The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 108

Chapter 108: World Obliterating Black Light

Bai Gu's eyes narrowed, "Youare you a human or a ghost?" Even he was shocked for a brief moment.

"The dead don't get to ask questions!" Su Yu said coldly.


In a quick flurry of movement, he flew toward the two nearest Half Holy Kings!

"Ice and Thunder Feast!"

A purplish white light appeared, destroying everything in its path. Having been infused with a sliver of weak spiritual energy, Su Yu's power increased by thirty percent.



The chest of the Half Holy King pirate had been blown to smithereens! He didn't even have time to scream before he died on the spot.

After infusing his moves with spiritual energy, Su Yu's power reached another level.

"Attack!" Bai Gu pupils contracts, he could not help but shudder with fear. Alongside the remaining five Half Holy Kings, they encircled Su Yu.



The combined strength of the five Holy Kings gave birth to a strike which encompassed all of their powers. That destructive power of that strike was immeasurable.

Su Yu's eyes remained calm and collected as a purple lotus flower rotated in the middle of his palm.

As it swayed beautifully, it was like a lotus-clothed, beautiful lady. Yet within it, there was an immense destructive powerthe power of thunder flames!

After infusing it with a sliver of weak spiritual energy, a purple light appeared, flickering off Su Yu's handsome features.

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!"


The loud sound of the purple thunder reverberated across the sky as if it was about to obliterate the world. It caused a great tremor in the heavens and shocked the boundless clouds.

The gigantic boat beneath his feet shook, heaving and dipping amid the waves. It was unable to endure such a destructive force!

"Legacy level cultivation technique?" Bai Gu felt terror wrap around his brain as the cold air beneath his feet continued to rise! The five Half Holy kings had been massacred on the spot!

One palm was enough to kill five Half Holy Kings!

"It's just you now," Su Yu looked at Bai Gu calmly.

Bai Gu had lost an arm and did not possess any legacy level cultivation techniques! His expression instantly changed, and he attempted to flee via air!

"You really think you can escape?" Su Yu chased after him.

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Another purple lotus flower materialized and struck the back of Bai Gu!

Bai Gu could practically feel his soul leaving his body. Turning around, he gathered his entire body's worth of spiritual energy in a bid to block the attack!



Bai Gu was like a large rock, drawing a beautiful arc in the sky before he landed on the gigantic boat. His chest had been turned into a bloody pulp, he could not stop howling in immense pain.

As expected of a Holy King, he was far tougher than a martial artist.

The five Half Holy Kings had died from merely one palm. Yet Bai Gu was able to survive it with non-lethal injuries.


As Su Yu descended his eyes contained a green pearl of light, emitting a green glow.


After a brief moment, Bai Gu rose, nervous and afraid. His eyes were conflicted, fighting the soul control technique.

Su Yu sighed, "As expected, the deity level cultivation technique, Infernal Demon Pupils, no longer has any more use?"

Bai Gu was not completely controlled, he still struggled against Su Yu's orders. Controlling a First Level Lower Tier Holy King, was Infernal Demon Pupil's limit.

"Collect all the jade pendants and bring them to me!" Su Yu instructed as he headed toward the copper coffin.

With one hand on the lid of the copper coffin, a coldness pierced through Su Yu's bones and rushed into his body.

Dong, dong

His Icy Heart Core beat frantically as it greedily absorbed all the cold energy within Su Yu's body.

Su Yu's cultivation appeared to fluctuate faintly, showing signs of improvement!

The Icy Heart Core had absorbed the cold air in the atmosphere, causing Su Yu's cultivation to improve drastically. The cold air present was a terrifying thing for normal people. Yet, for Su Yu, it was actually a form of nourishment.

Upon opening the lid of the copper coffin, a burst of cold air shot forth in all directions.

All the surrounding seawater had all solidified into ice.

The gigantic battleship was turned into a giant ice sculpture.

