The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078 The Afterlife

Chapter 1078: The Afterlife
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This totally exceeded what could be considered ordinary!

It was merely one fairy, so how did it gather its power?

Power from foreign sources would be useless. Only power that was born from the source of spiritual power could be used to stabilize the source of spirits.

The Evil God clearly felt that the supernatural power that Su Yu had just released originated from Su Yu and belonged to his own successful transformation of the supernatural power, rather than the remains of a certain God.

In the shock of it all, the Evil God felt that his own silly dogs brain was not enough. No matter how many times he thought about it, he couldnt figure out how Su Yu had been able to accomplish the feat.

Su Yus face was gleeful with the joy of success. He had actually achieved it!

His guess had turned out to be spot on! After dilution by some foreign divine blood, the Nine Dragon Divine Cauldron had removed the original owners mark of divine blood and had become ownerless. After it was integrated into Su Yus body, whatever spirit power it had became Su Yus, and he was able to harness it.

The only problem was that, just now, all the dragon power that he had just obtained in his body had been transformed into weak magic power. This was a consequence that had been brought by the dilution of the Nine Dragon Divine Cauldron.

The dilution of the Nine Dragon Divine Caulron was something beyond Su Yus control, and the time between them was relatively far apart.

He thought about relying on this method to stabilize the spirit source, integrate it with himself completely, and establish himself as a spirit. The only thing holding him back was his fear that it was not realistic.

However, the advantage was that a spirit source did not wither.

With this method, it was possible to generate spirit power from time to time, moistening the spirit source. This would work until Su Yu reached the peak of immortal power and was able to generate his own spirit power.

Although the sacrifice of this journey was great, the harvest was more astonishing. The once impossible dream of becoming a spirit of countless powerful immortals was now in the hands of Su Yu.

Of course, he would not forget the warning of the Evil God.

A flying immortal held an unstable divine source. It was as though he had a message carved on his forehead: hurry and come and rob me!

Therefore, he would take strict measures to never reveal the existence of the divine source to anyone before the necessary time.

Im afraid well have to leave soon because of the big and groundbreaking news that we have just received, Su Yu said, glancing uncertainly at the gradually closing Void of Jiuzhou.

Its not suitable to stay here for a long time. I believe that the strong ones nearby will arrive very soon.

Just before departing, Su Yu took a look at the ground with lingering regret. It was a huge blanket of dust. All that was all his lifes work.

He was especially regretful about all the stuff that had come out of the storage space!

Amongst it was a gazillion crystal stones and an unfathomable number of low-level magic weapons brought from Zhenlong continent.

Just as Su Yu was about to leave, he was shocked to discover that, very strangely, there were two complete items sitting amongst the dust.

Lifting his feet to disperse the dust on the ground, Su Yu was really surprised. Eh? How could it still be preserved well even after being in the lightning?

With a deep breath, Su Yu reached down to pick up the two objects.

In his left hand was a dark black lacquer roll that began to get really hot in his hand.

Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture? Su Yu was surprised. He had almost forgotten about this immortal level skill that had been obtained in the Tianji God Pavilion.

Regarding the technique, Su Yu had tried to figure out the technique for a long time but had no idea yet how to fully use it properly, and so he put it to one side.

In the lightning disaster that just had happened, the Underworld Pearl and other treasures had been smashed into pieces. Yet the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture was still fully intact, without even a scratch. Su Yu was very surprised by this phenomenon.

At that very moment, the black scroll in his hand suddenly disintegrated, turning into black ashes and falling into Su Yus palm.

Broken? Su Yu was shocked, but his face soon changed as he realized something.

The black scroll might have turned into powder, but there was a transparent crystal slice in the interlayer of the scroll, which was as thin as a page from a book and very delicate.

There is actually another level in this scroll? Su Yu twisted the crystal slice and studied it intently. He found that nine rounds of the blazing sun were engraved in the crystal, and each of them was full of fiery black flames.

Seeing the fire, Su Yu was shocked and almost threw it away.

What was it, if not lightning?

Instinctively, Su Yu wanted to throw it away, but he controlled the strong impulse forcefully with his mind. He had an inkling of suspicion that something was amiss.

