The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Glazed Ice Flame

"What a lunatic!" Wu Pangyun said coldly.

Despite knowing the Sea Wolves Pirates were so terrifying, Su Yu had still chosen that option! Asides from a lunatic, no one else would do so!

However, deep down in his heart, Wu Pangyun was angry and ashamed. Su Yu's fearlessness had contrasted against his own cowardice!

Liu Guang gritted his teeth and stared at Su Yu. He decided Su Yu was an eyesore!

For the first time, Princess Yun Yan was visibly moved. She could not understand what, to Su Yu, could be considered more precious than his own life for him to proceed without any hesitation.

Alternatively, Master Li, who understood Su Yu's intentions, trembled. His old eyes teared up, "Li Guang! To have such a disciplewhat more could you have asked for?"

To repay a kindness, to kill his enemies with his own hands, to hold the promise he made; Su Yu would do whatever it would take!

Despite knowing he would die, Su Yu still wanted to battle to his death!

Xi Ruolan's slender body slightly trembled; that oath of anger and grief resounded in her ears vividly.

That determination that would not bend to a thousand foes. That undying killing intent, combined with Su Yu's determination to embrace a battle to the death, made Xi Ruolan Shudder in fear for the first time.

A sliver of fright and shock spread through her heart. She had an illusion that, perhaps one day, she would die in Su Yu's hands.

"Have the remaining people finished contemplating? Accept the test, or be disqualified." Xi Ruolan restrained her inner impatience and anger.

Several elders flew forth and brought their clan descendants back. Their fury was difficult to quell, "We only wish for our clan descendants to enter the faction and further their training, not for them seek their deaths! For Liuxian faction to conduct such a bizarre test, are you not afraid of angering the Hundred Vassal Clans?"

"You may bring them back, but they will lose their qualification to participate in the entrance exam forever," Xi Ruolan replied faintly.

"You all are too much!" The elders present were unable to suppress their anger. Did that not mean that, either they accept the test and die, or live on, rejected by the faction for the rest of their lives?

Wu Pangyun, Liu Guang, and Princess Yun Yan's faces turned stern as their hearts shuddered.

"I'll give you all one last chance to decide. Accept the test, or, be rejected by the faction forever," Xi Ruolan said calmly.

The Hundred Vassal Clans were extremely angry. Such a test was too bloody and cruel!

What was actually going on in this year's recruitment exam? Why was it so bizarre?

The crowd hesitated for a while, most of the elders gave the right to decide to the juniors. To take the risk, or be ordinary for the rest of their livesthey would have to make the decision themselves.

The majority of the juniors weighed both options and decided on the latter.

It was apparent that the mission had no chance of survival. Yet, half of the people, including the Holy Kings and Half Holy Kings, decided to try.

With that, only twenty-five people stayed behind.

Wu Pangyun, Liu Guang, and Princess Yun Yan were all very gloomy. They had no choice but to participate.

Only Su Yu remained calm and collected.

Xi Ruolan nodded her head, "Very good. Now, I will announce to the twenty-five of you, the rules and the prizes.

"The test this time is to eliminate the pirates. Killing one Half Holy King will net you one point! Killing a First Level Lower Tier Holy King will net you ten points! Killing an Upper Tier will net you twenty points! Killing a Peak Tier will net you thirty points. Lastly, should you be able to kill the pirate chief, a Second Level Lower Tier Holy King, you will get fifty points!" Xi Ruolan continued, "The Sea Wolves Pirates are very organized and strict. Each of their members will definitely carry a jade token around with them. After you kill them, retrieve the jade tokens and bring them back. Your scores will then be tabulated accordingly."

Princess Yun Yan's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, "Clan Master Xi, what are the points used for?"

"That is what I was about to say. It will decide the prizes of this round. Those who obtain more than one hundred points receive the following prizes. Firstly, a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir. Secondly, they may receive a day of personal guidance from one of the elders of the faction. Thirdly, they will become a disciple of the Inner Sanctum!"

