The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050 Riots And Betrayal

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Su Yu? Mo Tianxuan was baffled.

Su Yu had revealed his power in the Purple Cloud Secret Realm. He was indeed amazing, but she didnt quite believe that he had the ability to bring about such a transformation to the Red Blood Palace and create such a miracle.

Mo Tianxuan said skeptically, Well, I have some questions to ask too. Her gaze swept across the students of the Red Blood Palace. The absence of one particular student couldnt have escaped her attention.

Su Yu nodded. Alright, they had to be reminded of some things.

As he passed by Gongsun Wuxie, Su Yu thought of something. He had brought back the Glittering Jewel Fairy Scepter, something that Gongsun Wuxie urgently needed to resolve the medicinal effect of the Spiritual Grass of Immortality inside her. However, this place was crowded and complicated. It definitely wasnt a good idea to expose such an emperor-based saint replica at the moment.

He knew that Mo Tianxuan wouldnt simply let the matter go.

Inside the secret chamber, fragrant smoke was swirling. Famous figures were gathered here, but the room deadly silent.

After a long moment, an indifferent, cold snort sounded. Its a good thing that she is seeking her own death. It means I dont have to do it myself!

Mo Tianxuan wasnt referring to Bing Wuqing, but to Linlang. She made it sound as though killing a Mortal Fairy demon like Linlang was a piece of cake.

The Prefectures Kings should be notified about this so they can take precautions against this matter. The True Man of Purple Cloud sounded worried. Im afraid that this demon will take perilous action to upgrade her abilities now that we are no longer on good terms. As he finished speaking, the True Man spat out a mouthful of purple-colored blood, and the blood dispersed into nine parts and vanished into the Void.

Inside the essence blood, the message regarding the incarnation and birth of Linlang Demonic Gods godly spirit was contained.

Su Yu marveled as he watched.

In the Jiuzhou continent, the Purple Cloud Palace was only considered a faction of the middle rank. Despite that, their leaders had ways of getting in touch with the Nine Great Prefectures Kings.

The seemingly disconnected Jiuzhou was, in fact, more connected than he had imagined.

Finally, well talk about you. Mo Tianxuan stared at Su Yu with clear eyes and a half-smile.

He had threatened more than half of the challengers at the martial tower and made them sign the distressing and submissive Book of the Hearts Oaths. Later, he fought the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy by himself. If Gu Taixu hadnt recounted it in person, no one would have believed that Su Yu had the ability to fight a Mortal Fairy.

Its time that you are open about your identity now, isnt it, Su Yuxian? Mo Tianxuan had a leisurely look on her face, and her tone was faintly teasing. Or shall I tell you that we know that even the name Su Yuxian is fake.

The True Man of Purple Cloud was silent; he had also surmised that Su Yuxian wasnt his real name.

After a long silence, Su Yu raised his gaze to meet theirs. Placidly, he said, Yes, my real name is Su Yu, and I come from a world on another continent.

Mo Tianxuan and the True Man were surprisingly composed, as though this was something they had already known about.

The True Man relaxed his old, worn hands, which were hidden in his sleeves, and a whiff of All Creations Might Force slowly dissipated. The sternness glinting in his eyes was toned down as well.

I have another identity. I am the Ruthless Demonic Man who killed Xue Di and slew the Five Golden Light Guards, Su Yu said casually. Rather unexpectedly, he revealed everything.

Mo Tianxuan and the True Man had solemn, intent looks on their faces.

Those are my identities. Do you have anything to say? Su Yu had seen the day when he had to reveal the truth about him coming.

After a long moment of pondering, the True Man took a small sip of tea, and calmly asked, Arent you afraid that well harm you? You told us everything.

Su Yu shook his head, and chuckled. You cant detain me, and you cant hurt me. If you attempt to by force, youll have a greater chance of dying! We also have a common enemy, and that is the Central Prefectures King, so we stand on the same side! I cant think of a reason for you to harm me.

Did he still sound like a pupil? He was talking to them as if they were his peers!

The True Man wasnt enraged but smiled with relief instead. Hahaha, I think we just got an ally. His words implied that he recognized that Su Yu had the qualifications to be on an equal footing as them.

Mo Tianxuan did not speak, which also implied her acquiescence.

Now that you know my identity, Id like to know who revealed it to you. Su Yu was still wearing a calm smile.

