The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 Gods Remains

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The first way can be eliminated. Its only been a month since the opening of the Wonderland, Su Yu said as he gazed at the boundless, dark expanse of sky. The second is impossible too. I dont have the coordinates of the Jiuzhou continent.

Isnt there a third way? Su Yu had a solemn look on his face.

The Sacred Kylin shook its head. Aside from those, there are no other ways! Back when this prison was built, a strict prohibition on leaving through under-the-counter means was set. Otherwise, youd be easily used by the Glittering Jewel Demonic God.

Su Yu fell silent. Was this really the end?

The Sacred Kylin suddenly chuckled. However, the second way is still feasible.

Su Yu frowned. I dont have the coordinates of the Jiuzhou continent Hold on! You do?

Hahaha, little fellow, even with all your clever tactics, you still arent too smart, are you? Who am I? The God of Jiuzhou! Jiuzhou is a colossal world evolved from my godly spirit. Do you think Im incapable of locating the existence of the Jiuzhou continent?

Su Yu was delighted. In that case, I have a period of time to escape! Based on the sword energy I left behind, she will be able to recover in a short while. We only have a little time to distance ourselves from her area of detection.

Even Mortal Fairies did not possess the power of infinite detection. Once they escaped beyond a certain distance, they would be free from Bing Wuqings threat.

However, a short time to escape was almost negligible as far as Mortal Fairies were concerned.

Hehe, who says weve only got a short while? Ive played some tricks on her, and she wont be able to get away in less than half an hour, the Sacred Kylin chortled.

Tricks? Su Yu was surprised. Were there any tricks left to play?

Have you forgotten about the remnant souls of Mortal Fairies in the mausoleum? the Sacred Kylin said. Those remnant souls were set up by me in the past, with the purpose of guarding the Glittering Jewel Demonic God!

Who would have thought that bunch of garbage would have let the Glittering Jewel Demonic God run away without them even realizing? Now is a good opportunity for them to rectify their mistake!

Su Yus eyes shone with a glimmer of hope. He had nearly forgotten about them.

Despite being remnant souls, they had been powerful Mortal Fairies back when they were alive. Combined with the tricks laid by the Sacred Kylin, those remnant souls would probably take some radical action.

Half an hour would be sufficient!

Lets go southeast. The Sacred Kylin lifted a paw and pointed in a southeastern direction.

Su Yu looked over at it, a gleam of anticipation flashing in his eyes.

In the mausoleum, Bing Wuqing tore the nearest remnant soul into pieces with one hand. Her white hair was tousled and tangled, and streams of blood were flowing from the corners of her mouth.

She was beleaguered as the remnant souls in the mausoleum pounced toward her. Their strategy was one of self-destruction! A couple of them were nothing to worry about, but if nearly a hundred of them were attacking at once, she dared not take the risk with her current capacity. Right now, however, fleeing was challenging enough! She had to spend time taking them down one by one.

Sacred Kylin!! Su Yuxian!! As she endured another blow from the explosion, Bing Wuqing was brimming with fury and frustration.

A short while later, Su Yus pitch-black world brightened up all of a sudden as a scene of brilliance occupied his visual field. He was about to leave the dark Void and enter another world. Nonetheless, once he had adapted to the dazzling white light, Su Yus face fell slightly. He stopped at the entrance to the other world but did not enter.

After some time, Su Yu turned and remarked coldly, You have brought me back to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland again!

He could see a weathered, ancient tower that consisted of a hundred levels. They stood on top of the tower. When they looked down, they could clearly see all of the regions in the martial yard. Su Yu even saw some students from the inner sanctum of the Red Blood Palace still pacing in the vicinity, searching for treasures of the earth.

The Sacred Kylin had taken a detour and had ended up bringing him back to the martial yard!

Aye, Im the artifact spirit of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy! Have you ever heard of an artifact spirit leaving the artifact? The Sacred Kylin let out a sigh. The Glittering Jewel Wonderland is at the brink of destruction. I cant just let it happen, otherwise, therell be an endless disaster.

