The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 Acting Under Orders

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After his arrival, he once again donned the silver mask and changed his entire outfit. With the resources of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, one could have everything, including precious armor and mystical robes. After a brief moment, a mysterious young man appeared, splendidly dressed and with a dignified aura about him. His silver hair was flying behind him in all his splendor. This was a prince with prominence in the world.

With a humorous expression on his face, Su Yu stepped into the city and stopped at the pavilion of a Heavenly Goddess Tower. In front of the pavilion, beautiful young girls pranced about in thin, silky clothing which flowed around them like colored clouds. No one would be able to divert their gaze from such a vision.

Oh, my prince, here are the beautiful ladies of our Goddess Tower. Each one is known for their beauty. Come play, my prince; I guarantee you a good time. A slightly older woman, with beguiling eyes, leaned on Su Yus body and spoke to him teasingly.

The fading light shone on Su Yus clothing. As a woman of the world with sharp senses, she immediately realized that everything Su Yu was wearing was an extremely precious treasure. Her eyes glowed even brighter. She began to move her body in an attempt to seduce Su Yu.

A good time, indeed. Su Yu smirked. But my standards are high. I want a girl with a height of sixty-six, a weight of sixty-six and who is aged sixteen. Do you have such a girl?

The womans eyes twinkled, and she responded charmingly, Oh, my prince, what girl dont we have in our Heavenly Goddess Tower? Why dont you go in and have a look?

Su Yu swiftly entered.

Have Little Peach come out and welcome our guest, the woman commanded her servant.

Sister Yu, Little Peach is already with a guest, the servant haltingly said.

This is a distinguished guest! Sister Yus eyes flashed in reply.

The servant, understanding her meaning, immediately went to fetch Little Peach.

My prince, please follow me. Su Yu was led towards an elegant room with thick walls that blocked out all sound from outside. In the moment of pleasure, one did not have to worry about anyone listening. The room was elaborately decorated.

As he walked around the room, Sister Yu left through the door with a smile. Right away, a beautiful young girl in a light yellow dress with a crane design slowly walked in. Her height was sixty-six, her weight was sixty-six, and she was aged sixteen.

My prince, Little Peach is here to meet you. She smiled shyly, and her face shone with purity. Her smile could make anyones eyes light up, drawing out tender affection from a persons heart. But Su Yu knew such women were fake on the outside.

Unmoved, he calmly said, What is your price?

Little Peach was taken aback and stuttered, One night is nine thousand spars.

Alright, I will offer you ninety-nine thousand spars, Su Yu said. This was Red Blood Palaces secret signal for their spies. When one of them offered nine thousand, the other would counter with ninety-nine thousand. The unusual dialogue would confirm their identity to each other.

Shocked for a brief moment, Little Peach threw herself into Su Yus arms, like a little bird taking shelter. From now on, I belong to my Prince!

This dialogue was also a part of the signal between the spies. But still, Su Yu felt it a bit strange. Calming pushing away the girl, he said, Weve already confirmed our identities, so theres no need to be so earnest.

Astonished, Little Peach replied, What identity? My prince, I am Little Peach, your servant. Once you hand over the money, I am yours.

Wait! What was going on?! This did not follow the dialogue!

Su Yu immediately stood up and said, Send someone else!

Little Peachs face froze, and she quickly gathered up her clothes and angrily left the room.

And I thought I had met a rich idiot! I said nine thousand and he offered me ninety-nine thousand! He is nothing but an emotionless piece of wood! How dare he tell me to leave?! Right outside the door, Little Peach wailed to Sister Yu.

The vein in Su Yus forehead pulsed. Even though the walls were thick, the conversation did not evade his ears. Little Peach really was a prostitute! Then where was the real spy?


The door opened, and Sister Yu entered. Behind her was another girl with a height of sixty-six, a weight of sixty-six and sixteen years of age.

Again? Su Yu felt doubtful.

My prince, please enjoy some food and wine. Im sure you will have much to say. Sister Yu closed the door, her words filled with implications. But Su Yu did not understand Sister Yu. This girl in front of him So then, the girl before was a test for Su Yu? And the girl in front of him was the real spy? Perhaps this way, the real spy was properly protected.

How much?

Nine thousand.

Ill give you ninety-nine thousand!

From now on, I belong to my prince. The girl was very composed. Her face showed no emotion.

You are supposed to smile and embrace me.

Why should I do that?

Its normal behavior in this situation.

The girl sat across from Su Yu, her stone-cold eyes staring directly at him. Speak, why did you seek us out?

She was definitely a spy.

Su Yu did not answer her question. Have Xue Lian come see me.

You can speak to me. The girl remained unemotional.

Su Yu did not reply and remained silent. The silence lasted a long time before the girl said, Xue Lian had matters to deal with and will return in half a days time. Whatever it is that you need help with, you can tell me. I can help. As she spoke, the girl sipped a bit of her wine.

