The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 Weddings Assassination

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At this moment, Xiao Han felt engulfed by an intense sense of embarrassment that made him want to disappear.

What place did these Almighty actually have in Su Yus eyes? Could they be worth less than cabbage?

The secret agents were silent as they shot considerate glances of sympathy at Xiao Han. They had been scarred and wounded terribly.

Ill leave them in your care. I need to make another trip to the Heavenly Knife City.

Hold on! Xuelian exclaimed. Do you still have unfinished business?

Su Yu thought for a moment. Yeah, I guess you could call it that. Whats wrong?

Xuelian grew somber. Compared to your task, theres an even more urgent matter at hand, one that has to be reported to the faction immediately.

The other secret agents became serious as well. The air was solemn all of a sudden. What were they being so discreet about?

We discovered the shocking secret of the Heavenly Knife Region by chance. That was why we were to be eradicated by the Heavenly Knife Region, and they are even willing to get rid of all those related to us at all costs, Xuelian explained.

Su Yu vaguely recalled the conversation between the two general managers of the Great Prison.

Two of the four general managers had been dispatched to look after Xuelian and her colleagues in person because they had got hold of their secret. It was an order given by the Heavenly Knife Region Master personally.

What secret? Xiao Han was curious.

Shock was written all over Xuelians face as if a bolt had struck from the blue. We found out that the Heavenly Knife Region has been colluding with the Ghost Race!

However, much to Xuelians bafflement, Su Yu and Xiao Han were surprisingly calm when they heard what she said.

The emergence of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, the downfall of the Royal Beast State, and all the other groundbreaking changes that the continent had experienced during the past six months had made Xiao Han extremely used to unusual events. What was so bizarre about the Ghost Race now?

As for Su Yu, he was even less interested. Oh, he said dispassionately. Do you have proof?

No. Xuelian was rather aggrieved. They had nearly all sacrificed themselves because of this secret. Now that she had shared it, she was only receiving such a detached, disinterested response!

However, we have some clues! We found that the Heavenly Knife Region Master is mainly in charge of keeping in touch with the Ghost Race, but the one whos responsible for providing various resources to them is the third Deputy Region Master, who was the Region Master that guarded our prison. He must have the accounts detailing the exchange of resources with the Ghost Race in his hands! If we could

Before she could finish, Su Yu interrupted her, Its alright, I know. You can all rest for a while.

Having received two such indifferent replies, Xuelian finally couldnt help but ask, Arent you guys shocked?

Su Yu shrugged and said to Xiao Han, Explain it to them. Theyve been gone for half a year, so their sources of information are limited.

Xiao Han gave a rough recount of the events of the last six months.

When she finished listening, Xuelian couldnt put her stupefaction into words. In just half a year, the enormous Royal Beast State had disappeared! And the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy was lying in ambush in the continent like a bloodthirsty monster! Everyone was in danger.

What shocked Xuelian the most, however, was Su Yu. He turned out to be that ruthless demonic man!!

Godda*n swindler! Xuelian said angrily through gritted teeth.

Su Yu chuckled as he started the wooden bird and tore through the air. Ill get going, he said.

Wait, are you planning on finding the third Deputy Region Master and finding proof of the Heavenly Knife Regions collusion with the Ghost Race? Xuelian fathomed Su Yus intention.

I dont think youre going to stop me.

Xuelian retrieved a red button from her ring and handed it to Su Yu. Take this item with you!

Su Yu accepted it and looked at Xuelian. He didnt know what it meant.

The secret agency of Red Blood Palace has been manned for many years in the Heavenly Knife Region. We cant have no network left. This is a token of the Ouyang Family Master, the great craftsman family of the Heavenly Knife City! You can look for him with this item, and it could help you get near the third Deputy Region Master, Xuelian said.

The information that we acquired has made the third Deputy Region Master very vigilant. Hes surrounded by masters and experts now, hence its extremely hard for strangers to approach him. But the Ouyang Family Master is an exception. He owes us a great debt of gratitude. When we were in that dire situation, he was planning on rescuing us with the power of his entire family.

