The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 Dayan God Restraint

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The skull of the Sacred Kylin shattered, turning into demonic energy. Its entire body began to disintegrate. This time, it was no ordinary disintegration. The Scared Kylin was dying.

How cruel you were to force your spirit to merge with the original spirit inside Bing Wuxins body, dissolving a part of her. That meant that your Demonic Gods body was no longer pure, and the Demonic Gods Power sealed in this place would not recognize you.

The amount of power youll be able to reseize would be less than half of your original strength! Youll end up an entity somewhere between a God and a half-God, and youll never be able to regain control over your divine position in this lifetime, the Sacred Kylin said plaintively.

Everyone was surprised by how adamant and resolute the Glittering Jewel Demonic God was. Initially, they had thought the elites of Jiuzhou were capable of inflicting severe harm upon her.

However, it was the golden leaf presented by Su Yu that had forced her down the dead end, and that was how things had ended up this way. As a deity itself, the Sacred Kylin understood what it meant to a past God to abandon their divine position. She would not forgive Su Yu for the rest of her life.

As the Sacred Kylin collapsed, the four great yard masters were freed from their confinements, and each returned to the challengers. The seal was soundlessly removed.

Bing Wuqing raised a finger. At that moment, the entire world became deadly silent, and the beating of their hearts was the only audible sound. She had broken free from the seal! The terrifying entity whose single thought could kill them all had regained her freedom!

All of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland fell into a dreadful, eerie silence as an oppressive gloom filled every nook and cranny. The challengers were at the brink of death. Dread and insecurity filled their minds.

Bing Wuqing had pointed her finger at Bing Wuxin, her counterpart of the same origin. Wherever the tip of her finger passed, Bing Wuxin began struggling intensely.

No, Id rather die than become one with a demon! Bing Wuxin was resisting with all her might. Her resentment towards demons wasnt as profound as the people of ancient times, but her hatred for Bing Wuqing was genuinely fierce and heartfelt.

You and I are united! What is the point of fighting it? You are me, and I am you! With a curl of her finger, Bing Wuqing pulled Bing Wuxin toward her via teleportation.

Bing Wuxins resistance seemed so feeble and helpless.

Hell no! We are not a union! It was you! It was because of you that mother never looked me in the eye; it was because of you that I had to stay in the Red Blood Palace for so long! Bing Wuxins hatred was derived from the attitude that her mother, Jian Wusheng, displayed toward her. As a regional ruler of the human race, she had given birth to a daughter who was under the control of demons.

Indifferently, Bing Wuqing said, You hate me because Jian Wusheng never recognized you as her biological daughter? For all these years, she has never touched you even once, and she hasnt even looked you in the eye? Well, if that is true, you really should hate me.

Bing Wuxin shook her head. Two lines of tears flowed down her gorgeous, icy face, telling the story of her sorrow and tragic fate.

No, I dont hate the fact that she didnt recognize me, because I know she was the King of Jiuzhou, one of the nine great rulers of the human race, and she was left with no choice! I have never hated her for that, and I wont hate you for that either.

Then Bing Wuqing was slightly bewildered.

I hate you because, every night, after I fell asleep, she would caress my forehead as her tears fell silently, and because she would expend a boundless amount of Mortal Fairys Strength to instill it in my Dantian, so her cultivation did not improve even the slightest bit in a hundred years!

Upon hearing that, everyone was quiet. What mother in the world wouldnt love their daughter?

She was cold to her daughter in front of others, treating her as if she was a stranger. But when no one was watching, she was still a benevolent and loving mother.

She cried for you? Bing Wuqing was taken aback. I dont remember her ever crying.

Bing Wuxin didnt hate that Bing Wuqing because she had been treated unfairly: she hated the fact that her mother had to go through such emotional turmoil.

Hold on! You said that she always instilled you with Mortal Fairys Strength? All of a sudden, Bing Wuqings face fell, as though she had realized something. She tapped Bing Wuxin on the forehead as if she was trying to feel for something.

A moment later, her pretty face changed. Her snow-like white hair fluttered wildly in the air as if she had been shockingly fooled.

