The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 Besieging The Demonic God

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It really is you! Bing Wuqing took in a deep, sharp breath as she tried to calm the roiling emotions deep down inside her. She forced herself to relax. Her clear eyes were brimming with stupefaction and suspicion.

The black dog snickered, and stood up like a human with its forelegs wrapped around its chest. In an insolent tone, it said, Yes, am I not the Sacred Kylin? You will never forget me for all eternity!

The Sacred The Sacred Kylin?

Several pairs of eyes that were filled with shock were pinned on the black dog as they examined it from head to toe with measuring looks.

What are you lot looking at? Yes, its me! I am the Sacred Kylin of Jiuzhou. Am I a rare sight to you? The black dog looked down at them with a pair of dark nostrils.

Han Fei and the others were speechless.

Which freaking part of you actually resembles a Kylin? they thought to themselves.

Humph! As though it couldnt stand the suspicious looks any longer, the black dogs body flickered with a black glint and expanded all of a sudden, becoming 30 feet tall. At the same time, its physical form underwent a drastic change. Its skull kept changing shape, transforming it into a creature with a pair of horns. The horns were ferocious-looking and peculiar. Countless scales the size of a fist glimmered on the surface of its body, making it look like it was a black suit of armor made of tough scales.

In the blink of an eye, the dog had turned from an insignificant black dog into a Kylin that looked the way it was depicted in the myth!

The black dog really was a Kylin. It was the Sacred Kylin!

They were all overwhelmed with confusion at this moment in time. The black dog that they had been fighting with all their courage and intelligence and risking their lives to defeat had been a God all along!

It was really a God of Jiuzhou!

Many of their doubts had now been clarified.

They had wondered how did the dog had possessed the divine ability to modify the conditions of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, easily transforming this place from a training ground into a demonic realm. Now they knew the answer. It was because the dog had created the Glittering Jewel Wonderland in the first place!

They couldnt help but feel dumbfounded.

As a God of Jiuzhou, why wasnt it helping the challengers? Instead, why did it transform the Wonderland intentionally, continuously weakening the Jiuzhou continent right up until today? Was it because the Gods of Jiuzhou were the same kind of deities as the Glittering Jewel Demonic God, who regarded all mortal lives as petty insects that could be slaughtered at will?

As the thought occurred to them, the people felt their hearts go cold.

Hey hey hey, what kind of looks are you giving me? Why are you not worshipping me now that Im standing right before you? All of you are on guard against me instead? The black dog, no, the Sacred Kylin, glowered at them with orange eyes as it ranted at them in dissatisfaction.

Black dog, shouldnt you explain everything youve done through all these years to us first? Su Yu asked calmly.

Im not a dog, Im the Sacred Kylin

Su Yu interrupted it. Its hard for us to believe a black dog that was trying to kill us all just a while ago, and yet is calling itself a God of Jiuzhou right now.

Im not a dog, Im the Sacred

Although I have some ideas about some of your deeds, the others might not have any idea. If you dont wish for us to take the enemys side, youd better make yourself very clear, black dog.

Im not

Were running out of patience. Black dog, cut the long story short.


Su Yu frowned. What are you really trying to say? Youre rambling!

Staring at Su Yu, the Sacred Kylins huge eyes were filled with flames. Grinding its teeth, it said, Nothing! I said Im the Sacred Kylin!

Su Yu looked at it as if he was looking at a moron. Arent you the black dog?

The Sacred Kylin kept grinding its teeth, holding back the urge to tear this fellow into pieces there and then. Putting on a stern look, the Sacred Kylin sighed, Killing you was saving you.

What? If these words hadnt come out of the Sacred Kylins mouth, they would have thought it was a delusion.

Just when they were completely befuddled, Bing Wuqing nonchalantly said, Its correct! Killing you, in fact, was saving you!

Neither of the Gods explained why this would be the case, as though it was an enormous secret that no one knew about.

