wuxin.

At the moment, Bing Wuxins face was ashen grey, as she stared at Bing Wuqing with her usual intense animosity.

At that time, Jian Wusheng was pregnant with her real child, Bing Wuxin! When my godly spirit serendipitously entered her belly, it mingled with the fetus inside, and we became like twins. She shared a part of my godly spirit, thus acquiring an astounding spiritual body that no one had ever possessed before. I shared a part of her life, thus if I die, shell die along with me!

Even though Jian Wusheng was a majestic figure of the human race, she was, after all, still a mother. She couldnt bear to kill her own child. However, neither could she ignore the demon that I am, standing and breathing, right in front of her.

Thus, she delivered Wuxin and I to Mo Tianxuan, placing us under her surveillance, asking her to act as the circumstances commanded. If I ever showed any sign of disloyalty, then I could be killed.

The realization struck Su Yu like a bolt of lightning. No wonder Bing Wuxin and Bing Wuqing were bonded in such an intricate way. Even their spirits were united!

These doubts had bothered him for a long time. Only now did he realize that they were bodies of the same origin. He also finally understood why Bing Wuxin had always harbored such strong hostility towards Bing Wuqing and why Bing Wuqing always had a way of suppressing BIng Wuxin.

But Mo Tianxuan has never been an indecisive person. Im really curious as to why she hadnt driven a sword through you and sent you to Hell! Su Yu said. Su Yu was familiar with Mo Tianxuans personality. She wasnt a person whod release a significant enemy like the Glittering Jewel Demonic God because of a love affair.

Bing Wuqing shook her head placidly. In fact, I am as clueless as you are! Initially, I thought that Id die at the hands of Mo Tianxuan. But so many years have passed, and she hasnt made a move at all.

Despite having shown her a murderous intentions a couple of times, she wasnt really bothered about my presence, she continued.

As she spoke, Bing Wuqing couldnt help but express her puzzlement. I have never really known her, despite having been with her for so many years. Theres always this impenetrable, mysterious hue about her that I couldnt quite see through.

Being called mysterious by a demon who had been in hiding for eternities Su Yu was rather startled.

In fact, having experienced the martial tower and fought the virtual shadow left behind by Mo Tianxuan 300 years ago, Su Yu, too, felt that Mo Tianxuan wasnt who she purported to be. The level she had attained in the Imperishable Sword Body was indeed profound and unfathomable!

Anyways, she let me in, just like that! Bing Wuqing shrugged.

When she glanced around at everyone again, Bing Wuqing nonchalantly said, Ive said what needed to be said. Now happens to be the time when I need manpower the most, so Im giving you an opportunity! Stand by my side! Once I regain all my powers and reforge my godly body, Ill allow you lot to follow me. I believe you can imagine the benefits that come from taking my side without me needed to tell you. It will only be a matter of time before you become Mortal Fairies and Revered Lords!

Upon hearing those words, they felt their hearts pounding with anticipation. Mortal Fairies

Apart from Zhan Wushuang, who else on the scene could guarantee that they would become Mortal Fairies and Revered Lords one day? Bing Wuqings offer was indeed alluring.

The Demon Devouring Emperor had most probably come to serve under Bing Wuqing for the same reason.

Are you going to believe even a single word uttered by a demon? Dongfang Tianfeng taunted.

Han Fei and the few others were also totally unaffected by Bing Wuqings promise. The temptation of becoming Mortal Fairies was undeniably irresistible, but a promise made by a demon had a whole other meaning. Firstly, demons wouldnt necessarily keep their promises. Secondly, once they accepted the offer, it was equivalent to betraying the human race. On the other hand, if they joined forces and killed Bing Wuqing, resolving the great crisis of Jiuzhou, it would be a phenomenal contribution. How could Jiuzhou not heftily reward them for that?

Haha, it seems like I will have to show you something, Bing Wuqing chortled peacefully, lifting up her delicate fingers and gently pointing at the crowd.

All of a sudden, a terrifying, enormous force descended from the sky!

The faces of Han Fei and the others fell, as they quickly reacted by operating their Vital Energies to resist the coming force.

However, in the face of this force, they were as flimsy as ants. All of their strength was drowned out by the incessant suppression of the force, their postures turning from standing upright to half-squatting, and from half-squatting to kneeling on the ground.

The Mortal The Mortal Fairys Strength! You, you have attained the level of a Mortal Fairy! Impossible! How did you get into the Glittering Jewel Wonderland? This place is strictly reserved to individuals below the level of the Almighty! Dongfang Tianfeng was greatly shocked, and cold sweat was visible all over her face.

Bing Wuqing placidly said, Ive been in captivation for eternities, and have mastered all the nuts and bolts of this cage. Whats difficult about finding a couple of loopholes in it?

She was, in fact, a Mortal Fairy!

All of their plans were flushed down the drain in an instant. What choice did they have, having crossed paths with a Mortal Fairy, a powerful individual?

I accept your offer! Gu Taixu yelled through gritted teeth.

