The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074 Terrifying Feathers Of Thunder

Chapter 1074: Terrifying Feathers of Thunder
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However, since the ordeals had arrived, he might as well just deal with whatever came!

Try to avoid using treasures but use your physical powers. Su Yu remembered the Evil Gods advice. He took in a deep breath and sank his feet underground, all geared up to welcome the advent of the Feather of Thunder.

Pitch-black feathers gently fell like snowflakes from the sky and touched Su Yus shoulders.

All of a sudden, Su Yus body was smashed into a thousand smithereens, and his soul shattered!

As she watched from afar, the lady in white heaved a silent sigh. The Feathers of Thunder, feared by even Mortal Fairies at their Peak. This is way too much for a ninth-grade fairy.

As she sighed, the lady carried on roaming the clouds.

However, right after she took a stride, she immediately stopped in her tracks. Her face full of shock, she exclaimed, This is Revival!

In the Red Blood Palace, amidst the scattered pieces of flesh, there was a left palm with an emerald dragon meandering on it, emitting a pure, vital scent of life.

Shortly after, Su Yus shattered body pieced together again as if resuscitated, and his crumbled soul gathered together too.

In the blink of an eye, Su Yu had completely recovered, and not a single trace of the bombardment could be seen on him.

However, Su Yu wasnt as calm inside as he appeared to be.

It had been too terrifying! The power of the Feathers of Thunder had far exceeded the threshold that his body could withstand.

Just a single touch had been enough to make him shatter into ashes and debris. If he werent prepared beforehand and had not activated the divine Hand of Life in time, he would have died there and then!

Su Yu couldnt help but start to doubt whether Yun Yazi and the Evil God were only trying to comfort him.

Both of them had said that it wouldnt be a problem for Su Yu to easily negotiate the ordeal of destiny among the Three-Nine Ordeals.

But what happened just now

Cold sweat of dread and shock broke out all over Su Yu. This was definitely more than a small problem!

He had already died once!

And he could only use the divine Hand of Life once each day.

He could not possibly be revived for a second time!

At this moment, Su Yu had a terrible feeling that he had been fooled.

However, before he could blow his top, the second deafening rumble of thunder erupted!

Another piece of Feather of Thunder slowly descended.

Su Yu had an extremely solemn look on his face. He lifted his hand and waved, and the Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal that had long been prepared appeared on his palm.

This thunder seal was a fairy artifact prototype and had the effect of absorbing thunder in an ordeal. It was bane to the ordeal thunder.

As he saw the Feather of Thunder emerging, Su Yu immediately presented the Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal.

From the thunder seal, a colorful, resplendent beastly spirit of thunder dashed out and pounced forward as it growled.

However, before it could get near the Feather of Thunder, it was touched by a whiff of the air of thunder disseminated by the Feather of Thunder.

Consequently, the ferocious thunder beast was reduced to dust and smoke before it could make so much of a whimper.

The Feather of Thunder wasnt diminished in impact, and it continued falling towards the Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal.

The fairy artifact prototype finally came into contact with the Feather of Thunder. As the five rays of light beamed, the Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal engulfed the Feather of Thunder in one mouthful.

Su Yus face became slightly relieved as he watched the scene. However, it only lasted for a fraction of a second.

The Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal suddenly exploded and shattered into four broken fragments that fell underneath Su Yus feet.

The Feather of Thunder was only weakened by a small degree!

This This is fatal! Su Yu was stunned beyond words. He recalled the Evil Gods advice to utilize more of his body instead of his treasures and suddenly felt the urge to throw up blood.

Even the treasures made of the material of a fairy artifact had been scattered into pieces. What more could he do?

Were they actually referring to the same thing that Su Yu was experiencing right now when they said the Three-Nine Ordeals?

Right at that moment, a terrified dogs bark suddenly rang in Su Yus head. It made his chin drop. Holy sh*t! Why the heck are you going through the divine ordeals?! What did you do?

Divinedivine ordeals? Su Yu suddenly felt like he was in the midst of an enormous crisis.

Impossible! I sensed that you were going through the Three-Nine Ordeals that only mortals would go through. How the hell did it become the Three-Nine Ordeals of the deitys descendants?! That is the divine ordeal! Even as a divine emperor, Im frigging afraid of it!

