The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068 The Epic Comeback

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Only a handful of the figures managed to resist the shocking force of the space vortex to escape from the area affected by it. Almost none of the skeletal ships or the bronze corpses on deck were spared from the catastrophe.

The spiraling space vortex in the gap of the sky only began to slow down gradually after engulfing the land as far as the eye could see. It finally stopped, and the gap in the sky was slowly repaired.

Those who had survived the disaster looked down at the land beneath their feet and felt their hearts go cold. Was there actually any land left? The earth within a radius of a hundred thousand miles had been engulfed, and all that was left was boiling lava!

Only the Peak All Creations strong men should be capable of such devastating, obliterating tactics, yet Su Yu, a Divine Path strong man, had accomplished such a feat with complete ease.

On the ugly shambles left of the earth stood the only battleship that remained from the ten. Onboard was a small handful of people who somehow had not been carried away.

On the skeletal ship, Bi Lingtian was still standing on the deck. His facial expression was hidden underneath the golden mask, but the stupefaction was visible in his eyes.

Young Lord, what do we do now? Nine of our battleships and the bronze corpses are gone, and the fate of the five Deputy Region Masters is unknown. The Blood Bone Great Soldier was one of the fortunate survivors. As he stared at the horrendous aftermath, his eyelids kept flickering.

Bi Lingtian composed himself and gave a small sigh of relief. Theyre not dead, but they have been transported to a faraway place. Some skeletal ships are navigating through the Void and will return in five or six days.

When he looked at Su Yu again, Bi Lingtian smiled bitterly. Brother Su is capable of giving people unexpected surprises. Your Divine Path really is ridiculously extreme.

That is too much of acompliment. Now, are you still confident you can detain me? Su Yu asked calmly.

Bi Lingtian was rather speechless. He was one that was dauntless and fearless in the face of a thousand bronze corpses and the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy. But, right now, he was almost the only one left, along with the Blood Bone Great Soldier, the fourth Deputy Region Master of Stage Three All Creations, the fifth Deputy Region Master of Stage Two All Creations, and Tian Renyao.

On the opposing side stood Su Yu and Zheng Qinglong. The latter could fight the Blood Bone Great Solder, the fourth and the fifth Deputy Region Masters and Tian Renyao single-handedly.

As for Su Yu Bi Lingtian had his own trump card. But having witnessed Su Yus horrifying Divine Path, he lost faith in his ability to defeat him. He knew that Su Yus Divine Path hadnt been fully displayed.

Bi Lingtian sank into deep contemplation. Risking his life to fight Su Yu would not be a judicious move, but if he gave up just like that, the ghosts on the continent would soon be exposed.

After a moment, he made a move that totally stunned Su Yu!

Ill leave this matter for you to decide. Bi Lingtian stepped in front of Tian Renyao and looked him straight in the eye with the attitude of a peer!!

Su Yu narrowed his eyes. Why didnt Tian Renyao simply look like he was seeking shelter anymore? Initially, he had been standing behind the Blood Bone Great Soldier, and Su Yu had thought that he was in servitude to him. Now, however, that no longer seemed to be the case.

What surprised Su Yu the most was that, apart from the profound and enigmatic Bi Lingtian and the powerful All Creations Old Monsters, Tian Renyao had also survived the enormous space vortex. But he remembered Tian Renyao as one with merely ordinary powers, so how had he survived? In the midst of the havoc just now, everyone only had the strength to save themselves, so no one could have spared a hand to protect him.

Did he have the power to resist the space vortex by himself?

Su Yu carefully recalled everything he knew about Tian Renyao. He had actually never seen him fight before. He had experience of fighting alongside three of the four great demons of the Demon Mountain: Gongsun Wuxie, Bing Wuxin, and even Bai Shanliang, but not Tian Renyao.

Apart from his occasional transformation and mischief, Su Yu had never really seen Tian Renyao show his powers. His capabilities werent really known by anyone. Due to his unique predilections, people tended to shun him and felt uncomfortable talking about him.

