The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 Something Fishy

Chapter 1079: Something Fishy
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As he thought about the demise of the Sacred Kylin, Su Yus heart felt heavy. He stroked the martial tower in his arms and felt an even greater sense of responsibility.

He had been guarding the martial tower for ten thousand years and consigned it to me before his demise. I cant just perish, Su Yu thought.

The ordeal of destiny had passed. Even though he had been in a daze throughout the entire process, at least it was over and done with.

Coming up next was the ordeal of people and the ordeal of relationships.

Are the real 39 Ordeals separated into the ordeals of destiny, people, and relationships as well? Su Yu wondered.

The Evil God shook its head. The 39 Ordeals in the divine context are all ordeals of destiny and are divided into great, medium and mild. There are three ordeals with mixed elements.

You have only negotiated the first-level ordeal, the mild ordeal. Theoretically, at intervals of nine days, there should be an ordeal of destiny in store. They will most probably be the ordeal of fire and the ordeal of demons.

Su Yu felt his heart skip a beat. That had only been a mild ordeal?

In that case, I still have to get through the divine ordeals? Su Yus heart pounded forcefully. The Devouring Eye would be dormant for at least several months!

You wont, the Evil God said, giving Su Yu a feeling of slight relief. Since the Great Path Divine Origin has been gifted to you, it indicates the end of the divine ordeals.

However, the Evil God added, the fake 39 Ordeals that you were meant to negotiate arent over yet! I can feel that you still have two ordeals to contend with.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu gave a sigh of relief. As long as it wasnt a divine ordeal, he stood a chance of survival.

But the disruption by the divine ordeal seems to have messed with your two imminent ordeals. Initially, the ordeal of people should come first, followed by the ordeal of relationships, but its not certain now, the Evil God explained.

Su Yu furrowed his eyebrows. Messed with?

Other than the order of the ordeals of people and relationships, would other aspects be affected as well?

As Su Yu considered this, the Evil God suddenly reminded him, Leave here quickly! Theres a powerful entity arriving.

Su Yu did not dare to hesitate, and he retrieved the wooden bird stored in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. He disappeared into the Void and fled.

Not long after they had left, the white-robed woman teleported into the ruins of the Red Blood Palace. She stared in the direction Su Yu had fled in and laughed bitterly.

Seems like its not the time yet! This deity-to-be really isnt easy to meet.

After a brief moment of hesitation, the white-robed woman decided not to try and catch up with him despite her curiosity. She wanted to avoid any misunderstandings.

Su Yu arrived at the station headquarters of the Red Blood Palace in Tianya City.

Greetings, Master Su! Dare I ask, how is the situation at the faction now? Xiao Han rushed forward to offer his greetings. When he looked Su Yu in the eye, he somehow felt a tremor in his heart and could not resist the urge to kneel before him.

Su Yu consoled him. Something has indeed happened to the faction. Palace Mistress Mo has led all the faction members out. They have evacuated, and they should be safe and sound. They are probably still seeking refuge and have not left any information about their whereabouts behind. We just have to wait

What? The faction is gone? Xiao Han recognized the tone of terror in his voice. He was furious and grief-stricken.

The affection that the elderly generation had for the faction truly surpassed that of the younger generation.

If the faction is gone, we can rebuild it, but if the people are gone, where else could we find them? Cabinet Master Xiao Han, please wait quietly for news and dont act impetuously. Su Yu was afraid that the old man would take things too hard and would risk his life to fight the great ghost army.

Xiao Han clenched his fists and loosened them again. He repeated the action several times and, in the end, let out a sigh of despair, seeming very crestfallen.

Su Yu was rueful too at the thought that the Red Blood Palace had disappeared just like that.

A thought suddenly occurred to Su Yu. Cabinet Master, have you prepared the things that I asked you to?

Cabinet Master Xiao Han collected his thoughts and nodded solemnly. Yes, I have prepared them.

As he spoke, he rummaged around and pulled out a golden piece of paper. It was crisscrossed with numerous patterns, and at each place the patterns intersected was a node glittering with a crystalline shine.