Bai Gu's face instantly changed. After he finished collecting the jade pendants, he flew up high into the air, extremely afraid.

The purple-robed, silvered-haired Su Yu, looked like he was an immortal king. He was the only living thing unaffected by the icy, deathly cold world.

Su Yu gazed inside the copper coffin. Inside it, there was the frozen corpse of a woman. Although many years had passed, the corpse seemed more asleep than dead.

It was a demure and dignified middle-aged lady. There was a crown on her head, and her hand was holding a staff. From the looks of it, she must have been a leading figure in her nation, most likely an unparalleled Queen of her times.

Sweeping his gaze across her, he fixated his eyes on her right thumb.

A crystal ring was there, emitting a faint glow. Waves of cold air were overflowing from it.

The cold air inside the copper coffin all came from this crystal ring!

"That ring is the Divine Ice Threads?" Su Yu was puzzled; there was only a ring, no actual thread in sight.

When he was at the Sanctuary, Su Yu had obtained the Entwined Dragon Silk. As it was coiled on top of a black jade ring, it was undetectable by the naked eye.

This was only a ring though, with no sign of Divine Ice Threads. Had it been destroyed over the countless years?

"Master, that ring is called the Divine Ice Ring. Inside it, there is a hollow space. Within that space, the Divine Ice Threads can be found." Bai Gu explained.

A ring that could bend time and space to hold things? Su Yu was extremely shocked.

There were rumors that the Ring of Space contained enough space to store all creations of Earth within it. But those were just rumors.

This was a ring that actually had a fist-sized amount of space within it. It must have been a divine artifact!

Moreover, it contained the Divine Ice Threads!


The purple thunder flames jumped about, some landing on top of the ice sculpture and gradually melting the layers of ice.

"Senior, sorry if I have offended you in any way," Su Yu put his palms together and apologetically showed his respect. He waited for the ice to melt before taking off the Divine Ice Ring.

The mysterious cold assaulted Su Yu's body and attempted to devour everything. The cold was so strong that a layer of thin ice formed on the surface of Su Yu's hand.

Bai Gu shuddered at the sight of it! Had it been any ordinary person, holding such an item would immediately freeze them to death.

But Icy Heart Core constantly absorbed the cold air. As such, his palm had turned back to normal.

Wearing the Divine Ice Ring, Su Yu's confidence doubled.

During the battle with the Slayer King in the Evil Forest, the Entwined Dragon Silk had been completely destroyed. Now that he had obtained an ancient artifact, it made up for his loss.

"What is the backstory of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom? Aside from you all, have any other people discovered it?" Su Yu asked.

Bai Gu shook his head, "We only knew from a treasure map that the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom was underwater. Following the treasure map led us to this place. Other than us, I'm afraid no one else knows of it.

"According to the rumors, the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom was an extremely powerful country during ancient times. It was filled with experts and had a bustling population. However, due to some unknown reasons, it was mysteriously destroyed in a single night, causing it to disappear from history," Bai Gu was puzzled.

If that was the case, it was highly possible that there were more treasures in the ruins of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom.

"The Divine Ice Thread was an ancient artifact from the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom. There's also a Divine Ice Hall underwater. It is said to be the cultivation venue for the experts of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom. Seeing that it is rather well-preserved, there must be some remaining treasure. The disappointing thing is, it is guarded by a Second Level Holy King sea beast, and thus, no one can enter," Bai Gu finished.

Second Level Holy King sea beast? Su Yu gasped in astonishment!

Without any further thought, Su Yu immediately canceled his plan to personally go underwater and look for treasures.

Su Yu had no chance against a Second Level Holy King sea beasthe would be fish food before he knew it.

"Hand over the jade tokens," Su Yu instructed. Bai Gu threw over the jade tokens.

Bai Gu suddenly saw a vaguely large, moving shadow underneath the waters where Su Yu was standing. Its shape was half a mile long; it was big enough to devour the entire big ship.