No one was really willing to mention him or pay attention to him. His real capacity was a blind spot that had been neglected this whole time.

The Blood Bone Great Soldier was actually looking at Tian Renyao with respect in his eyes! So Tian Renyao had stood behind him not because he was a servant, but because he was under the protection of the Blood Bone Great Soldier!

The real servant was the Blood Bone Great Soldier!

Su Yu felt chills cascading down his spine when he finally made sense of it all. Tian Renyao was a hidden character of great significance!

Having been through the great chaos, Tian Renyao was still clean and tidy. His smooth silky hair was neat and sleek, and he was surrounded by an otherworldly, indifferent kind of aura, as though he hadnt been affected at all.

As he got up slowly, his gorgeous, breathtaking aura charmed the people, and there was a unique grace about him. Never mind, before that person reveals himself, it isnt convenient for me to take action. Let us carry forward the plan of attacking Jiuzhou.

He said those words with complete ease and righteousness as if he was the highest commander stationed by the ghost race in Jiuzhou.

Bi Lingtian nodded. Yes, the preparations are almost finished now. Weve been gearing up for this battle for a hundred years! Im looking forward to it.

Smiling, both Bi Lingtian and Tian Renyao looked towards Su Yu.

Bi Lingtian was quiet, while Tian Renyao was reminiscent. We used to be brothers of the same faction, so I dont wish to see you on the battlefield. Besides, dont return to the faction! The Red Blood Palace is our first target!

When he finished speaking, Tian Renyao flicked his sleeves, carrying with him the entire skeletal ship as he strode across the Void. All that was left behind was an empty echo.

Su Yus face fell drastically when he heard his words. The Red Blood Palace was his first target? Where was the great army of the Ghost Race? Had they been lying in wait near the Red Blood Palace all this time? He felt heavy-hearted all of a sudden and retrieved the wooden bird as he got ready to teleport.

Young Lord Su, Ill go with you. Zheng Qinglong leaped onto the wooden bird.

Su Yu shook his head. You dont need to come. The Red Blood Palace could be in a great crisis, and youll be in danger if you follow me

Im just worried that you wont even make it back to the Red Blood Palace, Zheng Qinglong sighed softly. He stared at Su Yu with a complicated look in his eyes. You dont feel so good, do you?

He was right. Su Yus seemingly ordinary face was finally etched with hints of pallor, and his body was trembling. If Zheng Qinglong hadnt held his shoulder, he would have collapsed already.

At first, he risked using his trump card to contend with Qi Ming, and the Tri-Solar Sword Formation had vastly consumed his mental energy. In fact, Su Yu was already nearing his limit at that juncture and was in a dire need of recuperation time. He hadnt expected to be met with such a grand-scale army shortly after!

At the critical point of time, Su Yu took another risk by using his newly integrated Divine Path and performed a groundbreaking engulfing phenomenon which turned out to be effective in scaring them off.

Despite the monumental power of the integrated Divine Path, it came at a shocking price. Due to the strenuous effort, Su Yus energy was spiritually consumed, nearly sustaining a fundamental trauma.

Right now, Su Yu was barely able to stand. There was no fight left in him anymore. If they realized his predicament, there would be unimaginable, dreadful repercussions.

But the outcome at this moment wasnt any better either.

The Ghost Race had made its epic comeback!

Third Deputy Region Master, please take me to Tianya City. They could have an emergency contact at the Red Blood Palace, Su Yu said in a low deep voice. He had to give the Red Blood Palace adequate time to evacuate.

Sure. Zheng Qinglong flicked his huge sleeves and carried his son and daughter-in-law away too. The next moment, they appeared in Tianya City.

Greetings, Master Su. Xiao Han and Wu Ling hurried towards them. Seeing Su Yus state, their faces turned pale with fright. Could Su Yu have met a powerful enemy?

Do you have a way to contact the faction in an emergency? Su Yu alighted from the wooden bird and asked immediately.