Half a day before she returns? Su Yu sighed and without thinking took a sip from his glass.

The girl blinked and again asked, Whatever it is, you can tell us.

Have you not exposed yourself by pushing me so much? Su Yu put down his glass placidly.

The girls composure cracked briefly, but she recovered immediately. Coolly, she replied, As a spy, I agree with you. It is my mistake

I am telling you, as someone from the Heavenly Knife Region, youve exposed yourself too much. Su Yu lifted his gaze and spoke calmly.

The stone-faced girl laughed coldly, Youve drunk too much!

Su Yu did not speak; instead, he turned over his right hand to show the tiny strip of blackness that had appeared on his palm. If Im right, youve added the infamously named Drunken Dreams of Death to my wine. The wine was poisoned!


Suddenly, the girl stood up and the door opened as Sister Yu burst into the room. Eight warriors rushed in behind her, carrying long swords in their hands as they prepared to attack. They immediately surrounded Su Yu in a half-circle. Shaking his palm to get rid of the blackness, Su Yu said, It appears the Red Blood Palace spies within Heavenly Knife Region has been taken away.

Clap! Clap!

Sister Yu clapped her hands, smiling favorably at Su Yu. When did you discover that Heavenly Knife had taken over?

The moment I entered the pavilion. Su Yu shrugged his shoulders, pointing underneath the bed, The blood was not completely cleaned up. Perhaps you were all rushing and had only just taken over.

Sister Yu glanced over and caught a glimpse of the scant trace of red in a crack underneath the bed. The trace of blood was thinner than a strand of hair. If Su Yu had not pointed it out, she would not have seen it.

I am impressed. You see the smallest detail! Sister Yu hid her surprise, her beautifully calm face giving no trace of the emotions within.

You are right. Three days ago, we arrived and removed the Red Blood Palaces spies, placing our own people here. We wanted to lure in any remaining Red Blood Palace spies and learn their secrets.

Recently, both sides had so much going on, and Tianya City would not have sent people to seek out the spies and gather information. It would appear that over half the spies sent out before to make contact had already fallen into the trap.

Im very curious. You knew that this was a trap, yet you chose to stay and did not run. Do you have that much confidence in yourself? Sister Yu asked softly.

The men behind her visibly tensed, the air thick with their intentions. Su Yu swallowed down his cup of poisonous wine. He showed no reaction to the poison, making Sister Yu raise her eyebrows in shock. Who was this strange creature? This was his second cup of poisonous wine! The deadly power within Drunken Dreams of Death would affect even a fifth level Divine Master.

Because without you all, whom would I question about the spies whereabouts? Su Yu dried the wine from his lips, revealing a clear smile underneath.

Sister Yus heart skipped a beat. She could not see through this man. Could he be a top-level master of the Red Blood Palace? But why would they send such a man just to rescue a couple of lowly spies? Logic told her that this did not make sense. It could only mean that this person was pretending to be calm and looking for a way out. Yet, on the other hand, what if this man was powerful? Sister Yu had to think. She changed her strategy and refreshed her smile,

Look, we dont care about you. If you are willing to work with us, we can continue our talk over wine. Tell us what we want to know, and if we are pleased, Ling will be yours for the night. She is a virgin. Her cold demeanor can also be fun to control

Why dont you tell me where the spies are, and I will let you all live, Su Yu said forcefully. He waved one long sleeve and the doors of the room slammed shut. Sister Yu no longer appeared calm. Her face hardened as she softly commanded, Attack!

However, the eight warriors did not have a chance to move. They all fell stiffly to the ground. Sister Yu looked around frantically. All eight of them had fallen into some sort of coma.

You you are capable of illusion spells! Sister Yus face showed her distress. Behaving rashly, she flipped her hand to throw a talisman containing the power of a fifth level Divine Master at Su Yu. Once detonated, the entire Heavenly Goddess Tower would be obliterated. However, Sister Yu was able to breathe a sigh of relief despite her headstrong response. Su Yu reached out his hand and grasped the talisman with two fingers, immediately crushing it to dust. Seeing what Su Yu had done, Sister Yu struggled to breathe. Merely raising his hand to destroy the talisman showed that he was superior to a fifth level Divine Master and most likely to a Later Stage Almighty Divine Master!

Lets not bother the others, Su Yu said softly. He again waved his sleeves, whisking Sister Yu and Ling onto the chairs at the table.

Talk. Where are the spies that youve captured? Su Yu spoke without emotion.

Ling, shaking and speechless, did not respond. Sister Yu was in a slightly better state but even she could not speak properly,

You you how do you know that they are alive?

Because they are still of value to you.

This was their rabbit trap. They waited until the Red Blood Palaces spies came to find them. They captured these spies to find out what the spies knew and to confirm each prisoners position and identity within Red Blood Palace. Any information that a spy could offer was of use. For now, they would not kill the spies. At the very least, not all of them.