The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom

"You may read any of the deity level cultivation techniques, but for Legacy level cultivation techniques, you may only read one book at a time. Offenders will be immediately persecuted!" The disfigured lady had not thought that Su Yu would actually make it to the legacy level cultivation techniques. As such, she had only mentioned that hidden rule upon seeing Su Yu reach that area.

Su Yu was annoyed. Previously, when he inquired, her only reply was that as long as one had the ability, he could read any amount of books. Yet, now she said that legacy level cultivation techniques were an exception!

When trained by a Holy King, Thousand Traces Code could expand the capacity of one's spiritual energy.

Glazed Ice Flame, on the other hand, possessed an extreme amount of destructive force, and could greatly raise one's strength.

Su Yu was in a dilemma, unsure of how to choose between the two.

"Since you are about to achieve a breakthrough into the Holy King's realm, the obvious choice would be Thousand Traces Code. Spiritual energy is the foundation of the Holy Kings' power. With a stronger foundation, the strength of any cultivation technique would naturally increase as well. Blindly pursuing a stronger cultivation technique, would be akin to focusing on a fancy toy and neglecting the essentials!" The disfigured woman paused for a moment.

Su Yu thought for a while, before grabbing the Glazed Ice Flame manual.

What the disfigured woman said was indeed true. Spiritual energy was the foundation of a Holy King's strength; strengthening that foundation would invariably aid in raising one's overall strength.

However, everything had an order of importance and urgency.

A Thousand Traces Code was only effective in honing the spiritual energy levels of Holy Kings. With Su Yu's current spirit energy realm, he wasn't too concerned.

However, Su Yu was about to sail the seas and engage in a life or death battle with the Holy King pirates. With his life in such a precarious situation, he needed to focus on getting stronger. Hence, he chose Glazed Ice Flame!

"Where did you come from? I've already told you that building a strong foundation is the key to strength. Yet, you chose to neglect the essentials! You are beyond teaching!" The disfigured woman chided him.

Su Yu's mind was filled with anger. Although his self-restraint was considerably good, being provoked by the same woman three times would anger a man made of clay. With slight unhappiness, Su Yu cried, "Who are you to care?!"

Without turning his head, Su Yu turned around and left.

The disfigured woman stared at Su Yu's figure and pointed a finger at the emissary, "What is his name? Inner Sanctum or Outer Sanctum?"

The emissary was already sweating profusely. Both his knees lost strength as he knelt on the ground. Carefully, he replied, "Second Elder, he is Su Yu, he came in first in this year's recruitment exam."

"Su Yu? Hmph!" The disfigured woman was actually one of Liuxian faction's Ten Great Supreme Elders, and she was the senior Second Elder!

Su Yu was unaware of her identity, though. He returned to his temporary room and consumed the low grade marrow cleansing elixirs! One of those was enough to help him achieve a breakthrough, from Level Nine Upper Tier to Level Nine Peak Tier.

What could eleven elixirs do? Was it possible for Su Yu to achieve a breakthrough into the Holy King realm in one shot?

With much anticipation, Su Yu consumed the elixirs on the spot.

Time passed quickly, dawn had arrived when Su Yu opened his eyes begrudgingly, filled with disappointment. With a small gesture, a sliver of weak spiritual energy surrounded his fingertip.

"How silly of me. If it was that easy to achieve a breakthrough into Holy King realm, Li Konghui would not have remained at a Half Holy King after all these years," Su Yu laughed at himself.

However, the combined effects of eleven low grade marrow cleansing elixirs were still shocking. Su Yu had finally attained the Half Holy King realm. Not only was he able to materialize vital energy, he was able to produce a sliver of weak spiritual energy.

Although the spiritual energy was weak, infusing it with his martial arts learning would still raise its power by thirty percent.

"Should I meet Wu Pangyun again, he'll have to work for a tie," Su Yu was extremely confident.

As for Glazed Ice Flame, Su Yu had attempted to comprehend it for half a day. With the acceleration of time by two hundred times, it was equivalent to three full months.

Yet, what dumbfounded Su Yuw was that he actually comprehended only a sliver of it!

In the past, even when he tried comprehending Purple Star Thunderbolt, he had still been able to make more progress. The comprehension difficulty of Glazed Ice Flame was indeed beyond his expectations. It was simply not a cultivation technique meant for ordinary people! The only unknown was whether its destructive force was as powerful as described, making it superior to other legacy level techniques.

