The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042 Armor Of Blood Spirit

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Your raiding tactics are pretty amazing! The Demon Devouring Emperor rubbed his hands together. Why are you wasting your time trying to find excuses? Just admit that youre not as good as me!

The Demon Devouring Emperor had been fighting alongside the demonic beasts all year round, so his intuition was even sharper than that of the demonic beasts. How could he have failed to notice that blow from Su Yu just now? It was because he had never paid much attention to Su Yu, so he ended up suffering a defeat that was unworthy of his skill.

The Demon Devouring Emperor hadnt just launched a basic raiding attack against the other challengers. He had severely injured Han Fei and the other three while they were besieging Bing Wuqing. That was a true raid.

Hehe, in the world today there is only one person who would dare to say that Im not as good as him is Zhan Wushuang, and thats because all the others are dead! The Demon Devouring Emperor flashed a crooked, creepy smile.

Thats because you havent crossed paths with me before, Su Yu said dispassionately.

The Demon Devouring Emperor licked his lips, gleams of ferocity sparkling in the depths of his eyes. In the Fairy Confining Forest, he said, prey that resists more tends to taste better. They watch themselves getting devoured bit by bit as they scream in extreme misery. That is perfect enjoyment! Congratulations to you for making me rediscover this long-lost feeling! The Demon Devouring Emperor smiled in a hideous way, his entire being roiling with the turbulent vibe of savages.

His figure resembled a wild beast that fed on humans, and an eerie voice spilled from his throat. I am going to eat you alive!! The taste of human flesh is, in fact, very delicious too!!


Just as his words floated into Su Yus ears, his shadow arrived before Su Yu. A palm glinting with crimson blood mercilessly headed straight for Su Yus chest.

The Demon Devouring Emperor was less than five feet above Su Yu, and Su Yu could almost see his beastly, bloodthirsty, blood-red eyes clearly amidst the chaotic shadows.


Su Yu did not hesitate before raising a hand and striking with a Supreme Sun Divine Palm. Where the sunshine passed, the blow struck. It was inevitable.

Blood Armor of Beastly Spirit! Dark-red blood surged from the hair follicles of the Demon Devouring Emperor as he laughed cunningly. The fresh blood formed a layer of red armor on the surface of his body. At first glance, it was an ordinary blood energy protective armor. Only upon closer scrutiny would one notice the spirits of numerous beasts that were confined within the river of blood that made up the armor. They were shrieking and ceaselessly struggling in a futile attempt to break free from the restraint of the armor. There were tens of thousands of them!

The strikingly horrendous scene that resembled an inferno made Su Yus pupils shrink uncontrollably. His heart shuddered, and he recoiled instantly.

Just as he stepped back, the Demon Devouring Emperor slammed his palm down on the spot where Su Yu had been standing seconds ago and tore at it forcefully and brutally. He was completely clad in the blood armor and totally unhindered by the Supreme Sun Divine Palm.

The space began trembling lightly, and a fine, narrow seam opened up out of nowhere.

If Su Yu had been even just a little slower, his chest would have been torn open and his heart would have been dug away!

Agile, with quick reflexes and decisive actions! Im pretty sure youll taste amazing! The Demon Devouring Emperors eyes were shimmering with profound interest. Nothing excited him more than hunting down a precarious prey.

Su Yu glanced at the Blood Armor of Beastly Spirit that the Demon Devouring Emperor was clad in. This blood armor was built from the dead spirits of countless beasts, and any attacks would be fended off by the spirits before it could reach him. True harm would only be inflicted upon the Demon Devouring Emperors original form when the limit of the dead spirits had been exceeded.

The impact carried by the blow just now was totally absorbed by the spirits of the beasts, therefore not the slightest bit of it caused any harm to him.

Only if the blow surpassed All Creations would it possibly penetrate the blood armor of beastly spirits. Even if it did, the harm inflicted would be greatly alleviated. Su Yu analyzed his options, but it looked like there was only one way.

When he was finished thinking things through, Su Yus palms trembled, and a pitch-black steel needle floated above his palm. With a flick of his wrist, it was hurled forward. The steel needle immediately turned into nothingness. When it re-emerged, it had pierced all the way through the Blood Armor of the Beastly Spirits.

