The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066 Half Dragon Form

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Su Yus methods and tactics had never been seen by any of them before. The result was astounding.

Within the sea of blood, Qi Mings heart dropped. If he kept struggling, he would use up the power of All Creation. If he no longer had this power, the Sword Energy would burst out, ripping him apart. It would only lead to death. This could not continue any further.

To break out of the sea of blood would be difficult. In his heyday, it would have been easy for him to escape; right now, with limited strength, there was no way out. If he let this continue, the consequences would be very serious! Qi Ming weighed up the pros and cons. Gritting his teeth, he came to a decision.

The room flashed, and Qi Ming shook off the blood clinging to his body. He looked gloomily at Su Yu. You forced me into this!

Layers of black scales formed slowly on his body. His face gradually darkened, and a black horn emerged on his forehead. At the same time, his pupils gleamed a dark yellow color, and his hands formed sharp talons. On his backside, a long tail had grown.

At the sight of this, Zheng Qinglongs face drained of color. He doesnt care about expending the All Creation primordial spirit! Hes changing into dragon form!

Su Yus heart skipped a beat. He had only heard of the myth of transforming into a dragon, a myth from long ago. Legend had it that a tribe of ancient people had imitated the forms of the most powerful live spirits in all of Heaven and Earth, in order to escape from the shackles of All Creations. They changed their bodily form in order to break through.

Su Yu did know about the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye. This was a product of the same time period. To take the form of a dragon was along the same lines. It was necessary to transplant blood, flesh or other parts of a real dragon in order to achieve the change. Once begun, a half-dragon form could be achieved, immediately raising ones strength.

Of course, the sacrifice was tremendous. Firstly, a real dragons body was incredibly difficult to obtain, even if one had crystals to spare. There was very little chance of buying such an item on the continent of Jiuzhou. In addition, each time it was triggered, it would not only utilize a normal amount of energy: it would take the All Creation energy of a primordial spirit!

Like the dantian of a fairy or a Divine Masters fetal crystal, a godly spirit was the bodily form of an All Creation Old Monster. If one as hurt even slightly, the effect would last a lifetime. No one would be willing to trigger it unless it was absolutely necessary.

Qi Ming had been forced to make this move. Zheng Qinglong had not imagined that such a thing would happen.

There was nowhere left to go. Qi Ming did not have a second path to follow. If this was the case, he would meet a sad end, like that of ants biting an elephant to death, gathering all his sources of power in a grand standoff to defeat a powerful creature.

A Dragon roars below the Heavens! Qi Ming howled, his body in half-dragon form. His ferocious face darkened with an inhuman smile.

The terrifying sound waves reverberated in all directions. Those close to the sea of blood would be like a piece of paper in a fire, promptly extinguished in the flames.

A silvery puppet buried deep underground gave a pitiful shriek as countless drops of blood quickly contracted. The sea of blood disappeared in a blink of an eye, leaving the severely hurt silvery puppet pathetically trying to climb out. Only a lackluster version remained of his past silvery-white brightness. Wounds appeared all over his body.

In such close proximity to a dragon roar, the damage would be severe.

At his current fighting power, hes a Fifth Level All Creation, Zheng Qinglong said. His face contorted painfully as he began to believe that victory would be impossible.


After transforming to the half-dragon state, all the sword energy in Qi Mings body gushed out.

The black needle was also forced out of his darkened forehead.

You imbeciles! You forced me to damage my primordial spirit! Are you ready? Qi Ming shouted fiercely, his voice combining with that of the beast.

It was impossible to tell how long it would take to recover the primordial spirit. He had thought that this move would mean a fast resolution, but it had meant a huge sacrifice. If he didnt kill Su Yu, how would he overcome the hate in his heart?

Hmm I am ready. Su Yu stared calmly into Qi Mings eyes and nodded.

His response unnerved Qi Ming who became even more tense when Su Yu said, I am ready to send you on your way.


Suddenly, the space behind Qi Mings back cracked open. From within the crack, a box bound by space energy flew out. It was the underworld pearl.

The underworld pearls appearance was unexpected, catching them off guard.

Qi Ming was equally surprised.

The underground pearl that had been smashed previously had been to divert his attention and weaken his vigilance. This underground pearl was contained by space energy but was ready to go at any time.

Qi Ming howled as the underground pearl slammed into him from behind. It was hard for him to turn around. He tried hard to use his hands, which were covered in scales, to slap it away.

Pew! Pew!

Qi Ming heard the sound as the underground pearl violently shook his body.

What was even more shocking was that he was able to hit the underground pearl away!

The last time, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy had easily held the underground pearl in its hand.

In his transformed state, Qi Ming was strong enough to get rid of the underground pearl. It seemed that the Fifth Level All Creation was the underground pearls pressure limit.

Su Yu felt the slightest pressure. Qi Ming now had unlimited strength and was at a completely different level to him.

Qi Mings yellow eyes were filled with menace as he managed to stop his body from shaking. Boy! No more moves left? Die!

I do, Su Yu calmly responded. After thinking for a short while, he took out a dark green magic cane. Upon it, there were four clearly cracked grooves that made the cane seem as though it would shatter at any moment.

It was the Glittering Jewel Fairy Cane!

Holding it in one hand, he sent vital energy into it. The dark wand immediately spread out waves of energy which entered the Void.