"Ah... your... beneath your feet..." Bai Gu's lips shivered as he stuttered, his eyes were terrified!

Su Yu's heart skipped a beat!

A terrifying aura erupted from the sea beneath Su Yu's feet. That terrifying sensation turned Su Yu's whole body stiff, as his heart thumped madly.

He was like a Level One martial artist standing before a Level Nine martial artist, absolutely crushed by immense despair!


Without any hesitation, Su Yu fled towards the sky without looking back!


Su Yu swiftly grabbed the jade token in Bai Gu's hand. Bai Gu was too shocked to reply. Though he had started off farther away, he was lagging behind Su Yu.

After he regained his senses, Bai Gu was terrified. It was as though his spirit was about to leave his body. He followed Su Yu and fled for his life!

"Split up! Don't follow me..." Su Yu muttered. Escaping together would only give the enemy the chance to kill them both at once.


However, just as Su Yu's words had just left his mouth, a loud shriek could be heard from behind him. Turning his head around to look, Su Yu turned numb!

A ray of black light shot from the water, piercing Bai Gu's body. Bai Gui turned instantly into black ash. Not a single trace of his corpse nor his bones were left!

A round sea beast emerged from the waters; Its width was over a thousand feet.

Its entire body was soft, very similar to a lump of rotten mud. The beast also had a total of one hundred pairs of eyes! It was those eyes which had shot out the black light, killing Bai Gu without a trace!

That was the sea beast guarding the Divine Ice Hall!



Multiple rays of black light pierced the sky and fired toward the fleeing Su Yu!

Su Yu dodged in a fluster. In his moment of carelessness, a ray of black light brushed past the wings made of vital energy on Su Yu's back.


The vital energy dissipated into thin air!

Su Yu stumbled, he was about to crash!

As if seizing the opportunity, ten rays of terrifying black light were shot towards Su Yu!

Su Yu's heart thumped madly as he faced death!

As a last-ditch effort, Su Yu gave up on using his vital energy. Instead, he changed to using Floating Light Shadow and floated freely in midair.

Swoosh, swoosh

Precariously, Su Yu had dodged most of the rays of black light. However, a ray of black light had been positioned extremely craftily and was aimed directly at Su Yu's chest. He had no way of avoiding it!

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Su Yu shouted as he channeled all his spiritual energy into this one move in an attempt to defend against that black light.


The purple lotus flower exploded with a loud bang, shaking the black light.


Although the black light was strong, it weakened from the attack. Upon colliding with the purple thunder, it finally dissipated.

However, a sliver of residual black light had splashed onto Su Yu's body!


Su Yu's inner organs trembled immensely as though he had been heavily assaulted by a mountain, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood!

His body, on the other hand, was like a cannonball as he was blasted backward.

In an instant, Su Yu had sustained severe injuries!

However, borrowing the power of that blast, Su Yu managed to escape from the sea beast's attacking range. He took the opportunity to escape into the clouds, fleeing with his heavily injured body.

After an hour, Su Yu descended on a deserted island. Leaning against a giant rock, Su Yu panted heavily.

His face was extremely pale and revealed a pained expression. Furthermore, the bleeding in his mouth showed no sign of stopping!

This was the first time in Su Yu's entire life where he sustained such a heavy injury!

But if anyone knew that Su Yu had survived a blow from a Second Level Holy King, they would have praised Su Yu for his exceptionally good luck. Had he been like Bai Gu and hesitated for a split second, it was highly likely that Su Yu would have suffered the same fate.

Having experienced a narrow escape, Su Yu would most likely be unable to fight for the next ten days.

As he sat down with his legs crossed, Su Yu circulated his spiritual energy in a bid to gradually condition his body to recover from his injuries.


However, right at that moment, three figures descended from the sky! A forceful aura accompanied them!

Su Yu contracted his pupils and his heart fluttered for a moment. Could it be that the pirates had chased him here in pursuit?

