The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 The Heavenly Knife Region Master

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Karma Fire! With a low bellow, the entire violet world erupted in raging, violent flames. However, the Karma Fire was immediately doused whenever it came near Su Yu.

Heavens Thunder! Deafening thunder rumbled and growled, and terrifying bolts of divine lightning struck down. However, every bolt avoided the spot where Su Yu was.

Reincarnation! Death! Annihilation! Gu Taixu kept yelling loudly. Much to his shock, Su Yu wasnt affected by the rules of the purple world at all. He was totally unscathed. Under his protection, even the two women were safe and sound.

You What is really going on with you? Gu Taixu took in a deep breath. He realized that he didnt fully understand the person, whom he used to regard as just another savage ant, standing before him now.

Su Yu flicked the blade of his sword. Calmly, he said, In the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, you werent the only one who withheld their true strength.

Hearing that, Gu Taixus pupils constracted. During the battles with the Demon Devouring Emperor and the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, Su Yu had displayed an impressive array of powers, yet he still had more in reserve!

This was the very first time that Gu Taixu had felt a sense of trepidation when facing Su Yu. It was as if he were standing at the brink of a deep chasm.

Even so, being unaffected by the peak of the Pure Divine Decree still couldnt be explained by your own power. I dont believe that you have found the weakness of my Divine Decree! Gu Taixu said coldly. The only reasonable explanation was that Su Yu had found the weakness of his Divine Decree, and had figured out a way to counteract it.

Su Yu chortled casually. Weakness? Haha, why wont you accept that I have curbed your Divine Decree?

Only a stronger Divine Decree could curb a weaker one!

What a joke! Heaven Rulers overflow in the Jiuzhou continent as a whole. But who else apart from me, Gu Taixu, is actually able to comprehend the heaven-reaching Divine Decree? Curb it? You? Gu Taixu had absolute and incomparable confidence in the path of Divine Decree.

Su Yu did not bother to explain. Gradually, vast, overwhelming energy was released all around him. It was shapeless and formless, but everyone could sense shocking, enormous waves arising from their very souls.

The purple world began trembling all of a sudden, as tremors spread from the vast energy.

Gu Taixus sneer froze on his face. Seconds later, he took a sharp cold breath. Peak Divine Decree!! Impossible! It was the only word that rang in his mind. Su Yuxian was merely a petty insect that came from a savage world! How on earth was he able to comprehend the Peak Divine Decree?!

Gu Taixu was only able to because he was a descendant of a special bloodline. Could Su Yu have a similar bloodline to him?

Not just the Peak Divine Decree, but one that opposes yours! Su Yu looked up at the heavens. Amidst the violet, desolate sky, a colossal eye emerged, and a gigantic hand covered the expanse of the sky. Wherever the gigantic hand passed, the purple world shattered apart, leaving nothing behind!

The hand took the form of the Heavens Hand, annihilating all restraints.

That was Su Yus Divine Decreedefiance! It could defy all obstacles! Even the hindrance of the heavens was no exception. Gu Taixus Divine Decree represented the heavens, and Su Yus Divine Path was to oppose the heavens and destiny. The two were on opposing sides. Gu Taixus Divine Decree could perhaps oppress others, but it had no effect on Su Yu.

One hand and an eye spanned the entire sky. It was stupefying and awe-inspiring, as if they were parts of the intangible heavens that were concealed in the desolate nature and were only occasionally revealed.

When he was done speaking, Su Yus starry eyes were filled with hints of iciness. The silver sword in his hand struck across the sky with a force that could devastate all things in the world.

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword was capable of destroying anything.

Gu Taixus face turned ashen grey with dread. He didnt even have time to recover his arms before he frantically scampered away.

However, right at that moment, Su Yus left eye overflowed with violet light as he uttered a single word. Freeze!

Gu Taixu was instantly frozen in time. He couldnt move a muscle. The silver light came sweeping across him, and Gu Taixus body was split in two by the silver light!

A shivering virtual shadow of a spirit escaped from the shattered body, scurrying off in intense fear and vicious hatred. But before he could escape to a far distance away, wine-red rays of sunshine shot up from behind him. He was enveloped by a wave of space energy that rolled him backward.