Hes a reliable person. Hand over this token to him, and hell figure out a way to meet you up with the third Deputy Region Master. Then, it all depends on you. You will make it a success or a failure.

She had such a great resource? Su Yu disappeared into the Void with a smile on his lips.


The Heavenly Knife City, the Great Prison.

Many streams of All Creations Mighty Force zigzagged across the third region. Seven imposing, magnificent figures stood tall, consisting of both men and women. They all had grave looks on their faces.

The waves caused by the seams in the Void above the Great Prison had alarmed them. When they came to investigate, however, what they saw made their hearts sink.

All the secret agents from the Red Blood Palace had been rescued!

The general managers guarding the door had not sent out a single message before disappearing without a trace. They did not expect two ninth-grade Almighty to fend off each and every enemy, but they could have at least sent out some message. Instead, they were soundlessly abducted, just like that.

Putting that aside, the cage built from Mystic Crystal Demonic Iron which they prided themselves upon had been thoroughly destroyed! Judging from the incision, it was damaged by sharp-edged weapons. This had totally caught them completely unawares! Even as All Creations Old Monsters, they would not have had the confidence to break open such a cage.

It doesnt matter who rescued them anymore. An All Creations Old Monster with a robust build and broad shoulders, with a humongous sword behind his back, broke the silence.

Upon hearing that, the middle-aged woman in front of him had an icy look on her face. How can you brush it off so lightly? With such a great commotion, will the Region Master let us go easily?

The robust middle-aged man had an intimidating air about him, and his voice was loud and clear, with great profoundness and dignity. They were lost from my prison, so I will take full responsibility for it. You have nothing to worry about.

All of the individuals present on the scene were Deputy Region Masters, whereas the middle-aged man with the sword was the Third Deputy Region Master who held the secret. Now that he had offered to shoulder the responsibility all by himself, the other Deputy Region Masters felt a lot more relieved.

How do you plan to settle it? Losing these people is not a small matter. Some of the Deputy Region Masters worried for him.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master had never been a benevolent person. When the suitable time came around, he would not hesitate to get rid of the pieces on the chessboard that he no longer needed. It was very likely that the Third Deputy Region Master, who held the accounts in his hands, would be killed by the Region Master.

That was why I said it doesnt matter who their rescuer was. The important part is who is going to look out for me afterward. Gleams of iciness sparkled in theTthird Deputy Region Masters eyes.

Undoubtedly, to obtain the proof of the Heavenly Knife Regions collusion with the Ghost Race, the Blessed and Heavenly Lands would send their people after the Third Deputy Region Master and steal the proof from his hands.

Everyone fell silent and excused themselves.

Third Deputy Region Master, take care. Weve been colleagues for years. I hope that all of us can get through this ordeal.


All of them left. The third Deputy Region Master looked up at the sky and heaved a silent sigh.


In the Heavenly Knife City, a young man in glamorous clothing stood before the door of the famed Ouyang family.

The Ouyang family was known for crafting equipment and the number of members it had was constantly increasing. Their family was very prosperous, and at the same time, had relations and ties with many All Creations Divine Masters of the Heavenly Knife City. The depth of its foundation was unrivaled.

After submitting the token, Su Yu was quickly received by the Ouyang Family Master.

The reception venue was the secret chamber in the backyard, which was hidden and secluded.

Dare I ask, sir, who sent you? The Ouyang Family Master was an old man with white hair, but he was very energetic. His words had made his surprise obvious.

The outsiders might not know about the events at the Great Prison, but how could he not have heard about it?

Xuelian, Su Yu replied succinctly. She said that with this item, the Ouyang Family Master will lend me a helping hand.

The Ouyang Family Master was remorseful. When I heard that they were seized, I tried to rescue them. However, they have been embroiled in all kinds of secrets, so their captivity was extremely strict and secure. Im really glad that they have been rescued before I had to take any action.