The Jiuzhou continent is a world I built single-handedly, and the trillions of mortal lives are the descendants that evolved from my godly spirit. If I kill you, it will be as though Im destroying my very own godly spirit. Its no different from committing suicide! Unless the circumstances made it necessary, how could I bring myself to commit such an act? It just isnt a convenient time for me to reveal to you the reason behind it. When the time is right, youll be informed. The Sacred Kylins tone of voice was very somber and resolute.

Han Fei and the others were in partial disbelief. Killing them was saving them? It was such an absurd saying, and there was no clear explanation to back it up, so they found it very hard to believe.

That was all that I had to say. You can believe me, or you can add fuel to the enemys fire. Its up to you. The Sacred Kylin exposed its own weakness as it said those words. It didnt seem to have absolute confidence in its ability to defeat Bing Wuqing!

Su Yus turned his eyes away as he sank into deep thoughts, while Han Fei and the rest began to ponder their situation as well.

Circumstances had changed. At this point in time, they still had a chance to turn back.

Bing Wuqing didnt care about their opinions at all. She was staring at the Sacred Kylin. In an icy, solemn tone she said, I never expected you to still be alive, leaving a godly spirit behind in the dungeon! If only Id known it earlier, I would have destroyed both your body and your soul way before I was sealed, eradicating your godly spirit altogether!

The Sacred Kylin snorted and laughed coldly. If youd had the power to kill me back then, you wouldnt have ended up being sealed here by me.

That was your underhand scheme! You spent a few thousand years preparing this prison, and yet I was sealed here by you before you died because of my slight carelessness! Bing Wuqing was full of resentment and hatred.

What a joke, the Sacred Kylin retorted scornfully. How could I not be in full gear when you came to my territory and absorbed the power of belief? You expected me to sit back while you became a God and came to take my life with your demonic influence?

So that was the story.

Fine, I will collect this debt from your cavern world! Right here right now, what are you planning on doing now that youve shown up? What can you do to me? Bing Wuqing unleashed boundless Mortal Fairy Strength. Her murderous aura was shocking. Youre merely a remnant whiff of godly spirit, with power weaker than an All Creations. Killing you and the four other yard masters could also destroy the seal, and release my Godly Demons Power!

What? Its power was weaker than an All Creations?

Gu Taixu and the others had been constantly changing their minds, and they now began calculating matters all over again. The respective chances of victory of the two parties were rather obvious.

I have him. The Sacred Kylin placed a paw on Su Yus shoulder ungraciously.

Su Yus face darkened. How could you drag me into the pit like this?

Him? Bing Wuqings lips twitched into a cold sneer. Him alone?

No matter how excellent Su Yu was, he stood no chance of defeating a Mortal Fairy.

Hehe, of course, it wont be enough, but Im here too, arent I? The Sacred Kylin laughed strangely, rolling its eyeballs, which had malice lurking in them.

What? Bing Wuqing frowned a little, a feeling of foreboding creeping into her. What are you trying to do?

Tsk tsk! As a royal of the demon race, how could you ask such a despicable question? Of course Im not gonna mess with you! I wanna mess with them! The Sacred Kylin pointed at Gu Taixu and his mates lecherously.

When it was done speaking, Su Yu felt his body lighten as the Mortal Fairys Strength which had been imposed on him disappeared suddenly. However, Bing Wuqings body went stiff. She was totally unable to budge, and her Mortal Fairy aura was gradually subsiding.

She looked over at the four floating yard masters, slightly surprised and taken aback. You you can directly command the four great seals!

Obviously, this scene had far exceeded Bing Wuqings expectations.

Hold on! Is it because you have crafted yourself into an artifact spirit? Bing Wuqing seemed to have recalled something. She was in utter shock. Youre so ruthless! You actually did that to yourself!

Dividing the godly spirit into independent entities by force was equivalent to a martial artist dividing himself into two halves. The pain and agony involved were beyond description. Even the demon race, who were renowned for their strong, intrepid physiques, did not dare to simply attempt such inhuman, agonizing tactics.

Hehe, how could I not prepare a strategy before sealing a Demonic God? the black dog chuckled.

Bing Wuqing recovered her composure from the immense shock, and said to Gu Taixu and the others, It can only restrain me for half an hour. If you dont wish to die, then seize the Sacred Kylin for me!

