The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 The Downfall Of The Prefectures King

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The Tree God was the only one who could save Yinmu.

There was no change to the stiff, fixed expression on Yinmus face, but his tone became much livelier. Youre a friend of the Ancient Bronze Tree Men. Its my obligation to help you. The enemy might not have gone far, so you should come and shelter at the Ancient Bronze Tree Mens tribe for a while, Yinmu suggested.

Su Yu did not refuse the offer. He had used much of his Divine Decree just now and was feeling exhausted at the moment.

After spending three days in the Ancient Bronze Tree Mens in a quiet, tranquil valley, Su Yu was invigorated.

My Divine Decree really has improved. After being assured repeatedly that this would happen, Su Yu was delighted. If he could keep fighting against the Domain, his Divine Decree would surely get another significant boost, bringing about endless benefits.

The surprising discovery gave Su Yu many ideas. Perhaps the practice of Divine Path in the future would no longer be monotonous.

As he thought things over, Su Yu took out a black book of life and a jade pendant of memory. The former was the Book of Yin of Mo Jidao, while the latter was the recorded content of Mo Jidaos Book of Yang. One Yin and one Yang, they were the enlightenment and experience left behind by Mo Jidao, a Divine Path genius of the past. Right now, Su Yu finally had the time to study them in great depth.

Xiaobai, if someone comes to visit, tell them Im in training, Su Yu said. The silver-white puppet that stood behind him respectfully nodded and flew to a high altitude where it scrutinized every direction.

The silver puppet was, of course, the puppet integrated with the Heart of a Puppet.

Originally, the puppet only had the quality of an Almighty, but with the strengthening of the Heart of the Puppet, it was augmented to a level of Stage Three All Creations, becoming a powerful driving force.

Most fascinatingly, the Heart of the Puppet instilled the puppet with the self-consciousness of training, enabling it to keep thriving by feeding on the flesh and blood of living creatures.

Su Yu held cleared his mind and took out a drop of the Honey of a Hundred Flowers. His left pupil radiated violet light, entering a state of 500-folds time acceleration.

The Divine Books of Yin and Yang of Mo Jidao were totally activated by Su Yu.

An entire lifetime of experiences, his outlook on life, and his enlightenment on the Divine Path all began to unravel before Su Yus eyes, like a pristine young child.

Su Yu was in awe, baffled, enlightened, delighted, and miserable, all at the same time. All kinds of expressions flashed across his face, reflecting the fluctuating emotions he had deep inside.

What Su Yu didnt know was that the godly portrayal with fluttering jet-black hair and a majestic cloak was standing soundlessly behind him again. The godly portrayal was looking at something in the distance, his eyes profound and his gaze distant.

The emergence of the godly portrayal alarmed Yinmu.

Emotions were visible on his usually stiff face. The Godly Dharma Portrayal! This is a sign of approaching the Void Transformation Divine Decree! But why does this deity seem so unfamiliar? Yinmu wondered.

In the state of time-space acceleration, Su Yu had been learning for a whole year, yet it had only been half a day in the outside world.

With the help of the Honey of a Hundred Flowers which provided ten times more tendency to enlightenment, Su Yu had comprehended more than half of Mo Jidaos Divine Decree.

When he finished, his eyes were surging with the light of divinity, and he was still lost in Mo Jidaos Divine Decree.

Its no wonder that he is an extraordinary genius of the eternal Divine Path and a formidable character to many Mortal Fairy strong men. In terms of enlightenment on the Divine Path, Gu Taixu and I are nothing compared to him. Hell be beyond the reach of most of the Mortal Fairy strong men. Its no exaggeration to say that hes the greatest one on the Divine Path, just slightly below the deities.

From Mo Jidaos Divine Books, Su Yu had discovered that, in the past, Mo Jidao was merely one step away from peeking into the Divine Path and becoming a God. However, he was restricted physically. With only a lifespan of a hundred years, he eventually met his demise peacefully.

He took the risk to venture into the Glittering Jewel Wonderland to obtain opportunities and sublimation but always regretted the fact that he had ultimately failed. He could not prolong his life.