The energy waves quietly weaved through Zheng Qinglong, Zheng Sheng, Qiuer and Qi Ming.

Qi Ming was suspicious and wanted to avoid the energy waves. Tearing into the Void, he attempted to hide. However, despite the Void, he could not escape the energy waves! Qi Mings usual self-arrogance deteriorated. He could not stop his panic. What was this thing? And this energy, what was that? Quickly, he understood.

The energy waves entered his body and began to transform him. The black horn on his forehead, the dark scales covering his body and the tail behind him all fell off. At the same time, the dragon bones hidden inside his abdomen also mysteriously disappeared. From half-dragon form, he had reverted back to human form.

That was the purpose of the Glittering Jewels magic cane, to purify. It had turned him from a beast, neither human nor dragon, back to the purity of a human form.

Of course, the purification did not heal his primordial spirit or his wounds.

He had transformed into a half-dragon, and all he had in return was the brief moment of glory as a half-dragon. The loss of primordial spirit was too much of a sacrifice!

My my dragon form! Qi Ming was shattered as he looked down his completely human body. Everything he had given up was wasted. He had sacrificed so much to attain dragon form, and now it was entirely gone!

Without warning, three small cracks appeared, surrounding Qi Ming. Pearly light blinked inside the cracks, throwing out slivers of silver sword energy.

Finally, the attack formation was completed.

Waking from his initial terror, Qi Ming blinked. He felt the grave danger in front of him. Crestfallen, he dejectedly said, Sword Formation? You still have this move?

He did not know why his heart pulsed in fear. The Sword Formation had yet to form.

This is to take you on your path, Su Yu quietly said, his hands clasped together to begin the Sword Formation.

The Void ripped apart, revealing three silver swords with shining long blades. The swords sped through the Void completing their formation quickly.

If not for the silvery shadows, it would have been impossible to know that the Sword Formation had been completed.

Blood seeped out from each of these three vital points: Qi Mings heart, between his eyebrows and his abdomen.

Su Yu had used this move against the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy. At that time, in order to not harm Bing Wuxin, he had to aim for trivial points that would not do too much damage. However, this time with Qi Ming, he made no such allowances.

He had three swords, and every move was to ensure death. One sword was to stab clean through Qi Mings heart. One sword was to shatter his soul. And one sword was to pierce his primordial spirit.

Unless Qi Ming had the power of a Mortal Fairy, there was no way to recover from this attack.

Qi Ming stumbled around, trying desperately to heal his wounds but to no avail. He cried out in fear, What what is this sword? No, No!

As his injuries overwhelmed him, Qi Mings body quickly succumbed to imminent death. The All Creation power rushed out of him like a fast river current. His soul began to diminish. Qi Ming felt his body become heavier and heavier. He finally knew terror as the realization of death was upon him.

Brother Zheng, help me. I was wrong. Please, please At the brink of death, Qi Ming begged. However, Zheng Qinglong responded with a face of indifference.

Qiuer, as your father Qiuer only looked on with troubled eyes. She knew that she could not change Su Yus will.

Unable to handle the weight of his body, Qi Ming fell heavily onto the ground as his consciousness dwindled away.

Su Yu glanced at him and mumbled, Youve cut all your ties. Whose affection are you asking for?

The three swords returned to the sheath on Su Yus back. Su Yu gasped for breath. His energy was drained from performing the Tri-Solar Sword Formation. He was exhausted and needed to recover.

With great energy, Su Yu approached Qi Ming and taken the storage ring. He was now the Second Deputy Region Master. His value would have increased incredibly.

Taking a quick look inside, Su Yus eyes gleamed when he saw the seven or eight billion crystals. This was an unexpected fortune. He could have anything he wanted!

Su Yu discovered a scroll so tattered that only half of it remained. On the scroll were clear, precise descriptions of the process a person needed to go through to gain the form of a half-dragon.

Dragon Form Technique? Su Yus eyes glimmered again. Qi Ming had attained dragon form, and his strength had increased as a result. It had made a great impression on Su Yu. His body already possessed dragon tendons. Could he also complete the dragon form?

However, without thinking about it further, Su Yu put everything away.

How are your injuries? Su Yu cleared the arena and fixed his focus on Zheng Qinglong.

As Su Yu approached him, Zheng Qinglong began to feel pressure. Now they would have to take care of what was between them.

Zheng Qinglong was still of the Heavenly Knife Region, and Su Yu belonged to Red Blood Palace.

Please do not harm my father. Zheng Sheng rushed over, standing in front of his father and faced Su Yu.

Zheng Qinglong pushed his son away gently and said, If he wanted to hurt me, why would he wait until now? Shenger, give him the Future Generation Pearl that I gave to you at your wedding.

Huh? Zheng Sheng did not understand and was uneasy. After all, the pearl represented his union with Qiuer. But without a second thought, he put a pearl the size of his palm into Su Yus hand.

The object you want is inside, Zheng Qinglong said.

Su Yu had been looking for the ledger. He needed the evidence of the accounts.

Its in here? Su Yu had not expected that Zheng Qinglong would have put the ledger into the pearl and then present to his son in front of everyone as a wedding gift!

Su Yu smiled bitterly at such a trick. The ledger had been right in front of them, and no one had been the wiser!