The Soul-piercing, Spirit-capturing Needle was a weapon that targeted and assaulted the soul. The Blood Armor of Beastly Spirits consisted entirely of the souls of demonic beasts, so it was the right weapon to counteract them.

Where the steel needle passed, the demonic beasts were immediately killed by the needle, losing their defensive strength. However, the beastly spirits at the back of the armor instantaneously came forward to fill the gap, diminishing the power of the steel needle.

By the time the needle had killed a thousand beastly spirits, it was thoroughly exhausted. Before it could reach the Original Form of the Demon Devouring Emperor, Su Yu was forced to withdraw it.

The Demon Devouring Emperor was smiling coolly the whole time and did not even bother to stop him. I forged this armor based on a treasure blueprint from an ancient relic using the spirits of ten thousand beasts which I gathered. The level is Fairy artifact! the Demon Devouring Emperor said.

He then stated a cruel fact. In this world, only a small handful of people could possibly breach my Armor of Beastly Spirits. You obviously arent one of those people, and now you must embrace the hunt of despair because you are helpless against the hunter! A callous, sly smile flickered in his eyes.

In an instant, the Emperors body transformed into a streak of blood. Before Su Yu could catch his breath, the Emperor had flashed into his line of sight. With his blood-red palm, he struck at Su Yus chest, aiming right at his vital spot.

Su Yu kept a calm look on his face, while a silk thread invisible to the naked eye came floating out of his sleeve and slashed through the air.

The Demon Devouring Emperor immediately drew his hand away and fended it off with his armor-clad arm.

Where the silk thread passed, hundred of spirits vanished like puffs of smoke and were destroyed all at once. Nonetheless, the silk thread still couldnt manage to pierce through the dead spirits and cause harm to the Emperor.

The Emperor was slightly taken aback. What a unique silk thread! Its definitely sharper than any other silk threads produced by silkworm demonic beasts that Ive seen! But its a pity that it has met its bane today!


Su Yus short-distance strike had failed, giving the Demon Devouring Emperor an opportunity to attack. Without warning, Su Yu was struck on the chest.

However, before the Emperor could unleash his power, his face fell slightly. His beastly intuition sensed an enormous threat at that moment. Many years of experience in the jungle made him react with the greatest precision. Without saying a word, he gave up on his best chance to tear Su Yu apart and stepped back immediately. But it was still a little too late.

The second he took a step back, a door to the demonic dimension seemed to have opened up underneath Su Yus feet. A round-shaped imprint with tremendous demonic energy surging within formed around him. Shortly afterward, savage, ferocious energy erupted skywards from the round imprint.

The Demon Devouring Emperor looked on in horror as a thousand-feet-long black demonic dragon suddenly rushed out, ruthlessly striking at his chest. The boundless, immense force propelled him backward by ten thousand feet, his flying body consecutively shattering eight ancient tombs before finally coming to a halt.

The Blood Armor of Beastly Spirits on his chest became a dull shade of red. Large patches of beastly spirits had perished, and nearly a third of them had been wiped out during the collision! This time, the beastly spirits couldnt be replenished and failed to protect him, allowing serious trauma to be inflicted on his original form.

Despite not having been thoroughly breached, his original form suffered a substantial blow. Baring his teeth as he tried to suppress the pain, the Demon Devouring Emperor raised his head. His face was brimming with a crazed, delirious kind of excitement.

Looking up at the sky, he began to laugh. Great! Great! Excellent!! No one has hurt me in a long, long time. You really are an interesting opponent! If I dont eat you, Im afraid that Ill die of regret!!


All of a sudden, the Emperor opened his mouth, and a colossal virtual shadow of a demonic beast emerged behind him. It was ten thousand feet in height with bloodshot eyes and a lower half body that resembled a kylin. However, its head was exceptionally hideous, giving off an ominous air.

Tao Tie? Su Yu muttered subconsciously. The Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye that had been dormant for a long time emitted slight waves of heat as if it had detected something but quickly fell dormant again.

Upon closer inspection, it was quite similar in appearance to a Tao Tie but far less ferocious. It had a gluttonous look which made it seem far less menacing.

