The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 Three Birds With One Stone

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Su Yu had told them not to leave and Mo Tianxian could not refute the fact that his suggestion was a good one. What Su Yu had said was correct. If she and the True Man of the Purple Cloud Palace were to follow in pursuit, these heavily injured important forces would be left unprotected and vulnerable.

If she were in the enemys position, she would not let go of this golden opportunity to enter. This made it even more crucial that they did not leave. On the contrary, they had to remain vigilant until they completely recovered from their injuries.

Please accept my sincere apologies about Bing Wuxin. There was no way that I could protect her, Su Yu said, standing on the wooden bird and opening up a seam in the air. Please tell Jian Wusheng that I will repay her a daughter.

Mo Tianxian nodded. You tell that to her yourself.

Su Yu nodded, driving the wooden bird on. With a graceful leap, it began to fly with an intense force through space and was ten thousand miles away in an instant.

There was no need to go on a massive hunt to track down the position of Gu Taixu and those with him. Revenge had to take place publicly in the presence of a large audience. The crowd would be big and must be in the hundreds at least. And the motive of the rebels was clearthey wanted the Central City!

The Dong Tianfu region was hundreds of miles away from the Central City. To count on flying skill alone to get there would take an impossible amount of time. The only way to get there would be through teleportation with the help of the space distortion stone!

The space distortion stone could carry a hundred people. As they still did not have a way to control it to fully exploit its powers, their only use for it was as a teleportation point.

There was only one point of teleportation that was not too far from where they were. That was Tianya City which was only an hour away.

Su Yu quickly crossed half of the region in which Tianfu City lay and arrived outside Tianya City. This place was at the border of Dong Tianfu City and Tiandao City.

Cutting his path through the Void and gradually approaching his destination, Su Yu felt a growing sense of a dangerous intention to kill originating from far away and heading in his direction.

As he lifting his gaze towards it, a dense dark ghoul, the elder Duo Hundian, sensed Su Yus living presence and hurried towards him.

Flanking it on both sides was a solid figure of a person. The youth, Wei Bufan, looked as though he had achieved the eighth level of power. He had, in fact, reached the ninth level of power and could be considered a little lord.

The middle-aged person was the elder, Duo Hundian. His face was flustered and red, and his facial hair was divided into two strokes like the Chinese character for eight. His face looked extremely treacherous.

In the face of this new blood behind his silver mask, Elder Duo Hundian let out a dark laugh. Gu Taixu must have run out of skilled warriors to have sent you out in pursuit of us!

With a cold chuckle, Wei Bufan said, Gu Taixu told us that the most sincere and loyal person would, knowing that it is a trap, still jump into it for the sake of someone important to him. How true his words are! Gu Taixu really understands his people well.

Is it sentiment? To be plagued with such a fatal weakness and to live till today must be no easy feat. The elder Duo Hundian clearly intended harm, and there was a menacing smirk on his face. Gu Taixu has in his possession the blood of the nine spirits. Naturally it will land in the hands of the King of the Central City, and I, just a small minion worker, only need a name that is heavyweight enough!

As part of the Central City Kings personal troop, bringing back Su Yu as a wanted criminal would definitely grant him a position worthy of his status.

Wei Bufan spoke in a cold and sinister tone. In other words, we must thank you for appearing at such a crucial moment! Our elder Duo Hundian has wished for many years to enter the forces of the King of the Central City. This is a chance in a million! Your appearance is, for us, a rare opportunity that is hard to come by.

Having many years under his belt, the elder of the evil temple was unwavering. It was not his intention to immediately infiltrate the Central City. On the contrary, he planned to understand and reaffirm the fact that his own strength was too light and that the chance to enter the Central City was rare.

In addition to the special geographical location, it was easy to become a victim of the conflict between Dong Tianfu and the Central City. Therefore, he was not willing to make up his mind just yet.

The appearance of a wanted criminal of the Central City gave him a glimmer of hope. With this deed to his name, he would definitely win the favor of the Central King.

Su Yu was calm, and his silver mask showed no signs of panic.

Enough of this talk. Su Yu, accept your fate now. We have prepared an extremely powerful spirit that when awakened and infuriated, is no match for any master in the world. You have no escape route left, Elder Duo Hundian dictated solemnly.

Su Yu tapped his chin and removed his silver mask. It was time to put an end to the long ramblings of this man.

In another corner of Tianya City, in a beautiful valley surrounded by green hills.

Gu Taixu gazed up at the sky, a sarcastic smile on his face. A group of idiots! What use are you all to me?

Brother Gu, what do you intend to do with Su Yu? Behind him a figure stood timidly. Their lips were bitten and swollen, and their eyes were stunned with panic.

Gu Taixus smile faded and his face turned icy cold. Turning around, he said cold-heartedly, Su Yu? Chuyi, dont tell me that you really dont know Su Yus true identity!

