The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 First Come First Served

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In the valley, Gu Taixus face was as gloomy as the dark water. How did you know that there were only people of the Soul Seizing Palace in the trap, not me!

Su Yus white hair fluttered in the wind, and he had a calm look on his face. You are a cunning, nasty person. It wasnt really hard to guess that youd be hiding somewhere behind the scenes!

Su Yu had received an accurate impression of Gu Taixus personality. He had never been a man of integrity and honesty!

Besides, Gu Taixu understood Su Yus capabilities very well. Would he really dare to set a trap and lie in wait for him by himself?

Despite his urgent attempt to rescue Gongsun Wuxie, Su Yu made sure he remained level-headed the entire time.

Upon realizing the problem, he changed his strategies immediately. He dispatched the silver puppet that had just been crafted, Xiaobai, to impersonate himself and set off, wearing his mask. In the meantime, Su Yu detected Gongsun Wuxies location with the help of the Ancient Bronze Tree Men and found his way here.

It didnt seem that he was too late after all.

Anger churned in Gu Taixus eyes. Vexed, he asked, How did you find me then? Dont tell me that you counted with your fingers!

Casting a look at Gongsun Wuxie, Su Yu had a look of tender affection on his face. Theres no one whom I cant find here.

This was Tianya City; the Desolate Evil Jungle was just in the vicinity. As a good friend of the Ancient Bronze Tree Men, what was difficult about locating a nearby girl who was carrying the Fountain of Life, if he relied upon their power to scout her out?

Before heading for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, Su Yu had gifted a bottle of the Fountain of Life to Gongsun Wuxie for life-saving purposes. She had not used it and had preserved every drop of it. That was how her exact location could be detected.

Arrogant! Gu Taixu bellowed in rage but resisted the urge to fight. Now was not the right time. Firstly, he was no match of Su Yu; secondly, he still had L Chuyi.

Su Yu smiled but did not say a word. He instilled his palms with immense Vital Energy and channeled it into the two womens bodies, awakening Gongsun Wuxie and healing L Chuyis wounds.

L Chuyi was held in Su Yus arms, lying stiff and motionless. This feeling was way too familiar. Hadnt he turned her into a real woman that day when she lay underneath him? He really was Yinyu!

She lifted her gaze to scrutinize the old, weathered face. L Chuyi felt a deluge of complicated emotions surging in her heart.

Its been a long time, Senior L, Su Yu muttered. A wave of Power of Time slowly radiated off him, and his ancient body retrograded at a speed visible to the naked eye. His wrinkled skin was revitalized beyond recognition and became as smooth and fair as jade. His white hair gradually turned a shade of brilliant silver too. In just a few seconds, the old, battered elderly man had resumed the appearance of a magnificent young man.

Yinyu! L Chuyi covered her rosy lips in disbelief. Yes, it was his face!

Wow! Brother Su Yu, youre actually very handsome! Gongsun Wuxie, who had just woken, witnessed Su Yus transformation with her very own eyes.

Her eyes glimmered like crystals as she tilted her head, and leaned against his shoulder in an intimate manner, like a little landlord who had just come across a treasure. Hehe, you deserve to be my future husband! Im very pleased!

Su Yu was helpless against this little devil who felt no sense of danger at all.

Take a rest first. Ill settle things with Gu Taixu. Su Yu set both of them down as his eyes shot towards Gu Taixu.

Gu Taixu had a serene look on his face. Yinyu, if you have the guts, let go of L Chuyi. Holding her hostage to distract me from the fight is a rather despicable tactic.

Which eye of yours actually sees me holding her hostage? Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back.

L Chuyi wasnt moved. Looking at Gu Taixu from afar, she was disappointed beyond words.

Having revealed his true colors, Gu Taixu had ruined his own image in her eyes. Senior Brother Gu, its still not too late to realize your mistakes. Just go, I wont follow you anymore.

How could she keep following a guy whose dirty tricks knew no limits, and who could possibly violate her anytime?

L Chuyi! Gu Taixu stared at her in anger. Youre my woman! Despite the vastness of the world you have nowhere to go now. If you stop following me, who will shelter you? Him?

Hes one of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands! Sooner or later, hell send you back to the True Man of Purple Cloud to be punished! If you return to my side right now, you still stand a chance!

L Chuyi felt a stabbing pain in her heart as remorse swept through her. Perhaps it was a huge blunder to have betrayed the faction for Gu Taixu without considering the consequences. Not only had she failed to win Gu Taixus respect, but she had also become a hostage that could threaten him instead.

However, before L Chuyi could say a word, Su Yu said placidly after a moment of silence, You called her your woman just because you are her fiance?

Youre kidding me! If me being her fiance doesnt count, what are you? An insect from a foreign dimension? Gu Taixu taunted.

Su Yu kept silent for a moment, before taking L Chuyi into his arms again. She resisted it instinctively, but Su Yus force was overpowering. When half of her body sank into his broad chest, she became bashful.

I am her very first man. Now you tell me, is she my woman?


Gu Taixu felt as if countless bolts of thunder just erupted in his head. His face turned cold and ashen-gray and eventually became hideous. It was as if he had gone mad. Nonsense!! Chuyi is a pure and flawless woman! Shes practicing! She wouldnt have given herself to any man

However, Gu Taixu couldnt find his words halfway through speaking, because he knew that L Chuyis progress had been trivial in recent years.

The fury of being deceived filled his lungs. The misery of being betrayed by a loved one and the humiliation of being betrayed by a woman turned him into blazing flames of rage billowing into the sky. His intense, stern eyes were filled with shock, rage, and madness. L Chuyi! Is this.. is this true?!

