The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070 Trading Dragons

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Their important conversation was suddenly interrupted by someone! Moreover, that person had escaped detection by the senses of Su Yu and the True Man of the Purple Cloud!


Suddenly, a middle-aged man in a golden and blue robe appeared in front of them. He had extraordinary bearing. It was as if he were a king.

A pair of starry eyes seem to contain extremely profound secrets.

With a faint smile on his face, he stood in front of them with his hands clasped together.

Looking at this man, the True Man of the Purple Cloud was slightly surprised, but his appearance was not entirely unexpected. It turns out that it is the Lord of Duanxian Cliff! I didnt expect to disturbed by you!

Zheng Qinglong was actually terrified. Rumour had it that the tenth king of Jiuzhou was the dark king who possessed the power to control the black market of Jiuzhou!

However, the Duanxian Cliffmaster smiled and shook his head. As the master of this cliff, I have been here for several days. But not for the Ghost Race! Of course, the invasion of the Ghost Clan really surprised me! Whats more surprising is that for the past hundred years, the Ghost Clan has been hiding beneath the Red Blood Palace!

He had been here for a few days. If it wasnt because of the Ghost Race, why was he here?

Im waiting for you. The Duanxian Cliffmaster looked at Su Yu, sizing him up. He nodded his head, liking what he saw.

However, the expression on his face was a little strange, as though he was hiding something behind it.

Looking for me? Su Yu was moved.

The Duanxian Cliffmaster took out a precious jade box. It contained the magical energy of ten heavy golden seals.

Its so impressive! Its still very complete! The eyes of the True Man of the Purple Cloud Palace and Zheng Qinglong flashed with surprise.

A hundred years ago, a seriously injured dragon fell onto the continent of Jiuzhou. Many great powers of Jiuzhou went to fight for it. The final outcome was that it killed dozens of old masters and left the place in great shock for awhile.

Later, the dragon was seriously injured and died, and its remains were divided up amongst the strongmen of the continent.

After a hundred years, the vast majority of the remains had been used in alchemy, or for the cultivation of weapons, or for the cultivation of skills. There were few real dragon remains left in the mainland.

The dragons most valuable part was its tendon, and that had long been extinct. It was so invaluable that a price could not be put on it.

It was said that, at that time, a total of 100 dragon tendons were pulled out of the dragon, of which more than half were incomplete. In the struggle, many of the remaining 50 were damaged. There were fewer than twenty truly complete dragon tendons.

As the most important part of the dragon, the tendon contained the essence of the dragons blood and could be used extensively. In the past hundred years, one had only appeared on the market five or six times, and every time it appeared it caused a stir and inevitably led to even the prefecture kings competing for it.

What people had never realized was that the Duanxian Cliffmaster had collected and kept ten of them in his possession!

Su Yus pupils dilated as a layer of golden meridians uncontrollably appeared on the surface of his body, as if they were sensing and reacting to the ten dragon tendons.

It showed that both of them came from the same source, from the same real dragon.

These are the real dragon spirit tendons that you were looking for on the orders of Tianya. Ten pieces. Please check them.

The True Man of the Purple Cloud drew in a breath in disbelief. Ten dragon tendons, all for Su Yu? Staring at Su Yu, the True Man was shocked. The value of ten real dragon tendons could not be measured by crystal. To put it accurately, they were priceless!

Ten dragon tendons were not so much an exchange as a gift to Su Yu! How had Su Yu achieved the honor of the Duanxian Cliffmaster offering him such a precious gift?

Cliffmaster, you are too gracious, but I couldnt possibly accept it, Su Yu said lightly, not making a move to receive it.

How could the tens of millions that were handed over to the silver man be worth ten real dragon tendons? No iceberg is worth a dime! He didnt realize it was a gift from the Duanxian Cliffmaster.

On account of your friendship with the little girl, why shouldnt I give you ten dragon tendons? The Duanxian Cliffmaster didnt think it strange at all.

The little girl he was referring to was Gongsun Wuxie. Although she never actively exposed it, she had a relationship with Tianya auction house.

Cliffmaster, if you have anything to say, please say it now and honestly. I need the dragon tendons very much, but please let me know the price of them. Su Yu was unconvinced. His friendship with Gongsun was far from the point that she would grant him ten real dragon tendons as a gift.

If the Lord of Duanxian Cliff had come, he must have some plan in mind.

Ha ha, rumor has it that you are a wise person who cannot be fooled, and it is true! the Duanxian Cliffmaster praised. Im a businessman. Ive never made a loss in business. After waiting for you, of course I am here to do a deal with you over these ten real dragon tendons.

The Duanxian Cliffmaster had committed theft, abduction, murder and been involved in other dark business, but in essence, he was a businessman, a black market businessman. What he said could be considered the truth.

Please tell me, Su Yu calmly said, still suspicious. The Duanxian Cliffmaster, the king of darkness, whose power covered all parts of the mainland of Jiuzhou, had something he wanted. Otherwise, he would not be seeking to make a deal.

The Master of Duanxian Cliff smiled leisurely. Its very simple. If you get a boat ticket, please take my Gongsun family with you.

Boat ticket? What on earth did he mean? For these words to come out of the mouth of the Duanxian Cliffmaster and be accompanied by the hefty offer of ten invaluable dragon tendons, it must be a criminal matter.

Could you explain to me exactly what this boat ticket is? Su Yu asked.

The Duanxian Cliffmaster laughed generously. You dont need to know about it right now. Anyway, when you have an entrance ticket, and take us along with you, I only need you to say one thing, and it will not cause you any trouble at all. How about that?