Lu Chuyis body trembled, her eyes wide in fear as a look of panic shot across her face. After hesitating for a long time, she found a small voice at the bottom of her throat. It is Yinyu. How could she have been unaware that the kind old soul who had rescued her a countless number of times was so similar to the youthful Yinyu?

Haha, he has warm feelings for you, am I right? Gu Taixu said sarcastically.

Lu Chuyis teeth chattered as she responded. No.none at all.

Hey, you dont have to try to hide it. The heavenly gods can see through your hearts will. I can see it! Gu Taixu waved his hand dismissively, a mischievous smile sweeping across his face. I dont blame you. You are kind and beautiful, and he is a funny one. It is completely understandable that he, in the martial arts world, has feelings for you.

Hearing this, Lu Chuyis uneasiness was soothed a little.

Then, brother, do you think you could ask Duo Hundian to let him go? Chuyi will even beg him personally! Lu Chuyi pleaded desperately, her heart in despair.

However, Gu Taixus expression changed into a smirk. Im dealing with that idiot Duo Hundian; do I still have to consider how to handle Yinyu? This opportunity is so hard to come by. Why should I give it to them so easily?

What brother means is Lu Chuyi enquired.

Gu Taixu let out a cold laugh. You really underestimate the ants of a foreign land. He might not be big in being, but comparatively, even the fairy Linlang is no match for him! Duo Houdian is even less of a threat to him. He wouldnt even cause a scratch!

What? He he is that powerful? Lu Chuyis face was priceless. A picture of fearful awe was mixed with joy. She soon realized what was wrong. If that is the case, what is brothers purpose in sending Duo Houdian to his death?

Gu Taixu would definitely have his reasons.

So they delay Yinyu, of course, and buy me more time, Gu Taixu said dramatically.

Lu Chuyi asked, Do you mean buying more time to escape?

Escape? There is no need for that. By the time they reach this point, no one will have enough vigor left to be a match for me, Gu Taixu said boldly and confidently.

Then, brothers meaning of buying time is Looking into Gu Taixus eyes, Lu Chuyi had an uncomfortable feeling.

Gu Taixus gaze turned, flashing past Lu Chuyi and landing on Gongsun Wuxie who was bound up with rope. A smirk spread across his lips. Of course I am buying time to give Yinyu a gift that he will never ever forget!

Brother, you you want to kill Gongsun Wuxie? Lu Chuyi exclaimed in shock. You cant do that! She is in a sacred position! If you kill her, we might be completely disowned. It will break our ties. Even if it is for revenge for the Central King, we cant possibly risk our connections. Her heart was beating uncontrollably. This situation was making her extremely nervous.

For the sake of Gu Taixu, she had left the Purple Palace without turning back to follow him. Along the journey, she had never ever killed a single person. She was completely unwilling for any harm to come to Gongsun Wuxie. She was important to Su Yu. If the rumors were correct, the two of them had extremely close ties. There was even some speculation that Gongsun Wuxie was Su Yus woman.

If this Gongsun Wuxie was to be found dead, Yinyu would definitely hate her.

Why do you think I have to kill her? Gu Taixu said with a fierce glare, measuring Gongsun Wuxie up with his eyes. To give Yinyu a memory that he cant forget, we have to destroy someone whom he loves and treasures.

Lu Chuyis heart sank and her face was full of sorrow. Brother, you want to defile her.

Doing that would indeed give Su Yu a painful and unforgettable memory. In this world, there was no pain worse than having his own woman defiled by his enemy.

Gu Taixus heart was full of ill intentions. Lu Chuyi gazed at Gu Taixu with much uncertainty in her heart. Was this the same master that she had first set eyes on in the Purple Cloud Palace? Could the bright, lovable and upright master who had shown her so much care and love, up to this point in time, be consumed by spite and commit such an unscrupulous act?

She was so afraid of Gu Taixu changing that Lu Chuyi had come to firmly believe that he must have had his own reasons. Only she was not able to accept it at this point in time. Deep in her heart, the image of Gu Taixu that she had so dearly looked up to was starting to waver.

You dont have to say it with such ugly words. When it comes to matters of emotions, to have highs and lows is only human nature. After all of this, I will become the master of Duan Xianya and will be able to promote the merger of Duan Xianya with the Central City! I will have earned a wife, King Wu will have earned an ally, Yinyu will have gained an unforgettable painful memory. It is killing three birds with one stone!

Obviously, he had been planning this scene for a long time.

Lu Chuyis heart trembled again. It was as though he wanted to take raw rice and make it into cooked rice. He intended to marry Gongsun Wuxie and take her as his wife!

Brother, this will only anger the head of Dian Xianya, said Lu Chuyi pointedly.

Gu Taixu smiled knowingly, taking out an old and tattered scroll and a faint pink elixir from his sleeve.

Tianxin Pills!! Lu Chuyis face changed, body trembling with fear. Brother, you intend to use such a thing!!

He had got these during the situation with Lingfang, and they came from ancient ruins. When used together with the Tianxin Pills, the secrets in the scroll could forcefully change the soul and the memories of the soul.

