The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 Blessing Or Calamity

Chapter 1077: Blessing or Calamity
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The gods in your state are also called the quasi-gods. It is a stage where those who have acquired the Celestial Energy Sphere cultivate their celestial powers! The divine dragon that has cultivated the dragon blood is also in the quasi-god stage, almost the same as you.

In other words, Su Yu had the title of a god but was not as strong as one.

Su Yu was shocked as he fell silent. After quite some time, he said, Does that mean that I have gained nothing?

The Evil God sighed. Im afraid so! Or should I say that it is even worse!

Why is that so? Su Yus face was submerged into the water.

The Evil God grew solemn. On the body of the quasi-divine dragon, only one drop of blood essence boiled down from the Dragonic Divine Powers was discerned. Yet, the Celestial Energy Sphere is nowhere to be found. Do you know why?

It is because his Celestial Energy Sphere has been stolen! The Evil God revealed the exceptionally depressing inside story.

Celestial Energy Spheres can be stolen? Su Yu said in dismay.

Exactly. Formal gods have already stabilized their Celestial Energy Sphere and have fused it with their own bodies. The Celestial Energy Sphere for quasi-gods, however, is highly unstable. It can be purloined by just anyone!

Su Yu was shocked. Does this happen frequently?

Very often! If I were to discover a quasi-god, I would also deprive him of his Celestial Energy Sphere unhesitatingly!

You are already a god. What to do want with anothers Celestial Energy Sphere? Su Yu became aware of the situations enormity and felt aghast.

The Evil God said, Firstly, it can amplify my own Celestial Energy Sphere, bestowing me with endless benefits! Secondly, even if I do not use it for myself, it can be used to create artificial gods!

Artificial gods? Su Yu was startled once again.

By passing the Celestial Energy Sphere to the Mortal Fairies, allowing them to stabilize their own Celestial Energy Sphere, artificial gods can be created. Although such gods will have lost their growth potential and have strength inferior to that of a true god, they are still gods that are above all! Any formidable force will seize a quasi-gods Celestial Energy Sphere at all costs!

The Evil God glanced at Su Yu and said leisurely, So, do you understand what I mean? You are a little fairy who is in possession of a Celestial Energy Sphere granted by the Great Way! In the eyes of a powerful force, you are basically insulting them. Only fools will not try to take your Celestial Energy Sphere!!

This Su Yu had never thought that the Pill of Revelation he had acquired after sacrificing all that he had and braving countless disasters would, in the end, not only be worthless but would also endanger his life!

At this moment, Su Yu was feeling the urge to shout abuse.

Nonetheless, Su Yu had already had a difficult life. He had not only faced inescapable obstacles when it came to relationships and love, but there was also the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye outbreak. Another life-threatening situation no longer mattered to him.

Su Yu sighed and clenched his fist as the anger within him would not recede. He was still not resigned to his fate. Is there really no other way to cultivate the Mortal Fairys Strength?

The Evil God shook his head. Of course there isnt; unless you want to cultivate Divine Power directly!

The Evil God couldnt help but pity him. The brat was really too unlucky. A myriad of disasters had inexplicably dawned upon him, and they were all persistent ones. When he finally managed to survive them all, he had placed a bounty upon himself which was even more dangerous than the opening of the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye!

Once people discovered that Su Yu had unstable Celestial Energy Sphere, he would undoubtedly be hunted down, especially by those Mortal Fairies!

However, Su Yus expression changed strikingly. He thought, Cultivating Divine Power? Im not sure whether I could cultivate divine powers, but it seems that within the diluted divine blood in The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

As a quasi-god, in that drop of dragons blood that was condensed into being, there must be some Divine Powers belonging to the quasi-divine dragon!

Although the divine blood was diluted, theoretically, it would still exist, just extremely faintly.

With this very thought in mind, Su Yus inner heart was vitalized. He began circulating the dragon energy within his body and slowly funneled them into the Celestial Energy Sphere within his Dantian.

At first, the Celestial Energy Sphere did not respond. The Dragon Energy seemed to be just an ordinary power.

However, when Su Yu siphoned all the Dragon Energy into the Celestial Energy Sphere, all of a sudden, the spiraling of the galaxy within his Celestial Energy Sphere accelerated by a millimeter!

It was truly one, single millimeter! If Su Yu wasnt the master of this Celestial Energy Sphere, he would hardly notice such a meager change.

At the same time, a new power was born within the Celestial Energy Sphere!

It was a power that would tremble the entire Jiuzhou continent Fury of the Almighty!

Before Su Yu could even gain command over this brand-new power, the newly born divine power spiraled out of control. It penetrated the Celestial Energy Sphere, burst out of Su Yus body, and from the top of his skull, jolted directly into the distant skies.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, a scene that would make the heavens tremble transpired!

The Void around the Jiuzhou continent fractured!

All space across the nine continents and five landmasses were shattered by a transcendent force, and the energy wave disturbed all living creatures across the continents!

From humble ants to supreme Mortal Fairies, all of them felt the Fury of the Almighty!

In an instant, the power of the ten Mortal Fairys Strength resonated, rushing into the sky from all corners of the mainland, adding to each others splendor alongside the Fury of the Almighty.

At the same time, mortals and all the living fell onto their knees as they worshipped the arrival of a God.

In the Imperial City, the lurking Blood Demons quickly rose in awe. The Fury of the Almighty! Has a God descended?

Their expressions were suffused with a tinge of trepidation.

The Duanxian Cliffmaster was dueling with the Central Prefectures King, and they both paused as they gazed at the Divine Power piercing through the skies.

A God? The Duanxian Cliffmaster looked somewhat worried and terrified.

The Central Prefectures Kings eyes were full of yearning and envy. The least Divine Power was capable of fracturing the Void of the nine continents. This was the power of God; the supreme power he had always been pursuing!

Somewhere on the mainland, the marveling voice of a person of indistinguishable gender was fluttering in the Void.

A God? Who would have known that there would still be a hidden God so many years after the Sacred Kylins demise? The waters in the Jiuzhou continent are truly profound

Millions of miles away from the Red Blood Palace, a woman in white was full of shock and was unable to contain her astonishment. He has really become a God!!

A fairy becoming a God! Even after seeing it with her own eyes, she still could not believe it.

In the Eastern Continent, the aces from the two main prefectures looked towards the Central Continent in unison with shock written all over their faces.

A God has arrived in the Jiuzhou Continent!

Have the Gods of the Terrans finally discovered the Glittering Jewel Demonic God? Are they coming to vanquish her?

Excited voices echoed over the Eastern Continent.

In the northern lands, a stalwart figure of the Holy Demon Cult was facing the Central Continent with an endless demonic aura.

A God. Which God has arrived? What is he preparing to do now that the situation in Jiuzhou is hanging by a thread?

In the ruins of the Red Blood Palace, Su Yu was gazing at the shattered Voids of the nine continents. He couldnt help but bite his tongue. Was this the wrath of Divine Power?

Moreover, it was only a very faint Divine Power. In an uncontrolled eruption, had it gone through the entire Void of Jiuzhou?

What the f*ck?! The Evil God took a deep breath and began to tremble. H How did you come up with Divine Powers?

If Su Yu could really cultivate Divine Power, wouldnt he be able to transcend to a God in one step?


As an evil god, he had witnessed untold numbers of marvelous and incredible things between heaven and earth, but there was absolutely nothing that could match up with what was currently going on in front of his eyes.