The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Going With The Flow

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Had there been no conflict, his wedding with Qin Xianer would not have been interrupted. He might have been King of the County by now, enjoying carefree and leisurely days with his playful and cute bride. They might have even had children.

Su Yu sighed, his heart heavy. He felt sorry for Qin Xianer, and he knew that she would definitely hate him when she awoke.

Nothing would defeat her more than finding out that the man she loved, the man she had married, was not who she thought he was. She was extremely dedicated to Su Yu and yet would be rewarded with this brutal blow. Su Yu did not know how he could face her again or what to say the next time they met.

Master Su, the Third Deputy Region Master is here, the Ouyang family master reminded him, pulling Su Yu back to reality.

Su Yu gathered his focus, his age showing fully on his face.

That is the Third Deputy Region Master? Su Yu knew he would remember this moment.

After they pay their respects to the heavens and the earth, the VIPs will come forward to present gifts, and it will be a good opportunity to get close. Ouyang took out a prepared gift and handed it to Su Yu.

No need to trouble yourself Ouyang, Ive been preparing for this for a long time, Su Yu instructed. He quietly got up. Ill take it from here.


First, respect to the Heavens and the Earth, chanted the Master of the Ceremony

Second, respect to the high courts.

This part was where Su Yu and Qin Xianer were supposed to break up.

That scene, was, of course, not going to happen.

The son and daughter-in-law offered their respects, which the Third Deputy Region Master was pleased to accept.

Hahahaha, eldest son, you have grown up. The Third Deputy Region Master was full of excitement and openness. Taking out a fist-sized pearl, he explained, This is a thousand-year-old-pearl. It was given to me by your grandfather when I started my family, and now I am passing it on to you, in hope and blessing that you will have many years of happiness together.

Thank you father, accepted the pair.

Husband and wife exchange respects.

A spark of love could be seen in the pairs eyes during this exchange.

Send them to consummate their marriage! Welcome the guests!

This welcome came in the form of gifts for the newly-weds.

Congratulations to the Third Deputy Region Master, congratulations!

Haha, thanks for coming, Old Li.

Congratulations! I wont have to wait many more years for grandchildren, and I can finally enjoy life.

Haha, I can say the same!

Everyone chatted boisterously, and it was Su Yus turn to speak.

In his hands, he held a strain of spiritual herb taken from the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. More than five hundred years old, and near impossible to find in the Jiuzhou continent, it was an extremely rare and precious gift.

Congratulations to the Third Deputy Region Master. Su Yu held the gift in both hands and smiled.

The Third Deputy Region Master glanced at the gift with a smile on his face. Five hundred years old Rouer Rong Lingzhi is such a rare sight.

As long as it pleases you, Third Deputy Region Master, said Su Yu with a gentle smile.

Third Deputy Region Master did not accept the gift. His smile suddenly turned into a cold and murderous look. I am satisfied with the gift, but I am afraid that there are no blessings to receive! Do we have guests from the Red Blood Palace? Ive been waiting a long time for you!


From behind the Third Deputy Region Master, a broad sword swung in a wide, strong arc towards Su Yus waist.

Unafraid and seemingly prepared, Su Yu backed nimbly out of the way.

Where are you going?! Third Deputy Region Master recovered from his surprise and started chase after Su Yu.

The broad sword swung wildly like a dragon dancing in space.

Su Yu smiled and did not counterattack. The silver mask fell, revealing Su Yus true face.

Someone in the crowd exclaimed, He is not Brother Su who wants to assassinate the domain owner!

The speaker was no ordinary bystander, but a master of the Ouyang family.

The person behind the silver mask was not Su Yu, but Xiaobai!

Throwing the Ouyang family master a glance, Xiaobai said, My master is not wrong! You are not reliable.

The Ouyang family masters face fell. He long guessed that I would betray him?

Of course! Master once said that kindness received is not necessarily returned, and there could always be hatred. Xiaobai imitated Su Yus tone of voice. He said that when kindness is forced on a family, they have to risk the danger of extermination. When you leave your hometown and your roots, you have a burden! You want to get rid of the burden, of course, so the person to whom you owe this kindness will die.

The Ouyang family had been operating in the Heavenly Knife region for hundreds of years, and its roots were as deep as a fish in water.

When entering the home of the Ouyang family, Su Yu knew that he would be betrayed by them. That was also the reason why he did not want to stay with the Ouyang family. The Ouyang family masters face remained unchanged. I did this for my family! I am not wrong!

Xiaobai chuckled. Master did not say that you were wrong. On the contrary, Master understands your actions very well and tells me that if its unnecessary, there is no need for me to retaliate.

The Ouyang family master was at a loss for words.

