The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 The Rescue Mission

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We could strike a deal Sister Yu proposed confidently.

Before she could finish her sentence, Su Yu interrupted her by saying, There is only one choice that you can make. Whether it is life or death, do not doubt the hatred that the Red Blood Palace feels for the people of the Heavenly Knife Region.

Sister Yus body trembled and jolted for half a beat as she bitterly said, I know where they are, but that place is filled with skilled masters, and I am not at all able to release them! Furthermore, telling you their location will mean punishment of death for me! Either way, the end result is death. I might as well die at your hands, and the region master might even send a reward to my loved ones.

Su Yu was in awe of her. In the middle of a battle, this little person put under pressure was still able to display her own will. It was fluid, with no definition.


Su Yu raised a finger, and all eight hooded assassins were killed simultaneously. As though torched by a flame, they vanished into a cloud of dust.

Now, apart from us, there is no one else on the battlefield. As for them, they have been killed by some devil passing through, Su Yu said darkly.

Sister Yu was secretly shocked. This person sounded like he was very young. However, his skill was ferocious, and he would kill without batting an eyelid, viewing life as abundant as grass.

However, even if they were dead, Sister Yus intention to survive was still very much alive.

No one knew that a contact from the Red Blood Palace had come to rescue the secret agents, and that had nothing at all to do with her.

In the dungeon in the city center, there are three Almighty of the ninth rank, twenty Almighty of the eighth rank, and a hundred more Almighty of the fifth rank waiting. This is a map, and these are their specific designated positions. This is as much as I know, Sister Yu was extremely animated as she shared her knowledge in great detail.

Xiao Ling also immediately shared everything that she knew. The two were broadly similar when compared to each other.

With a nod of his head and a mere wave of his hand, Su Yu knocked the both of them out.


In the dungeon of the Heavenly Knife Region.

The dungeon was divided into ten areas, and each one housed different types of criminals.

The third area was considered the most important part of the whole dungeon because it held the prisoners that threatened the safety of the entire domain. Spies for the Red Blood Palace would be classified as such offenders.

Hey hey, do you see it? The newly caught offenders from the Red Blood Palace! There are a few that dont look too bad. I am so curious! At the entrance of the third region, two master gods of nine ranks sat on guard. The drunken old man on the left had a radiant smile on his face.

Especially that one called Xuelian. Heh heh, she really is the crme de la crme! What a stunner! And that waist, that chest, that face Heh heh, one look and shes stolen my soul away!

The nine-ranked Almighty on the right said calmly, To cultivate to the standard you are at today, yet to be unable to suppress ones impulses, I really dont know where you got that ability from.

Hey hey, I have trained to have a happy mind, and I can make progress in martial arts as I want! the old man said drunkenly.

The nine-ranked Almighty shook his head, saying, That woman has been booked by the third region. If you value your life, you better keep yourself in check.

Hearing this, the drunken old man came to his senses and joked awkwardly, I was only saying it in jest! Forget it. Anyway, after they have finished squeezing out the information they need, they will leave them to me sooner or later. Then, I can treat them as I like. Is it not my call at the end?

I advise you not to worry about it. The general manager of the four big guards of the dungeon has dispatched you and me to guard the two personally. It is obvious that the newly recruited secret agents are very good. The nine-ranked Almighty beside him was very cautious.

The drunken old man woke up from his stupor and sat up straight. He adopted a solemn expression.

Staying in the dungeon for a long time and personally being told what to do by the domain owner meant that he knew how to do things differently.

In the dungeon.

The cages built by the ten magic crystals were impenetrable. No god could break through them, and even the force of a thousand elephants would make no dent in its seal.

There was a person in each of the ten cages. Some more men and some were women. All of them were hurt and tired. Amongst them, two had suffered inhumane torture. Their breath was shallow and weak as they clung desperately to life.

In the innermost cage hung a woman whose slender figure was extremely desirable. She was as hot as the hottest fire. She had a pure snow-white complexion, and her five facial features were well balanced. She possessed a charm and charisma that no man could resist.

Clang! Clang!

The sound of the chain dragging the ground clearly echoed through the empty dungeon.

The ten shackled figures, originally calm and quiet, trembled in unison. Some of their unkempt heads looked sideways at the deep dark entrance, with a look of fear in their eyes. It was coming again!!

In the dungeon of the Heavenly Knife Region, there was a maniac ghost that scared people out of their wits!

He knew and carried out all kinds of extreme punishments and could torture people so cruelly it was like a living death! For the ghost, tormenting the prisoners and hearing the pain of their heartbreaking provided endless enjoyment.

No one in the entire Heavenly Knife Region knew of this ghosts existence, yet they were all afraid of him!

Once imprisoned in the Heavenly Knife Regions dungeon, many prisoners who had committed minor crimes often begged for a quick death rather than undergoing prolonged torture. One encounter with the ghost was like an eternal existence of misery.

All ten of them had been tortured by the ghost for several days. Two had been faced with continuous torture over three days and three nights. Today, they had become like lunatics, the living dead.

After so many days, the only words that they had uttered was not begging for mercy, but for death.

You, what do you really want us to do? We have answered every question that you have asked us! Some people were driven to insanity, unable to withstand that kind of torture.

The greatest pity was that they had not even been interrogated since entering the dungeon. The ghost was immersed in sadism and had never asked them a thing.

