The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 Return Of The Swords Wind

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Zheng Qinglong was shocked. He was particularly shocked by Su Yus determination to stay and fight.

Prince Su, I know that you have many victories to your name. Ive studied them, and they are no doubt remarkable feats. However, in a proper duel, you would not necessarily beat me, much less Qi Ming. In the Heavenly Knife Region, apart from the Deputy Region Master and the Heavenly Knife Region Master, there is no one comparable to him! Zheng Qinglong declared with urgency. The crisis was approaching.

Su Yu shook his head gently. Do you really think we can escape?

After a moment of silence, Zheng Qinglong sighed. You cant.

He could only defend ten strokes. One stoke would take one breath, and one could not get far in ten breaths.

So forget about luck. There are no masters to help us, and Qi Ming is merciless. Su Yu understood Zheng Qinglongs sentiment. It was a critical time, and rather than hope for a miracle, it was best to adopt the mentality of an ostrich.

Taking a deep breath, Zheng Qinglong said bitterly, It is just you and me, and this thing of a puppet?

Thats sufficient! said Su Yu calmly.

Good! Zheng Qinglong untied his robes, revealing a rock-hard body. Wielding his sword, he exclaimed, We will fight it out today!

Chi! Chi!

The space in front of him started to crackle and distort. Suddenly, a hairline crack appeared, splitting into a crack a hundred times larger.

A red-robed figure leaped through the crack!

Oh? I thought I would have to pursue you for much longer, but you are still here, Qi Ming said in surprise.

Zheng Qinglong said with frustration, You have broken family ties, and you must make amends!

Ten strokes cant get past you? Qi Ming was amused.

After ten strokes he remained unscathed. However, he had two other masters to face this time. The rising star, Su Yu, was opposing him! He had a silver sword that could defeat ten thousand elephants.

Eat your boastful words! Zheng Qinglong took a deep breath, his sword like a worm, throwing forward a dragon of a tornado with his strong strokes.

Qi Ming drew out a black chain with his hands, spinning and flipping it like a black venomous snake spitting out a deadly black flame.

Chi! Chi!

Thousands of sword strokes danced in the midst of flames that were extinguished like moths fluttering by. The tornado could not be broken.

Force of Rushing Cattle! Zheng Qinglong brought out his next move.

Soul of Deadly Dragon!

Each Stroke a Comet!

Mighty Snake!

The exchanges were so quick that all Zheng Sheng and Qiuer could see were shadows of the duo and the ghosts of their sword movements.

On the contrary, all was clear in Su Yus trained eyes. He could see that Zheng Qinglong was not far from being Qi Mings equal. It was a pity that he fell short is other aspects. Moreover, Qi Ming had great power from his combat training.

The two started on an equal footing, but Zheng Qinglong started to waver after ten strokes, and the black chain struck his chest like a venomous snake.

With the sound of crushed bones, Zheng Qinglongs body was smashed, and there was a fist-sized hole in his chest.

The quick exchange of ten moves between the two gave Su Yu ample time to prepare his stance. With glistening eyes, he closed his index and middle fingers around his sword.

Within the two fingers, the silver sword spun silver rays like thousands of silk threads. It was as though the sword had transformed into a long silver bamboo weapon in Su Yus hands, except that it was a pure sword.

Power aside, this show-worthy sword technique is blinding. Qi Ming countered Su Yus strokes with the strength of ten thousand elephants.

Su Yu did not even lift his head. He swung his right arm, making a crack in space. The attack rolled like waves into the void.

Making a void with your sword, what a rare sight! I might not know who you are in the Red Blood Palace. You meeting me will only lead to death, Qi Ming said darkly as he moved swiftly to Su Yus side, the black chain in his hand shooting instantly out towards Su Yus chest.

Su Yu dodged, fearing the flames. The fire was so strong that he could feel its waves within his body. The strength of this fire was not its flames, but its waves! It was the waves that appeared after evading ten thousand elephants.

To stop these waves he had to turn the fire to ashes.

Can you escape? With a gentle shake of his head, Qi Ming proclaimed, It is the end!

The black chain in his hand surged forward ten times its length with a thunder that rang through heaven and earth. A strong black fire erupted from within the chain, engulfing everything around it.

Suddenly, a flash of silver light shone through the flames. Like a dragon, it danced in an airtight arc with a force that could sweep away the fire. It was clear that this silver flash of light came from Su Yus sword.

You can even extinguish my flames with the use of space! That sounds very familiar! Qi Ming suspected something. However, nothing was more important than to be present in the moment. This was a battle where his life on the line.

Black Dragon of Dawn! whispered Qi Ming, as the black chain headed straight towards Su Yu.

There was no room to retreat, and Su Yu was forced to face the challenge. His face was a picture of calm. His arms were crossed in defense, and his eyes were focused on his sword. Boomerang Rays!

Small slivers of sword rays started shooting out from his pores like drops of rain. It was not fine strand by fine strand that drizzled out but hundreds and thousands of sword rays that shot like a fierce storm outwards from his body.

