The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 Once Again In Tianya

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Brother Su, Ill go with you, Gongsun Wuxie volunteered valiantly. Ill beg my father to take part and have him kill that bast*rd.

Su Yu shook his head gently. Wuxie, you and Chuyi will stay in the Desolate Evil Jungle for now. The outside world is full of danger, and there are crises everywhere. Any faction could be the next target of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, and this is the only place that Linlang, perhaps, is afraid of.

The others might not be able to sense it, but Linlang would probably sense the presence of the sleeping deity in this place. Linlang wouldnt choose to disturb this place unless it was absolutely necessary.

Your kind offer is much appreciated, but I plan to return to the Purple Cloud Palace. L Chuyi was calm and composed.

She had thought things over during the past six months and now she had finally made up her mind. The faction has suffered severe casualties and losses, and I was to blame for that. Now that the faction has encountered a crisis, I have decided to return and make a contribution in order to redeem my sins.

As a traitor, it was inevitable that she felt responsible for the misery of the Purple Cloud Palace.

At the moment, the Purple Cloud Palace was facing a shortage of human resources. At this critical juncture, they urgently needed manpower.

Im just afraid that if you return, you wont necessarily get a chance for redemption; instead, you could end up being sacrificed to appease the rage of the public, Su Yu said.

The deaths and losses sustained by the Purple Cloud Palace and the Red Blood Palace, as well as all of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, were starkly terrifying. The entire region was full of resentment and hatred and urgently needed somewhere to vent their anger.

L Chuyi had supported Gu Taixus treason. Once she returned, she would become the subject of all this anger. Even if the Purple Cloud Palace could forgive L Chuyi, the rest of the regional influences wouldnt. The wrath of the masses was hard to appease. Worse still, the continent was currently in an unstable state. The peoples hearts needed to be calmed, and the Purple Cloud Palace wouldnt be able to protect her.

The best outcome was for her to bear the various cruel punishments she might face. As for redemption, L Chuyi had been naive to even think of that.

L Chuyis face was sullen and glum. Let me just die then. Gu Taixu was right. Despite the vastness of the world, theres nowhere I can go. Having severed her ties with Gu Taixu, she was like duckweed on the water now, floating around with nowhere to settle down.

Alright, take care then. Su Yu said nothing to stop her.

Gongsun Wuxies mouth hung open. As far as she was concerned, this woman would come back if she left now. Why didnt Su Yu stop her? Straight away, Gongsun Wuxie banished the thought.

Farewell. L Chuyi looked deeply at Su Yu, her pretty eyes filled with complicated emotions. This was, perhaps, the last time she would ever look at him.

However, all of a sudden, there was an unusual undulation in Su Yus eyes. L Chuyi immediately fell into a trance.

Sorry, but I just cant watch while you walk straight to your death, Su Yu sighed. He retrieved an ancient tower the size of a palm. It was a miniature martial tower. The green bronze flickered with brilliance, and the martial tower took L Chuyi to the hundredth story of the martial tower.

Even though following him was dangerous enough, it would still be safer than returning to the Purple Cloud Palace.

Whoa! Brother Su, I cant believe you actually have such a hobby. Gongsun Wuxie hugged her chest, pretending to be afraid, but her eyes were full of mischief. I have candles, a whip, and

Su Yu sighed. You stay right here. Dont move around. Ill return once Im done.

When he finished speaking, he climbed onto the wooden bird, passed through the Void and arrived in Tianya City, showing up right outside the administration office of the Red Blood Palace.

Upon his arrival, several frightening forces surged out from the depths of the garret and came charging at him head-on.

Who are you?! A deafening bellow sounded like a bolt of thunder. It was as if the person speaking had met their worst enemy.

Su Yu flicked his sleeves and haphazardly resolved the forces charging toward him. He felt slightly surprised. The energies were powerful, and he sensed that they were about to break through the All Creations level. Were there such individuals at the administration?

Shortly after, two figures flew out, one after another.

The first was an elderly man clad in red scales, looking stern and formidable. He stared at Su Yu with absolute vigilance, his eyes sharp and menacing. He carried a body full of intense flames with him and came ready to pounce.