He couldnt believe it. He couldnt believe that his fiance, who had been obedient to him all along, had betrayed him physically.

L Chuyi was held in Su Yus embrace and dared not to look at Gu Taixus eyes. Only after a long while, did she muster her courage and nod lightly. Yes, in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, I became his woman. But that was only a coincidence! I never thought of betraying Senior Brother Gu

Shut up!! You are you are a shameless woman!! Gu Taixus pupils dilated as he gasped for air, entering a complete state of madness.

His intention had been to violate Su Yus woman and make him miserable for the rest of his life, but instead, he learned the shocking truth! His very own fiancee, the woman whom he hadnt ever had the chance to touch, had actually lost her virginity to someone else!!!

The enormous shame and humiliation were enough to make the arrogant, egoistical Gu Taixu remember the shock vividly for the rest of his life.

Bahahaha, what a great big green hat youve got! the little devil mocked. She was fantastic at adding fuel to the fire. She was using a colloquialism. By referring to him having a green hat on his head, she meant that his wife had been unfaithful.

The faithful, beautiful fiancee of the greatest genius of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands has turned against him and chosen Su Yuxian instead, and she has devoted her heart to him! Tsk tsk, groundbreaking gossip like this will sell for a high price in Tianya City. Gongsun Wuxie flashed her signature devilish smile.

Gu Taixu was enraged. Shut up! All of you, dont even think of leaving this place alive today!! The only way to cleanse the humiliation and to silence them was to kill them all.

Oh God, Im so scared! Thats very frightening. Gongsun Wuxie patted her chest, pretending to be scared.

Gu Taixu didnt waste time looking at her but fixed his stare on Su Yu. Yinyu, you forced me to do this! I planned to spare you for a few months to live your petty life and was only going to send you to Hell once I accomplished the Body of Nine Spirits! But now, you are seeking your own death!

You? Su Yu queried with nonchalance. In the face of the Demon Devouring Emperor, Gu Taixu was absolutely defenseless. Yet the Demon Devouring Emperor had died at Su Yus hands.

Did you really think that I revealed all of my powers back in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland? Gu Taixu calmed down slowly. Powerful energy radiated off him, as mauve-colored light spilled out of him.

With the appearance of the mauve light, all corners of the sky were dyed the shade of dark violet. Inside the purple world, all energies from the outside world were concealed. It was as if the space was enclosed by the purple light formed a world of its own.

Leave now! Hes performing the Divine Decree! L Chuyi said in a frantic voice as panic filled her eyes. Fear was palpable in those eyes of hers.

Even the True Man of Purple Cloud could hardly escape his Divine Decree. He was trapped, and he sustained considerable injuries, L Chuyi said in a solemn voice.

She continued, His mastery of the Divine Path has reached its peak, and he is about to attain the level of Void Transformation Divine Decree. He is unrivaled!

She trusted Su Yus power when fighting against Mortal Fairies, but the terror of Peak Pure Divine Decree had left her with an irremovable trepidation.

You want to go? Its too late now! Gu Taixus black hair danced in the air as he emitted unassailable, invincible energy.

With a loud yell, the purple light erupted like a volcano, changing every nook and cranny of the space to a deep shade of purple.

Gu Taixu kept emitting purple light, seeming like a deity from a purple world that was ruled by him.

Freeze! Gu Taixu uttered a single word.

All of a sudden, an enigmatic power which was an entity that resembled rules affected Su Yus and the others surroundings. It froze them to their spots, rendering them immobile.

This was Gu Taixus Divine Decree. He could punish them on behalf of the heavens! In the purple world, he was the incarnation of the heavens! His will represented the heavens will.

Gu Taixu shot Su Yu an indifferent look, looking down at him like a God from above. Have you realized your insignificance now? My Divine Path isnt something that you can ever dream of rivaling!

With a stride towards him, Gu Taixu teleported to a position in front of them. Like a victor, he was wearing a disdainful smile. If you fight me, you will face the consequences! You will be reduced to ashes and dust!

However, Gu Taixus actions werent urgent. With a vengeful intention, he laughed coldly. If I allow you to die just like this, it wont be worth it! I want you to have a taste of seeing your own woman being toyed with!! Open your eyes wide and watch carefully; dont miss out the interesting parts!!

Gu Taixu looked up to the sky and laughed before fixing his lecherous eyes on Gongsun Wuxie.

As he reached to grab Gongsun Wuxie, he seized L Chuyi with the other hand. Youll join us too! Although youre flawed now, youll still serve as entertainment!

Right at the moment his palm touched their shoulders, a blade of silver sword light slashed towards him without any warning.

Gu Taixu was completely defenseless, and he instinctively blocked it with both his hands!

His arms suddenly became icy cold. The sensation was followed by an excruciating pricking pain in his heart as both his arms were easily severed. However, Gu Taixu had gained an instant in which to respond. With a shift of his mind, the owner of the purple world teleported to a faraway spot.

As he lifted his eyes, a scream of shock escaped his throat. Yinyu! You you can still move!

In the distance, Su Yu was holding a silver sword in his hand, and a remaining whiff of silver sword energy lingered in the purple world. Gu Taixu was certain that he had frozen him to the spot. How could he still move?

So, I have to freeze just because you said so? Su Yu asked with complete indifference.

Gu Taixu was in utter disbelief. This is a world created by the Divine Path, and I am the God of this dimension. The heavens of this dimension call the shots. You cant possibly be unaffected.