The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069 The Arrival Of The Central Prefectures King

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Have the Region Masters come to court. Their heart and spirit greatly surpass that of a regular All Creations warrior.

The color drained out of Central Prefecture Kings face as he replied. Then

If the Region Masters were also sacrificed, it would leave him as a commander with no army to back him. Also, there had been no updates since the All Creation Old Monster had entered the court. They could still use that reason to cloud the eyes of everyone outside.

But if the Region Masters also disappeared after entering the court, any idiot would realize that something was wrong with Central Prefecture. It would only be a matter of time before someone discovered it. And when that happened, the Central Prefecture King himself would be in the Jiuzhou Continent, and he would no longer have a foothold here.

It is just a single prefecture. Its not worth worrying about. Help me recover, and I will bring you back to the Realm of Demons.

Right at that moment, the Central Prefecture King received a communication pendant. After a glance, his expression darkened as he exclaimed, Useless!

Whats the matter?

The Central Prefecture King dejectedly responded, Im surrounded by incompetence! The Ghost Clan army is exposed, and now the Ghost Clan is forced to act ahead of schedule! If there is nothing else, I will leave you to quickly take care of this matter, the Central Prefecture King said.

The Kings agitation was immediately felt by the presence in the shadows, whose voice faintly expressed his concern. You seem to be in a hurry.

Yes, the Ghost Clan is an important pawn in my strategy. This one move will determine whether I can overcome my post as a king of a one single prefecture to be the king of all nine prefectures.

In response, the presence in the shadows coldly dismissed him. I hope that you do not deceive me. If you are in a rush, it is due to another matter.

The Central Prefecture King narrowed his eyes slightly. Bowing slowly, he said, I have not kept anything from my master. I do have another matter to handle. It is to assassinate an enemy for whom I hold a deep hatred. We cannot co-exist in this world. I must kill him!

The shadow was silent for a moment. It did not want to pursue the matter. Who had the ability to bring forth such anger from a prefectures king?

Ai, go then.

The Central Prefecture King bowed and turned to exit the hall. His mouth curled up in a faint smile as he said to himself, Su Yu, I am keeping my promise to come! Youve held on to my Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron for too long!

He was anxious to kill Su Yu, mainly because the attack of the Ghost Clan had completely upset the Central Prefectures position. If Su Yu died in the chaos of the Ghost Clans attack, his body might be lost and the King would never uncover the whereabouts of the Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron.

Before departing, he commanded Zhan Wushuang, Ghost Clan, prepare. Everything is going according to plan.

Zhan Wushuang quietly humphed.

Traveling within the Void, Su Yu suddenly felt flustered. All of a sudden, the Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron within his spirit began to tremble. It appeared to be warning Su Yu about something.

What happened? Zheng Qinglong noticed Su Yus strange behavior.

Su Yu shook his head. Its nothing. Someone whom I will see soon is on his way.

Zheng Qinglong was confused by Su Yus baffling response.

At that moment, after half a days travel, they finally arrived at the Red Blood Palaces outer gate.

Stepping out of the Void, Zheng Qinglongs face fell. Looking at Su Yu, he slowly let out a sigh. We are too late.

Only a day ago, the outer gate was busy with activity. Now, everything was razed to the ground. Scorched ruins lay scattered everywhere. The palace, once a glorious structure with a glittering tower, had been entirely destroyed. All that was left was a vague outline of one or two places. One was the tower at Carp Leaping Over Dragon Gate, and the other was Demon Mountain.

Go to the inner gate, Su Yu said.

Alas, the inner gate had fared no better. Just like the outer gate, it was reduced to ashes. The scene made Su Yus face fall even more. This was even worse than the outer gate!

How could this happen? Bewildered, Zheng Qinglong shook his head. This does not make sense! It has only been half a day from the moment we received the news to arriving at Red Blood Palace. Could it be that the Ghost Clan attacked within half a day? How could it be? Were they nearby?

It was not that their attack happened within half a day but rather, in the moment that we received news, Red Blood Palace was already hit with destruction, Su Yu said softly as he pointed to a pile of rubble. On top of the rubble, a piece of jade pendant was spinning, and a bright light gleamed from its surface.

The pile of rubble was Mo Tianxuans secret training room, and there was no doubt that the jade pendant was an emergency message from Tianya City.

No wonder Mo Tianxuan had not received it. Before the message arrived, Red Blood Palace had already been destroyed!

This cannot be! We received the news and then immediately sent out the emergency message. There was barely any time in between unless the Ghost Clan was already within Red Blood Palace? Zheng Qinglong was in disbelief about Red Blood Palaces state of destruction.

