The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075 Doomsday

Chapter 1075: Doomsday
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Su Yu had a bitter taste in his mouth.

One strike of lightning made Su Yu feel like giving up completely. After ten strikes of lightning, a deep sense of powerlessness flooded into his heart.

Fortunately, Su Yus heart was far more tenacious than that of ordinary people. He struggled and stood up again. His eyes were unyielding and resolute.

I guess the only thing left to do is to give it a shot, Su Yu said as he held a jade box in his palm. There was a drop of crystal color in it. Its vitality was far from ordinary.

This was the essence of life that Lord Yinmu had originally presented to Su Yu. It came from the dust fairy period, and there was a total of three of them.

Two drops had already been used. This would be the very last one.

Ten lightning strikes fell at a speed much faster than regular lightning. The time that Su Yu had left was not more than ten breaths.

First, Su Yu garnered his strength and riled up his spirit.

Space vortex! Huge wine-red eyes, covering a hundred thousand miles, appeared in the dark.

Starting from the center of the eye, a black painted vortex expanded rapidly, and by the third breath, it had expanded to a hundred thousand miles.

The powerful sweeping force stalled the strong lightning.

Su Yu was delighted to see that, though the lightning was strong, it had little resistance. Within the whirlpool, it was slowly drawn into the center vortex.

The purple eyes closed slowly, blocking the lightning from the Void.

This was considered one way to avoid the disaster.

However, before Su Yu could exhale in relief, another change appeared.

The eye in the sky, which was about to be closed, suddenly stopped, leaving only a dark seam that stayed open and seemed unable to close for a long time.

Fixing his eyes on it, Su Yus heart sank with a grim realization.

A black feather of lightning was stuck in the crack. It was the very thing preventing the eye from closing.

Chi! Chi!

With a few sharp and unpleasant sounds, the eye in the sky suddenly trembled, cracked, and split open.

With a stabbing pain in Su Yus right eye, the skys eye was shattered!

The lightning, however, was still in the Void and had not suffered any damage.

This was

Su Yus face was pale. He had used the spirit method twice in a row, and his mental power was almost overdrawn. Fortunately, the spring of life in his hand was constantly replenishing his spirit, and he was able to continue.

However, the lightning seemed to be enraged, and its speed increased until it was like a stone falling constantly.

Where there had initially been ten breaths between strikes, the intervals were now shortened to six breaths.

At the critical moment, Su Yu held the spring of life tightly and madly replenished his spiritual power, preparing for his next move.

There were two eyes in the sky at the same time: one that represented time and one that represented space.

The two of them were positioned high in the sky, and they gradually merged into one, forming a purple and red eye.

At the same time, the glory of fusion of purple and red shone straight at the body of lightning

Backflow of time and space!

In the low roar, the spring of life passed at a very fast speed, and the breath of life in it was rapidly extracted to launch the time-space backflow.

The lightning began to shrink and was turned back by time and space to a time before he was born.

But what made Su Yus pupils shrink was the fact that although it was constantly shrinking, it was not prevented from constantly falling!

The backflow of space was being broken by it. It would keep being broken until the backflow of time had finished its work.

Five breaths! With five breaths left, even more fell.

At the moment, the lightning had only shrunk once.

Four breaths! The lightning shrank once again.

Three breaths! The lighting shrank once again and was now three times smaller than its original size.

Two breaths! The lightning shrank again, leaving only one and a half breaths!

One breath! Only 70% of ordinary lighting was left!

The lightning kept falling, even though it was reduced to 35%!

At the last moment, Su Yu took a loud and angry breath, opened the space ring, and threw out all of the items from it.

Endless crystal stones, countless precious materials, and pieces of magic weapons full of spirituality were thrown out!

The powerful spiritual items flew out of the ring like a volcanic eruption.

However, all of them turned to dust upon contact with the lightning.

It seemed that all the blows played a huge role. 35% of lightning only let out one thread of ray.

But even a single fine thread was enough.

The lightning thread fell onto Su Yus shoulder.


With a very dull loud sound, Su Yus body was broken into pieces without warning.

Only the soul, the royal power cloak on the surface, was able to resist a ray of lighting.

Because of this, a huge gap appeared, revealing the soul itself.

Lightning turned into the air and disappeared.

It left Su Yu breathless and frightened. He was scared that his life was about to end.

As he looked at the huge gap that was left on the Royal Cape, it was clear that if it had been hit by two strands of lighting, the soul itself would have been destroyed.

If the soul had died, that would have been a real death.

Trembling slightly, Su Yu looked at his broken body and the spring of life which remained in his palm. In his mind, he started to reverse time and space. Only Su Yu was affected.

His broken body returned to the moment before it was broken.

His soul also returned to his body, and the Royal Cape, which had merged with Su Yus soul, returned to its complete state.

I cant believe I died again. Su Yus forehead was full of pale sweat. He held the spring of life in his palm. At last, a trace of vitality appeared, and water vapor disappeared between heaven and earth.

If this had happened to someone else, would they be able to restore their body after death?

Is this really a disaster that people can live through? Su Yu was shivering all over. His body and soul were severely injured. He could not even stand stably.