Gu Taixu and the others had deep frowns on their faces. The seal could only last for half an hour? Once the time was up, they still wouldnt be able to escape death.

Brat, the heavy responsibility of the continent falls on your shoulder now. The Sacred Kylin tapped Su Yu on the shoulder with a grin.

Su Yu shot it a look, and replied indifferently, There are people I care about in Jiuzhou. I dont need you to remind me about that, and I wont let the Demonic God have it all her way. The thing is, how long can you stand it?

For a long time!

Why are your paws shivering then?

Oh, its my epilepsy acting up.

Su Yu was speechless.

The Sacred Kylin appeared relaxed on the surface, but in fact, the exertion from manipulating the yard masters to seal Bing Wuqing was taking its toll on it.

In less than half an hour, Bing Wuqing would be able to free herself. Once freed, she would destroy all five of the yard masters at once, shattering the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. Bing Wuqing would re-seize her power of Demonic God, and the Glittering Jewel Demonic God would re-emerge in the mortal world.

The consequences were clear!

It seems like I dont have to persuade you anymore, Su Yu sighed.

With their wisdom and cleverness, why did they need to be told how to choose by an outsider?

Han Fei said dispassionately, We dont have a choice.

Gu Taixu, Bi Lingtian, and Han Fei were all preparing their powers in silence, in an attempt to seize the Sacred Kylin!

Come on, then. Su Yu sighed helplessly and put his palms together. Brilliant sun rays kept erupting from between his palms, gradually shrouding Su Yus figure. From afar, it looked like a bright sun was rising from behind Su Yu.

A fight was bound to happen after all!

One party represented the Glittering Jewel Demonic God, and another party represented the Sacred Kylin.

Im really sorry! Han Fei said coldly. Her figure flickered suddenly, leaving behind a remnant shadow on her spot after tearing the space apart.

Gu Taixu and Bi Lingtian also struck at the same time.

However, the ultimate collision they had expected did not take place. Instead, three shadows flickered in Bing Wuqings vicinity, and three powerful blows hit Bing Wuqings sealed body simultaneously.

With a dull whimper, Bing Wuqings body trembled. Her face was flushed red, and stark, scarlet blood trickled from the corners of her mouth. Even Mortal Fairies could sustain injuries in a situation in which they had no proactive defense.

You chose him, just as expected. Bing Wuqing was unruffled, as though she had predicted their betrayal earlier.

She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. When she opened her eyes abruptly, a dreadful murderous intent could be seen in them. But its a pity that you have made the wrong choice!


A blood-red remnant shadow streaked across the air, aiming at Han Fei and the others.

Their faces froze for a fraction of a second, and they tried to fend it off by force.

Consequently, the three shadows retreated into the distance, and several dull, heavy thuds could be heard.

Han Fei barely managed to stop herself, and she stared at the blood-red shadow that had struck them with iciness in her eyes. Demon Devouring Emperor, do you really want to serve the evildoer and stand against the Jiuzhou continent?

As the outstanding elites of Jiuzhou, they would not take the enemys side, especially now that the Sacred Kylin had appeared.

Judging from the brief fight just now, Bing Wuqing could have been injured despite the seal. This meant that she wasnt unassailable anymore!

Losing the Kylins Ruined Horn surely rendered them incapable of thoroughly destroying Bing Wuqings godly spirit, but half an hour was still enough time in which to severely injure her!

Once Bing Wuqing was badly wounded, the threat she posed would be marginally relieved.

Hence, they had pretended to comply with her commands but were, in fact, joining hands to assault her.

Too bad there was a presence that they failed to foresee.

Hehe, whats good about the Jiuzhou continent? What could it provide me with? The Lord Glittering Jewel Demonic God can give me the paramount power of a Mortal Fairy. Could Jiuzhou do the same? The Demon Devouring Emperor had a cruel, heartless smile on his face.

Han Fei teased him. Do you really believe in a promise made by a demon? They are the ones who created inner demons, and theres no guarantee to their promises.

Humph, how could my master sign the ordinary Book of the Hearts Oaths with me? Thats something only you petty and lowly people would use for a transaction. I am the one whom my master truly appreciates. With me, she signed the Demonic Gods Contract!