Lightning was like thunder, and the nine rounds of black sun in front of him were flames.

Looking at it for a while, Su Yu suddenly realized what it was about.

The flame in the hot sun really originated from lightning. But the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture had collected the energy of the lightning and diluted it into lightning flames.

In each round of the hot sun, the lightning flames contained was the equivalent to a ray of lightning.

If there were nine rounds, it meant that there was an equivalent of nine rays of lightning.

At this point, Su Yu was afraid for a while. Even a ray of lightning had the potential to kill almost all of the creatures in the world.

Even if he was the peak of the dust fairy, wouldnt it be impossible to touch a lightning ray so easily?

Examining the thin crystal slices again, he noticed a line of small characters, which were the instructions on how to utilize the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture!

At this point, Su Yu finally understood why it had taken him so long to find the explanation for the technique.

It turned out that this skill required the corresponding powerful flame to start its cultivation.

Only by accumulating the flame energy of nine rounds of hot sun within the body of the crystal could the cultivation method be revealed.

During Su Yus visual cultivation, the crystal flakes flickered leisurely, turning into a ray of crystal light and falling onto Su Yus abdomen.

According to the introduction on the slice of crystal, you could cultivate it just by refining the hot sun in turn according to the skill introduction.

Moreover, the stronger the flame contained in the hot sun was, the easier it was to cultivate.

Lightning flames, the diluted form of lightning rays, must be the limit of the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture. As a result, the speed of cultivation should be very much faster than expected.

Su Yu was glad for this rare opportunity to obtain an immortal skill.

When looking at the object in his right hand, a wave of confusion passed across his face.


Jiangshan town dragon bow! Old friend, I had almost forgotten about you. Su Yu stroked the dragon bow that had helped him a lot in the past.

It was just that there had been no chance to use it since then. Who would have guessed that it would also survive the lightning?

There were black marks on the body surface, but there are no cracks, which was surprising considering the poor quality of the material it was made of.

Su Yu knew that it was not the Dragon bow that had been able to resist the power of the lightning, but an arrow sealed in the Dragon bow.

Once upon a time, it had been a Gods arrow!

He could even sense that if he were to untie the seal right now, this strong-willed arrow would shoot out, and he would be unable to control it.

Put this bow into nine green pearls, and Su Yus eyes would be full of light.

Why was this arrow sealed?

Was it Gods plan for it to fall into his hands?

Although he was already dead, Su Yu had always felt that there was a shadow of God in the many things that had happened.

Was he really dead?

As an emperor who would visit Jiuzhou in the past, would the top of the mainland really die so easily?

Reflecting on this for a while, Su Yu shook his head.

Since there two intact items had appeared, Su Yu began to scan the rest of the ashes to see if he was able to find any other unexpected objects.


A real surprise awaited him.

The picture that he had obtained from the treasure trove of the Third Deputy Domain Master was actually safe and sound!

Unrolling the scroll, the beautiful face of Sha Jingyu came into view. Just looking at it was so entrancing and fascinating that he found it hard to take his eyes off it.

This painting is really extraordinary! Su Yu held the scroll tightly, more and more surprised by its mystery.

The restricted area of the human race from the extreme West can make three groups of powerful Vientiane people fall into rapture for half a year!

Most importantly, there was a mysterious rhyme within the painting.

It was necessary to study this painting deeply and in detail!

Su Yu was surprised by the very last thing to be found.

It was a crystal ball and a bone.

It was the reward that Su Yu had received as a customs clearance person when he challenged the virtual shadow on the 100th floor of the martial tower.

According to the black dog, one hundred layers of crystal ball could draw out one inferior immortal tool, and even more, one higher level of intermediate immortal tool!

The key to opening it was the bone.

The first layer to the ninety-ninth layer of the bone had been destroyed and turned into dust.

Only the one hundred rewards that black dog hadnt want to hand in had survived the lightning robbery. What an unexpected outcome!

Holding the bone and crystal ball in his hand, Su Yu disregarding the idea of opening it straight away and murmured, Is this gift given by Shen Qilin really just coming?

Why were the rest of the crystal balls, including the 99 layer ones, turned into ashes, with only one hundred extra layers of rewards, but this was not affected by the lightning disaster?