Su Yu was also startled by the way he assumed a fighting stance right away, without saying another word.

In the face of the savage raging flames, Su Yu whisked his fingers through the air. A whiff of silver sword energy appeared from between his fingers, tracing an enigmatic trajectory. The intense flames that came charging were immediately dissipated by the sword energy.

The remaining sword energy struck towards the scale-armored elder, making a somber look appear on his face. He performed three techniques consecutively, just about managing to resolve the impact of the sword energy.

When he retreated to the entrance of the garret, the scale-armored elder looked terrorized. The sword energy was extremely strange because nothing could sever it. It was also impossible to defend against. All he could do was try to diminish its power. This new arrival had simply snapped his fingers and released a whiff of sword energy, and that was already terrifying enough. If he really did strike, how powerful could he be? Based on his experience, only All Creations Old Monsters could manage such powerful maneuvers!

As he recalled the way this person had arrived by tearing the Void apart, the scale-armored elder was extremely solemn. Dare I ask, senior, what are you trying to do, barging into the administration of Red Blood Palace like this?

Senior Su Yu touched his chin.

Why havent I seen you before? Su Yu asked.

What? The scale-armored elder was taken aback, and he said hesitantly, I am the General Manager of the Red Blood Palace posted in Tianya City, Xiao Han. Dare I ask, you are

Master, Master Su Among the people that scurried after him, a plump elders face changed dramatically when he recognized Su Yu. The look on his face changed from solemnity to excitement.

He sprinted all the way towards them and bowed down before Su Yu. The Deputy General Manager of the Red Blood Palace posted in Tianya City, Wu Ling, meeting Master Su.

The scale-armored elder was startled. Master Su, what Master Su? He was totally bewildered as to what kind of expert Master Su was. However, when he finally managed to remember, his pupils shrank forcefully. With a shudder, he hurriedly bowed. Welcome, Master Su!!

Su Yu flicked his sleeves and stopped both of them with an invisible force. He smiled. So it turns out that you are the General Manager; no wonder I find you unfamiliar. The last time I came to report for duty, you were training in isolation, so we missed each other! Both of you can get up. I still assume the identity of a pupil of the Red Blood Palace, and I still have to address the two of you as seniors.

Xiao Han and Wu Ling stood up gingerly and exchanged a glance, their faces plastered with bitter smiles. Su Yu could call them seniors, but were they actually entitled to that?

He was the ruthless demonic man who had defeated Xue Di and butchered the Five Golden Light Guards, had killed the Demon Devouring Emperor with a sword, and was a Divine Master who had taken control of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy. As an Almighty, they could only look up to him.

Wu Ling was sentimental. The pupil with ordinary cultivation in the past had turned out to be this ferocious character whose name was renowned on the continent, the ruthless demonic man! He remembered that he had treated Su Yu decently in the past and couldnt help but wipe off the cold sweat on his forehead.

Both of you have wounds. What happened? Su Yu had extremely sharp eyesight, thus he discovered the hidden wounds on the two of them with just a simple glance. General Manager Xiao Han was particularly badly affected. His injury was so severe that it almost affected his Dantian.

Xiao Han was slightly stunned as he asked, Wasnt Master Su appointed by the faction to come forward and assist us?


I have been away from the faction recently. What happened here? Su Yu queried.

Xiao Han smiled bitterly and invited Su Yu into the garret for a detailed recount. It turned out that the trigger of the war between the Blessed and Heavenly Lands and the Heavenly Knife Region two months ago was the cover-up of the traitor Gu Taixu by the Heavenly Knife Region. The location of the battle happened to be in the old-town area of Tianya City.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu scowled. Having been through the upheaval, our region suffered a great loss, and now is the time for rest and recovery. How could they opt at such a time to be engaged in a battle with outside forces? There must be some ulterior motive behind it?

Unless Mo Tianxuan and the True Man of Purple Cloud were out of their minds, they wouldnt choose a point in time at which the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy posed a threat to the outside world, and they had casualties inside their faction, to wage a war with external forces.

