The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 Return To Jiuzhou

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Your disciple is prepared, Su Yu cupped his fist.

Be careful how you behave, Yun Yazi said, closing his eyes to grasp the remaining godly power of recovery.

Bing Wuqing, or the demon Linlang as Yun Yazi had referred to her, was out there somewher. But now it was time to return to Jiuzhou. Su Yu tried to communicate with the violet crystals within his mind. His soul connected briefly with them as a strange message rushed into his consciousness. The name of the tower was unknown, as was its function. It had been closely guarded by the Sacred Kylin.

As someone with violet crystals who was deemed the master of this martial tower, Su Yu could open the towers one hundred and first level. There was no other authority in the tower, from the second level to the ninety-ninth.

The one hundred and first level was a superfluous world created by the Sacred Kylin, similar in size to the Zhenlong Continent. Through ten thousand years of growth, it had become more prosperous than Zhenlong. The strongest warriors had achieved the ten thousand fold level and had been brought to life by the Sacred Kylin to become this worlds supreme rulers. And now, Su Yu was the martial towers master, so it was within his power to summon the supreme ruler. There was time enough in the future to explore this world.

Su Yus greatest concern was related to the message. As the master of the tower, Su Yu could still change the rules of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. Needless to say, it was within his power to reduce the trial period of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland and even to remove the Wonderland completely.

What a waste if the Wonderland were to be dissolved! The Glittering Jewel Wonderland was originally designed by the Sacred Kylin and was full of heavenly treasures and opportunities. After ten thousand years of self-growth, not only did it have abundant spiritual energy far more powerful than Jiuzhou, but every kind of spirit plant and fairy object continuously appeared within it.

If the penalties of the five yards were revised, this would be a superb training center. Moreover, this place was now in Su Yus hands. All the resources here belonged to Su Yu and only to him! Based on worth alone, Su Yu would not lose to any Prefectures King!

After a long moment of deep reflection, Su Yu tried to move the violet crystals to change the Glittering Jewel Wonderlands rules. His mind shifted. The challengers in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland all felt a repelling force wrap around them. Immediately, an explosion of energy burst out, sending all the candidates away and back to their own prefectures.

In a blink of an eye, every challenger was sent away from the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. Su Yu shifted his mind, leaving the martial tower and entered the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. Looking across the fairy realm, Su Yus emotions surged with excitement. The outcome of this training exceeded his belief. In his hands, there was a mysterious martial tower and along with it, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, a training center of incredible caliber.

It is time to find the Live Spirit of Zhenlong, Su Yu quietly said.

Previously, there had been no way to protect them. But now, with the resources of a prefectures king, it was time to find them. He would seek out those familiar faces, the faces he dared not forget, Xia Jingyu and Qin Xianer.

In the Purple Cloud Palace, the Floating Clouds of the Nine Heavens formed an enormous vortex, splitting open crack after crack in space and from those fell silhouette after silhouette. These were the prodigies from every corner of the Blessed and Heavenly Land Region. Looking through the endless fog of silhouettes, Mo Tianxuan waited for some time, and the True Man of the Purple Cloud stood up, startled.

What happened? Why have you returned after only one month? the True Man of the Purple Cloud said in astonishment.

Mo Tianxuan was silent for a long time. What I find strange, she eventually said, is that a month has passed and yet so many people are still alive.

Those who had participated in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland were well aware of the many dangers within the Fairy Realm. There were five major disasters, but the vast majority of people would have usually been defeated after just three of them. However, as Mo Tianxuan looked at those who had returned, she realized that fewer than ten percent of the challengers had been defeated. She was even more surprised to discover that almost all of the candidates of theRed Blood Palace had returned.

What happened? Mo Tianxuan caught the clumsily falling Gongsun Wuxie.

Gongsun Wuxie, her face full of confusion, threw her hands up. I want to know too! I have to pick up a copy of the Ancient Techniques right away. I am so angry! She seemed to be confused and was making little sense. However, Mo Tianxuan noticed Gu Taixu reporting to the True Man of the Purple Cloud who in response to the report, dramatically changed his facial expression and glanced over at Mo Tianxuan.

Huh?, Mo Tianxuan felt that something out of the ordinary had happened.

After a short while, the sky stopped shifting. Everyone had been sent back. Mo Tianxuan glanced at the last people to return, coldly smirked at them and said, You are extremely fortunate!

If only she had kept her mouth shut! Su Yus face suddenly turned pale. With Masters abundant grace, we made it back alive.

Mo Tianxuan laughed coldly. She turned to the Red Blood Palace disciples with a look of approval. Wonderful! Not only did more of you return here than from Purple Cloud Palace, but you have also returned stronger. Well done! Now let us see your reward. By law, the faction will receive half. In the presence of Mo Tianxuan, who dared to cheat? Everyone presented the pieces of heavenly treasure they had each brought back.

One Hundred year eras Three Stripe Blood Ginseng? Mo Tianxuans eyes shone.

Two Hundred year eras black snake fruit? Is this not a spiritual object guarded by the Ninth Divine Demonic Beast?

What? There is even a Four Hundred year eras Soul Seal Wood? Is this not the highest spiritual wood guarded by the All Creation level Rhinoceros King?

At first, Mo Tianxuan took all this in her stride. But surprise crept in as, one by one, the items were presented to her. Finally, shock appeared on her face as she thought everything over.

This was too unusual! With their skill level, how could the challengers have gathered these nature-defying spirit treasures? If there had been a change within the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, allowing all the dangers to disappear, then it been to their advantage. Mo Tianxuan could not decide which was the best out of the treasures brought back by the disciples of the Red Blood Palace.

