The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 The Wind Had Risen

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According to the warrior who had, thankfully, gone to check, the front doormans heart had been dug out while he was still alive. His soul had been devoured without him putting up a fight.

Within an hour, the door to the Royal Beast State decorated with the nine spirits of Jiuzhou had gone up in ashes and smoke. After merely a day, the second sector was wiped out.

Everyones deaths were similar, and all those killed had their heart and soul missing. Within the Royal Beast State, the entire force in every sector was killed one by one, all in the same fashion!

Royal Beast State was a ghost town by the time news reached the other eight major states,

All nine layers of all of the nine sectors had been breached. Any survivors had fled from the Royal Beast State. They had no idea who or what had done such a terrible thing, except that it was consuming the hearts and souls of the entire region.

This continued until a young warrior, who was lucky to have escaped death, recounted what he saw.

The ruthless killer had white hair, black eyes, purple lips, just like in the tales of the monster Linlang. Yun Yazi had realized that the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy was, in truth, Linlang.

At this moment, the people of Jiuzhou finally faced the truth. The patron saint they had worshipped for years was in fact, a ferocious and unmatched devil.

She was willfully devouring the life of Jiuzhou, wreaking havoc in the Royal Beast State.

The destruction of the Royal Beast State finally caused unease for the kings of the major states. The two eastern states sent their powerful monsters alongside the forces of the five other states to challenge Linlang in the Royal Beast State.

According to the rumors, the war in the Royal Beast State had triggered a change in the heavens and earth. Everything was in disarray, and if it werent for the thousand years of cultivation, the state would be a barren land.

It was, without a doubt, the war of monsters. The war ended, but it had left Jiuzhou uneasy and in a state of panic! Of the six monsters of the five states, one was dead, two destroyed, and three were heavily wounded!

The body and soul of the state king of Return Heaven State were devoured on the spot by Linlang! Two kings had their bodies destroyed, their souls only just escaping. The three remaining took hard hits.

The monster Linlang had got away but had been heavily injured! This was the result of the confidence to go into battle but a reluctance to ruin the state land. Panic spread across the states as no one knew where the devil was and who the next victim would be.

There was only one thing that could reassure the people of Jiuzhou. There was news about the three state kings who did not participate in the war.

In the Lifeless Sword Prefecture, Jian Wusheng had drawn her sword and stepped out of the mountain. Currently, she had left the Lifeless Sword Prefecture on the hunt for the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, Linlang.

The chief pupil of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, Han Fei, spread the message to the world on behalf of her masters: their demonic faction had joined the sacred war, on the opposing side to Linlang.

The was also news regarding the final powerful warrior whom the people of Jiuzhou pinned their hopes on, the Central Prefectures King.

He had come out of isolation!!

As the only pupil of the legendary Prefectures King of the past era, Shen Yichen, the Central Prefectures King had become the center of attention.

Despite having been in isolation for the past hundred years, Shen Yichens invulnerability was so well-known that those who admired him had shifted their expectations and trust onto the Central Prefectures King in turn. They strongly believed that Shen Yichens pupil would not disappoint them.


In the region of the Central Prefecture, the Imperial City, two figures stood with dignity in front of a secret chamber that gleamed in golden splendor.

One of them was clad in golden armor and gave off the aura of royalty. They showed disdain for the rest of the world.

The other wore a purple dress, her pristine face full of innocence that implied her lack of experience in the worldly matters.

They were waiting in silence. After a short while. the stone door to the secret chamber opened slowly.

A figure dressed in an imperial robe appeared.

Greeting my revered master, the lady in the purple dress said with a bow.

The youth in the golden cloak did not move, showing no respect at all.

Stage Three All Creations! Xuan-er, you have improved a great deal. The man in the imperial robe strode out, smiling with satisfaction as he glanced at the lady in the purple dress.

She was none other than Hanxuan.

And the man in the imperial robe was, of course, the Central Prefectures King, whose name was so widely acclaimed!

If theres nothing else, Ill excuse myself. The youth in the golden cloak turned around without any facial expression and quickly left.

The Central Prefectures King flashed a benevolent smile. You may go. Take the opportunity to give some advice to your third junior sister.

She is fairly talented. She needs no advice from me. Zhan Wushuang left with his head held high and did not turn back once.

Hanxuan had a slight frown on her face.

The third junior sister was an apprentice whom the Central Prefectures King had recruited rather unexpectedly, a year before he went to train in isolation. Her origins were unknown, and it was a strange time to recruit a pupil.

Throughout the year he was in isolation, Zhan Wushuang had been the one in charge of advising and guiding her. Hanxuan had only met her a couple of times because she was made to reflect with her doors shut.

The new pupil seemed to be a very reserved, quiet girl, with rather impressive talents. In terms of cultivation, she was almost on a par with Hanxuan. She was even said to have unique bloodline, and even Zhan Wushuang had praised her.

Hanxuan was very clear about Zhan Wushuangs character. All these years, he had never praised her at all, but this third junior sister had received his approval in just one year. It was clear that her bloodline power was really something noteworthy.

Tell me all everything that has happened during the year I have been in isolation.

Hanxuan nodded.

When he learned about the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, he only smiled placidly, not the slightest bit surprised or shocked.

Only when he heard about Su Yus newly risen fame did his eyes sparkle a little. Hanxuan took note of it.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Knife Region and the Blessed and Heavenly Lands have started a war again. This time, the cause is the Heavenly Knife Regions decision to cover up for the traitor Gu Taixu, who has killed many of them, Hanxuan reported.

The Central Prefectures King nodded. How is Gu Taixu now?

His physical body has been rebuilt and his injuries have healed. Hes currently working on the All Creations level and completing the Body of Nine Spirits. Hes been in isolation for three months, and the outcome will be revealed in just a few days.

