The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044

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Haih Bing Wuqing gave a gentle sigh. Why must you always sabotage me? Real frustration and anger were clearly audible in her words.

As a God, the lives of the people of Jiuzhou were mere insects in her eyes. They could never normally influence her emotions. Su Yu was the only one to have done so.

Su Yu kept hold of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter. In an indifferent tone, he said, If so, Lord Demonic God, are you ready now? Theres just a short while left! I hope you can put up with it!

Han Fei, Gu Taixu and Bi Lingtian all struck all at once. Even Dongfang Tianfeng joined the attack after her brief respite. Relying on the treasures endowed by her family, she could serve a great purpose in the battle.

All of a sudden, the entire sky was full of turbulence caused by the Mortal Fairys Strength. The resplendent light was accompanied by the advent of a powerful force that could destroy the entire world.

Having lost the purifying effect of the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter, the brunt of all the attacks was solidly taken by Bing Wuqing.

However, when the smoke and dust dissipated, all of them at the scene felt their hearts sink. Shockingly, Bing Wuqing had only sustained some superficial injuries! This was despite the fact that all of them had used the full range of their powers without holding back!

The previous occurrence was merely a deliberate pretense of Bing Wuqing. Her physical defensive power was way beyond what they had expected.

What they could now see right before their eyes made Han Fei and the others stand rooted to their spots in stupefaction and hesitation. If having gone all out only resulted in such an unsatisfactory outcome, half an hour would not be enough at all, let alone just a short while.

Helplessness and hopelessness flooded their hearts. Was it all in vain after all? If it would be futile to continue their attacks, they might as well surrender or run away now. A number of different ideas jostled in their minds.

Right at that moment, a very reassuring voice sounded. How about you let me give it a try?

Even Gu Taixu wouldnt be able to deny that Su Yuxians voice instilled a sense of hope in him.

Even the untroubled-looking Bing Wuqing couldnt help but glance at Su Yu. She could ignore the presence of Han Fei and the rest, but she regarded Su Yu in a different way. Could he have any more special tactics up his sleeve?

But Bing Wuqing wasnt overly worried. Su Yuxian, I admit that youre quick-witted and full of ideas, and you have surprising skills and treasures, but as for killing me, you havent gotten there yet.

If youre aware that I have unexpected skills and treasures, how can you be sure that I have no more unexpected aces ready to go? Su Yu inhaled lightly. It was time to show his hand.

Currently, the situation was far more dangerous than could be imagined. If Bing Wuqing couldnt be killed, certain death awaited them in just a short while.

Are you trying to tell me that you have some divine relics that could destroy my godly spirit? Bing Wuqing said casually. She chuckled as if she was telling a joke.

There was only one deity of Jiuzhou, and that was the Jiuzhou God, the Sacred Kylin.

As a great family with a long-standing history, the Great Oriental Family had only managed to find one of its relics in the forbidden, most westerly part of the world. That relic was the piece of broken horn. That was the only weapon in the world that could kill her. There could not possibly be another.

However, when Su Yu ceremoniously retrieved an item from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, Bing Wuqings serene smile faded quickly and was immediately replaced by a solemn, grave look.

Even the painstakingly struggling Sacred Kylin was taken aback, giving Su Yu a profound stare.

Su Yu was discreetly holding a jade box in his hand. It had more than ten layers of seals covering it.

Inside the jade box lay a piece of leaf that was a unique color. It was entirely golden and looked as though it was carved out of pure gold. The leaf was of the size of a palm. Its veins were clearly visible, and drops of golden liquid could be faintly seen flowing through them.

The jade box had served as a barrier, so Han Fei and the others hadnt realized what was exceptional about the piece of leaf. Judging by the looks on Bing Wuqings and the Sacred Kylins faces, however, they had been able to fathom the monstrous power of the golden leaf.