He continued, Since you have the token with you, just tell me exactly what you need help with. If its within my reach, I will not refuse.

Su Yu smiled and nodded. I want to get near the third Deputy Region Master. Su Yu was straightforward about the purpose of his visit.

The Ouyang Family Master was taken aback, and his face became somber. And then what?

Kill him, well, if I have to, Su Yu said. To seize the proof, he would probably need to confront the third Deputy Region Master face-to-face. Whether he got to live depended on the situation.

After a pause, Su Yu said, This could impact the Ouyang family so please consider it carefully, Family Master.

The Ouyang Family Master fell silent. After a long while, he made his decision. My Ouyang family is willing to help with our might! Miss Xuelian saved mine and my familys life. I couldnt do enough to repay her kindness.

As an intelligence agent, Xuelian had most likely helped them resolve a family crisis with her adeptness at discovering information.

Since the Ouyang family took up residence in the Heavenly Knife City, we have been flourishing day by day, so naturally we have become the target of some jealous people. One of them was the second Deputy Region Master. He plotted against my family and tried to frame us for stealing a treasure of the Heavenly Knife Region Master. Fortunately, Miss Xuelian warned us in time, and we managed to take precautions, thereby avoiding a disaster. Her immense kindness is something Ill never be able to fully repay.

Su Yu smiled placidly. You dont have to explain, Family Master. Please tell me how youre going to help me get near the third Deputy Region Master.

The Ouyang Family Master caressed his beard as he thought things over. After a moment, he said, You could call it a coincidence! If it had been another time, youd need at least a month or more to get a chance to approach the third Deputy Region Master. But two days from now, the third Deputy Region Masters son is getting married. The other party in this arranged marriage is the daughter of the prestigious second Deputy Region Master, whose status is only below the Heavenly Knife Region Master. The marriage of their children was arranged a long time ago.

Their marriage is a big deal in the Heavenly Knife Region. Many parties will come to join the celebrations, and there will be lots of guests. Our Ouyang family has also received the invitation, so you can tag along. Then, you can find a chance to approach the third Deputy Region Master.

What serendipity!

Two days. If it had been three days from now, Su Yu would need to hesitate, because his ordeal of destiny would begin in three days.

Alright, Ill return in two days then. Su Yu got up.

How about just staying at my house? the Ouyang Family Master suggested.

Su Yu waved his hand with a smile. Your generosity is much appreciated, but it gets complicated when people see me, so Id better stay away.

When he finished speaking, he vanished like an apparition.

Besides his reluctance to show himself, he had also rejected the offer because he didnt want to cause any trouble for the Ouyang family.

It would be inconvenient to move about in the Ouyang family.

Two days later, the entire Heavenly Knife City was boisterous. The streets were adorned with colorful embellishments and ornaments, and it looked like a major, unprecedented festival was going on.

The marriage of the children of the second-ranking and the third-ranking Deputy Region Masters of the Heavenly Knife Region was a grand event. All the distinguished people in the city attended the wedding to offer their congratulations.

Young Lord Su, you can gain access in the guise of a member of my family. The Ouyang Family Master looked at the silver-masked young man before him. He tried to see through his face, but all he saw was an expanse of nothingness. Being proficient in crafting equipment, he understood that it was a valuable space treasure, which could allow the wearer to avoid scrutiny from the outside world with the power of space.

Su Yu looked at the glamorous wedding venue and said, Rest assured, Family Master. Once I get inside, I will try to switch my identities to prevent the Ouyang family from getting involved.

It doesnt matter. Over the past two days, the Ouyang family has prepared, the Ouyang Family Master said casually.

After handing over the invitation card, the two of them stepped into the mansion and waited in the guest hall in silence for the wedding to begin.

The auspicious moment had arrived.

The deafening sound of firecrackers erupted. A divine-looking pair of newlyweds clad in red robes came to the foremost part of the hall, with looks of benediction pinned on them.

As he watched the couple, Su Yu became dazed, feeling as though he had returned to the royal mansion in the Xianyu Prefecture.