She went ballistic. Godda*ned woman!! So she had seen this day coming a long da*n time ago, and shes did something to her daughter!!

Hehe, finally you realized? The Sacred Kylin, who was sprawled on the floor, let out a peal of smug laughter. Back in the martial tower, I detected the Mortal Fairys Strength in this little girls body! At first, I was thinking that some elder might have left it in her for training purposes. But when I saw you, it became clear to me that the Mortal Fairys Strength had been left for you!!

If Im right, the Mortal Fairys Strength was inherited from an ancient sealing technique several hundred thousand years ago. It was the Dayan God Restraining Technique! The performer of the technique has to spend at least ten years in continuous formulation, using their lives and their own Mortal Fairys Strength. Its specific purpose is to curb crippled deities like you and me.

It can confine us in a certain individual, nourishing her growth and development. As long as premature death doesnt happen, the little girl will become a God in the future. Its only a matter of time!

Its too bad for you that this technique requires the willingness of the deity themselves! Very tragically and unfortunately, if you hadnt formed a union with Bing Wuxin, the restraining technique wouldnt have been triggered. You gave permission to the union, so the restraining technique is automatically activated! Hahahahahaha, how hilarious! As the mighty Demonic God, youre going to become the nourishment for an ordinary woman that is a Goddess-to-be in the future!

The Glittering Jewel Demonic God would never have guessed that Jian Wusheng would lay such a trap inside her daughters body. Now, the original spirit had been merged with Bing Wuxin, and the restraining technique had been activated.

Having realized that she had been a victim of a groundbreaking fraud, Bing Wuqing lost all her cool and composure. She entered a state of extreme delirium and fury. Jian Wusheng! I want you to die in the most horrible ways possible!!

She finally understood the reason Jian Wusheng had signed the promise, making her unite with her own daughter! It had been to fool her, making her think that Jian Wusheng only did that because she loved her daughter. She had never thought further about it.

Now that the Dayan God Restraining Technique had been triggered, she would be sealed inside Bing Wuxins body, becoming nourishment to her flourishing! The horrendous feeling of being deceived finally made Bing Wuqing erupt in flames of rage.

Hehehe, I honestly think youll be dead before her. If she was able to devise such a high-ended ancient restraining technique, her cultivation and capabilities must be higher than yours. My advice to you is to be obedient and be the nourishment that youre supposed to be. Then you can simply disappear from this world! The Sacred Kylin laughed heartily.

The enemy that it had been fighting for eternities was finally meeting her downfall. What else could be more exciting than this?

Humph! A dull snort that sounded like shocking thunder made the Sacred Kylin shudder. Its abdomen exploded from the inside out, and Su Yu and the others suddenly sensed an immensely oppressive force pressing down on them, making their insides churn.

The Dayan God Restraining Technique did indeed curb me, but dont you ever forget, this technique requires the bearers to be Mortal Fairies or above! Shes merely a ninth-grade fairy now and has no right to detain me!

But the Sacred Kylin was still laughing relentlessly. And dont forget this either! Even if she doesnt detain you yet, youre beginning to turn into her nourishment already. In less than a few years, shell be promoted to a Mortal Fairy, and there will no more obstacles! By then, youll be sealed along with your consciousness and will merely be a source of nourishment for her.

Bing Wuqing did not speak. It was all in vain. With a sweep of her icy eyes, Bing Wuqing fixed her gaze on Bing Wuxin, her eyes raging with murderous desires.

What now? Do you want to kill her? Both of you came from the same origin. If she gets hurt, her injuries will reflect on you in an identical way. And if she dies, despite your godly spirit, youll die right away, too! Right now, the two of you are basically the same person. The Sacred Kylin couldnt hold back its laughter.

Bing Wuqing fell into a long silence, slowly withdrawing her stare. Indeed, she would die too if Bing Wuxin was killed. The hurt she bore would also be transferred onto her.

She couldnt even lay a finger on Bing Wuxin. All she could do was watch her own essence being drained away and absorbed by Bing Wuxin until she became a Mortal Fairy. Then, she would seal her altogether.