The facial expressions of the elders suddenly changed, "What? The prizes are that incredible?"

One medium grade marrow cleansing elixir was equivalent to one hundred low grade marrow cleansing elixirs. It was not something that the Hundred Vassal Clans could produce.

In addition, they would receive guidance from one of the faction elders. Not mentioning the amount of eternal guidance one could receive, simply the fact that they could establish some form of ties with the elders was enough to make the Hundred Vassal clans vie for it.

The most shocking prize was the third prize; to directly become a disciple of the Inner Sanctum!

Among the Hundred Vassal Clans, every five years, more than one thousand disciples would attempt the entrance exam. Yet, no more than three were able to make it every time!

There was not even one who had made it into the Inner Sanctum!

The difference between the Inner and Outer Sanctum of the Liuxian Faction was that the Outer Sanctum disciples would have to undertake all the chores of the factions, and would have to serve the disciples of the Inner Sanctum. Moreover, the number of resources they received was extremely minimal. It was hard for them to make a name for themselves, and Level Two Holy King was usually the limit of their cultivation.

The Li family was ranked thirtieth, but only Li Guang had barely scraped into the Inner Sanctum.

Yet now, with just one test, a person could enter the Inner Sanctum?

Should one enter the Inner Sanctum, it could change one's fate and life, and decide the fate of the whole family clan.

Before Xi Ruolan turned her back to leave, she announced one last thing, "In addition, we have received news that, after the Sea Wolves Pirates have raided a city, they distribute the loot and search for new targets. As such, it will be highly unlikely for them to be congregated. As a result, how many people you kill, how many points you accumulate in the one month, and whether you may enter the Inner Sanctum will be purely based on your individual ability. After one month, report to the External Affairs Division!

"You all will have one day's time to prepare. Tomorrow, someone from the faction will bring you all to the place where the Sea Wolves Pirates are hiding."

After she had left, the crowd discovered an extremely pertinent question.

What happened if they failed to annihilate the Sea Wolves Pirates, but still earned over a hundred points? Would they be disqualified?

If that were the case, they were ultimately unable to avoid facing off with those terrifying Holy King pirates!

Su Yu's eyes were determined. Even though it would be tough, it was worth a shot!

For the second round of the exam, Su Yu had collected the most points. Not only did he obtain five low grade marrow cleansing elixirs, but he had also obtained the right to enter the depository of scriptures.

Adding to the six low grade marrow cleansing elixirs he had gotten from the previous round, he had a total of eleven low grade marrow cleansing elixirs!

Half a day later, an emissary erected a great formation and brought the remaining twenty-five people into the Liu Xian Faction, settling them down in the Outer Sanctum area.

"You are Su Yu? Come with me, I'll bring you to the depository of scriptures," the emissary turned his gaze to Su Yu.

Amid the envious eyes of the others, Su Yu followed him and left.

The depository of scriptures was heavily guarded. After multiple rounds of inspection, Su Yu was finally able to enter.

"May I ask if I am allowed to read the tiers of the cultivation technique?" At the entrance stood a gentle and graceful lady around thirty years old, who was reading an old book attentively.

Her slender figure appeared to be too thin as if she had received the tender care of those around her.

Her hair flew in the air, along with the blowing winds. Her figure swayed slightly as though she was a light willow branch, it was extremely mesmerizing.

Hearing Su Yu, the lady slightly raised her head.

Su Yu was momentarily shocked!

The lady's figure was extremely beautiful, but her face was extremely disfigured!

Her face looked like it had been attacked by a vicious poison, which had completely destroyed her looks. Her face was completely charred and hideously scary.

Had Su Yu not possess extraordinary willpower, he would have let out a shriek of shock!

Auch a face was not much different from ghosts and monsters. Had it been at night, it could definitely scare a person to death!

Had it been due to an act of revenge? Su Yu felt pity for her. In his past life, he had met many ladies who had their looks destroyed by acid, destroying their entire lives as well.

