The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048 An Old Enemy

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Su Yu suddenly understood what the Sacred Kylin meant and was struck by a sudden realization. Are you worried that it might fall into the hands of people with evil intentions and give rise to further disasters?

Humph! Jiuzhou is full of experts and masters. Even if the demonic body falls into Bing Wuqings hands, or anyone elses, the joint forces of Jiuzhous masters will be enough to defend the continent. What worries me is that once the demonic body shows itself, it will be sensed by the remaining demon gods, and they will come to Jiuzhou. Now that is a real catastrophe!

Therefore, by hook or by crook, the demonic body could not be allowed to exist.

Fine. One last question, Su Yu said softly. Why did you look for me? A matchless battle would have been more appropriate. That way the Sacred Kylin would have been a talent gifted from heaven, not having lost a single battle. It would be unparalleled in the world.

Because you are like me, the Sacred Kylin said with an emotional sigh.

Su Yu raised his brows in surprise. In what way?

You are as handsome as me

Su Yu was speechless.

In was clear that the Sacred Kylin was not going to let Su Yu refuse. Even if he was not able to prevent the demonic body from leaking out, with his martial arts ability, he would be able to control the demon who was on the loose.

In that case, lets begin The black shadows that the Sacred Kylin had drawn were now faded and had almost disappeared.

From within the black mist, a purple crystal slowly emerged, floating towards the top of Su Yus shield. With an eerie coldness, the crystal body did not enter Su Yus shield. Instead, it disappeared into his flesh and appeared inside the soul.

From a distance, one could see a faintly glowing purple crystal the size of a thumb at the top of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

The Sacred Kylins black shroud suddenly trembled unsteadily, and he let out a gasp of surprise. The cauldron is

Hahaha, so that is how it is I had overestimated you He burst out laughing as though he had discovered a great secret. Its all good. My heart will be at ease entrusting this cauldron and the district battles to you. See you later, little brother.

The Sacred Kylins shroud was getting thinner and thinner until it was reduced to almost nothing as it floated in solitude. With a sense of nostalgia and unwillingness, the source of the spirit was extinguished, and with it, the body perished.

Su Yu felt a pang of sadness in his heart. One generation of Jiuzhou spirit had been extinguished. It meant that they were really all gone.

With his sleeves pointing down at the ground, he bent at the hip and bowed deeply. Preceding generation, you have done well in your time on earth.


The smoke collapsed and turned into nothingness. Su Yu was unveiled from within as though he had just emerged from a transparent shadow. With a sharp nod, he let out a sly sneer. He then turned, stepping into the dark, virtual world. Surrounded by stark blankness, Su Yu fell deeply into the eternal darkness.

After a long time, he whispered Are we now mourning? Show yourself, Bing Wuqing!


On the remains of the demon, at the same spot from which the Sacred Kylin had vanished, the shadow of a figure with white hair silently appeared. She stood with her back toward Su Yu for a long time, silent and speechless.

We can fight forever, and you will forever be pursuing me, Bing Wuqing said, in a tone that could be either joy or despair.

Gradually, she turned her head to look at Su Yu. The Sacred Kylins spirit was weak, and he did not sense that I had entered the space with you guys. Since you felt it, why didnt you tell him?

Not long after they had entered the space, Su Yu had sensed the cold aura of Bing Wuqing. However, at that time

He has sacrificed his life for thousands of people who will remember him for the deed. I did not want him to feel regret at the last moment, Su Yu said with a resigned sigh. He had realized that he was back to square one the moment he felt Bing Wuqings presence. She would take possession of the demons remains, master the power of the demigod, and, in her anger, destroy Jiuzhou.

However, even if this had been made known to the Sacred Kylin, there was nothing that he would have been able to do. It was just as well to let him depart with peace in his heart.

The Sacred Kylin had underestimated Bing Wuqings power. His shroud of dust was not quite able to stall her for half an hour. She had been restrained for the time it took to drink a cup of tea.