Looking at the time, Su Yu got up and arrived at the doorsteps of the External Affairs Division.

The twenty-five people were more or less assembled, Su Yu was last to arrive.

"To arrive so late, I thought that you had already fled in fear after hogging the limelight you wanted.," Liu Guang said cynically, his eyes were constantly assessing Su Yu.

Wu Pangyun and many other Half Holy Kings held the same look in their eyes. They had enviously guessed exactly what type of Legacy level cultivation technique Su Yu had obtained from the depository of scriptures.

Su Yu shot a look of indifference at Liu Guang, "If you think that it is regretful to be unable to fight me the day before, I can grant your wish right away!"


A delicate and beautiful lotus flower quietly rotated in Su Yu's palm.

Its destructive power was extremely frightening.

Liu Guang's expression slightly stiffened and he forcibly swallowed a mouth of saliva. How could he possibly hope to match a blow that even Wu Pangyun was unable to match?

"This place is within the boundaries of the faction. Personal fights are prohibited. You... stop being so arrogant!" Liu Guang growled. But, deep down, he had already admitted defeat.

Those in the crowd silently shook their heads. If he was going to admit defeat so quickly, then he should have kept control of his emotions.

"Stop!" A middle-aged man, whose cultivation level was unable to be deciphered, shouted.


The purple lotus in Su Yu's palm disappeared into thin air!

As he shot a faint glance at Su Yu, the middle-aged man took out twenty-five jade pendants expressionlessly, "One for each of you. You are to carry it around with you at all times so that the faction can monitor your whereabouts, and render assistance in the nick of the time."

Wu Pangyun happily grabbed one pendant, "Thank you Deputy Clan Master Qin."

Oh? Was this the Deputy Clan Master of the External Affairs Division?

Su Yu thoughtfully grabbed one jade pendant.

After a moment, a giant blue bird flew overhead. It was actually the same gigantic beast which had ferried Xia Jingyu and Xianer to the Shenyue continent. That bird was able to travel a thousand miles in a day, its speed was extremely fast.

After flying for half a day, it arrived at the deepest parts of the vast ocean.

Occasionally, there would be some small islands decorating the surroundings.

Desolate, the islands had no signs of a single person within a thousand square miles.

"Within a thousand-mile radius from here are the common locations for the Sea Wolves Pirates. From now on, your fate is highly dependent on your own abilities and luck. One month from now, I will come here to fetch all of you. That is if you are still alive." Leaving them atop a small island, the Deputy Clan Master Qin got onto the gigantic bird and left.

A line of people looked at each other, clueless and unsure of what to do.

Wu Pangyun shot a glance at Liu Guang and Princess Yun Yan, "The two of you, how about following me?"

Liu Guang and Princess Yun Yan's eyes suddenly lit up. Without thinking, they immediately nodded their head, "Alright!"

Wu Pangyun's strength was extremely great. Should they form a team with him, it would greatly reduce the danger of any risks.

Glancing toward Su Yu, Princess Yun Yan blinked her clear eyes, "Junior Su Yu, why not you join us as well?"

Su Yu shot a glance back. Wu Pangyun's viciousness was enough to drive Su Yu insane, not to mention Liu Guang.

Just as he was about to shake his head and reject her, Wu Pangyun sneered coldly, "Him? Although his strength is remarkable, he is still not at the Holy King realm. Hence, he will be unable to engage in drawn-out battles. Should he join us, he will become a burden to us sooner or later. It's me and him, Princess Yun Yan; pick!"

Princess Yun Yan was slightly startled before she laughed at her own foolishness. The two of them were like blood and oil, how could she have ever thought those two could work on a team?

Princess Yun Yan contemplated for a brief moment. In terms of strength, Su Yu was by no means weaker than Wu Pangyun. Moreover, in contrast to the vicious Wu Pangyun, Princess Yun Yan was definitely more fond of Su Yu.

However, after weighing the pros and cons, she ultimately chose Wu Pangyunthanks to one single reason; Wu Pangyun had come from the third family clan of the Hundred Vassal Families. They had previously met before and were acquainted.

On the other hand, Su Yu mysterious and she wasn't entirely sure she could trust him.

"Junior Su Yu, do be careful," Princess Yun Yan bowed apologetically.

"Those who are strong will receive much help, while the incompetent are destined to be alone. It's only natural. Su Yu, you best look out for yourself," Wu Pangyun gloated.

Left with no other choice, Su Yu shrugged his shoulders "All of you too; keep a lookout for one another." Su Yu was the first to leave all by himself, a lone wolf.

