The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 Scarred And Wounded

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His entire physique began to transform as the young man disturbingly changed into an elderly man with an air of holiness.

Xuelian gasped in shock. When she finally recognized the face, her mouth hung open and her eyes went wide. Su Su Yuxian!!

Who else could this young prince be, if not Su Yuxian?

As the rest of the secret agents recovered from the shock and disbelief, surprise filled their eyes. This really was Xuelians old friend!

Erhem, Xuelian, forgive me for saying, but Ive thought of you as a woman with a strong appetite. Would you rather choose such an old, frail handsome man over a young, pretty one, a reticent, mature secret agent sincerely asked.

Xuelian was speechless. I I didnt know that he was only a fake old man!!

The familiar aura and the familiar look in his eyes finally made Xuelian certain of the identity of the person before her.

He really was the pupil of the outside sanctum that used to collaborate with her in refining elixirs, Su Yuxian!

Su Yu smiled serenely and resumed his youthful look. You finally recognized me, cabinet mistress.

Xuelian was ashamed and angry as she finally understood what he meant by jealousy, the big fight, and the kiss as a pledge of love.

Most of those had just been them fooling around, but they were the only people who shared the secret. No one would believe it even if she explained.

You jerk! Since youre here, why didnt you rescue us straight away? Was fooling with us fun to you? Xuelians face was flushed as she spoke through gritted teeth. Yet, the tears hovering in her eyes were soundlessly showing her heartfelt gratitude.

The fellow who had walked out on the faction had actually come to the most dangerous dungeon in the Heavenly Knife City to rescue her.

Su Yu chuckled and stepped forward to touch the cage with his fingers, looking as though he was testing the quality of the cages material.

Silly, youre still as as muddled as before. This was crafted from the Mystic Crystal Demonic Iron. It is a precious material used for crafting semi-manufactured fairy artifacts. It is impossible to open it solely by depending on external forces. Since you have taken control of Ghost Face, let him help you retrieve the keys. Itll be a lot easier

Su Yu touched his chin. Oh, so this is the Mystic Crystal Demonic Iron. It is simple then. Su Yu drew out a silver sword from the sheath behind his back and struck at the cage haphazardly.

Xuelian and the other secret agents drew in cold, sharp breaths in awe.

The cage that was forged from the Mystic Crystal Demonic Iron was softer than tofu fresh out of the oven in the face of the silver sword. It was sliced open with just one strike, along with the chains from which Xuelian was dangling.

Xuelian was startled. As if in a surreal dream, she couldnt even stand on her feet, and she did not even notice that her body had gone weak.

Su Yu flew to her side and held her in his arms. Only then was she jolted awake from her trance. Blushing, she said, I can walk on my own.

Su Yu loosened his grip on her and laughed softly. The life of a martial artist is nothing more than the glow of a firefly in this mortal world, which vanishes in the blink of an eye. I hope that in the years to come, you can return and visit me once again, whether I am alive, or even just my grave.

Cabinet mistress, do you still remember the words you said to me before you left that year?

Xuelian was shocked. Her body went stiff, and she began shivering while her back was to Su Yu. When she turned around, her face was full of tears.

Su Yu smiled tenderly and wiped her tears away. Gently, he said, In the years to come, I will be glad that I saw you again as a living person.

She couldnt hold back the emotions flooding her heart any longer. Xuelian threw herself onto Su Yus shoulder and began weeping. Having been through all those dangers and perils, how could she not be terrified and frightened? All of her calmness and composure was just a pretense, a facade that she forced herself to put on.

Patting her lightly on the shoulder, Su Yu chortled. Let us go rescue the rest of the brothers first; otherwise, they are going to throw us into the fire and burn us alive.

Xuelian stopped crying and pounded on Su Yus chest with her pink fists. You never stop making me angry!

Bright gleams of jubilation and streaks of tears were vivid on her delicate, gorgeous face, adding to her breathtaking beauty.

Next, they went to rescue the other secret agents.