Xiao Han realized the crisis. With a grave look, he said, Of course we do, but this place is far from the faction, and every use costs a hundred middle-grade crystals. Hence the faction has a rule: unless it is very important, we are not allowed to use it!

Master Su, did not manage to find the ledger but alarmed them instead, causing the Heavenly Knife Region to take launch an attack? If it is a matter like that, we indeed have to use the emergency contact.

Su Yu shook his head, his face solemn. I have the account in my hands now. The Prefectures Kings will come and settle it with them. The warfare between the Blessed and Heavenly Lands and the Heavenly Knife Region has come to an end.

Xiao Han was startled, feeling beside himself with joy. But then his heart sank again. If the conflict had been resolved, but Su Yu still wanted to use the emergency contact, could there be something far more severe than the warfare between the two regions?

What is the message about then? As the cabinet master, he had the obligation to get his head around the matter.

The Ghost Race has returned, and their first target is the Red Blood Palace, Su Yu said.

The Ghost Racehas returned? Xiao Han felt a heavy lump in his throat, and he couldnt find his voice.

He was lucky enough to have lived through the Great Ear with the Ghost Race a hundred years ago. The horror and despair back from then was still fresh in his memory.

Hold on, why is the Red Blood Palace their first target? Xiao Han felt a heavy gloom bearing down on him.

Su Yu said, Id like to find out too, but were running out of time! Please notify the Red Blood Palace right away!

Somehow, Su Yu felt a vague ominous feeling lingering in his heart. If Tian Renyao intended to attack the Red Blood Palace, why had he told Su Yu about it and allowed the Red Blood Palace time to get prepared?

There was no time to lose. Xiao Han dared not delay the vital matter, and he went straight to the heart of the garret, to the secret chamber guarded by a great number of soldiers and activated the emergency contact.

Half an hour later, there was still no reply from the delivery station.

This is strange. If Palace Mistress Mo has received the message, she would certainly send a message to ask about the details. Why is it taking her so long to reply? Xiao Han creased his brows, feeling on tenterhooks.

Su Yu asked, Does the emergency message go straight to Mo Tianxuan?

Not exactly. It is first delivered to Palace Mistress Mos secret training chamber. If she happens to be hosting a conference or has gone out for other matters, there could be a delay.

The feeling of foreboding in his heart intensified.

Third Deputy Region Master, can you take me to the Red Blood Palace? Id like to visit the faction in person, Su Yu requested.

Zheng Qinglong nodded without a second thought. You saved my life, why would I not escort you there?

However, he left Zheng Sheng and Qiu-er behind. Please help me take care of them, Cabinet Master Xiao Han. He also had the feeling that the Red Blood Palace might be in trouble.

Certainly! Xiao Han said. Master Su, if Palace Mistress Mo needs help, please inform our Tianya City subdivision. We are willing to return to the faction and share the factions fate, whatever it might be.

Su Yu nodded. After thinking for a moment, he said, Theres one thing that I wish Cabinet Master Xiao Han could help me with.

Please say it. Xiao Han turned somber.

Su Yus lips moved, and his words landed in Xiao Hans ears through the secret technique of message delivery.

Xiao Han was taken aback, and his face changed slightly. After a brief moment of hesitation, he nodded in agreement. Rest assured, Ill definitely settle it for you, Master Su.

Without another word, Zheng Qinglong tore the Void apart and took Su Yu to the Red Blood Palace.


The Central Prefecture, the Imperial Palace.

In the shade of a dark corner, the incessant chewing sounds of something devouring flesh and blood were audible. The heavy, gruesome stench of blood filled the air!

Theyre not enough! These are all hearts and souls of ordinary All Creations, and they cant heal the injuries I got previously, a hoarse voice said from the shade.

The Central Prefectures King said, In my prefecture, every All Creations strong man with powerful vitality and remarkable souls have been deceived to go to the palace, in the name of further training