Before his demise, he paid a special visit to the book yard with the intention of leaving behind a legacy of his experiences and enlightenment. This would be for members of future generations.

What a pity for a genius of the Divine Path. Su Yu gave a silent sigh. Without the limitation of a mortal body, he would have become a deity already.

Mo Jidaos Divine Path gave Su Yu many clues, as well as verifying many of the speculations he had about the Divine Path.

After closing the book, the imprint of it still lingered above Su Yus head, slowly rotating and emitting shocking waves of undulation.

The disaster of books was at the brink of befalling.

Theoretically speaking, the five great disasters of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland had all been nullified by force by Su Yu, the owner of the martial tower. However, the only disaster that hadnt been deliberately nullified was his own disaster of books. In truth, it was an opportunity for him.

As the waves dissipated, there was brilliance and clarity above Su Yus head. A black-white stone door that crossed the heavens and the universe materialized.

One side was black and the other white. They existed on opposite sides. Black represented Yin, and white represented Yang. Both Yin and Yang kept taking turns to revolve.

This was Mo Jidaos Divine Path, unbending to the current circumstances and endeavoring to break past Yin Yang and take control of reincarnations, despite being only a mortal.

Su Yus aim was to use Mo Jidaos Yin Yang Divine Decree to his own advantage, integrating all that he had learned.

Su Yus mastery comprised the Divine Path of Peak Pure Divine Decree, the Intrinsic Martial Path of the Elixir Fire Union, and many other cultivation techniques of the Martial Path. These included the Nine Dragon Demon Subduing Art, the Divine Solar Palm, and three bloodline powers endowed by the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron: time, space and soul.

His enlightenment was a complex integration of the Divine Path, the Intrinsic Martial Path, the Extrinsic Martial Path, and those of the Bloodline Path.

Mo Jidaos Yin Yang Divine Path had been prepared for this.

It was a pity that he didnt get to become a God and attain a complete physique. After all the Paths he had striven to acquire, he was deceased.

Gazing at the Yin Yang Doors, Su Yu took a deep breath. He presented his own Divine Decree, the Heavens Eye, and the Heavens Hand. He also presented the Power of Time contained in his left pupil.

The Heavens Eye and the Power of Time were fired at the Door of Yin simultaneously. The Door of Yin opened, accepting them both at the same time.

However, very quickly, the Door of Yang on the other side opened, spitting out the shattered Heavens Eye from within, as well as the shattered Power of Time.

The fusion was unsuccessful!

Su Yu shuddered vigorously, as fresh blood trickled down his left eye from the trauma he sustained.

This was the effect of the Yin Yang Doors.

Yin and Yang are complementary to each other. It is the key to the balance of everything. Upon the entry of the two forces, the Yin Yang Doors would coordinate both of them, advocating the fusion of Yin and Yang. If the fusion was unsuccessful, they would be expelled from the Door of Yang.

The Power of Time was too weak, yet the Heavens Eye was way too strong. Su Yu quickly analyzed the reason for the fusions failure and attempted it once again.

It failed again as they were spat out from the Door of Yang.

The Power of Time is still too weak

Just a little more

Still a slight bit missing

There was a tedious, long-winded process of regulation, which took a great deal of patience and persistence.

It took a fortnight.

The Power of Time and the Heavens Eye were fired into the Doors. After a long endless wait, the Door of Yang finally opened slowly.

From within, a completely purple and enormous eye appeared!

The Heavens Eye had previously been golden, but it had now been regulated and processed by the Yin Yang Doors and integrated with the Power of Time. The heavens eye had mutated into a deep shade of purple.

When the eye opened, the purple brilliance was spread to the world over a distance of hundreds of thousands of miles. All of it was now placed under the influence of the Power of Time.

In the past, all Su Yu could do was use the Power of Time on its own and face-to-face. Right now, the area illuminated by the brilliance covered hundreds of thousands of miles!

In the meantime, with the reinforcement of the Heavens Eye, the influence of the Power of Time had also received an incredible boost! The time that it could freeze an enemy for had risen from the initial three breaths to ten breaths!

Such an immense improvement delighted Su Yu.

The combination of the Divine Path and the bloodline powers really did lead to an incredible increase in his strength. It hadnt simply doubled but had been boosted by several geometric folds!