After a long silence, Bing Wuqing took in a sharp cold breath and gazed at Su Yu somberly. In a low voice, she said, Su Yuxian, are you really going to do this to me? I have never harmed you, and neither have I hurt the people around you, even the people who came from a foreign continent.

Su Yus heart pounded with shock when he heard that! She had actually managed to discover the presence of lives from the Zhenlong continent? If she was able to do so, did that mean the Central Prefectures King could, too?

Streaks of panic filled his heart. It was time to head for the Central Prefecture, and search for the shelter where the people from Zhenlong continent resided.

Elder Liao had been gone for several years, and there had been no news from him at all. He could have run into all kinds of difficulty.

However, Su Yu looked calm and composed on the surface, even when Han Fei and the others were looking at him with a strange expression in their eyes.

You havent, but thats only because you werent capable of it. Once you regain your Demonic Gods power, will you still be the same? Su Yu was unaffected. I dont wish to squander a piece of golden leaf just for you, so as long as you give up the thought of regaining your Demonic Gods power, I will call a ceasefire, Su Yu suggested.

That was obviously impossible.

As a Demonic God, I was restricted by the petty humans of Jiuzhou. It is no different from an elephant being imprisoned by a bunch of ants! I dont want to keep living this way! Therefore, I have to re-seize my Demonic Gods power! Bing Wuqing said staunchly.

Although your golden leaf is a deitys relic, Im afraid that deity is powerless at this moment, isnt it? Otherwise there would be more than just a little godly spirit! Bing Wuqing stated coldly.

Su Yu nodded slowly. Youre right. The golden leaf can inflict absolute harm upon All Creations strong men, but it is not strong enough to hurt Mortal Fairies! However, its powerful enough to kill you! The divine power in it is a sharp weapon that can destroy your godly spirit!

The weapons of the mortal world certainly couldnt compare to the treasures of martial artists. Nonetheless, even mortal weapons could destroy a beating heart.

The divine power contained in the golden leaf was relatively weak, but it could defeat godly spirits. Hence, despite the slight decrease in its strength, it was enough to kill the defenseless Bing Wuqing.

When he had finished speaking, Su Yu hurled the golden leaf forward without saying another word.

The golden leaf fluttered in the wind, radiating golden rays of daylight and gracefully fell onto Bing Wuqings shoulder.

In a split second, the golden leaf emitted boundless golden brilliance, shrouding the entire Glittering Jewel Wonderland in daylight.

As they basked in the golden light, all lives sensed a natural, tranquil, spiritually rejuvenating ambiance of wellness. Everyone experienced a change in their spiritual dimension, but only Bing Wuqing underwent a physical change.

The golden leaf adhered to her body, and streaks of golden threads were pulled out from her and absorbed by the golden leaf.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The behavior observed in the leaf was a unique ability of absorption. The only difference was that it hadnt absorbed carbon dioxide but a deitys godly spirit!

In the fraction of a second, the godly spirit absorbed had exceeded what was gifted to the Demon Devouring Emperor by more than ten times!

Bing Wuqings dark hair was losing its luster at a speed visible to the naked eye. It turned gray and dull at first, and then snowy white, as white as snowflakes.

Her crystal clear, gorgeous eyes were also gradually covered by a light shade of black, her red rosy lips gleaming with a purple sheen.

In the blink of an eye, her beautiful, pristine face had become exceptionally vicious and strange-looking.

That was a part of the Demonic Gods Original Form. After losing her godly spirit, she didnt have the strength to maintain her guise as a human, and therefore gradually revealed her original appearance as a demon.

In the midst of its struggle, the Sacred Kylin couldnt help but burst out laughing. How hilarious! How hilarious! You didnt die at the hands of a deity like me, and have not been destroyed for hundreds and thousands of years. It went on blabbering. But right here right now, youre going to die at the hands of an unknown little brat, having the whole of your godly spirit stripped alive!

Linlang, oh, Linlang, dont you find it tragic?