The material of your sword really is extraordinary, Xuelian praised him from the bottom of her heart.

But her face quickly turned solemn again. However, breaking the cage was the easy part! The difficult part is how to flee with all of us! You could enter by deceiving the guards with Ghost Faces help, but it wont be easy to get out!

The other secret agents had a say on that too.

Indeed, if I remember correctly, the person guarding the entrance is the second of the four general managers of the Great Prison of the Heavenly Knife Region. Hes extremely powerful, and almost no one below the All Creations level will be a match of him. Once they sound the alarm, not only will our prior efforts be in total vain, but Junior Brother Su will also be embroiled.

Right, well have to consider our position properly and make an appropriate decision. I think we need to hold our horses for a few days and find the seams from which the two general managers left the Great Prison. Those seams are the key to our escape.

All of them were actively engaged in the discussion, each contributing their thoughts.

Admittedly, they were level-headed and thinking clearly in a really calm and composed manner, and many of the methods brought up were actually feasible. However, as far as Su Yu was concerned, those methods were way too troublesome.

Since I was capable of coming here, of course, I have a way to get all of you out safely. Dont worry about the general managers at the door, Su Yu said.

Xuelians eyes shone with hope. Did the faction give you some kind of treasures? Could you make us invisible and hide us from the two ninth-grade Almighty Oh no! It cant be.

It had only been three days, so the faction had not been informed about their plight. Even if they knew, she was afraid that no one would be sent to rescue them anyway because it was no different from walking right into the trap.

Did you bribe them? All Xuelian could think of was a method that sounded barely plausible. That was the only way to explain why they shouldnt be worried about the duo.

Bribe them? Hmm, you can say that if you want Emerald brilliance glinted on Su Yus arm, and two human figures appeared out of nowhere. One was reeking of wine, and the other was sullen-looking and unsmiling.

The two figures that appeared suddenly were enough of a shock to prisoners. When they saw their faces clearly, all of them gasped in horror and recoiled in a different direction.

Exclamations of shock and anger broke out. The two general managers who safeguard the Great Prison!!

How come they are here? How did they appear?

Hold on! Su Yuxian, did you gang up with the Heavenly Knife Region?

In an instant, a deluge of panic and frenzy flooded the crowd.

All of you calm down, right now! Xuelian forced herself to recover from the shock. If Su Yu wanted to harm them, he might as well have left them to die here. What was the point of coming all the way here just to collude with the Heavenly Knife Region?

Tell us, whats really happening? Xuelian asked very calmly as she stared at Su Yu. She kept stealing glances at the two men out of the corner of her eye, and her eyelids kept leaping, giving away the dread she was feeling.

These two were ninth-grade Almighty! She felt breathless just standing in front of them. The appearance of the two guards really had come as an enormous shock to her and the rest of them.

However, Su Yu had a look of innocence on his face. My apologies for not explaining clearly and giving all of you a fright. They are, in fact, my slaves.

As if responding to Su Yus words, the two general managers knelt to the ground and greeted Su Yu unanimously. Greetings, my master!

The dungeon was filled with a stifling silence.

What what the actual heck? Su Yuxian must have done this on purpose! This was far more frightening than colluding with them!!

For a long while, a really long while, no one said a word.

Hey, are you all asleep? We have to get going now.

Finally, Xuelian was pulled back into reality. Her soul and spirits that had been scared off were finally piecing back together, but upon recovering from the fright, she punched Su Yu without saying another word. Embarrassed and vexed, she yelled, You really are a jerk!!

This was too much. He had just given them a fright that was too overwhelming to deal with.

Su, Junior Brother Su, you really did frighten us. The second secret agent who regained his composure tapped his chest and, still feeling horrified, took a big detour around the two general managers to stand behind Su Yu. He still had an instinctive reverence for the two.

Junior Brother Su, you just scared the hell out of me.

Gradually, all of them recovered from the intense horror. They came to check that the two general managers were now really Su Yus slaves, like fish trapped with a cat, terrified and in shock.