This really was a good move! Su Yu wiped away the blood dripping from his left eye. Joy and relief were visible on his haggard face.

Su Yu decided to strike while the iron was hot, integrating the Divine Path with many other Paths.

He didnt know that he would embark on a journey that very few would dare to attempt.

One month passed.

Then two.

And then three months.


Half a year flew past, and Su Yu was indulging in an unprecedented state of training. He had never experienced anything like it before.

The continent underwent tremendous transformations in that six-month period too.

The aftermath of the Glittering Jewel World hadnt yet dissipated from the continent. News and rumors about it spread everywhere, shaking the entire continent time and time again.

The downfall of the Demon Devouring Emperor highlighted the birth of another genius overlord that shook the continent!

Su Yuxian, a nameless genius who gained his fame on Jiuzhou overnight, had slaughtered the Demon Devouring Emperor, the absolute Heaven Ruler renowned for his brutality and cruelty, by using his absolute power!

The Emperors downfall gave way to Su Yuxians rise.

In this era, apart from Zhan Wushuang, no one on the continent doubted his domineering position as the second greatest overlord.

If this news wasnt enough to surprise the martial artists of the continent, then another shocking secret rumor that was spread around made his name go completely viral on Jiuzhou!

Several years ago, the ruthless demonic man who hunted down Xue Di and butchered the Five Golden Light Guards was no one else but this pupil who hid in the outside sanctum of the Red Blood Palace, Su Yuxian whose the real name was Su Yu!

In an instant, he stood out. His identity as a junior fell away, and he became a well-known figure that could stand shoulder to shoulder with the older All Creations strong men.

His far-fetched accomplishments became a subject that the martial artists of Jiuzou enjoyed talking about. Some said that he was the illegitimate son of some Mortal Fairy, secretly acquiring all those absolutely top-notch capabilities.

Some said that he was, in fact, the guardian whom Mo Tianxuan recruited with her beauty, to aid her in resisting the Central Prefecture.

Some even said that he actually came from the Fairy Mountain of the forbidden region of Jiuzhou because that was the only place such a phenomenal genius overlord could walk out of.

Su Yus name was known around he world now. He had replaced Gu Taixu, becoming the greatest of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

The only reason he wasnt the greatest warrior in the Central Prefecture was that the Central Prefecture had another destined monarch, Zhan Wushuang.

Su Yu could attain the rare honor of the greatest expert in any of the prefectures, except for the Central Prefecture, where he stood no chance at all. The born monarch overrode all Heaven Rulers of the era.

However, what was even more astounding to the people of Jiuzhou was undoubtedly the true identity of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy! The guardian deity of ten thousand years had turned out to be a demon. The billions of humans on the Jiuzhou continent couldnt accept the truth.

Even though the news was spread by the demonic sacred faction from the Northernmost part of the continent, the Great Oriental Family from the Great Eastern Continent, and the Central Prefecture from the Great Central Continent all at once, it wasnt enough to convince people to believe such a statement.

That was until the Royal Beast State on the southern continent perished overnight! Only then did the humans of the Jiuzhou continent sober up!

The Royal Beast State was one of the nine great prefectures.

It was known throughout the world for the various Royal Beast influences, with the Sacred Spirit Royal Beast Faction being the one of the utmost power. It became the supreme revered figure, with a Mortal Fairy demonic beast, and ten others who were fast approaching the state of Mortal Fairy.

Nonetheless, such a great prefecture that had controlled billions of demonic beasts turned into a ghostly prison in just half a year.

Half a year ago, a white-haired woman with purple lips and absolute, icy beauty had appeared in front of the Sacred Spirit Royal Beast Faction. An hour later, the woman ascended the mountain.

Inside the faction, no sign of life could be seen anymore. The pupils of the outside sanctum, the elders of the faction, and the demonic beasts all had their hearts gouged out, and their souls destroyed.

The faction master of the Mortal Fairy level sat motionless on the divine seat of power with his eyes wide open, yet his heart was nowhere to be found. Even his soul had vanished, leaving not a single trace behind.

All of the Life Tokens placed in the depths of the faction were totally shattered!