Looking at it as a whole, the appearance of the topography delineated by the patterns was the Jiuzhou continent!

This is the transmission map of Jiuzhou. All of the long-distance transmission ports are shown, Xiao Han said. He looked to his left and right before discreetly fishing out two pitch-black nails. These are the forbidden items requested by Master Su, the Space Nails!

Space Nails were objects that were openly forbidden to be crafted on the Jiuzhou continent.

They had very limited uses, but once put into use, they would create endless trouble.

If a Space Nail was nailed into the transmission port, the port could hardly be used again in one months time, and no Divine Masters were capable of removing the Space Nail.

They could either patiently wait for a month or destroy the transmission port altogether and build another.

The latter would undoubtedly take more time.

Hence, a single Space Nail could cause delay the transmission between two locations by a month.

The nails were especially troublesome to long-distance transmission ports which explained why they were strictly prohibited from being crafted and sold.

Xiao Han had taken a risk and purchased two Space Nails from the black market. If word got out, he would be killed by any All Creations Old Monster as a punishment.

Master Su, why did you ask for the Space Nails?

Su Yu smiled bitterly. An old friend that I havent seen in a long while is hot on my heels. I have to try my best to prevent him from catching up with me, and the only way to do so is to use the Space Nails.

This He really was going to use them to damage the transmission ports? Xiao Han caught hints of helplessness in Su Yus words, and he said, Its alright for short-distance transmission ports because the guards are all local strong men, and they shouldnt be much of a threat to you.

But the long-distance ports are guarded by the Prefectures Kings, and their capacities are at least at the level of Stage Four All Creations. Master Su, you dont have to force yourself. They all have the power to act first and report the matter later.

There were innumerable transmission ports in Jiuzhou which were classified into different grades based on the transmission distances.

The transmission ports between two cities were known as small-scale transmission ports.

The ports spanning several cities were called medium-scale transmission ports.

The ports spanning a single region were the grand-scale transmission ports.

The ports spanning several regions were the super transmission ports.

Those that spanned an entire prefecture were the divine-level transmission ports.

As the most developed region of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, Tianya City only had one grand-scale transmission port, which transmitted to the neighboring Heavenly Knife Region.

The super transmission ports that could surpass several regions were only available in the Central Prefecture!

There were only nine divine-level transmission ports that could directly surpass a prefecture in the world, and they were scattered at the center of Jiuzhou.

At the most, Mortal Fairies could create super transmission ports; the divine-level transmission ports exceeded their capabilities.

It was said that the nine divine-level transmission ports of Jiuzhou had existed ever since the Jiuzhou continent had been created.

Back then, the humans of Jiuzhou had been rather weak and incompetent. The Mortal Fairies hadnt been born, so how could there be divine-level transmission ports?

Hence, the nine most ancient transmission ports of Jiuzhou were recognized as divine relics and named the divine-level transmission ports.

The divine-level transmission port of the Central Prefecture was situated in the Imperial City of the Central Prefecture!

Usually, transmission ports that were grand-scale and above would be guarded by All Creations strong men.

The people who guided super transmission ports were even more powerful.

As for divine-level transmission ports, the guards were most probably powerful and domineering beyond words.

I understand. Take care, Cabinet Master. Ill get going now, Su Yu bade farewell with cupped fists.

Xiao Han asked, Where are you going?

The Central Prefecture City, Su Yu replied placidly. Upon finishing speaking, he arrived at the grand-scale transmission port of Tianya City in a flash. This port could only transport him to the Heavenly Knife Region.

If he were to head for the Central Prefecture Region, he would have to pass through the Heavenly Knife Region.

In the Heavenly Knife Region, the Heavenly Knife City looked completely different than before.

It used to be a boisterous place bustling with activity, but now it was withered and battered, and the people were living in fear and insecurity.

As he strolled through the Heavenly Knife City, Su Yu barely even saw any shadows of ghosts.

It has only been a couple of days! How has the Heavenly Knife City changed so much? Su Yu couldnt help but be dumbfounded.

It had only been a short time since he had succeeded in stealing the ledger and spreading the news about the collusion of the Heavenly Knife Region Master with the Ghost Race.