Alright then. Hows your training on the Jade Women Frigid Heavens Technique going on? The Central Prefectures King wasnt keen on hearing anything further about the news she had given him, and he changed the subject to ask about her training instead.

Hanxuan answered honestly. I am only one enlightenment away from the top class, but Ive failed to make a breakthrough for a long time now. Perhaps I need a round of practice.

Upon hearing that, gleams of surprise flickered in the depths of the Central Prefectures Kings eyes.

But he was composed on the surface, as he said with satisfaction, In that case, Ill send you to the Heavenly Knife Region as an aide. The Heavenly Knife Region Master will allocate you.

To get involved in the battle with the Blessed and Heavenly Lands? Hanxuan was quite repulsed by the idea of it. She had lived there for quite some time, after all.

Battles are the best way of training! Just go, hell make sure you are safe.

Hanxuan nodded and set off. There was a slight crease between her dainty brows, however.

Despite having her back to the Central Prefectures King, she could faintly feel that he was watching her with a very strange look in his eyes.

She had a doubt deep inside that had been there for a long time. It seemed like her master had been very earnest about her training of the Jade Women Frigid Heavens Technique, which greatly surpassed her cultivation.

She had asked him about it before and was told that it was a very unique cultivation technique, which would immensely benefit her once she achieved the top class.

Pure and naive as she was, she had never thought much about it. However, at times, she felt uncomfortable with the way her master looked at her.

As he watched Hanxuan leave, the Central Prefectures King stood up suddenly and turned to a pitch-dark corner and bowed. Greetings, master!

Alright, Ill take shelter at your place for now, a hoarse, indifferent voice said from the darkness.


In the valley, Su Yu had spent half a year in training.

Throughout the six months, he had experienced countless episodes of Yin Yang regulation and had eventually managed to integrate all that he had learned.

The Divine Path, the Intrinsic Martial Path, the Extrinsic Martial Path, and the Path of Bloodline, were all parts of a union now. Su Yu could be said to have turned over a new leaf.

Slowly opening his eyes, Su Yu gazed at the faded Doors of Yin Yang at the edge of the sky and expressed his gratitude. Thanks a lot.

When he finished, he caressed the bleak heavens with his palm. The Yin Yang Doors disappeared, and the disaster of books had been resolved.

Congratulations, master. Xiaobai descended from its flight and stood reverently.

Su Yu got up slowly. Whats been happening in Jiuzhou continent lately?

During his long-term isolation, Xiaobai had not only shouldered the responsibility of a guard who safeguarded Su Yu, but it had also taken charge of finding out what was going on in the outside world.

Xiaobai narrated the recent major affairs to him in full detail.

Su Yu wasnt surprised that the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy had massacred the Royal Beast State. He wasnt shocked by the tragic fates of the Five Great Prefectures Kings or the Six Great Mortal Fairies, considering they had fought the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

There was only one piece of news which he couldnt help but pay attention to.

The Central Prefectures King had come out of isolation!

He was the only person who knew about Su Yus Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, and he had never stopped coveting it.

The last time, he had even sworn an oath, that once he came out of isolation, he would hunt down Su Yu in person!

Now that he was out in the open once again, Su Yu was afraid that he would start taking action very soon.

Yun Yazi used to remind him that the Central Prefectures Kings power was at the top of the entire continent. He was incredibly powerful.

Once he had his eyes set on him, Su Yu did not really have absolute confidence in his ability to deal with it.

The most challenging part was that the Three-Nine Ordeals were right around the corner!

During his time in isolation, the vague, hidden sense of oppression had become increasingly stronger and more palpable. Whiffs of the scent of the ordeals were lingering in the air around him. In just a few days, the ordeal of destiny would arrive.

If the Three-Nine Ordeals happened to arrive at this point of time, it would be like adding hail to the snow.

The Desolate Evil Jungle wouldnt be able to shelter him but would call forth the ordeal of destiny and the Central Prefectures King instead, bringing unnecessary losses and death to the Ancient Bronze Tree Men.

Su Yu had to choose a suitable venue to negotiate the first ordeal, the ordeal of destiny.

When he found Yinmu, Su Yu explained his intention to leave.

Have the ordeals arrived? Yinmu asked. I have only witnessed the Three-Nine Ordeals a couple of times in my lifetime, so I dont know much about it. All I know is the majority of people die in the second ordeal, the ordeal of people! As for the third ordeal, the ordeal of relationships, no one has ever succeeded in pulling through it. Youll need to be fully prepared.

Senior Yinmu, thanks a lot for your reminders. Ive braced myself for it. Su Yu greeted him with cupped fists. Ill bid you farewell.

Alright, let me send you off. That ghost only left a couple of months ago, and he could be lying in wait out there with his scent masked. Yinmu was referring to the Heavenly Knife Region Master.

Su Yu was slightly startled. As though having realized something, shrewd light sparkled in his eyes. Are you saying that the one whom you fought the other day was of the ghost race?

Yinmu had a numb look on his face. Yes, although he was great at disguising himself, the ghostly scent in him couldnt be mistaken! Of course, it could also be a treasure with ghostly scent which he carried with him.

Ghost! Su Yu was thoughtful.

He had received tidings that the ghostly All Creations from a century ago, the Great Soldier of Blood Bone, had acquired tremendous power, and many unexpected human influences had gone to stand by his side.

Was that referring to the Heavenly Knife Region?

As the worst enemy of the human race a century ago, which mankind terribly loathed, it would be a horrific, greatly appalling offense if the Heavenly Knife Region Master had taken their side.

It this was discovered, the whole world would be shocked!

As he contemplated matters, Su Yu said, I have figured out a way to contend with the Heavenly Knife Region Master.