A familiar voice floated to Su Yu and Zheng Qinglongs ears. You are correct. The Ghost Clan did indeed emerge from Red Blood Palace.

Su Yu, already knowing who it was, did not turn his head. He spoke softly with his head lowered. And they even had the True Man of the Purple Cloud convey the news.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud arrived leading a small army of warriors behind him. They all looked a little worse for wear. They had come to help but unfortunately, there wasnt much they could do.

The Ghost Clan came out all at once from deep underneath Red Blood Palace. Their attack was too sudden, and the Red Blood Palace never had a chance.

The Ghost Clan army had been hiding under the Red Blood Palace? If he had not heard it from the True Man of the Purple Cloud, Su Yu would not have believed it in the slightest. How could the Ghost Clan have hidden underneath Red Blood Palace? This was too ridiculous!

Take a look. Youll see for yourself. The True Man of the Purple Cloud flicked his sleeve, and the All Creation power cleared away the rubble before them and removed three feet of dirt.

A dark hole, the same size as the inner palace, was revealed. The ominous hole appeared to lead directly underground.

Waves of ghostly air whistled and blew through, sending chills to everyone.

How did this happen? Su Yu was deep in his thoughts.

He had only been to the inner palace a couple of times. He never knew that such a hole existed. The more he heard, the more he found it unusual. How could he have missed this?

And even if others had not discovered it, how could it escape Mo Tianxuan?

Where are the Red Blood Palace disciples? The strange circumstances made Su Yu think quickly.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud laughed bitterly, shaking his head, he replied, This is what I dont understand. When we arrived, I only saw the Ghost Clan. There was a huge battle but as for the Red Blood Palace disciples Its as you can see; theres not even a corpse!

This was the strangest thing of all.

The Red Blood Palace had been destroyed, but there was no tClan of the disciples, not even a corpse.

Even in the rubble, there was no hint of blood, or torn limbs and the like. There was no evidence of a huge battle.

This is the Ghost Clans resurgence. Their first target was my Blessed and Heavenly Land Region. They came prepared. Where they fell would be where they got back up. The True Man of the Purple Clouds could not help but laugh sardonically. A hundred years ago, the Blessed and Heavenly Land Region had been the final battleground between Man and Demon.

Shen Yichen had commanded the human tribes and had defeated the Ghost Clan. The Ghost Clan had been forced to return to Ghost Prison.

Now, the Ghost Clan had returned to this world. For the Jiuzhou Continent, this was a catastrophe.

Where is the Ghost Clan army? Zheng Qinglong asked.

The True Man of the Purple Clouds pointed towards the Central Prefecture. Their first target is Central City. Using the Central Prefecture Continent as their stronghold, they could continue their invasion of the other four continents

No, Su Yu shook his head. How can you be sure that they are invading the Central Prefecture and not colluding with them?

Colluding? The True Man of the Purple Clouds could not believe what he was hearing. But after slowly digesting Su Yus comment, the possibility stunned him. Are you saying that the Central Prefectures King is conspiring with the Ghost Clan?

Su Yu threw the ledger over to him. Doesnt this explain it clearly?

The True Man of the Purple Clouds took the book and turned it over. Breathing raspily, he said, The Heavenly Knife Region have been accumulating riches for a century now. Its a lot of wealth! For so long, this was kept under wraps. The Heavenly Knife Region could not have done it alone. There must have been a strong presence behind them and that person is the Central Prefectures King!

Who else could it be?

The Ghost Clan conspiring with Central Prefectures King! What could be worse?

However, you seem to have known this would happen, the True Man of the Purple Cloud said contemplatively. He had noticed Su Yus calm expression.

Su Yu nodded slightly. I speculated that the Ghost Clans armies would go towards the Central Prefecture. I even figured out the Kings next step. I have to say, his ambition knows no bounds!

Unfortunately, this time I bumped into someone else. Su Yus eyes twinkled with a playful gaze, and he smiled slightly.

The True Man of Purple Clouds was dumbfounded. Who are you speaking of?

Su Yu chuckled, looking into the dark, bottomless pit. Its Mo Tianxuan, the woman of intrigue. She is going to be a big player in this next round.

Youre saying that she isnt dead? The True Man of Purple Clouds frowned incredulously, not following Su Yus thinking at all.

Even if everyone in this world dies, this woman will never see death. Having figured out his plan, Su Yus heavy heart lightened.

Interesting, a century-old saga of bad blood. It looks like this is where it ends.