Where is your master? Where is he? The Third Deputy Region Master had an inkling that something was wrong. Weve been fooled! This is just a distraction!

Using a puppet to create chaos, Su Yu was gone!

You guys manage the situation! I will be right back! The Third Deputy Region Master seemed to have guessed where he had gone and hurried towards the inner court.

In the inner court, there was misfortune in the room that was meant for celebration.

When the couple entered the bridal chamber, they were shocked to find a person sitting alone in the new house and drinking their wine.

He smiled calmly upon seeing them. This wine is good! Congratulations on your marriage.

Who are you? As the son of the Third Deputy Region Master, Zheng Sheng had been instilled with responsibility from an early age and immediately protected his bride behind him as they retreated.


Su Yu flexed a finger, and the door closed. At the same time, a dark flag which was a pattern of illusion trapped them in the center of the room.

Dont be afraid. I dont want to hurt you but please dont make a move that angers me, Su Yu said, with no ill-intention in his eyes.

Zheng Sheng masked his surprise well. How had this person entered the new house? There were skilled guards outside the door, and it was impossible to enter silently. He had no idea that the guards outside the door had already been shown the Emperor of the Emperor. It would be very difficult to wake them up.

What do you think you are doing? Breaking into the Third Deputy Region as we throw a large wedding? I hope it is not for the simple reason of money? He subconsciously became more protective of his bride. If the man wasnt here for money, maybe he was here out of pride.

Su Yu explained The son of the Third Deputy Region Master is very smart, so I will speak straightforwardly. I am from the Red Blood Palace and am your enemy of your knives. My purpose is to take away your fathers account.

Zheng Sheng was surprised. What accounts are worthy of your risky entry into our stronghold?

Your father colludes with the Ghost Race and funds the books that give them resources.

The Ghost Race? Nonsense! There is no way my father colludes with them! Zheng Sheng was enraged with youthful arrogance.

Su Yu saw in him a reflection of his younger days.

Oh, your father may not have, but your domain owner has colluded, so as a courtier, it will surely follow, Su Yu explained.

Zheng Sheng simply did not believe his nonsense. Who would forget the impression of the disaster left by the Ghost Race on Jiuzhou 100 years ago?

Collusion with the Ghost Race was tantamount to confronting the human race.

Well, even if what you say is true, the accounts must be on my father. You are looking for us. Do you want to use us to coerce our father? Zheng Sheng could not hide his disgust.

Coerce? Of course not, Su Yu denied, because the books are not with your father.

How do you know? Zheng Sheng said coldly.

Su Yu smiled and said, It is very simple. He knows that the Red Blood Palace will send people to look for him to take the accounts. It would be too easy to find them if the accounts were on him, and he does not know who will come looking for him. What if it was the devil himself? Is it worth keeping the accounts in his own hands? He must have put the books in another place, that he will of course not reveal to me. So I will ask you, as his son, if you know where your father may have hidden them, Su Yu said with an affectionate smile.

Zheng Sheng saw the sense in Su Yus words and was unable to refute what he had said.

So, you are threatening my life to make me take you to the place where my father hides things? Zheng Sheng asked.

Su Yu drank half a glass of wine and shook his head. Of course I will not threaten you. I will threaten your bride. Believe me, in the eyes of many enemies, I am a full-fledged maniac.

Zheng Sheng started to get anxious. He could deal with a threat to his life, but his brides

However, I have changed my mind now. Dont you want to know if your father really colluded with the Ghost Race? Lets witness it together so that you can let go of your doubts and I can find what I want.

Zheng Sheng thought for a while before nodding in agreement.

Firstly, he had to consider the safety of his bride. Secondly, he wanted to confirm his doubts.

Brother Sheng, dont be fooled. What if he is after your fathers treasure? the water spirit bride reminded him.

Qiuer, listen to me this time. Zheng Sheng patted her hands that were nervously holding onto his. If he just wanted money, the price of breaking into the Third domain too great. The value of the things he seeks surpasses the property.

Then lead the way, said Su Yu happily, believing that he would unravel the five elements.

A little while later.

This is fathers bedroom. I know that there is a secret room in the bedroom that he created with the help of the Void. It can only be opened by using the power of the Void, There is another mechanism, but I dont know where it is. Zheng Sheng watched with dissatisfaction as Su Yu rummaged around the cabinet.

Secret room? Su Yu thought for a moment, and a silvery sword appeared in his hands. He started moving it in a sweeping motion. As the sword passed through the air, the space was cut into a series of tiny cracks.

Looking at this scene, Zheng Sheng said with dignity, A sword can cut through air and space not because it blade is strong, but because of airs strange characteristic; to contain the property of nothing.


Suddenly, when the sword sliced through a space in a corner, the sound of something being broken could be heard.