The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 Back To Life

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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron seemed to have regained its vitality and began vibrating vigorously. A mass of liquid tinged with gold oozed out and flowed through the body of the fourth emerald-colored dragon on the wall of the cauldron.

In a split second, more than three-tenths of the dragons body turned to crystalline.

As he watched the scene unfold, Su Yu could barely suppress his agitation!

Ever since the third dragon, the white dragon that represented the Soul, had been crystallized, no new dragon had been crystallized in a very long time.

Right now, after the cauldron had gained brand new divine blood, the fourth emerald dragon had been crystallized!!

Su Yus left hand flickered with emerald brilliance, looking like a palm carved out of emerald jade or a precious jewel born from nature.

At the center of his palm, a delicate emerald dragon was faintly visible. It was picturesque and realistic, turning into an imprint and settling into his palm.

An unfamiliar message crept into Su Yus brain.

The Dragon of Life Su Yu muttered underneath his breath.

The emerald dragon symbolized Life.

It didnt mean wound-healing or recovery as the Fountain of Life implied It carried the literal meaning!

It possessed the power to bring one back to life, to revive!!

As long as the creature still had a remnant whiff of scent lingering in the world, it could act as the divine hand of Life, and bring the dead back to life!

It was different from coming back to life through Time Retrogradation. That was achieved with Su Yus life as the price, enabling him to return to a certain time and space in the past.

But this could bring the spirits of the dead back to life!

However, the more powerful the creatures were, the more challenging it would be to bring them back to life. For now, Su Yu could do nothing for those who had surpassed the Mortal Fairy level.

Despite that, it was enough to blow Su Yus mind.

After Time, it was Space. And after Space, it was Soul.

And after Soul, it was Revival!

Each one was more stunning and more profound than the previous one.

Su Yu felt his heart tremble. Just how powerful was the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron?

With the emerald dragon that had only been partially crystallized, Su Yu had acquired the nature-defying ability to revive things. Once the emerald dragon became fully crystallized, what kind of abilities would he acquire?

In the meantime, the liquid that had flowed through the emerald dragon streaked across the wall of the cauldron and trickled into Su Yus body.

All of a sudden, an excruciating, burning pain penetrated Su Yus body, nearly making his Soul Dimension fall apart.

His body seemed to be on fire, and the scalding, powerful energy was rampantly burning his body from the inside out.

It was the dragon blood!

That single drop of Divine Dragon Blood had been diluted by the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron by a hundred times. Yet, when it mingled into Su Yus body, it still almost exceeded the threshold the body could withstand.

He could feel his body on the verge of devastation as his power dispersed from the inside out.

Even more perilously, with nowhere to vent, the enormous, remarkable energy was rapidly entering his Dantian.

At this point in time, the space in Su Yus inner and outer Dantians was far more than just ten folds larger than an ordinary ninth-grade fairys. The vastness of it was unprecedented.

However, with merely one streak of the enormous energy flowing into his Dantian, his outer Dantian was fully filled!

Shortly after, his inner Dantian was fully filled as well!

There were still more than four-tenths of the remaining energy yet to be channeled, and it was relentlessly gathering towards his Dantian.

Su Yu cursed inwardly, and he tried to stop the flow of energy and direct it to the outside of his body, but it was too late!

The terrifyingly boundless energy burst his inner and outer Dantians open!

Having experienced an explosion, the Dantian expanded to twice its original volume!

However, there was still a great amount of the energy left!

Next, the newly expanded Dantian exploded once again and expanded to a volume twice larger than before.

At this juncture, there was around a quarter of the energy left, and all of it was instilled into the Dantian.

The Dantian underwent its third explosion!

After the expansion this time, it had attained an unimaginable volume!

It was now eight times larger than it had been before the expansion!!

Su Yu could clearly see that the silver sword energy that used to fully occupy his Dantian was now only taking up less than one-eighth of the space now.

In comparison to an ordinary ninth-grade fairy, Su Yus Dantian was 80 times more massive than theirs!

In other words, it would take the Vital Energies of 80 ninth-grade fairies to match Su Yu.

The most conspicuous change that occurred to the Dantian was that after the three extensive explosions, the barriers of the inner and the outer Dantians had been abolished, fusing them as one.

This was something that he had not seen coming. Back then, Su Yu had only thought of creating an inner Dantian when his Dantian shattered. That was why he had two Dantians, both the inner and the outer.

He had not expected that the consecutive vigorous explosions would shatter the barrier and integrate the inner and the outer Dantians together.

It saved him some hassle too.

That was because, during the breakthrough to the Almighty, the Dantian would morph into Almighty fetal crystal. But having an inner and outer Dantian was unprecedented, and if some kind of mutation happened during the transformation, it would invite huge troubles.

Id like to know what would happen if a colossal Dantian like mine morphed into an Almighty fetal crystal. Su Yu was full of anticipation.

During the breakthrough to the Almighty, the stronger the Dantian, the more powerful the fetal crystal would be once Almighty was accomplished.

A third of the energy from the diluted drop of divine blood had given Su Yu a tremendous advantage.

Not only had he acquired the Divine Hand of Life, but even his Dantian had been extensively boosted, achieving a state of glorious culmination.

The Evil God had been correct. The Divine Dragon Blood had indeed brought endless benefits to him.

Apart from that, Su Yu had also ascertained something from the drop of divine blood. To continue crystallizing the flying dragons, the only method was to find the divine blood. The more powerful, the better!

After receiving the drop of red liquid, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron spiraled as it left the Soul Dimension and returned to anchor in Su Yus soul. It even felt more firm and secure than before.