The snow-like white hair fluttered in the air, covering her forehead, but did nothing to cover those eyes glimmering with a black radiance. Her voice had also somehow changed. It had lost all tenderness and the refreshing touch of winds in the spring and sounded old, weathered and hoarse now.

You forced me. Bing Wuqings eyes seemed to have penetrated time and space as she heaved an old, battered sigh. It was as though she had made up her mind.

The Sacred Kylins brows were furrowed. What? You still have a chance to turn things around, even now?

Bing Wuqing stayed silent and gazed deeply at the faraway Bing Wuxin, helplessness circling in her eyes. I never expected myself to end up here in the end.

Suddenly realizing the danger. Su Yu bellowed, Wuxin, leave the mausoleum now!

However, it was too late.

Bing Wuqing took a deep breath and uttered words that shook the world and startled the heavens. All things of the same origin, unite! As she yelled, Bing Wuxins body began transforming uncontrollably.

White hair, black pupils, purple lips

A total reflection of Bing Wuqing!

The only slight difference was that Bing Wuxins face showed her determination to fight back. Do you wish to break the promise? If you do, mother will destroy you in the worst way possible!

Im left with no choice. Instead of sitting back and awaiting my death, I might as well regain the other half of my godly spirit, Bing Wuqing said with indifference.

She had mistakenly got herself into Jian Wushengs belly and had merged with the fetus Bing Wuxin, so half of her godly spirit was possessed by Bing Wuxin. Thus, the two of them even had the same spiritual energy.

However, Bing Wuqing played the dominant role, which gave her the power to manipulate Bing Wuxin at all times.

Bing Wuxin was transfigured into a half-demonic state. Nine virtual shadows appeared behind her all at once.

The Heavenly Sword Spiritual Body!

The difference was that the nine virtual shadows took solid forms, one after another.

When the fourth shadow turned, Su Yus face changed. Usually, Bing Wuxin was only capable of turning three shadows solid. She had never been able to turn more than four shadows solid before.

We were born from the same origin. If she is a sword, then I am the sheath! All these years, if it wasnt for my suppression, she would have opened the fifth sword already! Right now, with the sheath released, she can really shine!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

It only stopped when the fifth sword turned solid, and that was only because Bing Wuqing didnt have enough control and so was unable to fully manipulate Bing Wuxin.

Staring as the fourth and the fifth swords solidified, Su Yu felt a great sense of peril! The fifth sword, in particular, wasnt something that could be resisted by All Creations, perhaps not even by Mortal Fairies!

Oh no! Shes under the control of the Demonic God now. Her spiritual body has been unleashed. If shes not stopped soon, all of us will die! Gu Taixu yelled sternly, immediately pouncing on Bing Wuxin. He obviously intended to kill her.

The pine branch in his hand traced an enigmatic trajectory in the air. A blow containing the power of Mortal Fairys Strength struck Bing Wuxin with a force that could devastate worlds. Su Yu was concentrated entirely on suppressing Bing Wuqing, and he didnt even have the power to stop him.

Seeing Bing Wuxin on the verge of being killed by the Mortal Fairys Strength, all of a sudden, the fourth sword on her back, and then the fifth, broke through the clouds.

The fascinating trajectory of the pine branch was disrupted by force. A wound so deep that bone was visible appeared on Gu Taixus chest, accompanied by puffs of charred smoke.

The blade of a fiery red long sword leisurely flew through the air and returned to its position on Bing Wuxins back.

The sword not only ruined the powerful blow prepared by the pine branch, but it had also wounded Gu Taixu.

Even though the wear and tear of the pine branch after years of use had caused a decline in the Mortal Fairys Strength it possessed, it was still an absolutely powerful strike!

But that was only the fourth sword, and the fifth sword was aiming straight at the Sacred Kylin!

With a dull thud, the Sacred Kylins skull was pierced from front to back. With an agonized whimper, the Sacred Kylins thirty-feet-tall body collapsed forcefully onto the ground.