The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 105

Chapter 105: The Ultimate Test

The entire crowd was momentarily dumbfounded before they eventually erupted into a heated discussion.

"Where did this Li family descendant get his confidence from? For a martial artist to challenge a Holy King, how was it possible?" The elders were all puzzled.

The juniors were extremely excited. "Is Su Yu really that powerful, to challenge a Holy King with just one hand? Is he really the same as us, merely martial artists?"

Princess Yun Yan's eyes were filled with curiosity as she observed.

Liu Guang was momentarily stunned. "Frog living under a well! The strength of a Holy King is not something a martial artist like you can hope to challenge," he said cynically.

The most shocked person was, however, Wu Pangyun.

After his momentary shock, his expression gradually turned cold.

"Fight me with only one hand? Such arrogance!" Wu Pangyun's face glimmered with hostility as he said, "Let me see, where did you get that arrogance of yours from?!"


With a flick of his figure, Wu Pangyun disappeared from his original spot. The next moment, he re-appeared within ten feet of Su Yu!

A finger wrapped in a terrifying spiritual energy was pointed at Su Yu's chest!



The finger moved incredibly fast! When the crowd's eyes caught up with it, it was already pointed at Su Yu's chest!


The audience shuddered with fear. Was that finger not bent on killing Su Yu?


However, in that instance, Su Yu did something incomprehensible. He did not dodge, but instead counterattacked with his palm!

Such a terrifying spiritual energy was more than enough to completely destroy his palm, rendering him handicapped for the rest of his life.


The palm and finger collided. Yet, the tragedy of blood and flesh flying across the venue as the audience expected, ultimately did not happen.

Instead, a loud boom reverberated throughout the skies, shaking the clouds! It was as though heavenly lightning had descended, sweeping across the entire sky!

The great Earth trembled mildly, the sky was crying!

The masses were unprepared, their hearts began to convulse! An insanely strong airwave traveled in all directions, the two opponents at the center.

Instantly, the dust clouds rose. The airwave generated was so strong that it was akin to a huge army charging forward to kill their enemies!

When the dust clouds settled down, the audience regained a clear view of the fight. What greeted their eyes was a shocking scene!

Su Yu stood in his original spot silently, his hair flying in the wind along with his purple clothes. He was completely unharmed!

However, the same could not be said for Wu Pangyun!

After retreating about five steps backward, his right sleeve had been completely destroyed! The blood and flesh on his naked arm were indistinguishable from one another, especially his palm, which was burnt to a crisp.

His face contorted in immense pain, but it was still unable to hide the astonishment and shock on his face!

"legacy level cultivation technique!" Wu Pangyun's shock was extraordinary!

There was supposed to be only one legacy level cultivation technique, which was supposed to exist only within Liu Xian Factionand it had appeared now, thanks to Su Yu!

Master Li was shocked, "How could it be a legacy level cultivation technique?"

It was hard to imagine that a junior from an island in the wilderness would actually possess such an incredible legacy level cultivation technique!

Princess Yun Yan's lips were slightly parted. Her elegant face revealed a deep sense of astonishment.

The cynicism in Liu Guang's eyes was gradually replaced by shock and jealousy, "That move... is actually a legacy level cultivation technique!"

Once, Su Yu had used that move to successfully launch a sneak attack on Xu Rong. With Su Yu's cultivation realm at that time, he was unable to understand the origins of Purple Star Thunderbolt.

Only upon hearing Wu Pangyun's shock, had he realized that his past defeat from that move was not without a good reason.

"legacy level cultivation techniques are something that even I could not obtain. He... he attained it in Shenyue continue!" The jealousy in Liu Guang's heart was difficult to quell.

He understood very well that, even after entering Liuxian Faction and achieving a breakthrough into Holy King, it would be extremely difficult for him to get his hands on a remnant volume of a legacy level cultivation technique.

Even someone as talented as Yuan Hu, a fourteen-year-old Second Level Holy King, had barely managed to borrow one. Yuan Hu had only managed it with the strong recommendation of the faction elders.

It was all because, in order to borrow and read a legacy level cultivation technique, one had to render meritorious service to the Factionwhich was mostly only attainable by the elder disciples.

Xi Ruolan's calm eyes slightly narrowed! Su Yu actually possessed a legacy level cultivation technique!

On the battle stage, Su Yu lightly clenched his fists, once again displaying the flickering purple light.

A purple lotus flower, extremely exquisite and delicate, charmed everyone present. Slowly spinning within his palms, its shape was similar to that of a mesmerizing beauty.

Slivers of destructive thunder flames were contained within it.

Raising his head, he shot a glance at Wu Pangyun, "Like what I said, I only need one hand to deal with you! Purple Star Thunderbolt!"


With a flick of his body, Su Yu had gone on the offensive!

Wu Pangyun's facial expression greatly changed. How could he still possess his arrogant attitude?

"Moon-Cracking Palm!" it was a top realm deity level cultivation technique, fully infused with his spiritual energy.