At this moment, another urgent message from the evil god appeared in Su Yus soul. Boy, let me go. You are dead. I dont want to be exiled in the soul space.

Su Yus heart thumped. Do you mean something else is coming?

What you just experienced was a test before the official arrival of the disaster of 39. Its like a warm-up. The disaster hasnt really happened yet!

What? Su Yus mind was in a state of panic. He inhaled sharply.

Looking up, he saw a scene that led him to feel a sense of desperation.

Covering a million miles, the dark clouds, which had originally been moving in waves, suddenly began to be quiet.

It wasnt a sign that the clouds were going to disappear: it was the silence before the storm.

At this moment, even the wind was silent, and the mountains and rivers of a million miles were all completely still.

The only thing Su Yu could hear was the deafening sound of his heart beating in his chest.

Something was coming, something that made the whole world tremble. It was coming!

The lightning was here again.

However, this time, there was not one strike, not two, not three, not four, but a countless number!

Across the millions of miles of black clouds, black feathers, like black snowflakes, whirled between the sky and the earth.

They were all the same, floating to land on Su Yus head.

From a distance, it seemed as though millions of miles of black snowflakes were converging in one direction.

For a time, the mountains, rivers and the earth, the clouds and the sky, were filled with black snowflakes. They condensed into a mighty vortex, revolving around a center point.

At the center was Su Yu.

Damn it, let me go! I dont want to die with you! The Evil God was scared to death. It was anxious to escape from the soul space.

No help was coming. Even if Yun Yazi, appeared here to help out, the situation would not be saved.

If he was at his fullest potential, it would have been no problem at all for Su Yu to deal with this lightning disaster. However, right now, his body and soul were weak. Even if he were to come out, he would be facing the risk of being turned to ashes.

Su Yu did not pay any attention to the howling of the evil god. Instead, he stood on the ruins, looking up at the endless plundering clouds, looking at the endless lightning, looking at the endless despair.

In the depths of his mind, he could not help but recall his entire journey. The martial arts school of Xianyu Prefecture, Shengyu, Liuxianzong, the Dark Imperial Palace, the Red Blood Palace, and all that had happened until now.

From floating dust in the vast land to the dazzling sun on the land of Jiuzhou today, had Su Yu ever bowed his head against a challenge or conceded defeat?

Continuing to rise right to the end, and leaving a brilliant trace in the starry sky, was that not the fate and reflection of Su Yus life?

At this moment, he was about to die in the starry sky, leaving a long and brilliant trace behind him.

However, he did not want to go. There were many tasks he had not yet completed, many people whom he had yet to see, and many nostalgic memories that he was not willing to lose.

And so, he didnt want to die right now.

No one could decide his end for him!

The strong rebellious spirit burst into his eyes, and the Evil God deep in the soul space was also shocked. This strong sense of rebellion is against people, against life, against the sky. I have the feeling of deja vu.

Behind Su Yus back, there was a great God face, his powerful figure looming over the scene


It had dark hair, black clothes, and eyes as bright as the stars which were looking out at the people.

At this moment, he and Su Yu seemed to merge into one.

Well, you forced me to do this! Su Yu sighed softly. The sighs looked like nine days of thunder. They went up against the current and stirred millions of miles of snowflakes.

This sigh was full of determination and unyielding opposition.

Slowly raising his hand and extending his right index finger, Su Yu gently pointed it at the center of his forehead between his eyebrows.

Lifting his head, he looked up at the endless clouds and snowflakes, letting loose a resigned sigh. If I hurt countless creatures in the future because of this, it will only be your responsibility!

Finishing his speech, his finger touched the center of his brow, letting loose a great force.

A wisp of purple blood flowed down from his brow, leaving a tiny line of blood the thickness of a strand of hair.

Gradually, the line of blood became thicker, as though his forehead was cracking open.

However, when the line had thickened to the width of a small twig, from within the crack a cold, foreboding silver eye shockingly appeared!

The split hairline of blood was actually just the eyelid of this eye!

When the blood line split again, an upside-down eye was strangely embedded into Su Yus forehead.

The silver eyes were cold and merciless, like the eyes of a God, overlooking the sea of life.

Su Yus eyes were so fierce that they burst into the sky, scanning the sky and robbing the clouds, and made a roar that frightened the mountains and rivers. Sky goblin eyes! Open!

In an instant, the eye embedded in between his eyebrows immediately sprang open!

Endless and boundless silver light spilled all over the sky, mountains, and rivers!

Silver eyes suddenly darkened to a shade beyond any color seen in the world. They were so dark that even the pupil was indistinguishable.

At the same time, from deep within, the spine-chilling sounds of a gloomy sneer floated across.

That laughter was inhumane. It was full of treacherous, greedy, vicious negative emotions.

The Sky Goblins Eyes! Su Yu was still using them at the end!

His destiny of being his own destruction was happening years ahead of schedule!

The Sky Goblins Eyes opened, and a boundless world wrapped by an unprecedented force appeared.

Following that, in the dark Sky Goblins Eyes, a shocking power of turmoil appeared.