Was it the One Hundred year eras Three Stripe Blood Ginseng? They all participated in the training. How did the Red Blood Palace disciples exceed everyone else? No, to be accurate, it was strange beyond measure.

The disciples of Purple Cloud Palace all had burning red eyes and unwavering stares as each treasure was presented. They were the only ones who knew how the Red Blood Palace disciples had gotten these valuables.

In their eyes, the disciples of the Red Blood Palace disciples were shameless scoundrels! In just seven days, they had become infamous! If they favored any piece of treasure, there was only one word for what they would do to get it: steal!

Clown, the master likes your treasure, bring it here!

What? You will not? Beware the masters sword!

What, still rebelling? Ha! Try to fight back! If you want to end your cultivation and touch the Heart Oath Scroll, then, by all means, try to fight back!

From the petite little girl to the relentless evil master, everyone was as helpless as a young widow against the village bully when faced with a member of the Red Blood Palace. The people of the other factions swallowed their hate and gritted their teeth as they offered up their hard-won treasures. If this was the case, the strong beating the weak, it was just their misfortune to meet the disciples of Red Blood Palace.

The worst thing was that they knew that, one day, the little devil of the Red Blood Palace would gather everyone and then they wouldnt even pretend to be just thieves. The little devil would interpret the implicit meaning of stealing, and under the leadership of the little devil, the Red Blood Palace would no longer be satisfied looking for targets themselves. Instead, they would discover a candidate, force him to work for them, and murder those that did not submit.

They would choose the most powerful within the district. As a group, no one would be able to fight against them. No one who came their way would be able to avoid capture. Finally, those caught would form a unit and for the appearance of a pretty name would be called the Red Blood Palace Peaceful Outreach for Friendship and Love Unit. And the task for this unit? Steal!

As the leader of the group, the little devil would strongly request three things. First, steal every accessible spirit! Not only kidnap humans but also evil spirits, steal from the sky, the ground, the air. Nothing would be exempt: even insects wouldnt be ignored. Second, steal every available object! Big heavenly treasures like space rings, little objects like underwear, they would not let anything go! Within the seven days, there would be many more naked candidates, using leaves to cover their bodies, crying and begging for passersby to give them clothing. What a sorry ending! Those who heard them would be in pain; those who saw them would be in tears. Third, steal every second of time! The little devil would make an important speech: Time is life! Those who waste time should be ashamed: they are irresponsible! One must be efficient! And so, the Peaceful Outreach for Friendship and Love Unit would split into two groups and take turns to rest in order to ensure the outreach movement did not stop.

And so, within a short seven days, Red Blood Palaces Peaceful Outreach for Friendship and Love Unit would snowball, becoming bigger and bigger and wrecking the entire Wonderland. The name, Red Blood Palace, rang throughout the Wonderland in several short days, causing those who heard it to shrink in fear. Even Purple Cloud Palace could not escape the scourge. The Unit swarmed in and stole away many pieces of treasure.

It was no wonder that Senior Sister Lu Chuyi had to mention her acquaintance with Su Yu. If not, she would have experienced the same thing, with all her clothing taken away.

What about you? Mo Tianxuan inspected all of the Red Blood Palaces challengers, the last being Su Yu.

Su Yu waved some blades of grass.

Mo Tianxuan glanced down, widening her eyes. Is this it?

This is all!

Thats just a bunch of common weeds!

The weeds are my sincere offering to the faction! Take it all! Youre welcome to it. I dont want the other half.

I dont believe this! The Wonderland is fertile. Anyone that walks in it will have spiritual level plants under their feet with every step! It would be easier to achieve nirvana than to find weeds in the Wonderland!

It is even more difficult than nirvana! Does that not prove your disciples dedication?

You did it on purpose!

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders, expressing his nonchalance.

Mo Tianxuan clenched her fists and punched him hard in the face.

Dont think that this is it! Wasting the factions resources to bring back useless weeds, accomplishing nothing. According to the factions regulations, you must be punished as a warning to others, Mo Tianxuan said, quickly coming up with the plan.

However, she had barely finished speaking before pairs and pairs of inquisitive Red Blood Palace eyes looked over.

The small voice of an easily intimidated girl weakly called out, Master, per Brother Yus unfinished task, we have a matter to report. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes stealthily met Su Yus gaze.

Master, per Brother Yus unfinished task, I have a matter to report, let me speak first!, a charming disciple with a bubbly voice said cheerily.

Master, I also have something to say

Me me, too

Mo Tianxuan was stunned. If she remembered correctly, before entering Glittering Jewel Wonderland, the top disciples would not have bothered with Su Yu, who was barely half a monk. How could one round in the Wonderland change their behavior so radically!

Their attitude took the air out of Mo Tianxuans lungs.

The one with blushing cheeks, is there a matchmaker? What about that furtive glance? Do you think that I am blind? Wait, what are you saying you want to give birth to monkeys! Have you taken the wrong medicine? Mo Tianxuan could not understand.

You, speak! Mo Tianxuan pointed at the timid girl.

The girl looked at Su Yu, her eyes full of respect and gratitude. Actually, Brother Su has done a lot. Half of everything we got belongs to Brother Su.

Mo Tinxuan was startled. She almost thought she had heard wrong. The hero this time is the rascal who brought back a bunch of weeds?


All of a sudden, the True Man of Purple Cloud flew over, his face heavy as he spoke solemnly, Lord of Demon Palace, bring your dear disciples. Let us speak at length. The situation is truly complicated


Dear disciples? Mo Tianxuan responded with a questioning stare.

Still pretending? You certainly hide it well! the True Man of the Purple Cloud said. The look he gave Su Yu expressed both shock and jealousy.