The ordeals experienced by the deitys descendants were known as divine ordeals. The Three-Nine Ordeals were ordeals that only befell when one was subliming into a deity. It was the most terrifying of all divine ordeals.

On the other hand, the ordeals experienced by non-deity martial artists were called the mortal ordeals. Among the mortal ordeals, there were also ordeals named the Three-Nine Ordeals, but they had a completely different meaning to the Three-Nine Ordeals of the deitys descendants!

The former was the real Three-Nine Ordeals, while the latter was a calling imitated by the mortal martial artists, and was jokingly called the fake Three-Nine Ordeals.

If it had been the fake Three-Nine Ordeals, the ordeal of destiny would not be a problem to Su Yu at all, based on the judgment of Yun Yazi and the Evil God.

But having been instilled with the Divine Dragon Blood, the divine blood coursing in his veins meant he was taken to be a deitys descendant!!

Hence, the fake Three-Nine Ordeals had become the real Three-Nine Ordeals!

Su Yu had been fooled by the Divine Dragon Blood!

Having figured out the reason he was going through the real Three-Nine Ordeals, Su Yu was choking and speechless.

He had thought that the Divine Dragon Blood had brought him fortune! Who would have thought that it would be something fatal!

The most dreadful ordeal of all divine ordeals had befallen Su Yu.

Now that he was deep in a tremendous crisis, Su Yu gritted his teeth. He had only himself to depend on right now!

With a lift of his hand, Su Yu presented eight silver balls crafted from the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. They immediately condensed into the Meteor Light Stream Formation and enveloped the Feather of Thunder, in the hope of wearing it down.

Nonetheless, just as it got near, the Feather of Thunder suddenly emitted eight streaks of thunder!

The eight silver balls crafted from the greatest divine bamboo of Jiuzhou were reduced to silver powder with a pow.

As for the Feather of Thunder, it was once again only slightly weakened!

Holy cr*p, let me go now! Im going to run! Im not doing this anymore. This we stand no chance against this! The Evil God turned pale with fright as it sensed the danger.

Shut your mouth! Su Yu bellowed. He clasped the Underworld Pearl in his hand and hurled it out with all his might.

The Underworld Pearl that contained boundless mass crashed towards the Feather of Thunder with a force that seemed to be pulverizing the Void.

Boom! Boom!

Dull roars of thunder that shook the world broke out, and the mountains and rivers in the nearest million miles began to tremble.

The Underworld Pearl braced against the Feather of Thunder!

However, after several moments of deadlock, a mouthful of essence blood suddenly spluttered out of Su Yus mouth. It was stupefying.

Creaking sounds rang in midair, and a crack that penetrated the entire sphere appeared on the Underworld Pearl.

Shortly after, the Underworld Pearl split into two and broke apart!

The Underworld Pearl had broken apart!!

Su Yu didnt have time to mourn it. He hurriedly looked towards the Feather of Thunder. His pupils constricted forcefully when he saw that there was still half of the Feather left!!

Hiss! Su Yu drew in a cold sharp breath. This was this an ordeal of destiny that a human could survive?

But with the crisis right before his eyes, how could Su Yu hesitate?

He did not say another word. Su Yu retrieved a golden piece of leaf from his sleeve. It had a dull color. It was the piece of leaf that had absorbed a tenth of the Mortal Fairys Strength of the Central Prefectures King in the past.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Su Yu tossed it out immediately.

The golden leaf collided with the Feather of Thunder in the air. The golden leaf was reduced to ashes, and the Mortal Fairys Strength contained within it erupted, crashing against the Feather of Thunder.

The clash lasted for less than a breath, and the Mortal Fairys Strength had dissipated completely, while the Feather of Thunder was weakened by a quarter!


Shortly after, Su Yu tossed out another complete piece of golden leaf again. This was the last piece of the three life-saving golden leaves given to Su Yu by the Tree God.

The golden leaf could kill any entities below the Mortal Fairy level. It was tremendously strong.

Ascending against the wind, the golden leaf landed on top of the Feather of Thunder. All of a sudden, the Feather of Thunder kept shrinking with a speed visible to the naked eye, as though its power had been absorbed by the golden leaf.

It lasted for three full breaths before the golden leaf perished. It was unable to withstand any more of the black thunderbolts from the Feather of Thunder.

At this point in time, a full half of the Feather of Thunder had been worn away. The remaining part was less than a tenth of its original size.

