The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063 Surprisingly Static Rain

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Su Yu felt some obstacles when the sword passed through whatever was hidden in the Void.

With just a flick of his fingers, the large silver sword, broke the empty space in front of them apart, revealing a secret room hidden in the Void.

In the secret room lay an infinite number of amazing resources.

Su Yu dashed into the room. Zheng Sheng hesitated for a moment and followed.

Wow, its surprising that Third Deputy Region Master has so many treasures stashed away in here! Su Yu marveled at the hoard, astounded by all of the things here the Fairyland did not have.

Feeling a sudden volatility, Su Yu walked over to investigate and discovered that there was some spirit material in the room. These materials were extremely rare and had few uses. Few people knew how to use them. It was strange, therefore, that there were so many of them!

Other than the Ghost Race, it was hard to imagine that the people of Jiuzhou would need so much of this spirit material.

Zheng Shengs face became gloomy with denial as he approached. Father has saved and collected things for many years; it is not surprising that some Ghost Race material is present.

So, where is the medicine used by the Ghost Race? Su Yu reached into the space, pulling out a large box of refined medicinal herbs.

Zheng Shengs mood fell further, and he clenched his fists as he suppressed his anger. Those are not evidence!

Su Yu casually flung the box away. Surveying the surroundings, he gently said gently, Yes, only the books can be considered concrete evidence. All these exhibits can be produced.

Looking around the secret room, Su Yu did not find the book.

Su Yu suddenly stared in a different direction. With a swing of his sword, another cleft was cut in the Void.

He heard a muffled sound as a box made from the mystic crystal demonic iron fell down!

There is another small space hidden here, and I was almost fooled by it. Su Yu smiled and picked up the box. The box was sealed but could be easily broken by the sword of Tianzhu Yinzhu.

The box flew open, but Su Yu looked disappointed. It wasnt the accounts book that he held in his hand, but a wrapped up scroll.

What was this item that was so valuable it needed to be hidden in another secret space and sealed with precious Xuanjing magic iron?

Pulling out the scroll, Su Yu asked, What is this?

Zheng Sheng suddenly shook his head. I never knew that my father had this picture.

Su Yu decided to open it.

The moment Zheng Sheng laid eyes on the opened scroll, he was stunned. As though in a trance, he whispered, Its beautiful!

Behind him, the bride, Qiuer, looked over and gasped, How can there be such a beautiful woman in the world? She felt extremely inferior compared to the woman in the picture.

Su Yu had fallen into a thoughtful silence. After thinking for some time, he muttered to himself, Xia Jingyu?

The picture was of a woman of quiet temperament. She looked like a goddess and possessed an ethereal beauty that far exceeded other living beings.

At first glance, it was like the light of morning, a roaring mountain forest, and a glimpse of a fairy. It was more amazing than anything on earth. No one would believe that there could be another who could transcend the beauty of her eyes.

If this was not Xia Jingyu, who was it?

Judging from the vicissitudes of the paintings, it was definitely more than thousands of years old. It was tens of thousands of years old, or even more. Xia Jingyu was only twenty years old. The Xia Jingyu in the painting was more mature, with a more intense beauty.

At the same time, there was also a trace of inviolable majesty in the painting, which Xia Jingyu did not possess.

Is it another person? Su Yu was amazed that there could be another so similar.

Su Yu was content to carry on looking at the picture, but just then, a low-pitched and powerful voice spoke, So you found the picture of the girl! Im shocked!

Su Yu didnt look up; he knew who was coming. Where did you find it?

The land of the West, a restricted area of Jiuzhou.

The land of the West? Su Yu knew that this was the only place on the mainland that was inhabited. Since the beginning of time, it had been a restricted area where souls could not enter.

Why had the portrait of Xia Jingyu appeared there? Whats more, it seemed to date from countless years ago! What was going on?

If you like it, I can give it to you. Although I am very unwilling to part with it, I cant look at this painting anymore. Every time I look at it, I immediately lose my spirit, and the length of the loss gets longer and longer. The first time, I lost three days. The last time, I lost a whole month! This painting is poisonous! The most beautiful thing that is not human is the poison of heaven and earth!

A whole month of lost spirit! It didnt seem to make sense for such a powerful person to be affected in such a way. However, Su Yu believed that the painting was indeed poisonous. It seemed to have a mysterious force that entranced people. No wonder he wanted to seal this picture. He was afraid he would lose half a year if he ever looked at it again!

Thank you, said Su Yu, rolling up the painting and carefully closing it.

You can take the drawing. Will you let my children go? The Third Deputy Region Master stood at the entrance. In his heart was only concern for his daughter and son.

Su Yu gave no indication of his intentions.

He didnt hurt us. Zheng Sheng lowered his head and walked to meet the Third Deputy Region Master. Su Yu did not make any effort to block him.

