The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 Blood Of The Divine Dragon

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Lang-li-er-lang-ah-lang-li-er-dang, my little sister is smiling like a flower in full bloom


In the sparse Soul Dimension, a piece of bone suddenly fell to the ground.

Ahh, theres a bone! The Evil God was lying on the ground withits legs crossed when its eyes shone suddenly. The dog pounced onto the bone and held it in its mouth.

Just as it was getting ready to enjoy the bone, a thought occurred to it.

Da*n it, whos there? Whos humiliating me, the God that slays the heavens and destroys the lands? The blood-red Evil God scrambled to its feet and barked up at the sky.


Another piece of bone fell. The green veins on the Evil Gods forehead pulsated. Basta*d Su Yu, you are really treating me, the Evil God, like a dog?

At that moment, another piece of bone fell.

Alright, Im a dog. The Evil God suddenly lay down on its stomach and pulled the three pieces of bone to the front of its muzzle with a joyous smile.

Licking the bones with its tongue, the Evil God groaned in satisfaction. Ahh! How delicious these bones are! I havent been this satisfied in several hundred thousand years. I have missed it so much


Su Yus figure arrived in the Soul Dimension. Indifferently, he asked, Do you miss the feeling of being a dog so much?

What the heck do you know? This is instinct, instinct, okay? Back when I was still a wild dog, bones were the best and most sacred meal that I could dream of. After so many years now, I still cant forget those glorious days when I was a wild dog, the Evil God said.

You should feel lucky that you werent served as a meal yourself when you were a wild dog, Su Yu remarked dispassionately.

The Evil God snorted. He stared at Su Yu and asked, By the way, have you gathered enough Real Spirit Dragon Veins? How many do you have?

How could the Evil God fail to realize his original intention?

Not many, just ten. Im not quite sure if theyre enough to refine the Body of Nine Dragons. Since it remembered the promise, things should be easy.

The Evil God marveled, It was just a thoughtless saying of mine, to scam you for some Almighty spirits to taste, and you actually managed to find that many dragon veins?

It had a fair understanding of the condition of the Jiuzhou continent, where the resources were very scarce. There should be few to no Real Spirits Dragon Veins at all.

Is this comfortable life making you restless? Su Yu asked nonchalantly, iciness glinting in his eyes.

Hey, hold on, I did not scam you. Since you found the dragon veins, of course refining the Body of Nine Dragons will not be a problem, the Evil God hurriedly explained.

It wasnt that the Evil God feared Su Yus soul torture, but it just didnt want the painstakingly built trust to crumble just like that. In the future, if it were to request anything from Su Yu again, it would be more than simply difficult.

Becoming more cordial, Su Yu asked, I have half a day to spare. Is that enough time?

Half a day, thats a rush Eh, I seem to have sensed the scent of ordeals. Tsk, and it is even the super rare 39 Ordeals! In that case, you cant run away from the ordeals anymore. Ive barely heard of anyone ever pulling through the 39 Ordeals.

The Evil God had a shocking sensitivity to be able to sniff the existence of ordeals despite the Soul Dimension acting as a barrier. It was even able to precisely name the ordeal.

Hahaha, but it comes at the right time! Ive always thought that you should be struck by the lightning at least once. Thats the consequence for imprisoning the emperor that slays the heavens and slaughters the lands! Are you afraid?

The Evil God had its paws placed together as it laughed at the sky, a gloating look on its face.

Su Yu chortled. Oh? If I perish, youre gonna be stranded in the Soul Dimension forever! Doesnt that bother you?

The Soul Dimension depended upon the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron. The Soul Dimension would not be unlocked on its own if it was destroyed.

The Evil God stopped laughing abruptly, its face suddenly becoming glum and sullen. It ran towards Su Yu and miserably bawled, Brat, if you have even a bit of a conscience, you must remember to release me before you turn into dust!

Dont worry. Before I die, I will not forget to take you along with me! Su Yu patted the dogs head with a smile.

Woof woof! You you are a despicable jerk, you even wanna take me to death The Evil God glowered at Su Yu with animosity.

Su Yu overturned it with a kick. Then why dont you hurry up and start helping me refine the Body of Nine Dragons?

The Evil God rolled on the ground several times before it scrambled up like nothing had happened. With a serious look, it said, It seems like you have the confidence to survive the 39 Ordeals. Fine, Ill help you refine the Body of Nine Dragons.

In its opinion, with the support of the great master Yun Yazi, no matter how precarious the 39 Ordeals could be, it wouldnt necessarily be able to tame Su Yu.

However, half a day is too much of a hurry. It will take at least nine days.

Nine days? Su Yu frowned deeply. The ordeal of destiny was right around the corner! How could he wait for another nine days?

The first ordeal of the 39 Ordeals, the ordeal of destiny, should be no problem to a weirdo like you, the Evil God said as he looked Su Yu up and down with a measuring glance.

Also, with the force of the ordeals on you, the ten dragon veins can be better refined. The residual demonic force within them can be removed, making them even purer so they can serve you endless benefits.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu seemed to have understood something.

The so-called ordeal is also a refinement to the individual accepting the ordeal. Rely on your Original Form as much as you can, and try avoiding the use of props and treasures. That will maximize your advantage!

Su Yu nodded. Alright, I understand. How do we deal with the dragon veins now?

The Evil God accepted the dragon veins with its paws and carefully examined each one.

Of course we have to check them first, it said. Dragon veins are where the essence of real dragons lie after all. There could be crippled dragon spirit hidden within, which could merge into your body without you knowing. That would be disastrous.

Su Yu cursed himself for being careless as he listened to the Evil God. He had actually forgotten this point.