All of them gave the duo a wide berth, and no one dared to go even an inch closer to them.

Hey, how did you do that? Xuelian had suspicion and puzzlement in her eyes. It was too earth-shaking to have enslaved two ninth-grade Almighty.

Su Yu felt strange as well. What? As an agency of intelligence, you lot never paid attention to the happenings in the continent over the past six months?

As a newly risen celebrity of the continent, this struck him as a great disappointment.

Not at all! Xuelian shook her head in confusion. Half a year ago, we were targeted by the Heavenly Knife Region, and we stopped looking for news then and have hidden away in secluded places. Did something special happen in?

Su Yu was completely speechless. He did not know where to begin at all.

Youll know once you return to the faction. As to how I made them my slaves, well, all you need to do is beat them till they surrender. Su Yu looked relaxed and carefree. He turned and said, Lets go, Ill take you lot back to Tianya City.

When he finished, he took hold of the wooden bird which could accommodate all the people on it.

Were gonna fly out? Xuelian was perplexed all over again. Are you sure it wont matter? Can we just fly out of the cage so openly, in broad daylight?

Of course it does matter, thats why we have teleport back, Su Yu said. With his activation, the wooden bird tore the Void apart directly. With looks of horror in Xuelians and the others eyes, it disappeared into the dreadful seam in the Void.

Their screams of horror still reverberated in the cage, but they had returned to the garret of the defense headquarters of Red Blood Palace in Tianya City in a fraction of a second.

Upon seeing someone emerge from the seam, Xiao Han and Wu Ling scurried forward hurriedly. Everywhere they looked, they could see people who seemed haggard and disheveled.

One young man stood out from the slovenly crowd.

Master Su, you Xiao Han couldnt find the words. Su Yu hadnt been gone for more than half an hour and had returned with a big group of people.

What about the resolution of the war they had agreed upon, with the help of the secret agents?

These are the secret agents who had been placed in the Heavenly Knife Region. Send an immediate message to the faction; the hiding place of the secret agents has been exposed and has become a trap. Also, contact the pupils who are heading there and tell them to come back immediately, Su Yu instructed.

As the Deputy General Manager of the territory, Wu Ling bowed and carried out his orders immediately, with a solemn look on his face. He allocated the tasks quickly.

Xiao Han, get chambers ready for them to rest in, and wound-healing elixirs too. Be quick, Su Yu instructed again.

Yes, Master Su, Xiao Han replied respectfully. But he still couldnt fight the urge to ask, despite sounding rather obtrusive. Dare I ask, Master Su, how did they get the wounds? Were you hunted along the way?

Su Yu answered without a second thought, Nope, I went to the Great Prison of the Heavenly Knife Region and brought them back.

What? Xiao Han nearly bit his own tongue!

Rumors about the Great Prison of the Heavenly Knife Region were widely known, and the place was dreaded. That place was compared to walls of copper and iron; anyone could get in, but no one ever got out of it.

Had Su Yu managed to teleport straight into the dungeon and bring the people out stealthily?

But as the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of the three figures standing behind Su Yu, he asked in surprise, Who are they?

As he fixed his stare on them, Xiao Hans heart went cold!

Putting the eccentric bull-headed man aside, the other two were both ninth-grade Almighty like him! His intuition told him that they were both above him, making him very insecure.

Oh, them, I think they are the general managers of the Great Prison. I bumped into them guarding the door and tamed them along the way. If you wish to use them, you can give them orders. As for the bull-headed one, I think hes called Ghost Face, and he only has the cultivation of a sixth-grade Almighty. Hes nothing special, so you can do whatever you want with him.

Su Yus explained everything as if they were just ordinary everyday matters, but Xiao Han was so overwhelmingly shocked that he couldnt speak.

The General Managers of the Great Prison

Ghost Face

All of them were frequently spoken names!

And Su Yu had said, I bumped into them at the door and tamed them along the way. Xiao Han was doubting his own ears.

And just what did he mean by, Only sixth-grade Almighty, nothing special, so do whatever you want?.