Slowly closing her eyes, she tried to suppress the flames of fury raging inside her. When she opened her eyes again, she lifted her fingers and grasped. Bing Wuxin was dragged helplessly to her side.

An astounding sight unfolded before the challengers eyes. Their bodies collided, and as if plummeting into a pool of water, Bing Wuxin was entirely blended into Bing Wuqing.

Eventually, Bing Wuqing was the only one visible, and Bing Wuxin was nowhere to be seen. Traces of struggle were seen on Bing Wuqings face, as though it was Bing Wuxins soul protesting, trying to gain dominance over the body.

A long while later, when Bing Wuqings face finally calmed, she opened her eyes. A pair of pitch-dark, profound eyes stared out. Bing Wuqing had gained dominance.

In ten years, nope, less than ten years, you wont be able to suppress the little girls soul anymore. Her consciousness will awaken, and youll imprisoned in the seal, falling into eternal dormancy until you perish! the black Kylin sneered coldly. I truly admire that humans courage and schemes. She was daring enough to plot against a demon like you!

Bing Wuqings snowy hair danced in the air, but her body stood motionless. In a hoarse voice, she said, Before you tease me, shouldnt you take a look at your own predicament first?

Ten years are more than enough for me to find the secret technique to decipher the Dayan God Restraining Technique and enough for me to destroy all of Jiuzhou, to vent my anger! As for you, the Wonderland, and these elites that you cherish so much, none of you get to live through this day!

The Sacred Kylin stopped laughing abruptly and fell silent.

Indeed, I cant stop you from doing that. Im afraid the beings of the Jiuzhou continent wont be able to stop you too. After retrieving half of your Demonic Gods Power, the living beings of Jiuzhou cannot rival you! However, youll perish in ten years time and become nourishment to the new God of the human race. My death, and the destruction of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, will be worthwhile.

The only pity is The Sacred Kylin cast a look at Su Yu and the rest, its eyes filled with deep remorse and pity. They are talented young people, yet they cant escape the tragic fate.

Bing Wuqing flashed an icy smile. Her expression was sinister, and she looked truly eerie. Good thing that you know!

Alright then, do what you have to. As an artifact spirit that has been guarding against you for the past ten thousand years, Im already weary. The Sacred Kylin gave a deep sigh.

Nonetheless, Bing Wuqings stare shifted onto someone else. Her creepy gaze was like icy frost, piercing right through ones soul. However, you arent the person I wish to kill the most. Youre only the second on my list. Theres someone else who deserves to die before you!!

Upon the mention of the word, a bitter smile crept up to Su Yus lips.

Things had come to this stage and far exceeded what the brains of humans could ever conceive. He had done all that he could, but to let him sit back and just surrender to his fate, was definitely impossible!

Su Yu had gone through all of his crises and ordeals with a heart of steel and a staunch, unwavering conviction that never gave in to hardships and never gave up on survival. Right here, right now, this plight was no different.

Dying at the hands of the Jiuzhou God is nothing to be ashamed of because this is a war between deities. The victor rises as a King, and the loser falls as a thief! However, Im losing my life to you! Putting aside the fact that you prevented me from regaining my Demonic Gods Power, it was also you who forced me into the trap, making me nourishment for other people and helping them become God!

This hate is far more profound than having been sealed ten thousand years ago and far more miserable! Bing Wuqing walked towards Su Yu, her face placid and calm, but her body was trembling.

How I wish you could follow me; how I wish you could serve under me; how I wish we were still brother and sister of the same faction. But why did you have to hinder me? Bing Wuqing heaved a desolate sigh and took another step forward.

Suddenly, there she was, right in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu couldnt help but step back. However, he realized that his legs couldnt even budge an inch. His entire body had gone out of control. An intangible force refrained Su Yu, rendering him immobile.

By then, Bing Wuqing had come up to him. Her eyes were filled with intricate emotions as she stared at Su Yu. I thought wed become friends Goodbye, Junior Brother Su

With a whisk of her fingers, a gust of Mortal Fairys Strength that could destroy everything and anything in the world fell in between Su Yus brows.