Su Yu looked like a large silver sun, or a Buddha, bathed in a silvery glow. It was extraordinary and magical.

Sun and black dragon met in a grand and silent explosion.


The force was so strong that it pushed both Su Yu and Qi Ming backward by a couple of steps.

The only thing that Su Yu could feel was his body on fire with pain. His chest was sore, and blood was coursing through his veins like a fierce river.

Qi Ming was not faring any better.

The sword rays had entered his body, destroying it from inside out. He had no choice but to take some of the strength of ten thousand elephants to force these rays out of his body.

A hidden field of sword rays spat out in such a huge quantity! How did you train for this ability? You have really grown in skill! Qin Ming was taken aback in shock.

To hide a field of sword rays was a skill that many sword masters frequently tried to acquire. It was also a skill equivalent to that which deities used. Once the ascent to god level was achieved, the field became as clear as crystal and lost its ability to hide sword rays in its space.

However, using the method that Su Yu employed, to hide ten thousand rays of sword was unheard of!

It was rewarding. Su Yu put strong pressure onto his wound, forcing out a shard of dark black needle into his palm. Then, he created a space in the void and vanished completely in the very next moment.

The next moment he reappeared, and the dark black needle was forced directly into the center of Qi Mings forehead!

Qi Mings expression was one of shock and surprise. He tried to force the needle outwards with the force of a thousand elephants. However, it was as though the needle took no physical space, attaching itself to Qi Ming as though latched to his soul.

Suddenly, a heartbreaking scream came from Qi Ming. Ah! Its a soul-stitching needle! The magic weapon of the Region Master! How did it end up in your possession?

This was the magic weapon of the owner of the Heavenly Knife Region. It was a tool that was able to manipulate the souls of gods! He had given it to Qian Li for safekeeping, and somehow it had ended up in the hands of Su Yu.

Firstly, to have the sword rays enter his body required more than half of the force of ten thousand elephants to fight against. Then to be pierced by this demonic needle. His energy was drained by more than fifty percent!

Eyes flashing cold, Su Yu held the yellow crystal in his hands and blasted under the air.

However, even if he was in pain, Qi Ming was still a skilled old master, and he moved extremely decisively to avoid this attack.

Unfortunately, it was at this very moment that thousands of blood strands emerged, twisting and tangling onto themselves. It turned out that he was silly to not have hidden in the ground, so he suffered the consequence of thousands of blood strands.

Get away from there! Qi Ming yelled loudly, his body trembling violently as the blood strands around his body shattered like thunder.

The lower continent was also shattered, exposing rock formations buried deep in the ground.

What was startling was that the entire vast land had long been covered by ten thousand miles of a sea of blood. It was all densely knit blood strands that had formed it!

The blood strands that Qi Ming had thundered apart were merely an insignificant number!

Haha, old man, try the soothing comfort of silly me! From deep in the ground rumbled the strange mockery of Su Yu. Suddenly, the ground of ten thousand miles smashed, exposing the sea of blood.

An endless amount of blood strands, covering the sky from top to bottom, moved as quickly as clouds of lightning.

Qi Mings eyes twitched as he watched the scene unfold. These blood strands were not enough to be a threat to him. However, as soon as they intertwined and entangled, their strength would be multiplied, and it would be extremely troublesome to eradicate them all.

Once he decided to break them, from Qi Mings palm came a force that radiated in all four directions. They plunged into the Void in space and, just like that, went away.

However, at that precise moment, a ray of burgundy light came from behind, its strong force disturbing the power of the space around him.

The cracks in the Void changed sharply and irregularly as if they were about to break.

This sort of chaos in the space, even with his strong force of ten thousand elephants, signalled death for them.

One space failed, and he smashed another space with his right hand.

But in the end, came a moment of instant stagnation.

The sea of blood surged up, and countless strands of blood condensed into a wall, blocking the cracks in the newly opened space.

You are looking to die! Qi Ming was a little anxious. He eliminated the sword rays that were in his body and pulled out the soul-piercing needle. He swore that he would come back for revenge and easily bring death upon them all.

However, right now, he did not have the strength to take control of the battle. A roar, a thunderous sound so forceful that it shook countless blood strands to shatter apart could be heard.

However, the number of blood strands was as endless as the number of drops of water in the ocean. As one batch was broken, another batch plunged into the ocean of blood strands.

To put it darkly, with the number of blood strands, he was not able to even teleport to escape from where he was.

Seeing this scene, Zheng Qinglong took in a deep breath of shock. However, after not more than ten breaths, Qi Ming fell with the force of the wind!

Father, in which sacred direction do you follow? Did you not say that he is the devil that hates people, unlike you. How come. Zheng Sheng stared at the figure of Su Yu, shocked beyond words.

They were of the same young generation, but he could never hope to possess this kind of strength.

This As father has witnessed countless times, dont pay attention to the details. Zheng Qinglongs old face turned crimson with embarrassment. He had put Su Yu down twice before, saying that if Su Yu and him were to duel, Su Yu would be no match for him at all. But in the end