Bing Wuqing flashed a small smile. Great, once fully matured, the Body of Nine Spirits is quite an ideal nature How about the rest of you? Die, or comply?

What more could they do? They were left with no choice. Han Fei and Bi Lingtian both hung their heads low, one after another. Su Yu and Dongfang Tianfeng were the only ones left holding on to their last lifeline.

After casting a dispassionate look at Dongfang Tianfeng, Bing Wuqings gaze landed on Su Yu. With pity on her face, she said, In fact, youre the one that I want the most.

Su Yu sighed. Forgive me for not being able to comply. I cant betray my own race, just like I couldnt betray the Zhenlong continent back in the past.

There were people he wanted to protect in Jiuzhou. Su Yu couldnt stand to destroy Jiuzhou alongside the Glittering Jewel Demonic God.

Bing Wuqing fell into a long silence, before heaving a mournful sigh. What a pity! I admire you a lot But, if I cant have the people I admire, then, the rest will never have a chance, either!

To have gained the Demonic Gods admiration was enough to prove that he was extremely strong. If he became her enemy, his strength would be troublesome for her.

Im sorry, Junior Brother Su. Bing Wuqing was acting as her name implied she should. She was seemingly merciful but, in truth, was merciless. With a light bend and a gentle tap of her finger, the full force descending from the heavens above was imposed on Su Yu.

However, she didnt attack right away.

Lets remove the seal first. After you die, finding another carrier for the flower yard master will not be easy, Bing Wuqing said with indifference. With a light wave of her sleeve, Su Yu was frozen on the spot by the Mortal Fairys Strength and was rendered totally motionless.

Meanwhile, Han Fei, Gu Taixu and Bi Lingtian were teleported to the area near to Su Yu. Finally, even Dongfang Tianfeng was transported there.

The five of them formed a circle with Bing Wuqing in the center. It looked like they were about to perform some ceremony.

The great majority of my power has been scattered and sealed all over the Glittering Jewel Prison. Once the prison falls apart, the powers will find their way back to me and reforge my godly body! Bing Wuqing said to Han Fei and the others who had shown their subservience.

Later, I will perform some sorcery to make all five yard masters show up at once, and destroy them altogether. Thereby, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland will crumble into debris.

However, throughout the process of the sorcery, I have no time to keep an eye on the five yard masters, thus you lot will be in charge of stopping the yard masters. Do not let them escape.

Han Fei and the rest hesitated for a moment before nodding.

When she finished speaking, Bing Wuqing got on with the sorcery right away, muttering a certain kind of ancient language under her breath.

Su Yu deemed himself proficient in countless languages, but he couldnt understand single word that came out of her mouth. It was if she was speaking the language of a brand new race that wasnt among the ten thousand races he was aware of.

As the spells were chanted, the flower yard master, who was in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl was summoned out of nowhere, floating above Su Yus head!

The flower yard master awakened from her training in the Supreme Growing Soil. She was dazed at first, but her face immediately changed. Glittering Jewel Demonic God!


Without any second thoughts, the flower yard master immediately turned to escape but was held back by a blood-red hand!

Kneel! The Demon Devouring Emperor restrained the flower yard master and licked his lips with his scarlet tongue.

Shortly after, the yard masters on Han Fei, Bi Lingtian and Gu Taixu were summoned as well, all floating above their heads.

Four of the five yard masters had appeared.

There was only one yard master left. Once all five of them appeared, they would be destroyed at the same time, and the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, no, the Glittering Jewel Prison would fall apart. Then, Bing Wuqing would re-seize her powers as a Demonic God, and reforge her divine body. A world-shattering catastrophe would befall the Jiuzhou continent!

Theres one yard master left. Bing Wuqing was calm and unruffled. As she spoke, sparks of excitement glinted in her eyes.

The spells resonated in the air. However, the martial yard master did not appear above Dongfang Tianfengs head.

Bing Wuqing frowned in impatience. After a moment of contemplation, her gaze shifted to the still-open demon door, and she smiled placidly. Turns out its right here.

With a touch of her finger, the final imprisoning door of demonic energy fell apart, transforming into a large mass of demonic energy.

Shortly after, the demonic energy condensed, taking the form of a huge pitch-black dog with its eyes tightly closed. It was the martial yard master, the black dog.

However, Bing Wuqings placid smile froze on her face, and then it faded away. It was then replaced with doubt, and finally it turned into shock. You you arent the martial yard master! Youre How is that possible? How could it be you?! Strident screams escaped from Bing Wuqings throat.

She was shuddering all over. Her pupils shrank to the size of needles, and her pink fists were tightly clenched.

The look on her face and her behavior revealed how frantic and exasperated she was, and how frightened and resentful at the same time.

She was answered by a very lazy voice. Its been a long while, old friend, but it seems like you can still recognize me. The black dog had somehow opened its eyes, its face solemn and stern.

Su Yu felt his heart sink a little. As he stared at the black dog, a preposterous thought invaded his mental space.

Could it be