The palm exuded a sharp wind. It was apparent that, after it had been infused with spiritual energy, the power of the move had increased exponentially!

The palm was like thunder and it made an impressively loud noise, as though it contained the power to induce planetary destruction.

Not only had Wu Pangyun used his moves, he had gone all out!


A deafening roar reverberated across the area, shaking the clouds

The ultimate clash of a legacy level cultivation technique against the full power of a Holy King!

Su Yu took a few steps back, a sharp pain in his palm.

Similarly, Wu Pangyun took a few steps back with an unbearable pain in his burnt palm.

They were actually evenly matched.

"Although the legacy level cultivation technique is strong, the possessor has yet to achieve a breakthrough into Holy King. As such, its power is mediocre," Xi Ruolan commented indifferently.

The masses silently nodded their heads in agreement. The power of the legacy level cultivation technique was definitely more than they had seen.

Under normal circumstances, Holy Kings who possessed a legacy level cultivation technique were usually able to defeat higher tiered Holy Kings which did not possess one.

"Again!" For the first time, Wu Pangyun felt slight apprehension. The depository of scriptures, which was right before his eyes, might be snatched right away from him!


Su Yu calmly used his moves, and fought gallantly against Wu Pangyun!

A noise shook the skies and lingered faintly until the audience became numb to it. It was difficult to see who was winning.

Even after a hundred moves, neither party held the upper hand.

"A hundred moves have passed. Both parties' strengths are equal. As such, this match shall be concluded as a draw! The challenged obtains one-quarter of the challenger's points."

Wu Pangyun had a total of two hundred points. Su Yu had a hundred and twenty points. After receiving one-quarter of Wu Pangyun's points, he had a total of one hundred and fifty points! Alternatively, Wu Pangyun was left with a hundred and fifty points!

Su Yu's points were slightly more than Wu Pangyun's by twenty points!

"The person with the highest points is Su Yu! His prize is as follows; five low grade marrow cleansing elixirs and a one-time exception to enter the depository of scriptures."

Master Li's face turned cold and he sighed, "Li Guang, you have indeed taken in an exceptional disciple..."

Su Yu had amazed the world with his brilliant feat; he had completely cemented his title of King of the Test!

Possessing a legacy level cultivation technique, and honing it to an impressive level was enough to show Su Yu's powerful insight was extremely impressive!

After all, even those who with above average talent took five years to comprehend the basic level of legacy level cultivation technique!

Usually, an average youth would start to gain considerable insight at thirteen years old. Su Yu was merely fourteen years old. In a short year, he had successfully comprehended a legacy level cultivation technique. His insight was terrifying!

The Hundred Vassal Clans were all secretly jealous

If only such an exceptional talent were a part of their clan... With some additional training, he was bound to become a powerful source of strength.

"Master Li, hehe, long time no see." A tan-face burly man approached Master Li courteously, attempting to strike up a conversation.

"Congratulations! The Li Family is truly exceptional, to actually have such a rare talent..." another green-robed elder said as he approached.

Following closely after, intentionally or unintentionally, several elders also came along to strike a conversation.

The fervor and warm reception of the masses was something that Master Li was not used to. Smiling bitterly, he had realized that among them, many were from the top ten family clans. In the past, they had never bothered to establish any form of relations with the Li Family.

Yet now, in order to learn about Su Yu, they had chosen to lower themselves.

Among them, Master Chen was the most eager and the most direct. "Master Li, may I ask if Su Yu is engaged? Truth to be told, my daughter is in love, and we hope Master Li can approve," he smiled.

The various elders silently scolded the wily fox; to actually use his own daughter as means to attain Su Yu!

Not only would he obtain an exceptional genius, he would also attain a legacy level cultivation technique! Among the Hundred Vassal Clans, no one possessed any legacy level cultivation technique.

However, they could not do anything about it. Chen Xueer's beauty had crowned her the Flower of the Hundred Vassal Clans. In addition, the Chen Family was not weak at all. With such persuasive strength and beauty, the hopes of attracting Su Yu were not low.

Master Li contemplated for a moment. Su Yu was currently without a strong backing. Maybe he could take this opportunity and let Su Yu marry into Chen Family?

"Thank you for your daughter's affections. However, I am already engaged," Su Yu rushed over and cupped his hands in respect.

He's engaged? Master Chen felt it was a pity. However, thinking carefully, it was no wonder such an exceptional talent had already been claimed. How could they even stand a chance?

Disappointed, Master Chen went back to console Chen Xueer.

With a tremble of her slender body, Chen Xueer started wailing.

As the news spread, several maidens in love revealed a sad expression.

"Should there be a possibility, I hope that on account of Li Guang, you can look out for the descendants of Li family in the future," Master Li pleaded in shame.

Among the descendants of the Li family, three of them had passed the entrance examination. Together, they could enter the outer sanctum.

Su Yu nodded his head, "Okay."

Master Li was elated and grabbed the three youngsters.