Su Yu was vexed. How is that my business? Do you want to see me dead for no reason?

A short while had passed, and there was still some time left till Bing Wuqing managed to free herself.

Dont panic! I didnt bring you here to harm you. I have something to consign to you, the Sacred Kylin said grudgingly. Shortly after, it slammed a lethargic paw through the air onto the martial tower.

A shocking scene unraveled before his eyes. The topmost story of the martial tower, the hundredth story, opened up slowly.


Before Su Yu could react, he had been brought into the tower.

Werent you always curious about whats above the second story of the martial tower? Youll understand once I show you the hundredth story, the Sacred Kylin said. As he finished speaking, the pitch-dark hundredth story suddenly lit up.

However, the narrow space which he had imagined did not appear. Instead, it was a vast, boundless world bustling with vigor and vitality.

Demonic beasts nestled in the endless forests which were inhabited by all kinds of spiritual plants and animals.

In the far distance, there were cities inhabited by humans. Martial artists of various cultivations flew above the clouds in terror and shock, staring at Su Yu and the Sacred Kylin from afar as they made their sudden appearance.

From their perspective, Su Yu and the Sacred Kylin had invaded the space from a seam that opened up out of nowhere in the Void. It seemed almost transcendental to them.

This is the illusory realm inside the martial tower? Su Yu was stunned.

The Sacred Kylin replied with indifference, Slap yourself once, and youll know.



You jerk! Why did you hit me?

Was it painful?

It was!

Oh, its a real world then.

Are we back in the Jiuzhou continent? We cant be! There isnt any spiritual energy here, and Im not picking up the scent of Jiuzhou. Su Yu was in total awe.

This place wasnt the Zhenlong continent, but neither was it the Jiuzhou continent. Did a third continent exist somewhere in the world?

This is where the Glittering Jewel Demonic Gods power is sealed, the Sacred Kylin stated. Along with Su Yu, it arrived at the foot of a ten-thousand-feet-tall mountain via teleportation.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, Su Yu was shrouded in a humongous shadow. For some unknown reasons, he felt his heart thumping wildly and his muscles leaping with trepidation as his insecurities got the better of him.

What mountain is this? Su Yu tilted his head back to look up.

Its not a mountain! Its my remains, the Sacred Kylin said in an injured tone.

Then the Sacred Kylin took Su Yu to place at a high altitude. When he looked down, Su Yu couldnt help but take a sharp, cold breath despite his usual composure.

Lying on the vast expanse of the ground was a breathtakingly gargantuan Kylin that was ten thousand feet wide. Its appearance bore a great resemblance to the dog Kylin and had a missing spot on top of its head where its kylin horn should have been.

In comparison with the dog Kylin, the enormous skeletal remains before his eyes looked so much more powerful and intimidating!

Standing in front of the remains, Su Yu had a strong urge to worship it. In the meantime, blood surged rapidly through his veins, and his Vital Energy was flowing in turbulence. It made him tremble uncontrollably all over. He was acting like an ordinary person would behave when they saw God with their very own eyes.

Thats your original form? Su Yu asked in extreme awe, after spending a long time trying to calm his chaotic thoughts. It was ten thousand feet wide. This was the first time he had seen such a colossal body of a beast.

Yea, almost, but this has been diminished by ten thousand times. My real original form is nearly as huge as the Jiuzhou continent, the Sacred Kylin remarked nonchalantly.

As huge as the Jiuzhou continent? The Ancient Bronze Tree God came to Su Yus mind. Her original form could also cover the entire Jiuzhou continent as though it was a piece of blanket.

Were all Gods magnificent and all-powerful like this?

You want me to rob your grave? Su Yu asked casually.

The green veins on the Sacred Kylins forehead bulged. Look again.

Once it had finished speaking, the Sacred Kylin waved its paws. The ten-thousand-feet-wide skeleton suddenly began to tremble.