However, even then, the last remaining streak was enough to reduce Su Yu to ashes and dust.

Seeing that the Feather of Thunder was on the verge of landing, Su Yu felt an ominous feeling of fear creep into his heart. He retrieved all of the treasures he carried with him. Even those that hadnt been used before were all rummaged out by him.

With a flip of his hand, he gripped a blade of Vital Energy. He clasped both his hands together and maneuvered it amongst them. However, before it could touch the Feather of Thunder, it was turned into ashes by a streak of the thunder!

Su Yu did not hesitate. He presented the Soul-piercing, Spirit-capturing Needle and hurled it out, nailing it into the internal part of the Feather of Thunder, delaying the falling force of the Feather by a breath.

The Feather of Thunder was less a twentieth of its original state now!

However, all the high-grade treasures that Su Yu had brought along had been damaged, apart from the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword and the Five Elements Divine Prison which he was reluctant to sacrifice.

At the critical juncture, Su Yu fished out a space ring. It belonged to Qi Ming and contained many treasures. Even though Su Yu hadnt refined it and was unable to activate it, the material alone could wear down the Feather to a considerable extent.

As he opened it and peered inside, he saw that there were more than 50 sets of fairy artifact fragments and three semi-manufactured fairy artifacts! There was one more, which was not much different from a low-grade fairy artifact and could hardly be considered a fairy artifact of inferior quality.

He hadnt been bothered about those things before, but right now, they had become Su Yus life-saving items!

How could he hesitate any longer? He flung out all 50 fairy artifact fragments altogether, bracing himself against the Feather of Thunder by relying on the material.

Without a doubt, all of the fairy artifact fragments would be turned into dust!

However, under the impact of the 50 items, the Feather of Thunder was greatly consumed, leaving behind only a fiftieth of its initial intact state!

Shortly after, Su Yu launched the three semi-manufactured fairy artifacts as well, and the Feather was reduced to a hundredth of its original state!

All that was left before his eyes were a hundred streaks of thunder right now!

Su Yu was overjoyed as he flung out the final fairy artifact!


With a faint noise, the hundred streaks of thunder finally perished. The fairy artifact disintegrated and fell all over the place.

Nonetheless, before Su Yu could rejoice in victory, spine-chilling soft sounds rang in his ears!

A streak of pitch-black thunder adhered to the fairy artifact fragment, and it brushed past Su Yu and floated down. it landed on Su Yus shoulder as gently and leisurely like a strand of hair.

At this moment, Su Yu could hear his heart stop pounding, and his entire body became stiff.

Just one streak was enough to let Su Yu experience death once more!

And this time, he couldnt possibly be revived!

At this desperate point of distress, Su Yus survival instinct was awakened. He yelled in a deep low voice, Time Freeze!

In the sky, a violet eye that spanned across the mountains and rivers in a hundred thousand miles appeared.

Under the brilliance of the purple light, the lands and rivers were trapped in the frozen time.

Even the dust that fluttered in the air was fixed on the spot.

And the streak of thunder was less than a millimeter from Su Yu!!

It was almost touching the tip of Su Yus shoulder, at the brink of eruption.

Su Yu broke out in a cold sweat. Sliding his shoulder down, he cautiously dodged it and flipped his hand to retrieve a jade box. The box had all the Vital Energy of 500 fifth-grade Almighty sealed in it!

Back then, he had planned to use it to open the divine crystal but didnt get the chance.

Right now he did not dare hesitate for another moment. He clutched the 500 sets of Vital Energy together.

All of a sudden, a blow as strong as one struck by an All Creations Old Monster broke out.

Under the bombardment of the enormous Vital Energy, the streak of thunder lasted for ten full breaths. Only when the last remaining whiff of Vital Energy was consumed did the streak of thunder turn into a whiff of thunder aura and vanished into nothingness.

Su Yu was drenched in sweat. His forehead was full of drops of perspiration the size of beans.

He had used up all of his treasures to resolve the Feather of Thunder!

The real Three-Nine Ordeals were way too frightening!

Hoo Su Yus legs turned to jelly. He collapsed onto the ground in overwhelming exhaustion, but when he raised his head to look, his face instantly became stiff.

Another piece of Feather of Thunder was falling from the sky!

And it was more than ten times larger than the previous Feather!