Right! The destruction of the Royal Beast State in just half a year has made the entire Jiuzhou continent tremble in trepidation and made people feel insecure. Who would have chosen such a time for meaningless inner exhaustion?

The Heavenly Knife Region declared in public that we were the ones who initiated the battle and ignited the enmity, but we have never done such a thing!

The fuse that provoked the battle this time were traces left behind by the Red Blood Palace at the border of the Heavenly Knife Region, where a team of guards was slaughtered! Because it happened close to many martial artists, the Heavenly Knife Region couldnt hide the matter. Hence, for their reputation, even if they were reluctant to start the war, they were forced to, thus leading to the scenario were in right now!

Su Yus eyes narrowed slightly. Have you found anything out about the identity of the mysterious individual that slaughtered the guards?

No! All that we know is that all of them are extremely strong. No treasures or powers were of use against them as they charged easily through! One of the captains in the border guards was a ninth-grade Almighty strong man but was torn alive by one of the mysterious figures in just a few seconds!

As he listened, a crease formed between Su Yus brows. Why did these mysterious figures sound so familiar?

Regardless of anything, however, deliberately inciting a great battle at a time Jiuzhou was facing tremendous crises was a truly unforgivable crime.

So, how is the battle going right now? Su Yu asked.

Xiao Han forced a laugh. How much worse could it get? Both parties began the war in a hurry, resulting in a terrible number of casualties! However, it was only because of the time constraints that they didnt have enough time to call forth their great army.

The casualties are currently limited to Tianya City and the guards at the border of the Heavenly Knife Region! Not long ago, there was a great face-to-face battle and both parties have now called a temporary ceasefire.

However, when the next official battle is kick-started, the situation will become a lot more critical. The great army of the Heavenly Knife Region is on its way now. Eight out of the ten Deputy Region Masters have arrived, but it is taking our allies some time to get here.

Xiao Han felt heavyhearted. However, we will never back down! Even if it means sacrificing our lives, we will safeguard Tianya City!

Having understood the state of battle, Su Yu thought for a moment before getting up slowly. I happen to be planning on paying a visit to the Heavenly Knife City in person. Itll be perfect if I could resolve the crisis along the way.

When they heard what Su Yu said, Xiao Han and Wu Ling turned pale with fright. Absolutely not! The Heavenly Knife Region is full of experts and masters! It is a place of monsters and beasts. You should not take the risk, Master Su.

Su Yu flashed them a placid smile. Thats exactly the reason why I should venture there. If not, how are we going to intimidate the Heavenly Knife Region?

The two of them fell speechless, no wonder thinking that he was the ruthless demonic man that shocked the entire continent, and his spirit and guts were totally out of reach of ordinary people.

If Master Su insists on going, you might as well contact the secret agents planted in the Heavenly Knife Region by the Red Blood Palace. They could, perhaps, provide great help, Xiao Han suggested after thinking about it for a moment.

Secret agents? Su Yu had an idea.

He had another purpose in visiting the Heavenly Knife City this time: he wanted to bring back the alluring cabinet mistress, Xuelian.

With chaos affecting the entire world right now, and crises and upheavals raging everywhere, the secret agents in the Heavenly Knife Region were facing dangers far greater than before.

It was time to evacuate them. He was planning to bring her back, along with the other secret agents.

Do you have a list of the secret agents names? Su Yu asked.

Xiao Han shook his head. To ensure that the identities of the secret agents do not get exposed, the fewer people who know about them, the better. In the faction, the people-in-charge are the only ones who have the list of names, while we only know their contacts.

Alright, give it to me.

The means of contacting the secret agents was extremely simple, so simple that it made Su Yu speechless. He had to spend a night at the brothel! The secret agents of the Red Blood Palace ran a brothel in the Heavenly Knife City, and the secret agents hid there. To contact them, one had to disguise himself as a customer of the brothel. If they could utter some kind of code, they would get to meet the secret agents of the Red Blood Palace.

After learning the code from Xiao Han, Su Yu set off for the Heavenly Knife Region without further ado. Outside the city, a seam was soundlessly torn amidst the Void. Su Yu chose to land on the outskirts, far from the city center.