The Third Deputy Region Master watched Su Yu intently. Can you find the books?

Su Yu shook his head and looked up at him with a smile. No, so I was going to confront you. Its good that you arrived.

You must be that devil, the new legend of the young generation, Su Yu? said the Third Deputy Region Master seriously.

Su Yu nodded. Thats me.

In that case, you are not my opponent, because the Blood Emperor is not as good as me. The Third Deputy Region Master looked directly at Su Yu, disregarding Zheng Sheng.

Su Yu smiled and said, So, are we going to start a war?

The king of food, the lord of loyalty, if you dare to come, of course, you must kill the enemy for my king. As the Third Deputy Region Master spoke, a sword floated discreetly into the palm of his hand. Who would have known, that there would be people who would stand firm when faced with his sword?

However, if he insisted on confronting him, Su Yu would not be merciless.

There was a shrill sound, and the silver scorpion sword appeared in his hand, its trajectory across his chest a mystery.

The Third Deputy Region Master faintly shook his head. Relying only on the material of the sword will lead you to the end. Eat your boastful words! The Third Deputy Region Master held his sword like a feather. His movements were airtight, and the layers of his strokes were like dragons dancing towards Su Yu.

The dragons intertwined like a tornado. They did not fight with the sword but wound tightly around its vortex, layers radiating outwards. The seemingly harmless air movement created by the sword was actually a tornado that rushed towards Su Yu without weakening.

How do you know that I just rely on the body of the sword? Su Yu said faintly. Thousands of miles!

With a flick of the sword, the thin blade burst into a flurry of movement, each strike cutting a sliver of air as fine as hair.

After hundreds of thousands of times, the sword of secrets turned into lightning.

It still doesnt work The Third Deputy Region Master said, shaking his head in disapproval. Suddenly, with a low sigh, came a shockingly strong force.

In this hair-raising moment, strands of sliver blade came gushing out with incredible force. This was the outcome of Su Yus retreat. Six months of reflecting, and he was able to use the Heavenly Bamboo Sword technique.

The Heavenly Bamboo Sword technique had two strong points: it does not break, and it passes through all spaces.

Fine traces of red blood flowed from the corners of the Third Deputy Region Masters mouth. Even if he had noticed, it was a step too late.

Jiangshan generation produces talented people. I have underestimated you the Third Deputy Region Master said heavily, dropping his sword in surrender.

Two strokes were all it took to defeat the old man. The Third Deputy Region Masters sword techniques were advanced, and Su Yu did not believe that he could defeat the old man so easily.

Holding his sword, Su Yu gently asked, Why do you want to die?

The old man had fought thousands of battles and had seen countless truths. Su Yu had his doubts.

The Third Deputy Region Master asked with some surprise How did you know I want to die?

The reason Su Yu had defeated him was that his heart was not in the battle, and so he wanted to die in the hands of Su Yu.

Because As the Third Deputy Region Master opened his mouth to speak, a fissure opened up in the space.

At the same time, a strong aura could be sensed, and then there was deafening silence.

Su Yus looked stunned. That aura was even stronger than the Third Deputy Region Masters!

Youre finally here. Unfortunately, I was one step too late, the Third Deputy Region Master said with regret. Getting up, he said without looking back, It looks like you wont be escaping because he is here.

He? Who?

With a heavy heart, Su Yu walked out of the space, to be met with a strange scene.

Zheng Sheng and Quier were frozen, seeming bound to the power of the space.

Furthermore, Third Deputy Region Master, who had stepped out of the space ahead of Su Yu, had returned, his face full of emotion. He was in front of a middle-aged man in a red traditional robe. On the mans head was a purple gold crown, and jade was wrapped around his waist. His face was unnecessarily white. Altogether, he was an imposing figure. If you looked at him directly, you would feel a dizzying blindness.

I thought you were a smart person and would not embarrass me, said the red-robed man. The Third Deputy Region Master sighed, Had you come earlier, it could have been a justified death.

Glancing at Su Yu, the red-robed man said amusedly, Death at the hands of foreign enemies. Because of public dereliction of duty, grace, the region will be kind to your son. As your family, I will help you achieve this wish. He was actually the family of the Third Deputy Region Master and was the high-powered Second Deputy Region Master!

They had just been discussing the life and death of the Third Deputy Region Master!

With little spirit left, the Third Deputy Region Master said, Thank you.

Third Deputy Region Master! The red robe man took a yellow roll containing an imperial edict from his sleeve.

The Third Deputy Region Master bitterly listened to the will on one knee.

The Third Deputy Region Master neglected his duties, causing important information to fall into the hands of the enemy. He has not repented, and he tried to escape! He is guilty of betrayal and sin! You have been loyal to the Heavenly Knife region for many years, and you are privileged to the world! Accept this!

Official, thank you. The Third Deputy Region Master accepted the edict with a heavy heart.