The ground beneath their feet, which had been dormant for eternities, ruptured abruptly and began to sink, exposing a deep, deep chasm which spanned a million feet underground.

From the depths of the chasm, Su Yu finally understood the truth. The Sacred Kylin wasnt standing on the ground at all. It was stepping on a corpse! And the corpse was exactly the same as the demonic virtual shadow in the Floating Life Door!

It was ten thousand feet in height, robust and muscular, ferocious-looking, absolutely hideous and horrifying. The only difference was that this demon wasnt entirely black in color, but blood-red.

This was the scene during our final battle. She used the Supreme Godly Demons Power to shatter my godly spirit, whereas I finally activated the seal. I confined her godly spirit in the cage that I prepared several thousand years ago, and we perished alongside each other, the Sacred Kylin said in plaintive reminiscence. Its tone was placid, but hints of sorrow were palpable.

As he stared at the demons carcass beneath his feet, Su Yus eyelids couldnt help but flicker non-stop. His instinct told him not to touch it, or unforeseen catastrophes would befall.

It was different from the Sacred Kylins eroded remains. The Demonic Gods remains seemed to be alive, with an extraordinarily terrifying power contained within.

I only stripped away the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairys godly spirit, but her Demonic God Power was too overwhelming, and I wasnt capable of dealing with it. I could only seal her remains in the hundredth story of the martial tower, the Sacred Kylin explained.

Just as expected, those remains were the Demonic Gods Power. Once Bing Wuqing merged with the remains, she would be able to manipulate them, manifesting half of the power of the Demonic Gods body.

Now that he had witnessed the Demonic Gods remains with his very own eyes, Su Yu felt that half of the Demonic Gods Power acquired was more than enough to destroy the Jiuzhou continent several times!

Hold on! A thought suddenly occurred to Su Yu. Wont the sealed Demonic Gods Power only manifest once the Glittering Jewel Wonderland is shattered? All five of the yard masters were still existent, so why was the sealed place opened?

The Sacred Kylin pouted. Hey, could you at least respect my privilege as a deity?

Su Yu was speechless.

As a matter of fact, the true secret of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland lies in the martial tower, the Sacred Kylin said serenely. After sealing the Glittering Jewel Demonic God, I was on the verge of disappearing. I didnt have any energy left to devise such an enormous Glittering Jewel Wonderland. All of it was accomplished through the martial tower.

Su Yu was deep in thought for a moment, before saying unhurriedly, No wonder the posts of the last five story masters in the challenge of the hundred-story martial tower were vacant. They belonged to the five yard masters, didnt they? It was just that the five of them were appointed to guard a region each.

Tsk tsk, youve never been fooled. The Sacred Kylin praised him and gave a short burst of laughter. Youre right. One creature from the martial tower was selected to create a region. Including me, five creatures were selected, and five regions were formed. These five regions constituted the famous Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

Su Yus eyes glimmered. If thats the case, does it mean the martial tower is the pivot of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland? If the martial tower can be controlled, can the Wonderland can be manipulated and the rules of the Wonderland changed?

That also explained why the Sacred Kylin could easily change the initial settings of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, despite being a remaining whiff of godly spirit.

Talking to you really is effortless, the Sacred Kylin said, relieved.

Su Yu scowled. However, you arent talking effortlessly anymore.

It was already weak to a the point where it couldnt quite maintain its solid form. Su Yu was talking to a blurry puff of smoke, and it was quickly turning dull.

My time is limited, so Ill cut the long story short! The Sacred Kylin recovered its somber tone. I have decided to consign the martial tower to you. You can change the rules once you become the owner of the martial tower and immediately lead all the challengers from Jiuzhou out. They will be able to get away from Bing Wuqings merciless hunt!

You can also help me safeguard the Demonic Gods body and prevent it from being stolen by others! The demonic corpse can be manipulated if it is possessed by any soul. The only difference is the extent of the power it can unleash.