She, on the other hand, had taken advantage of her opportunity when she unlocked the 100th floor to enter the final seal, getting close to the demons remains.

Su Yu could not help but sigh wearily. The journey just seemed to be getting longer with every step that he took. Bing Wuqing still had the upper hand and he probably had no options left. Even retreat was no longer a possibility.

So, you cant die because you are to replace him? Bu Wuqing approached Su Yu laughing uncontrollably. Her laughter was deeply cold and complex.

Su Yu was dispirited. He was frustrated and fatigued. Blandly, he replied, Yes, I guess you could say that.

Now is the time to end all of this between us, Bing Wuqing explained matter of factly. Originally, I had wanted to stall you and use the time to regain my energy. I was going to wait until my devils body had reached its full potential. However, after so much effort, you are still here, and I am at risk. So, apologies, Brother Su.

This was probably her main motive during her time in the Red Blood Palace. She had helped Su Yu to hide himself in return for his favor. However, this was not possible anymore.

In the blink of an eye, Bing Wuqing had moved so quickly that she had seemingly teleported to appear right in front of Su Yu. There was now barely two inches between them.

Her slender jade fingers fluttered teasingly between Su Yus brows and with bated breath, she whispered, Farewell. As her finger moved to touch the center of Su Yus forehead, the cold touch of death spread out towards his soul.

All of a sudden, Bing Wuqing shrieked in surprise as her jade finger was flicked away, and her body flew very quickly backward by a thousand feet.

Extremely shocked and on high alert, she was now in panic mode and demanded frantically, Who is it? Show yourself!

From the crown of Su Yus head floated a strand that evolved into a figure of a person. The persons back was facing them, and it radiated countless rays of light. She was so stunned that she was temporarily incapable of movement, and there was a deep look of confusion . on her jade face

Su Yu was elated and recognized the figure immediately. Master! he exclaimed excitedly. This was probably the first time he had shown up to give Su Yu a helping hand. He had initially said that under no circumstances would he come to Su Yus rescue, and this was the first time that an exception was made.

Yun Yazi nodded, praising Su Yu, It all panned out as I had predicted. You have done well! I am extremely proud to have a disciple like you. His attitude towards the forces of evil, the endless efforts, his strategy, and his wisdom had all been impeccable.

His high praise was healing words for Su Yu, Warmth and strength flowed through his body. His spirit and energy were lifted, and his fatigued was dissipated.

You are predecessor Yun! Bing Wuqing was finally able to exclaim his name after being stunned for a time.

Yun Yazi turned to face the blood-colored demons body on the ground and then gazed at Bing Wuqing. Sighing, he said, You have one of the most prestigious names of the nine major families, yet you wish to disown your own race and join the dark forces. Have you finally chosen to take this path?

Su Yus ears pricked up. Bing Wuqing was not a pureblood demon, but actually a human who had chose to covert?

Hearing this, Bing Wuqing trembled, looking uncertainly towards the cloud cliff. Her face was like a ghost, and she was bent over at the waist to give a deep bow, saying respectfully, It didnt occur to me that I would meet my benefactor of 10,000 years ago in such a situation. I am deeply ashamed.

The past was all light as clouds. After you had chosen the dark path, our relationship is nothing, like clouds that have scattered, Yun Yazi said emotionlessly.

It was impossible for man and ghouls to co-exist.

I had originally thought that you sat between heaven and earth and had come to take me away. The treasures you had promised at the beginning were just a bait and nothing else, Yun Yazi said darkly.

Treasures? A bitter laugh erupted from the corners of Bing Wuqings mouth. At that time I had sworn to my ancestors that after my death I would leave behind lifelong sentiment to the disciples. In a tough turn of events, I was captured by the dark race. I did not resist the temptation to become immortalized, and accepted the royal bloodline of the dark races so that I could be the saving grace of my predecessors.

Su Yu could not help but be surprised. The relation between the two of them actually involved so much sentiment?