Youre right! The ancient ferocious beast is part of my bloodline, the Tao Tie bloodline! Although a weaker and less pure form, its still the last remaining Tao Tie bloodline in the world! the Demon Devouring Emperor said.

He had a cruel look on his face. Now, accept your fate and allow me to devour you. Dying at the hands of my Spiritual Body will be your greatest blessing!


The shadow of the Tao Tie gave out an uncanny sound and opened its mouth abruptly. As Su Yu looked on, its mouth expanded endlessly.

The demonic dragon that came toward him to strike him once again seemed to be held back by a certain force. Shortly after, its body suddenly broke into two halves and dissipated as it turned into demonic energy. It had been torn into pieces by something!

While Su Yu was immersed in shock, an intangible force had targeted him. The sense of crisis befell him immediately, making Su Yus heart go cold. It was right at that moment that Su Yu retrieved a wooden bird and began to operate it.

The next moment, Su Yu had torn apart the space and had appeared somewhere else. The place he had just been standing in moments ago, was now an endless stretch of barrenness. The entire space had been devoured!

Teleportation treasure? The Demon Devouring Emperor was in awe. Even All Creations strong men were incapable of crafting such treasures. Only Mortal Fairies had such an ability.

Humph, no amount of treasures can save your life! the Emperor bellowed coldly as he stared at Su Yu, the virtual shadow resembling Tao Tie activated behind him once again.

Su Yu dared not be even a little bit careless. He operated the wooden bird once again and dodged the attack quickly.

On the inside, the Emperor had the Blood Armor of Spirits, giving him nearly unassailable defensive powers. On the outside, he had the Tao Tie bloodline that could engulf the Void.

It was no wonder that Bing Wuqing was willing to use him. These kind of people were almost unmatched even in their adolescence. Who could rival them once they turned into adults?

Su Yu had evaded the attack several times in a row, escaping death by a hairs breadth.

As she stood to one side carefully watching the events, Bing Wuxin was on tenterhooks. If it werent for Su Yus telepathic message ordering her not to act recklessly, she would have gone forward and aided him already. However, she recognized the fact that in her current state, she was no match for the Demon Devouring Emperor at all.

Moments later, another attack was launched against Su Yu. He wasnt able to dodge this one in time, and a huge portion of his sleeve was torn off and devoured. He nearly lost his arm.

It has to end now, Su Yuxian! The Demon Devouring Emperor licked his lips. Using the Void Teleportation treasure was highly energy-consuming, so it was impossible for Su Yu to keep using it. Once he was no longer able to use it, he would be devoured.

Youre right; its time to end it.

What caught the Emperor unawares was that Su Yu actually nodded and kept the wooden bird!

Arent you going to run away? the Emperor asked with narrowed eyes. He launched no further attacks. Instinct told him that the circumstances had changed, and whiffs of a dangerous vibe surged towards him.

Who told you I was running away? Im almost done preparing, so lets begin! Su Yu said placidly as he drew out a blade of Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword from behind his back.

As he looked at the sword, the Demon Devouring Emperor felt his heart gradually turn cold. The Emperor determined the strength of the sword from its sharp edge. It was impregnable!

Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, aged more than a thousand years! The speaker was none other Bing Wuqing, who was under the seal. With her rich experience, she couldnt help but be shocked too.

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo had been extinct for ten thousand years, and now a mature form of it aged for more than a millennium had been acquired by someone. It had even been forged into a semi-manufactured fairy sword!

Be careful! This sword is very dangerous! This was the first time Bing Wuqing had spoken in a while.

The Demon Devouring Emperor grinned. No worries! I wont die before I eat him!


As he spoke, the virtual shadow of the Tao Tie opened its mouth and swallowed.

Su Yu looked completely unruffled. With a turn of his wrist, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo streaked across the Void. It did not leave a tinge of splendid sword energy behind it and merely moved in a silver-colored, resplendent trajectory across the Void. The befalling engulfing force vanished into nothingness under the light touch of the sword! Disappearing alongside it was a massive patch of the Void which was slashed apart.

It had failed to devour Su Yu, and now the virtual shadow of Tao Tie suffered from the impact, its body shattered into smithereens as it growled in agony.

The Demon Devouring Emperors pupils shrank and his heart was overwhelmed with iciness. What kind of sword is that? he thought.