The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 Countering The Enemy

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Standing up, the Third Deputy Region Master said to the red-robed man, Please look after my children when I am dead.

The red-robed man sighed wearily. Knowing how the region master will treat you, I honor my word to complete the marriage between Shenger and Quier, and not just because you are leaving. Havent I long promised to look after Shenger? You can leave in peace. I will nurture him to grow up a strong and worthy man.

It had turned out that the Third Deputy Region Master did could not escape fate. He might not have died at the hands of the Red Blood Palace, but he would instead die at the hands of his own people.

The situation had changed with the escape of the secret agents. News of the collusion with the Ghost Race could have spread at anytime.

The Third Deputy Region Master had possession of the accounts and had memorised them. He would remember all the details even if they were to be destroyed. Therefore, the solution was to either destroy him and the books or to kill the secret agents.

Now that the spies had escaped, the only option was to destroy the Third Deputy Region Master and the books.

For the Heavenly Knife Region to have the account, or for the Third Deputy Region Master to be able to blackmail them with the information he knew, would be too risky. It would be best to put the fire out at its source.

The Second Deputy Region Master would carry out the act personally.

It had sounded like the Second Deputy Region Master was very close to the Third Deputy Region Master. He was even willing to help him nurture his child. This, however, was in fact untrue.

Why would the Heavenly Knife Region send the Second Deputy Region Master to execute a dear relative when there was a high possibility of running away?

The Heavenly Knife Region Master was clear that the Second Deputy Region Master had his own reasons for killing him.

Since the Third Deputy Region Master was not willing to commit suicide, the Second Deputy Region Master would assist him to commit suicide.

Go on, the Second Deputy Region Master commanded.

The Third Deputy Region Master looked tearfully at his son, expressing sorrow. Shenger, do not hate your father-in-law and do not make an enemy of the Region Master. Fathers greatest wish for you is a lifetime of peace.

Ignoring the rage in Zheng Shengs eyes, the Third Deputy Region Master held his sword to his own neck.

Second Deputy Region Master watched coldly, a sly sadistic smile slipping across his expression.


Unexpectedly, the sudden noise was not caused by a head landing on the ground, but by the sword falling out of the hand that held it.

Haha, it is a good sword that refuses to follow the senseless intentions of its master. What a precious gem! It will follow me from now on. Otherwise, after its owners death, it will be destroyed once his son moves.

The Second Deputy Region Master glared coldly at Su Yu.

Before he could take any action, the Third Deputy Region Master had silently appeared to block him.

What do you mean? The Third Deputy Region Master did not care for his own life, only for his sons safety.

Smiling, Su Yu said, Literally, let the son recognize his father as a thief. You really are hopelessly stupid!

Please say it clearly. The Third Deputy Region Master did not suspect that Su Yu was spouting nonsense, but he could not understand him at all.

Is it not clear enough? Even your own son did not know about the existence of the books. How could the Red Blood Palace have known about these top secrets? Without the help of some high-up intelligence, how would it have been so clear? Su Yu said coldly.

The Third Deputy Region Master contemplated this. Youre saying that the news of the account books was leaked because theres a spy in the Heavenly Knife Region? But thats impossible! The news benefits no one. The Heavenly Knife region will become a public target. I dont see any motive for a spy to do this; it only causes harm to others.

Cause harm to others? I see that you are the only one not in favor! Isnt your current state the motive of that high-ranking spy? Su Yu was amused.

Hearing this, the Third Deputy Region Master was in disbelief. So, someone deliberately framed me and wants me to die?

Exactly. When you are dead, the news can no longer leak, and some people will lose their advantages, killing two birds with one stone. No, it should be killing three birds with one stone. Once your son takes control, he will find a way to get rid of it or remove it completely from the world. Hey, thats a well-calculated plan. His eyes fell directly on the Second Deputy Region Master. Isnt it, Second Deputy Region Master?

The Third Deputy Region Master might not have been so sharp, but after Su Yus detailed explanation, should have understood the situation.

Yes, the news of the accounts had leaked too suddenly, and there must have been a mastermind. If the Region Master left him out, he will even annihilate it. The biggest beneficiary was the Fourth Deputy Region Master. Who is an ally of the Second Deputy Region Master.

Thinking back to a few days ago, the Region Master had publicly stated that he would choose one of them to carry out further studies with the Central Prefecture King.

Word had it that it was the same for the other regions. Each one of them had received an invitation from the Central Prefecture King to send their strongest masters in blood and soul to the Central Palace. Each region was in chaos for this event.

Firstly, this was a great opportunity to win the favor of the Central Prefecture King!

Secondly, it was a rare chance to train experts in the region!

Although masters had been sent in the past, they had disappeared without a trace. Perhaps they had been entrusted to the Central Prefecture King, and they believed that they were beginning deep, mysterious studies.