Logically speaking, sentiment was eternal. If the martial art practiced and the path chosen were different, what use was Bing Wuqings sentiment?

There is no more sentiment between us, so there is nothing left to discuss, Yun Yazi said dismissively, silent anger simmering in him.

He was completely correct. The sentiment was extinguished, like the relation between man and ghouls.

Sensing Yun Yazis animosity, Bing Wuqing was inexplicably sad.

She had been in a deep sleep for ten thousand years, with countless enemies turned into yellow soil, and had then woken up to the first person actually being a benefactor from the days of being human, after deciding to join the dark races.

Unexpectedly, at that moment, she had fallen into joining the dark races that she had originally hated.

Ten thousand years have passed. Who would have thought that predecessor Yun would have fallen from being the top to just being a mere soul, Bing Wuqing said emotionlessly. Is your current worth not the same as mine?

Bing Wuqing turned and stared pointedly at Su Yu. Her deep gaze dropped to the demons body that lay at his feet. After some time, she said, I hope you will be well-prepared the next time we meet. She rose to the sky, gave up the body of the demon, gave up her ideas of killing Su Yu, and left.

It was extremely difficult to enter, and yet so easy to leave. Just a dusting of hands, a crack in space, and a fleeting departure.

Before she left, a long and complicated sigh echoed between the heavens and the earth.

Well, there are two sides to the sentiment. The next time you meet, whether you like him or not, please do not stop predecessor Yun. If you make even a small effort to stop him, he will have to kill you.

This time, she had been lucky and her life had been spared because of the old sentiment that they shared between them.

Yun Yazi had not tried to block her way. Instead, his eyes followed her as she departed.

Su Yu was silent for a moment before asking out of curiosity, Master, what are the odds if you were to duel?

I probably have ten times more chance of winning, Yun Yazi said.

Su Yu said indignantly, Then why did you let her go? She is so weak right now that if something were to happen when she returns to Jiuzhou, her blood will be flowing like the river.

The demon forces had many cruel practices to strengthen their power. For them, torture only made them stronger.

Now that Bing Wuqing has revealed herself, she will not be as kind as before. Im afraid blood will be shed, Su Yu said.

Ten to her and zero to me.

Su Yu was stunned. She is that powerful? Su Yu had been under the impression that Yun Yazi was unmatched by any opponent in battle and that there was no limit to his power.

Yun Yazi said, Her spirit might be weak, but she has not borne any damage physically, unlike me, who has died once before. My spirit is not even a match for one percent of hers.

Indeed, the Glittering Jewel Demonic God had only been sealed in captivity for ten thousand years. She had not actually been killed before.

What if we gave you enough time to recuperate and regain your strength? Su Yu asked. Even right now, Yun Yazis strength was constantly improving with recovery.

Time is ticking away.

Tell me, how long do you need? asked Su Yu.

Yun Yazi gazed at the remains of the demons body at his feet. There is enough power left behind from the battle between gods. I am gradually recovering and am expecting sufficient progress to have been made in a years time.

A year? Su Yu pondered and did his calculations. Jiuzhou was vast beyond measure. Even the gods had their difficulties hunting Su Yu down.

Furthermore, Bing Wuqing was loose in Jiuzhou and would surely cause some chaos in the region. They probably would not initiate a search for Su Yu.

A years time. It should be enough.

Of course, respect had to be given to his predecessor Yun Yazi. The end was not Su Yus style. He had to constantly improve himself to become stronger!

Your ghost lightning skill can be perfected after a few days. Just remember to keep practicing, Yun Yazi reminded Su Yu,

Silver ghost lightning? Su Yu would definitely not forget this. It was, after all, a self-defense mechanism.

In the duration of this retreat, I will check the ancient books and continue to find ways to resolve the enchantment of the sky. Yun Yazi began to leave. By the way, your thirty-nine strokes have gotten faster.

Hearing the latter, Su Yus heart jumped with a little joy.

He had also thought so, although it was merely a suspicion.

The thirty-nine strokes had surely gotten faster!