"Overestimating his power, sooner or later, will definitely cause him hardship," Liu Guang muttered.

Several days later, out at sea, Su Yu attempted to materialize his vital energy as wings. With a flap of both his wings, Su Yu flew into the clouds. Hiding amid them, Su Yu got a bird's eye view of the happenings on the ground. He was able to clearly see everything within a hundred mile radius.

Suddenly, a small black dot appeared.

As Su Yu drifted together with the clouds, he arrived right above the black spot.

Utilizing his immensely precise eyes, his facial expression turned stiff momentarily.

The small black dot was actually a large boat with a pirate flag with a picture of a sea wolf; it was, without a doubt, the Sea Wolves Pirates!

Focusing, Su Yu saw there were as many as ten Half Holy Kings! Moreover, there was even a First Level Lower Tier Holy King!

Su Yu tensed. Should that First Level Lower Tier Holy King be able to utilize legacy level cultivation techniques, it would be extremely difficult for Su Yu to deal with him.

On top of that, there were ten other Half Holy Kings. The situation at hand was indeed very difficult to handle.

The only thing that comforted Su Yu was that the entire boat of people was not paying attention; they appeared to be trying to retrieve something from the water.

High up in the sky, Su Yu lowered his head and focused harder.

The seabed in the ten square miles surrounding the boat was actually shaped like a massive palm print! Under the blue seawater, it was extremely dark. As if its depth was immeasurable, it appeared to be slowly swallowing the pirate boat.

Yet another big palm print!

Su Yu breathed heavily. That same palm print from the Shenyue island was here too!

At that moment, cries of joy could be heard from the pirate ship below.

"It's coming up!" The pirates were shouting excitedly as if they had discovered an extremely rare treasure.


The Holy King, who had been inside the cabin, flew out. His face was extremely agitated, "Hahaha... Heavens have eyes! The legendary Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom's treasure, which had been handed down since ancient times, has finally been discovered by us, the Sea Wolves Pirates!"

Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom? Su Yu had such a thought.

Could it be that this palm print had also once destroyed a civilization?


A large copper coffin was carried onboard the ship by four Half Holy Kings. It was obvious that the copper coffin had been buried for a very long time, evident from all the rust.

As they dragged the coffin aboard, the lid was jerked ajar. A layer of terrifying coldness began overflowing from within it!


The four Half Holy Kings who were carrying the coffin were instantly turned into ice sculptures! Their lives had been instantly extinguished!

Su Yu's was shocked! A sliver of cold air capable of obliterating four Half Holy Kings!


The residual waves of cold air shot out in all directions. The gigantic boat, with the copper coffin in the center, was instantly frozen!


The Holy King gritted his teeth and decisively chopped off his frozen arm. Only by doing so was he able to survive such a precarious life-or-death situation!

"All of you step back! Don't get too close!" The Holy King's face was pained, his eyes terrified.

The Half Holy Kings who managed to survive turned immensely pale, swallowing forcefully.

"Lord Bai Gu, this... What exactly is inside this coffin?!" A Half Holy King shuddered as he stared at the copper coffin in fright.

The Holy King pirate, Bai Gu, was stern, "Within the copper coffin lies the divine artifact wielded by the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom's Emperor, Divine Ice Threads!"

Bai Gu's eyes were filled with a deep glow, "It is merely a silk threat, but it contains the power of extreme cold! It once destroyed an entire country overnight! The number of Holy Kings who have died at its hands is more than ten thousand! It is even rumored that it killed a Dragon Realm opponent!"

"All of you step back and don't touch it! Immediately, bring it back to the island, we'll hand it over to Lord Chief to handle! This time, we have done a meritorious service!" Bai Gu said extremely excitedly.

However, just as the pirates were about to thaw the cold ice and prepare to set sail...


A purple figure dropped on top of the ice cold copper coffin from the sky!

The cold air, which was even able to kill off Holy Kings, failed to inflict any damage to him at all!

His silver hair danced in the air, and his purple clothes floated around him while he stood on top of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom's copper coffin!

The ice-cold air surrounded his body, as if he were an emperor from the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom had traveled through time!

"An ancient kingdom's ancient artifact... Since you all are too afraid to touch it, it would be disrespectful of me to refuse this ancient artifact. By the way, I also need to borrow your lives!" Su Yu's clear and cold voice was cruel and icy as if he was the Divine Ice Emperor!"