Su Yu already had an impression of the three youngsters. Previously, their attitude toward him was not friendly at all.

"We've seen Senior Su Yu before!" At that moment, the three youngsters stood nervously before Su Yu.

Facing Su Yu was like facing an extremely respected elder. They did not dare take a deep breath, each of them extremely well-behaved.

Su Yu lightly nodded his head, "In the future, we will be disciples of the same faction. Let's look out for one another."

"Thank you, Senior Su Yu!" The three youngsters were extremely relieved and elated. With such a strong person having their backs, life in the outer sanctum would be much better. Thinking back, the three youngsters were extremely ashamed. As their faces blushed, they bowed in respect, "Sorry senior Su Yu, in the past..."

"It's alright. Follow me, the faction will soon arrange for us to settle some administrative matters after the examinations." Su Yu lightly waved as he turned his back and headed toward the center of the stage.

Among the remaining hundred disciples, fifty had been disqualified, leaving behind the fifty people that passed. The cruel and harsh nature of the test was easy to see.

After passing the test, they would be allowed into the faction, where they could train wholeheartedly.

Su Yu secretly clenched his fist. Upon entering Liuxian Faction, he would have to make use of all sorts of resources and train doubly hard until the day comes when he could take the heads of Han Zhi and Xi Ruolan, and deliver them to Li Guang's grave!

"The third round of exam, the final test, begins!" Xi Ruolan announced.

Everyone was shocked!

"Hasn't the exam already ended? Why..." Countless elders all felt it was absurd. This year's exam was already bizarre enough. Now, a third round?

The crowd erupted into a commotion.

"This is the Faction Master's decision. Should you have any unhappiness, you may reason with him. Should you not, be quiet and let me finish what I have to say," Xi Ruolan replied expressionlessly.

The entire venue went silent.

Su Yu, alongside with the other disciples who had passed the exam, was extremely shocked. Why was there another round?

"The final test examines the actual combat ability of the candidate! The coastal cities have been harassed by a bunch of pirates. Your test will be to eliminate all of them," Xi Ruolan faintly announced.

Wu Pangyun's expression remained calm, "May I ask, which gang of pirates is it?"

Among the vast oceans, pirates ran amok everywhere. There were countless gangs of pirates of various sizes out in the sea.

"Sea Wolves Pirates," Xi Ruolan announced calmly.

"What? Are the people of Liuxian Faction crazy?" An elder could not contain his rage, but he suddenly realized it was inappropriate and gagged his mouth to kept quiet.

Simultaneously, many of the elders' blood boiled with righteous indignation.

Su Yu's revealed a serious look. Could it be that the Sea Wolves Pirates were extraordinary?

"It's them..." Wu Pangyun's eyes narrowed and his face revealed great horror, "It's that group, where their weakest members are Half Holy Kings, and their strongest is a Second Level Holy King. Clan Master Xi, may I ask if that's the group you're talking about?"

Xi Ruolan shook her head faintly, "It is indeed those Sea Wolves Pirates. This round of exam will require you all to completely eliminate them, not leaving behind a single one! Should you not achieve this, all of you will be disqualified."

"This... this is simply asking the impossible! Including Su Yu, there are only four people with the power of Holy King!" Wu Pangyun retorted angrily, "But the Sea Wolves Pirates, they have more than one hundred people who are at least Half Holy Kings! More than ten First Level Lower Tier Holy Kings! And two Upper Tier! And one Peak Tier! Moreover, the mysterious Pirate Chief is said to be a Second Level Holy King! Isn't this suicide?"

Even if multiple Second Level Holy Kings teamed up, they might still be unable to completely eliminate the Sea Wolves Pirates.

That was no test. It was apparent they were out to disqualify them all!

"You all have two choices, the first one is to accept the test, and the second one is to be disqualified, right here and right now!" Xi Ruolan's tone revealed her impatience and fury at being questioned.

As she faintly shifted her gaze towards Su Yu, Xi Ruolan announced, "If you are afraid of death, you can choose not to go!"

A sliver of cynicism could be felt as she swept her gaze past Su Yu.

Su Yu's heart clenched. Was this obstacle intentionally set up for him? Xi Ruolan wanted to obstruct Su Yu's path into Liuxian Faction, so as to destroy his future and make him lose any room for growth.

Such an action had instead roused Su Yu's rebelliousness! He had come from a humble background, what type of desperate situation had he not encountered before?

Thinking back, he had recklessly entered the Evil Forest when he was merely Level Five and faced off against the Level Nine Slayer King. He had no fear then, and he was unafraid now!

"What's there to fear? I, Su Yu, accept the test!" Su Yu took a step forward, his eyes calm.

It was a herculean task. Yet, Su Yu was insistent on trying it! He would attain nirvana in a desperate situation and rise from a humble background!

Su Yu's journey to date was filled with terrifying encounters! To think they could obstruct him from continuing on his path and reaching greater heights was wishful thinking!