Su Yu was ready to destroy Gu Taixu, both physically and spiritually!

However, just as Gu Taixu was transported back, enveloped in the space energy, a nonchalant cold snort fell like thunder from the nine heavens. The vibration made Su Yu shudder.

Gongsun Wuxie and L Chuyi even felt their insides roiling and surging turbulently, as their energy and blood boiled and their faces flushed red.

At such a young age, you have a malicious and cruel heart. Not only do you want to destroy this ones body, but you even intend to destroy his soul.


As the voice finished speaking, a hand extended from the Void, casually and haphazardly swatting away the space energy surrounding Gu Taixu and liberating him.

Despite the great calamity that had befallen him, it seemed as though Gu Taixu would get to keep his life. With only his soul left, he was vexed and resentful. Why did you only come out now!


An ordinary-looking, plump middle-aged man walked out from the seam. He didnt look angry but was dignified and imposing. He had the aura of someone who had been a leader for a long time.

The plump middle-aged man cast a shallow glance at Gu Taixu. I merely act under the order of saving your life. I am not your bodyguard.

You Fine! Dont say anything! Just kill this person right here! Hes far more threatening than we have expected. Gu Taixu pointed at Su Yu, shocking hatred radiating from his soul. He was fearful like never before.

He had been dead once, and he would never again deny how terrifying Su Yu was.

The plump man looked at Su Yu calmly, his chin slightly raised. No wonder youre the most wanted criminal of my King. I see you have some skills.

The purplish-red brilliance in Su Yus eyes dissipated. Looking at the person from afar, he didnt seem surprised by his appearance. It seems like Gu Taixu really matters to the Central Prefectures King, he said. The Heavenly Knife Region Master is even ordered to look after him, haha

This person was far more powerful than the True Man of Purple Cloud in terms of cultivation. Not even Xue Di and the Five Golden Light Guards could compare!

Based on his intuition, he was afraid that Mo Tianxuan was the only one among the All Creations strong men he had met who was capable of rivaling him. Hence, his identity wasnt difficult to guess.

Someone with such cultivation surely had a noble status, and people that could possibly be ordered to shelter Gu Taixu were most likely to be the people who served under the Central Prefectures King.

This person was someone who could come to his rescue from close by and that could only be the Heavenly Knife Region Master because it neighboured Tianya City!

The Heavenly Knife Region Master!! L Chuyi was brutally shocked. Her heart went cold immediately. She finally understood why Gu Taixu said that no one could hurt him here! It turned out that there was a powerful regional master who would come to his rescue!!

Fairly clever, the Heavenly Knife Region Master remarked indifferently. He looked at Su Yu as if he was looking at an ant.

Alright, come with me. My king wants to meet you, the Region Master said dispassionately. Out of the corner of his eye, he shot a look at Gongsun Wuxie and L Chuyi. With great nonchalance, he said, As for the two of you Youre just some worthless garbage.

As he finished speaking, he waved his sleeves lightly. Suddenly, an enormous, shocking All Creations Mighty Force crashed down from the skies without warning. Even Su Yus heart shuddered at the sensation.

Just as expected, the Heavenly Knife Region Master was very unlike the ordinary All Creations Old Monsters!

Aside from Mo Tianxuan, no other All Creations strong men could make Su Yu feel so intimidated.

Right at that moment, the wooden bird underneath Su Yus feet began to move. Embracing a person on each wing, it vanished into the Void.

Eh, a Void-navigating treasure? His attack in vain, the Heavenly Knife Region Master mumbled in slight surprise. Shortly after, he laughed and shook his head. How he has overestimated his ability.

He didnt chase after them and merely extended his right finger to tap on a particular direction in the Void.

Suddenly, the Void several million miles away split open, and a wooden bird fell from it.

Su Yus face changed slightly. Displaying a Void-navigating treasure in front of such a powerful All Creations Old Monster was rather ineffective.

Nonetheless, Su Yu didnt seem exactly anxious.,He looked calm and unhurried, as though he had foreseen it all.