However, the martial artists in the Heavenly Knife City had detected the foreboding scent and had fled the city, one after another.


All of a sudden, a group of All Creations Old Monsters with overbearing auras flew past above Su Yus head.

He could sense the presence of another group of All Creations Old Monsters not far away.

They wore different attires and belonged to different camps.

Judging from their physiques and facial features, they were very different from the people of the Central Prefecture and were obviously All Creations strong men from a foreign continent.

The Nine Great Prefectures Kings responded quickly. Theyve sent strong men to conquer the Heavenly Knife City without delay. I really want to know what happened to the Heavenly Knife Region Master and the others, Su Yu muttered to himself.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master had been preparing resources for the Ghost Race for the past hundred years. How could he have failed to have a back-up plan for himself?

It was very likely that he had run away the day the loss of the ledger was discovered.

Su Yu shook his head and arrived at the great palace of transmission in the Heavenly Knife City. This palace had also been taken over by foreign All Creations Old Monsters. They were strictly inspecting the martial artists who came forth.

These All Creations Old Monsters had detained a batch of Tianya City residents. They were all tied up on the ground, their faces miserable and aggrieved.

Do you lot know him? A martial artist walked to the front of the transmission port in dread. The All Creations Old Monster guarding the port pointed at him and questioned the native residents.

Only when they shook their heads did the All Creations Old Monster allowed the person to leave through the transmission port.

Next! The All Creations Old Monster was detached but cautious at the same time.

Su Yu stepped forward and stood in front of him.

Do you know him? the All Creations Old Monster yelled at the native residents.

Many of them shook their heads, but quite a number of them exclaimed in awe, especially an elderly man, who seemed to be seeing his life-saving token.

He scrambled up from the ground with a haggard face and pleaded, Master Su, please save me! Please save my family!

Su Yu shot a glance in his direction and saw an old man with a head of white hair and an anguished face.

He was none other than the family master of the Ouyang Family.

This old fellow had actually betrayed him and exposed him to the Third Deputy Region Master. And right now, he was asking help from Su Yu!

Was Su Yu even capable of saving them? Was he supposed to pick a fight with the All Creations Old Monster for no reason?

There were more than ten All Creations Old Monsters in the great palace of transmission! All of them were staring at him with ferocity.

As they heard the yells of the native residents, especially the Ouyang Family Master, the All Creations Old Monsters that were guarding the port shot their stern, icy stares at them!

Who is he? The Old Monster blocking Su Yu had a cold face as he questioned the native residents, but he had his eyes, which were full of suspicion and disdain, fixed on Su Yu.

It seemed like they had mistaken Su Yu for a member of the Heavenly Knife Region Masters troop.

The Ouyang Family Master was so terrified that he was close to a meltdown. He was waiting to be rescued by Su Yu and did not want to get him into trouble. Hurriedly, he replied, No, no, hes not from the Heavenly Knife City.

Oh? Then what are you people surprised about? Its like all of you know him! The look on the All Creations Old Monsters face eased a little.

The native residents cried out in resentment, How could we not know him? He is Lord Su Yu who exposed the shocking conspiracy of the Heavenly Knife Region Master!

The All Creations Old Monsters were nonchalant at first. When they learned the youths identity however, their faces fell, and they took a few steps back in dread.

The other All Creations Old Monsters shuddered too. They turned to look at Su Yu, and the looks on their faces became somewhat unnatural. There was fear in their eyes, as well as respect.

It is Su Yu, Young Lord Su! We have been hearing your prestigious name for a long time! It was the All Creations Old Monster blocking Su Yu who had the fastest response. His hostile expression disappeared and he greeted him very graciously.

Greetings, Young Lord Su! The rest of the All Creations Old Monsters greeted him with respect as well.

Su Yu felt strange when he found himself being treated so graciously by the All Creations Old Monsters. He returned their greeting and thought to himself, Are they All Creations Old Monsters from the foreign continent? Even if they have heard about me, they dont have to be so polite, do they?

They had gone overboard in being polite, and Su Yu had sensed that something was off.

Anomalies were always signs of something fishy.