Alright, however I hope that you will promise me something else. Su Yus eyes flashed as he said this.

The Duanxian Cliffmaster said solemnly You are getting through the bargaining process quickly. Well, please state your demands, and if its within reason, I might agree.

Im afraid that you have no choice but to agree, Su Yu said matter of factly and proceeded to change his tone of voice. His words traveled directly to the ears of the Duanxian Cliffmaster.

Listening to what Su Yu had to say, the Duanxian Cliffmasters face changed. There is such a thing?

After thinking it over for a long time, the Duanxian Cliffmaster sighed. Although the price is high, I have to promise you in order to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. OK, Ill take this matter on. You need to be careful.

Many thanks to you, Duanxian Cliffmaster.

I hope this business is not too bad. With a wry smile, the Duanxian Cliffmaster broke through the Void and fled, leaving the True Man and Zheng Qinglong gaping at the same place.

For a long time, the True Mans face was bitter. From the beginning to the end of the conversation, the Duanxian Cliffmaster hadnt looked him in the eye. In the eyes of the dark king, was his worth less than one-thousandth of Su Yus?

Pretending that he was unconcerned, the True Man waited for Su Yu to put up the real spirit dragon muscle and return to the topic they had been discussing before being interrupted.

You mean to say that Mo Tianxuan has a plan?

Yes. Su Yu nodded his head in agreement. As the first person under the immortal, she may not be aware of the entrance of the Ghost World? Im afraid Ive been aware of it for a long time, but I dont know what Im afraid of.

The True Man shook his head in disagreement and said, Impossible! The invasion of the Ghost Race is harmful. If she detected the existence of the entrance, she would close it as soon as possible. What benefits could she get if she allowed the Ghost Race to recuperate in the land of Jiuzhou?

Are the benefits not obvious? Su Yu gazed in the general direction of the central region.

All of a sudden, the True Man suddenly said, You mean that Mo Tianxuan deliberately allowed the invasion of the Ghost Clan, which made the Central Prefectures King a target for the public?

The Ghost Race were now heading to the Central City, where they planned to meet with the Central Prefectures King and join forces with him.

Openly colluding with the Ghost Race was equivalent to being the enemy of the whole Jiuzhou continent.

The only fear was that the state kings on the mainland would fight against the Central Prefectures King.

In this way, they would be able to get rid of the heartache of the Blessed and Heavenly Land caused by the Ghost Race and the other state kings.

The question is, why does Mo Tianxuan think that the state kings can join forces to fight against the resurgent Ghost Race and the Central Prefectures King? If the Ghost Clan and the Central Prefectures King worked together to wipe out all the major forces in Jiuzhou and make the people of Jiuzhou perish, would she not become a sinner in the history of Jiuzhou? The True Mans face was calm.

Su Yu thought deeply about what he had just said. I dont understand it either. Im just speculating. How can she guarantee her success in the mission?

A slight miscalculation would lead to the destruction of the entire continent. The plan that she had devised could well be too risky.

In short, Mo Tianxuan must have her own plan. This woman was more mysterious from a distance than when in contact. Even Linlang, the God of Evil, couldnt see through this woman.

This was the end of the matter. The people of the Red Blood Palace were safe and sound. What the Ghost Race had destroyed were only the empty buildings.

True Man, its meaningless to stay here. Please go back to the Purple Cloud Palace as soon as possible. Its hard to guarantee that the Ghost Race wont make a detour to send soldiers there, Su Yu said.

Well, I was also thinking the same thing. I cant stay away for a long time. Goodbye. The True Man looked solemn, and the situation was critical.

Seeing him go, Su Yu rushed over to Zheng Qinglong and said, You should go, too. In these turbulent times, Zheng Sheng and Qiu Er need you.

Zheng Qinglong hesitated. He stared at Su Yu and said, What about you?

They had known each other for less than half a day, but he had left a strong and deep impression on the other man.

I have other arrangements. Su Yu looked up at the sky. There was a black cloud that couldnt be seen by ordinary people. It was the cloud of disaster.

Take care of yourself, Zheng Qinglong said sincerely. He really did not want to see such a fine and excellent man fall into the chaos.

One hand tore the Void open, and Zheng Qinglong passed through.

Su Yu stood on the ruins of the Red Blood Palace. He was a lonely and desolate figure.

When the Red Blood Palace was brilliant, I was unknown. When the Red Blood Palace was destroyed, I became famous all over the world. Now, when I was crossing the calamities, I stepped on the ruins of the Red Blood Palace. Is this the arrangement of the underworld? Su Yu sighed softly.

Thirty nine disasters, the first, the falling of the sky. It would take half a day for Su Yu to prepare for the real arrival.

Taking out a few drops of the spring of life, Su Yu took them one after another, slowly moistening the dried spiritual power. Before the coming of the disaster, it should be possible to return to his top form.

Next, Su Yu put out several magic weapons, placing them neatly in front of him. They were all important things to be used to resist the sky disaster. Even so, relying just on them was far from enough.

Yun Yazi had told Su Yu that the sky disaster was not trivial and could not be survived by common sense.

In addition, even on Su Yus watch, the moment the sky disaster began, it would definitely take peoples lives.

Deep in thought, Su Yu took out a broken scroll, the Dragon changing skill obtained from Qi Ming.

Su Yu had dragon tendons in his body, and he was only lacking the strong powers of a god. He was not sure if he was able to cultivate the Dragon changing skill.

Only one person could answer this question.

Take out the ten real dragon tendons, Su Yu felt hopeful. The family has been idle for too long. It wass time for it to fulfill its promise!