"Hey, it's junior Su?" A melodiously elegant voice asked, a bit shocked. It was Princess Yun Yan.

They were Wu Pangyun's small team. They had mistaken Su Yu for a pirate.

Slowly retracting the spiritual energy in her hand, Princess Yun Yan took a step forward and examined Su Yu's condition. She was shocked, "Junior Su, how did you get these severe injuries?"

Wu Pangyun and Liu Guang hesitated for a moment before they grudgingly retracted their spiritual energy.

"We thought it was a solitary pirate. What a letdown!" Wu Pangyun lightly spit in disdain as he cursed his misfortune!

On the other hand, Liu Guang assessed Su Yu from head to toe. "In the past, wasn't someone full of arrogant, and insisted on being alone? How did my great hero become such a loser dog now?" he ridiculed.

Princess Yun Yan shot a glance at Liu Guang before taking out several healing elixirs from her clothes, "Junior Su, this is a rejuvenating elixir. It can aid in your recovery."

Su Yu was momentarily stunned, before he received it gratefully, "Thank you, Princess."

"What type of foe did you meet that can cause such injuries? Don't tell me you met a First Level Upper Tier Holy King opponent!?" Princess Yun Yan asked seriously.

Liu Guang laughed, "Ha! You think too highly of him. Should he have met a First Level Upper Tier Holy King, with their viciousness and actual combat experience, there is no way he would still be alive."

Su Yu pretended not to hear him and sighed while looking at Princess Yun Yan, "I encountered a small group of Sea Wolves Pirates. There were ten Half Holy Kings and one First Level Lower Tier Holy King. That was how I sustained such heavy injuries."

Princess Yun Yan was extremely shocked, "What? You had actually encountered so many Sea Wolves Pirates?"

Ten Half Holy Kings and one First Level Lower Tier Holy King! Had she or Liu Guang faced with such a lineup alone, they would have undoubtedly died. Even Wu Pangyun would have more or less sustained some severe injuries.

"But, with your abilities, if you wanted to escape, you would not have been so injured. Don't tell me you wanted to slay them all?" Princess Yun Yan was extremely smart, she cut straight to the chase.

Su Yu cautiously swept a look at Liu Guang and Wu Pangyun, before he nodded his head helplessly, "Yes, it is more or less like that."

Hearing that Su Yu had slain all of them by himself, Princess Yun Yan was extremely shocked. Liu Guang's ridiculing face slightly stiffened, before it turned serious. To actually injure Su Yu to such an extent...

On the other hand, Wu Pangyun's tone was filled with envy, "Humph! Your luck is still as good as it was. To actually encounter so many Sea Wolves Pirates, and to survive!"

In the five days since they had teamed up, the three of them had met a mere ten Sea Wolves Pirates, and they were all Half Holy Kings!

Su Yu's individual harvest was even more than the three of them combined.

"Let's go!" Wu Pangyun could not be bothered to look at Su Yu any longer and he flew away.

Liu Guang also stood up to leave. Before he left, his eyes flickered viciously.

"Junior Su Yu, be careful," Princess Yun Yan said comfortingly. Then she flew away, chasing after the other two.

Su Yu shook his head. Had he told them that his injuries had been inflicted by that terrifying Second Level Holy King, they would have never believed him.

As for the Sea Wolves Pirates, they hadn't made a single scratch.

After swallowing the rejuvenation elixir, Su Yu's eyes lit up and he immediately left the small island!

After half a day, a figure circled around the small island in search of something, before he decided to descend.

"Hmph! Such a crafty rascal. He indeed escaped!" Liu Guang snorted angrily.

Su Yu had possessed eleven jade tokens. Liu Guang was naturally envious of so many points. In addition, Su Yu had sustained heavy injuries. There was no better time to kill him.

While his team was resting, he had taken the opportunity to pretend that he wanted to gather information on the whereabouts of the Sea Wolves Pirates. In actuality, he was after Su Yu's life and his jade tokens!

He and Su Yu's dee