After all, the Evil God was a deity that had lived through countless ages and therefore had profound experience.

The first vein was fine.

The second was fine as well.

The third vein

The Evil God remained calm up until the ninth vein. It nodded slowly. This real dragon must have died very thoroughly. All the dragon spirits have perished, leaving none behind Eh, hold on!

All of a sudden, the Evil God stared at the last vein. The tenth dragon vein made its eyes erupt with brilliance. This is

It caressed the surface of the tenth dragon vein with its paw. In an instant, a drop of golden yellow blood seeped out from the golden dragon vein, which had the exact same color as the dragon vein. Even the scent was identical.

The presence of the golden blood would not be sensed simply by detection.

Brat, where did you get this dragon vein? The owner of this dragon vein seems to be rather remarkable, the Evil God said in amazement.

Su Yu recalled. It was gifted by a Mortal Fairy strong man. Whats the problem? Is there something wrong with the dragon vein?

The dragon vein is fine. Its the original owner of the dragon that is problematic. Theres even a drop of Divine Dragon Blood condensed out of it! My goodness, this is a real dragon in the process of becoming a God!

Besides, judging from the purity of this drop of divine blood, the owner has succeeded in taking the most important step in becoming a God. With a period of intensive training, all the dragon blood in his body can be transformed into Divine Dragon Blood, and he can become a God!

But looking at it, it seems like right after the owner contributed the first drop of divine blood, he was conspired against and murdered in his weak state. He perished with resentment.

Su Yu did not quite understand. Are divine dragons that precious?

Divine dragons sounded exceptional and extraordinary by the way the Evil God talked about them. He knew that the Evil God had always been arrogant. If it could praise something so genuinely, it must really be phenomenal.

Nonsense! Divine dragons are entities that override many deities. Once they become Gods, they can manipulate the rules and regulations of the heavens and the earth and change the entire world.

They are capable of anything and can even be called nature-defying. Deities of the normal races will turn and run if they ever see them. Now, dont you think they are amazing? The Evil God rolled its eyes.

Su Yu asked haphazardly, What about compared to you?

Then of course The Evil God began righteously, but it seemed to awaken halfway through speaking. Falteringly, it said, About the same as I am. I am the emperor that slays the heavens and slaughters the lands! Of course, I am amazing.

Alright, lets not dwell on these details. Brat, your fortune is so great its almost nature-defying! This drop of Divine Dragon Blood can serve endless benefits in your refinement of the Sacred Body of Evil Dragon!

As for cultivation, it will be extremely advantageous too. The Evil God was quite reluctant to admit the advantages it would bring. If it wasnt that my divine blood cant mingle with the blood of other deities, I would not give it to you no matter what.

Su Yu stared at the golden blood and thought, How should I refine it?

Refine? You? If you dont mind getting killed, you can refine it. The Evil God had a contemptuous look on its face. Dont belittle this drop of essence blood. Unless a complete body of a deity, no one can withstand this drop of blood

Right at that moment, the Soul Dimension suddenly began trembling!

The Evil God couldnt help but roll its eyes. What a jerk you are, getting so angry at one negative comment. Bullying me now, arent you a little too

Shut your mouth! Su Yu yelled coldly. He stared at the Soul Dimension with uncanny sparks in his eyes.

Its not you? The Evil God saw Su Yus unusual look and finally sensed the danger.

All of a sudden, three deafening, clear dragon roars reverberated through the Soul Dimension.

In the meantime, three beams of divine light colored purple, red and white enveloped the Evil God.

Su Yu was very familiar with the scent contained in the three beams of light.

Time, Space, and Soul!

Being enveloped by the three beams of light, both the physical body as well as the soul of the Evil God were fixed in a foreign time and space!

Shortly after, a distortion occurred above the Soul Dimension. An unbelievably enormous cauldron arrived with an explosive force.

Nine flying dragons of a variety of shapes were etched on the cauldron. They looked so realistic that it seemed as though they were coming to life and were about to fly out the next moment.

It really is you, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron. Su Yu was astounded.

The Soul Dimension was built upon the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron. Apart from Su Yu, only the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron could enter this space.

Despite having owned the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron for so long, it had never appeared on its own and had been residing at the center of Su Yus soul all the while. Such an appearance was a real first!

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron arrived and landed in front of Su Yu.

This was the very first time Su Yu got to take a peek at its Original Form.

Up-close, he could sense the magnificent aura of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron even more explicitly. The vastness from ancient sacred wild lands and the supreme air of absolute arrogance made his heart shudder.

When he scrutinized the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron intently, Su Yu finally discovered that the inside of the divine cauldron was dried up and withered.

In the past, red blood had flowed continuously into Su Yus body, but there were traces of dryness and emptiness left inside now.

Shortly after, the violet, red and white dragons flew out from the top of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, transforming from sculptures into real forms!

When they flew above Su Yus head, he couldnt help but shiver. That scent It was God!

Could the nine flying dragons be real dragons, instead of just sculpted pictures?

The three divine dragons surrounded the Evil God and took hold of the Divine Dragon Blood from the Evil Gods paw. Then, they returned to the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron and became sculptures once again.

The golden drop of blood fell into the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

An astonishing scene unraveled before their eyes. Inside the dried up Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, a layer of red liquid oozed out.

However, compared to before, the red liquid was even darker, with a light tint of gold. The energy contained within far exceeded the red liquid in the past.

The divine blood entered the cauldron and was diluted into the red liquid.

Su Yus brain was buzzing. As he witnessed this scene with his very own eyes, he had an exceptionally surprising idea.

Was it possible that, throughout all these years, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron had been instilling him with divine blood?