Oh, we dont have to waste our energy. Our main value was never to find out any information, but to strengthen our connections. We are like a fish that leaped out of the net to ascend to the heavens. Even if we had attained important news, other news, no matter how small or unimportant, must not go unconsidered! In order to prevent any news from leaking out, for the sake of our allies, we still have to kill them to end it.

There were some who cried in grief, and there were those who begged fearfully for mercy.

It was not death that they were afraid of, but the endless mindless torture.

Among the people, only Xuelian looked calm. When I accepted the task, I should have thought of this day. What have I got to feel pitiful about? Since everything is prepared and ready, there should be no regrets.

Despite her words, Xuelians mind couldnt help but recall an old figure. She thought of the outside disciple. After leaving Zongmen, she did not know if he was happy or not.

Funnily enough, someone like her, who viewed possessions as her life, would want all her possessions to be willed to him.

As the sound of the chain dragging on the ground approached, the ghost face that would be ingrained in their memories forever came out of the darkness.

It was a short figure with a bulls head. Only its eyes and mouth were visible. The corners of its mouth were upturned on both sides, and it appeared to be laughing.

Behind it was a box filled full of various tools of torture, all of them covered with dark, dried blood.

Just passing into the space would make one suffocate with the smell of blood and death.

However, behind the ghost, taking a handful of steps, was a beautiful young man dressed in traditional Chinese robes. He had supple silver long hair, a perfect and beautiful face, and a set of gorgeous clothes on him. At first glance, he was out of place in the gloomy dark dungeon.

Subconsciously, they all saw him as the illusion of an immortal.

Who was he? That was the question on everyones mind.

However, just then they realized that the ghost was simply there to lead the way!

The mans identity was in fact not difficult to guess. He must be a person of high importance in the Heavenly Knife Region.

The strange thing was that, after many years of infiltration, they had an understanding of all the characters in the Heavenly Knife Region, and only those from the past were unfamiliar.

You must be here to kill us? one secret agent exclaimed.

Three days was enough for the authorities of the Heavenly Knife Region to arrest the fishes that had escaped the net and the people who they had come in contact with. They were no longer of value.

The young prince did not say a single word and walked silently towards Xuelian.

Xuelian slowly closed her eyes and silently sighed. The end was finally coming.

The rest of the agents may be able to die a quick death. But not her. For her, being afraid of life was no better than death. Over the past three days, many lustful gazes had been cast in her direction. From the lowly jail keeper to the high ranking Third Deputy Domain master, there were none of them who did not want her for themselves.

And now, one more had come. this young prince.

If you want to kill, you have to do it with respect. If you want me to give in, go back to your mothers womb and regenerate for ten years! Xuelian shouted hatefully.

Haha the young price chuckled amusedly. Master, after such a long time apart, you lash out at me with hateful words. How do you feel about letting me come to save you?


Xuelians eyes opened wide in shock. She was staring straight at Su Yu!

The rest of the secret agents were also surprised, but they did not dare to look over, mindful of the presence of the ghost that they so feared. Just then, they discovered that the eyes of the ghost were blurred and lost, and it was obviously in a controlled trance-like state.

Suddenly, everyone rejoiced ecstatically.

Do we dare to ask who that disciple is? The secret agents were happy beyond measure.

Before you say anything, do you think you could find the key and set all of us free?

Everyone shut up! Xuelian said coldly. Are you all confused? Have you seen this person before? He says that he is here to rescue you, and you immediately believe him?

Hearing this, the secret agents immediately quietened down their hopes. After a long time spent enduring torture, they were getting careless in their behavior.

In the event that this person had been dispatched by the Heavenly Knife Region, deliberately pretending to save them, he could be planning to use them to lure certain companions who had not yet been arrested?

Oh, even the master doesnt recognize me? What a pity. I deliberately came here to save you. The young prince was depressed.

The rest of the secret agents were suspicious. From the sound of it, it seemed that they knew each other.

Feeling their suspicious gazes, Xuelian exclaimed, I dont know who he is!

In her heart and mind, she struggled to recall where and when she might have made the acquaintance of such a handsome young blood.

Hey, dont tell me that you have forgotten so quickly that we once shared a room, and you accused me of being jealous when all of the other women were fighting to be in your position? teased the young prince.


Several other secret agents thought about this, stared at Xuelian, and looked at each other.

Taking into consideration the charm that Xuelian possessed, they did not have one strand of doubt about what the young prince had just said. He was such a handsome young warrior, whose strength was still unknown. When it came to women, men were always weak at heart. With a little encouragement and a flick of the light switch, they were on it! It wouldnt take much to tempt the lonely and beautiful Xuelian.

They did not doubt the words of the young prince at all.

Xuelian was blushing as they looked at her strangely. She angrily said: What a lot of nonsense! When was I ever the sort to be so loose with men?

You saying this really makes me feel Hey, dont tell me you have even forgotten the kisses we exchanged? the young man sighed.


Xuelian, just what is wrong with you? This man has come to save us and here you are making things difficult! Is it that you dont want the secret of your relationship to be let known to us and are deliberately playing dumb? Master Xuelian, the matter at hand is of great importance so please stop playing this game!

Xuelian trembled with anger. I really dont know this man. I honor this with my word!

In exchange, she received a lot of suspicious glares. Your word, how much is it even worth?

Hahaha The young prince burst out laughing loudly, his body slowly beginning to change.