His eyes revealed a sliver of sympathy as Su Yu nodded his head apologetically, "Lady, sorry to disturb, may I ask what type of..."

"If you are capable enough, you may read whatever books you want!" The lady replied in an annoyed tone, interrupting his sentence. Her temperament was sullen as well, due to capturing the sliver of sympathy from Su Yu's eyes.

Su Yu pouted, but he sensed she had seen his pitiful look, so he did not make a fuss over it.

Reservations still in his heart, Su Yu took a step forwardsuddenly, it was as though he had been crushed by multiple mountains.


With a slight stagger, Su Yu's knees gave in, causing him to almost be crushed under the pressure!

Su Yu lightly sighed. It was difficult to balance his body, and both his legs tried to support his body unsteadily. Su Yu was struck dumb with astonishment. Amidst the depository of scriptures, was there actually some sort of heavy pressure formation?

Su Yu forcibly tried to stabilize himself as he looked around, he realized that the depository of scriptures only had one level.

Su Yu was standing on the outermost layer. A row of book racks was lined up from the entrance to the deepest part of the depository. As it deepened, the number of books gradually decreased.

Casually flipping open a cultivation technique manual near the entrance, it was at least a deity level cultivation technique!

In terms of power, there were many manuals which were definitely not beneath Icy Heart Core.

Gazing across the depository, there were more than one thousand deity level cultivation technique manuals!

As expected of the Liuxian Faction, the manuals they possessed were extremely terrifying! Su Yu was no longer interested in deity Level cultivation techniques and he stumbled inward with much difficulty.

With every step he took, the pressure intensified by one notch.

On his way, Su Yu almost vomited blood as his innards trembled greatlythe immense pain was unbearable. Yet, he had barely made his way past the one-quarter mark of the depository.

Su Yu endured the pressure to his limit. The good thing was, Su Yu could faintly see several remnants of a volume, which had all been destroyed to various degrees.

This was the rumored Liuxian Faction's legacy level cultivation technique!


It was difficult for Su Yu to move his feet, but he had finally arrived near his destination.


Su Yu could no longer hold it in and he puked a mouthful of blood. His innards shook immensely. He had sustained light injuries!

At that moment, it was difficult for him to even move a finger. Both his knees trembled greatly and he was crushed flat to the ground.

He had to quickly take off with one of the cultivation techniques and leave that place as soon as possible.

Suddenly, Su Yu chanced his eyes upon Thousand Thread Mantra!

It was the legacy level cultivation technique that before Li Guang died, he had reminded Su Yu to read time and again.

However, right as Su Yu was about the grab it, he saw another remnant volume which was pleasing to the eyes and had an extremely simplistic introduction.

Glazed Ice Flame, ice attribute legacy level cultivation technique. Although the last tier had been destroyed, it still had the first and second tier.

That cultivation technique allowed the user to solidify the surrounding cold air. The glazed cold air would cause the surroundings to turn extremely cold, nothing in the world could defend against it.

After reaching a considerably high level, its force triumphed over normal legacy level cultivation techniques; it was only beneath the Immortal level cultivation techniques.

However, it was extremely difficult to comprehend. Even for those with relatively good insight, it would take ten years to attain Lower Tier, fifty years to attain Upper Tier, and a hundred years to attain Peak Tier.

Even those with exceptional insight would require five years for Lower Tier, twenty years for Upper Tier, and fifty years for Peak Tier.

Those who chose to cultivate the technique needed self-control and an understanding of their limitations.

Although its force was extremely great, the difficult comprehension required was much higher than regular legacy level cultivation techniques, which caused most people to avoid that manual with fear.

Su Yu's pupils dilated.

Icy Heart Core had been perfected and trained to the limit. However, its power was starting to fall behind his foes. This legacy level cultivation technique was an ice attribute, and its great strength made it suitable for Su Yu to practice.

Just as he was about to grab the book, a cold grunt could be heard coming from the entrance. It was the sound of the ugly lady.