The Demonic Gods Contract? Before they could make sense of it, the Demon Devouring Emperor had turned into a broken streak of red, aiming straight at the three of them.

The battle just now was enough to gauge the disparity between them. The Demon Devouring Emperor alone could suppress them all! With him hindering their efforts, there was no way they could lay another finger on Bing Wuqing.

They were just deciding whether to retreat when all of a sudden, boundless sun rays that filled the entire heavens and earth rapidly enveloped them from behind.

The glaring sunshine rendered them unable to open their eyes. They could only vaguely make out a magnificent figure with a silver mask taking control of the immense great sun, fighting the Demon Devouring Emperor valiantly.

Thump! Thump!

The powerful Demon Devouring Emperor took two steps back, his face full of shock. Fairy-level cultivation technique, Stage Two Top Class! Its hard to imagine that youre just a ninth-grade fairy!

Han Fei and the others looked awed as well. Fairy-level cultivation technique, Stage Two Top Class even? Such tendency to enlightenment was totally incompatible with his cultivation.

However, they were glad to see Su Yu was able to hold the Demon Devouring Emperor back.

Leave him to me. You guys decide what to do with Bing Wuqing, Su Yu said without turning back. His eyes were fixed on the Demon Devouring Emperor. Besides, Bi Lingtian, your Ancient Bronze Corpses should be put to use now. Isnt this what you brought them to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland for?

At the edge of the mausoleum, 80 All Creations Bronze Corpses lay motionless, awaiting command.

Although their attacking power wasnt as strong as that of Bi Lingtian or the other two, they stood out in terms of sheer numbers. When combined, their power wasnt any weaker than the three of them.

I understand. Its a critical moment of life and death, and I cant keep them to myself anymore. Bi Lingtian looked at everyone. Show all your aces. Dont wait till its too late! You might not have a chance to use them again in this life.

Once he had finished speaking, he took out an eerie bell and shook it non-stop. The blood-curdling sound of ghosts sobbing reverberated through the air.

All the gloomy, eccentric energy in the world intensified as dark winds blew and howled.

The 80 pairs of tightly-shut eyes opened abruptly. The Bronze Corpses tore open a seam in the space and strode over to Bing Wuqing, attacking her with savage, brutal force.

Gu Taixu hesitated for a moment, before taking a deep breath and retrieving a stretch of pine branch. He instilled Mortal Fairys Strength into the pine branch, a tactic which Su Yu was very familiar with.

A harsh light flickered. Gu Taixu stabbed Bing Wuqings forehead with the pine branch, and drove it deep into her skull. Tremendous Mortal Fairys Strength gushed into Bing Wuqings body rapidly, with a force that could revive the dead, devastating everything inside her.

Han Fei wasnt selfish either. With a flip of her hand, she groped inside the space ring and pulled out a pitch-black skull which was surging was turbulent demonic energy and emitting torrential, spectacular demonic power. It was the skeletal remain of the previous Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction Master, the relic of a Revered Mortal Fairy! It contained extraordinary Mortal Fairy Strength!

Three different kinds of supreme power struck all at once. Bing Wuqings body trembled very vigorously, and a mouthful of golden, uncanny blood spilled from her mouth. On her placid face, intense fury finally took over. All of you must die!!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As if answering her command, the entire Glittering Jewel Wonderland rumbled ceaselessly. It seemed to be at the brink of falling apart.

Han Fei and the other two who were in close proximity to the demon seemed to have sustained severe injuries. Blood spurted from their mouths and they were sent flying backward, their faces full of dread and shock.

It didnt seem that she was still being restrained. It was almost the case that the Demonic God had freed herself!

Han Feis mouth was full of blood. She clenched her teeth.Dont be afraid! Her injuries have worsened, and the attacks have been effective! We still stand a chance!

The three of them sprang up and continued their attacks on the beleaguered Bing Wuqing with complete fearlessness.

Meanwhile, Su Yu was officially engaged in a fight with the second-ranked Starry Sky Elite, the Demon Devouring Emperor.