Woof woof, woof woof woof The Evil God was finally liberated, and it barked subconsciously.

It was isolated in a foreign space and time by Time, Space and Soul and knew nothing about the advent of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

As an Evil God of the past, it could sense something was out of place.

What happened just now? Subliminally I felt as though something remarkable happened. Hold on, where is the Divine Dragon Blood?! Who took it? the Evil God screamed.

It turned to cast a ferocious stare at Su Yu. Was it you? Did you take it? What did you do to me?

Su Yu was calm and composed. Something happened to the Soul Dimension just now. I have kept the Divine Dragon Blood.

What happened?

I cant tell you.

Youre lying!

I never lie.

But youre lying right now.

Now that the dragon veins have been checked, what shall we do next? Su Yu asked.

The Evil God stared at Su Yu with displeasure. Reluctantly, it said, Its very simple! Let me out, and Ill take partial control of your body.

Dont hit me yet. You only need to release a slight bit of my consciousness. My Original Form is confined here. Do you think I can go against you with only my consciousness?

Upon hearing that, the iciness in Su Yus eyes gradually subsided.

He would not release the Evil God unless he had no choice.

Fine, you can hold the dragon veins first. If the transformation can be successfully done in nine days, youll be rewarded accordingly, Su Yu said.

The Evil God smiled and asked, Are you giving me Mortal Fairy souls as compensation?

It was meant to be teasing, but Su Yu replied with indifference, Why not?

The Evil God was taken aback. Staring at Su Yu, its emotions were complicated as it said, Who would have thought that the little martial artist from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion would stand before me one day and utter such bold words? No one knows what the future holds.

Theres something even more unpredictable coming up. Su Yu was unruffled. He left the Soul Dimension without turning back.

After returning to his physical body, Su Yu immediately felt the changes to his body. Having experienced the refinement by of the diluted Divine Dragon Blood, there was a faint tint of golden yellow beneath his skin. Waves of non-human, non-demonic energy churned in his body.

With a single-handed grasp, a few rays of golden light flashed across his palm, and a few seams were formed in the Void with complete ease.

This is Su Yu was extremely surprised. Despite the improvement to his physique, he was still far from able to break the Void with a pinch. It was the non-human, non-demonic power that blended into his bloodstream that did it.

Could this be dragon power? Su Yu was awestruck. With a body refined by the Divine Dragon Blood, he was endowed with dragon power.

If he was just to use his dragon power, even without the Body of Nine Dragons, no one else at the Almighty level could really rival Su Yu in terms of bodily strength, could they?

After all, those of the Almighty level who could tear the space apart single-handedly were few and far between.

Looking at his physique now, he had assumed a dignified, majestic appearance and seemed to be a whole new person.

In the meantime, his previously youthful face had been given a touch of fortitude and masculinity under the transformation of the dragon blood, making him more mature-looking.

In terms of his appearance, Su Yu had turned from an adolescent into a youth.

Whew, the Cliffmaster has really given me a great present, Su Yu said, but he was afraid that not even the Cliffmaster himself had discovered the presence of a drop of Divine Dragon Blood in the dragon vein.

Otherwise, he would have taken possession of such a groundbreaking treasure already. Why would he keep it for Su Yu?

The value of that single drop of Divine Dragon Blood was a hundred times greater than the dragon vein.

Su Yu looked up at the heavens. In the regions of the sky that were invisible to ordinary people, pitch-dark layers of clouds were swirling.

The oppression was becoming more and more imposing.

Su Yu retrieved a drop of orange-yellow liquid, and his eyes shone. The last drop of Honey of a Hundred Flowers is meant for this moment.

At the same time, Su Yu took out the Floating Life Door and the Five Elements Divine Prison!

For the former, Su Yu planned to practice the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art and break through the final level, with the help of the extraordinary enlightenment.

As for the latter, having comprehended 99 demonic words, it only took the last one for Su Yu to activate a tenth of the power of the Five Elements Divine Prison!

The ordeals were fast approaching, and he would not give up on anything that might augment his capacity.

With violet light gleaming in his left eye, Su Yu entered a state of Time Acceleration and swallowed the precious Honey of a Hundred Flowers. He immediately commenced his comprehension and training.

Inside a tea house in Tianya City, two stunningly gorgeous women were drinking together while chattering secretly.

Luckily, third junior sister helped me flee this time, otherwise Id be in trouble. Hanxuans face was full of naive innocence as she reached out to touch the head of the woman before her affectionately.

She was an extremely adorable, dainty and delicate girl, who looked as gorgeous as a fox demon in the wilderness.

Any female would be filled with maternal love towards her and be very fond of her, perhaps even treating her as a pet genie.

It was a pity that the girl was silent and reserved, as though she had lost something. There was a suffocating air of deadness about her, making her seem icy cold.

My honor. The girl nodded nonchalantly as she picked up some scrumptious food with her chopsticks.

Hanxuan did the same, but with a smiling face. She had been dispatched by the Central Prefectures King to the Heavenly Knife Region to participate in the fight against the Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

Along the way, she had been deterred by the third junior sister who had rushed out to meet her. She told her that the Heavenly Knife Region was in trouble and that she shouldnt venture any further.

When she came to ask questions in the Heavenly Knife Region, Hanxuan was startled to find out that the Heavenly Knife Region Master had been colluding with the Ghost Race!

And there was also news that the great army of the ghosts was charging towards the Imperial City of the Central Prefecture with full force, passing by the Heavenly Knife Region along the way.

If they hadnt left the Heavenly Knife Region in time and encountered the ghost army, the consequences would be terrible.

As were speaking of it, how did you leave the Imperial Palace of the Central Prefecture? Hanxuan asked, curious.