I will turn her memories of Yinyu into memories of me. Wont the plan be effective? Gu Taixu said with mischievous joy. To win the heart of the woman who was Su Yus! This kind of torture would haunt any man for a lifetime!

You cant do that! Lu Chuyi burst out, blocking Gu Taixu with a face full of defiance. If you are still my brother, please do not continue with these plans. Please stop giving me reasons to lose faith in you.

Gu Taixus face was stern, his playful expression fading. You dare to defy me?

I have only good intentions for you Brother! Lu Chuyi insisted.

Gu Taixus face turned cold. This was the first time that Lu Chuyi had turned against him!

If you did not have me to rely on, you would not still exist here on this earth. Do not forget that you are also a traitor to the Purple Cloud Palace! They will never let you go!

I may be a traitor but at least Im not a shameless person. We should live with some moral guidelines. Lu Chuyi did not know why she was personally so emotionally involved with Gongsun Wuxie even though she did not know her.

Was it because it would obviously anger Gu Taixu? No, it was the contrary.

I will say it again. Do not block me! There is little time left. Do not get involved my business! Gu Taixu said icily.

Lu Chuyis body moved awkwardly as she retreated slowly. Although she was afraid, she still clumsily and stubbornly tried to defend Gongsun Wuxie. Brother, please do not do this. It is time to report

Get out of my way! Gu Taixu exploded. He was troubled and frustrated with Lu Chuyis insolence. In his eyes, Lu Chuyi was his possession and had remained a virgin only for him.

This kind of unacceptable defiance, where she lost control of her emotions, made him extremely mad.

Gu Taixus internal anger was so strong that it erupted towards Lu Chuyi. Lu Chuyi was knocked off her feet and flung backward.

During the fall, Lu Chuyis blade pointed towards the ground, changing the course of the route and propelling her next to Gongsun Wuxie. She reached out a hand to grab her, borrowing the strength to fly. It appeared that she was preparing to escape with Gongsun Wuxie.

I am sorry, dear brother but I can not let you commit any more wicked acts. Lu Chuyi left quickly without turning back, suppressing her unwillingness deep into her heart.

Gu Taixu was furious.

Fine, fine, fine! Even you are abandoning me! Lu Chiyi, since we have come to this, dont blame me if I dont show you any pity! Gu Taixu took in a deep breath, and a radiant and powerful purple ray shot out of his forehead towards the sky.

In the powerful rays, Lu Chuyis body was suddenly rendered useless and she fell with a loud shriek and thud.

However, she was well prepared for this. Embracing the imbalance caused by the blow, she readjusted herself and continued to propel forward.

The only thing that bothered her was how she would be able to compete against the sheer power of Gu Taixu.

Flying out not more than a few thousand feet, she felt a terrible wind coming from behind. Lu Chuyi did not even turn her head and stubbornly flung a hand behind to swipe it away.

At this time, a terribly strong force came into the palm of her hand.

Blood was everywhere. Lu Chuyi could not help but spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Her body continued its forward trajectory and fell helplessly down.

Gu Taixu was close behind her, sneering uncontrollably. Silly woman! When you practice, it will hinder your recovery and so I heeded the advice of the purple race to never touch you. Instead of being grateful to me, you have turned against me!

Since it is like this, then dont blame me! Today, I will take you and Gongsun Wuxie to be my women! With a loud bang, Gu Taixu grabbed them both.

However, at this moment, a crack appeared in the air, and a huge wooden bird flew out of it. On top of the wooden bird, was the diving and poised elder with a face full of wisdom.

He waved his hand in a practiced way, and the two women were effortlessly in his arms.

Gu Taixu was momentarily stunned that he had been intercepted so suddenly. When he saw the expression of the new arrival, he exclaimed in shock. Yinyu! How come it is you? Were you not

The man who had come was indeed Su Yu.

Stopped and stalled by Duo Hundian? Su Yu said amusedly. Yes, rely on a crowd who dont even know how to use their powers. Gu Taixu, you are even lower than them.


Outside Tianya city.

The scenes that unfolded were a shock to the whole city.

They saw from far away that the skies surrounding the city were covered in a sea of red blood.

In this sea of blood was the group of Duo Hundian, their master, and the lords. All of them were caught up in this bloodshed. There had been a struggle that drained flesh and blood.

The master of Duo Hundian was stunned, his face red with embarrassment and defeat. You you are not the fairy Su Yu

In the heart of the bloodbath was a handsome young man with a complexion of silvery white.

At this moment, there was a blissful expression on his face. Hearing those words, he showed a pair of evil scorpions, and said, I have never said that I was the master. I am, well, let me think, the master seems to have given me a nickname. I think he called me a traitor. Yes, it was traitor.

Saying this, the traitor chuckled. Everyone in Duo Hundians group was slain.

Duo Hundian had just been betrayed. His group would be wiped out and none of them would remain!