Amongst the nine region masters, the Third Deputy Region Master was not the strongest in spirit, but the qi energy in his blood far surpassed the rest.

Because of that, the Heavenly Knife Region Master entrusted the task to him. Not long after, the news of the account books was leaked. Now, the Third Deputy Region Master could make head and tails of the story. If he were to die, the next person in line for further studies would be the Fourth Deputy Region Master.

Qi Ming, you and I are close as siblings. Through todays marriage, we are family. Is there a need to frame me? My further studies will only bring you benefit, not harm! the Third Deputy Region Master said indignantly to the red-robed man.

Su Yu was speechless. This brain of yours deserves a hard knock! After further studies, what if your strength grows by leaps and bounds? Who then, will serve as the Second Deputy Region Master, and who will serve as the Third?

The Second Deputy Region Master made no comment.

The region masters of the Heavenly Knife Region have always been determined in order of strength. If his strength grows after the studies, then it would be necessary to reorder the hierarchy.

The Fourth Deputy Region Master, having a considerable gap from the Second Deputy Region Master, posed much less of a threat even if he were to further his studies.

Zheng Qinglong, you are not as smart as the next generation! Qi Ming laughed coldly, a laugh that explained all.

Is it really you? Zheng Qinglong was disappointed. He did not expect his executioner to be, not a stranger, but a close relative of many years!

Didnt he already tell you? It is indeed I who is the mastermind. Qi Ming shot Su Yu a cold, silent glare.

Su Yu shrugged, saying, I never said it was you. It was pure speculation and you finally admitted it. Please do not put the blame on me.

Indeed, Su Yu had not explicitly said that it was Qi Ming. He was merely guiding Zheng Qinglong in his direction.

In the end, Su Yus guess proved true.

Thinking carefully about what Su Yu had just said, Qi Ming realized that he had been fooled!

You are naive after all! The agents of our Red Blood Palace have been well played by you, so who would have guessed that in the end you would blow your cover due to a few words, haha, Su Yu laughed heartily.

Turning to look at Zheng Qinglong, Su Yu said, Now, do you still believe that your relative will sincerely look after your son?

How could Su Yu let it go now? He was being compassionate enough in skimming a little off and not destroying the roots!

Zheng Qinglongs face changed as he wielded his sword again.

Zheng Qinglong, this is the end! There is no point in putting a struggle. Your fate is death! Qi Ming drew out the imperial edict again.

However, with a fierce sweep of a sword, the edict was sliced in two.

I can die, but Shenger will never fall into your filthy hands! For the sake of his son, Zheng Qinglong chose to resist.

Rebellion meant betrayal!

Zheng Qinglong, look clearly, your son still belongs to me Qi Mings voice faded. Faint lines of blood suddenly appeared on the ground. In order to prevent the situation, Zheng Sheng and Qiuer had entered the basement.

Su Yu drew closer to them, and blood lines appeared, enveloping two people, and at the same time forming a handsome silver-colored puppet.

Now, your daughter is in my hands. With a sly smile, Su Yu went to the place where the newlyweds were and placed the fine tip of his sword on Qiuers neck.

Zheng Qinglong, amused at the situation, laughed heartily. Little one, thats beautiful! Qi Ming, For Qiuers sake, please leave us.

Unexpectedly, Qin Min responded with a sneer. Do you think that I am as bound by family ties as you are? I have broken them all when I entered martial arts! To use merely the youngest daughter in my house as a threat to me! Die!

Before his sentence was complete, Qi Ming suddenly took action!

As a well-skilled veteran, his move aroused the heavens and the earth, and the space collapsed.

Zheng Qinglong lashed out defensively with his sword, causing another tear in the Void. Those present huddled together. Hurry and leave! We are no match for him!

As the Second Deputy Region Master, he was next in line to the Region Master!

Zheng Qinglong profoundly understood that Qi Ming was truly to be feared. When he struck, the battle would be over within ten strokes.

In the next moment, they teleported to an unknown space.


Upon falling, Zhen Qinglong started coughing out fresh blood. He had already been hit! Qi Ming was indeed very much stronger than him.

Hurry and leave, he will catch up with you very soon! I can only stall him for so long! Zheng Qinglong held his sword in both hands, defending the crack in the space as though it was a huge enemy.

None of the other three moved.

Zheng Sheng naturally did not want to leave his father, and Su Yu felt it strange to leave.

Prince Su, I have a ruthless request, Zheng Qinglong said.

Unfortunately, Su Yu interrupted, You want me to escort your son and daughter-in-law to escape? I refuse.

Zheng Qinglong asked again stubbornly, You will not even go with them part of the way?

Su Yu shook his head. I have no plans to escape!

Then you will stay here to await death? Zheng Qinglong asked blankly.

Su Yu placed his sword down by his side. Something like that Lets wait for him to die, he said lightly.