Judging from the looks on their faces, they had known Su Yus identity for a long time. It was likely that someone had spilled the beans a month ago.

It was the Soul Seizing Palace. The True Man was silent for a long time, before shooting a look at Mo Tianxuan.

The Soul Seizing Palace? Su Yu began to think.

In fact, it was only a matter of time before the Soul Seizing Palace discovered that the Su Yu wanted by the Central Prefectures King was in the Red Blood Palace.

Despite Su Yus efforts in preventing his real appearance from being seen by the Soul Seizing Palace, how could a genius whose name was widely celebrated and who had risen like a comet streaking across the Blessed and Heavenly Lands go unnoticed? And how could the Soul Seizing Palace not try their best to find out about him? To theme how difficult would it be to obtain portraits of him? Sooner or later, he would be exposed.

It was to be expected that the Soul Seizing Palace would expose Su Yu.

However, Su Yu was very clear that the Soul Seizing Palaces knowledge about him was limited to the fact that the Central Prefectures King wanted him. They knew nothing about his real name or the fact that he came from a foreign continent.

Aside from the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, there was only one person who knew all this: Gu Taixu!!

When did you find out? Su Yu asked again.

Just now. Mo Tianxuan was the one answering this time. What, do you have a problem with that?

Su Yu took in a light breath and looked to the True Man of the Purple Cloud. True Man, youd better go look for your much appreciated eldest student Gu Taixu. I hope he hasnt caused you any problems.

Why was he talking about Gu Taixu now? The True Man was perplexed, but he dared not hesitate and left the secret chamber right away.

However, just as the door of the secret chamber opened, a gust of gruesome wind that smelled of blood came surging in!

From a distance, it could be seen that the nine mountains of the Purple Cloud Palace were covered with dead bodies. The victims were not just the pupils of Purple Cloud Palace. The elders and even the people in charge of the sixteen great factions had been assaulted, and there were casualties everywhere!

In the vicinity of the secret chamber they were in, an isolating formation had been set up somehow. That was why despite the great commotion happening outside, none of them had noticed anything.


An elder of the Purple Cloud Palace plummeted from the heavens and crashed down straight in front of their secret chamber.

True Man someone, has revolted His words trailed off as he lost consciousness. Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that his Vital Energy had been solidified and rendered dysfunctional, so he had fainted due to the impact of falling from the sky.

There was only one person in all of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands that was capable of disabling the flow of Vital Energies!

Gu Taixu!

He had finally acted!

Gu Taixus best-case scenario was that exposing Su Yus identity through the Soul Seizing Palace would result in the three of them killing each other. Even if it didnt, it would still lead to a discussion inside the secret chamber.

Since Gu Taixu was daring enough to expose him, then he was surely prepared for his relations with the Central Prefectures King to be exposed.

After taking that step, the next thing he would do was to revolt! There could be no doubt.

However, judging from the catastrophic sight, he couldnt possibly be the only one that was revolting!

Wei Bufan? Su Yu cast his gaze to the bleak heavens. A humongous puppet was emitting astounding All Creations Mighty Force all throughout its body, which at least had the power of Stage Three All Creations.

It was the same as the puppet that had almost destroyed the Purple Cloud Secret Realm in the past!

The person standing on top of the puppet was none other than the greatest genius of the Soul Seizing Palace, the son of the Soul Seizing Palace Master, Wei Bufan!

Watching the puppet, murderous desires began to rage inside the True Man. Its him!

The true murderer behind the puppet that they had been painstakingly searching for had been among them the entire time.

However, the Soul Seizing Palace Master and Gu Taixu had escaped as soon as the secret chamber had opened, leaving not a single trace behind.

Hahahaha, you bunch of useless trash, how dare you still challenge me? Just go to Hell! Wei Bufan laughed hysterically, the puppet beneath his feet crumbling onto the ground and colliding with it, like a meteor from the sky.

The All Creations Mighty Force contained inside the puppet expanded endlessly. It was on the verge of setting off another explosion! A Stage Three All Creations explosion was enough to destroy more than half of the Purple Cloud Palace. The surviving factional influences of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands were going to sustain great losses!

Humph! With a cold snort, Mo Tianxuan disappeared. When she reappeared, she had turned up right in front of the puppet.

The True Man went somber. Palace Mistress Mo, be careful!

Even for Mo Tianxuan, resisting the impact of the explosion by force would be extremely dangerous.